X T10 Mpckup

RUMOR: Downspec’d Fujifilm X-T1 to be called… X-T10 (NeS + SRP)


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Back on the 12th of January I shared the rumor about a cheaper version of the X-T1. When I spread the rumor, some of you speculated that it could be called X-T10. Well, seems you were right, at least according to a New Source (NeS) and a Source who was right in the past (SRP).

So, Fujifilm X-T10… this could be the name of this downspec’d X-T1… and it sounds like this camera that is going to compete directly with the Olympus EM-10.

But tell me, are you excited by the idea of a cheaper version of the X-T1?

And now go, my fellow X-shooter and spread the word (+ quote the source ;) ).

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  • nzswedespeed

    I think it would be better to release the xpro2 at the xt1 price, and reduce the xt1 by 20-30%

    • Richard White

      Better for us, but probably not better for Fuji’s profit margins.
      I am interested to know the feature set for this X-T10, but I am holding out for the X-Pro2 or an X-E3 (hopefully better supported than the X-E2).

      • nzswedespeed

        True, but the xe2 is much cheaper and has the same internals pretty much. The rumors suggest the xpro2 will be 20-30% more than the xt1 which is a lot of money. I think it makes more sense to reduce the xt1, and slot the xpro2 at the current price. It also saves fuji from any retooling or R&D

    • That is not thinking, but wishing. ;)

      • nzswedespeed

        True Haha, but i reckon it makes more sense than fuji spending the $$ of retooling and producing a whole new camera

        • I am not so sure. Every enthusiast on a budget would probably prefer last years pro-model over a new but lower level camera. I am under the impression that especially people who buy their first “good” camera don’t want yesteryears model but rather the newest and “greatest” with the most features.
          And if rumors are true and the X-Pro2 is only delayed due to problems with the sensor, I don’t mind if the rest of the developers design another camera with a proven sensor until the sensor people have made their breakthrough for the X-Pro2.

          • nzswedespeed

            That’s true I can see your point. But then what features will they down spec? The evf is already the same from the xe2. The sensor is 3years (maybe the Bayer from the xa2??). No weather sealing is an easy one. But what else..?

    • Fujifilm have already been reducing and reducing. They do rebates all the time. When is a good time to buy? Never. Fujifilm always discount stuff. It’s a brand looking for a fireside upon which to lay their goods.

      I’d like to see them stick with a FEW very good items and bring them to perfection. Or, to bring one, or two perfect, or otherwise not crippled cameras/lenses to market at first and never be forced to upgrade firmware to add a feature.

      • nzswedespeed

        Depends where you live but I would disagree overall. The xt1 hasn’t really dropped in selling price since launch, as someone said on here – they haven’t seen a better deal than the one fuji offered near release with the battery pack and battery etc etc

        • They have done the price drop thing from the very beginning, then renewed prices, then dropped them. The X-Pro 1 went for about half its asking price less than a year after release.

          Of course, the X-T1 was sold at a more manageable price level against its build/market expectations. I think Fujifilm really screwed the X-Pro 1. I hope the X-Pro 2 will be much better treated.

  • Again with that 3 year old sensor. Better to put some more time & energy in an X-Trans follow up sensor before they loose the photographers who felt in love with the X concept.

    • hexx

      well, let’s be honest, apart from x-a1 that’s what they’ve been doing since X-Pro1 (and even that one uses the same sensor just different CFA)

  • Joe

    I am eagerly interested. I like all the stuff that came with the last firmeware and the the dials on the X-T1, but I wouldn’t buy it for this price.

  • LeFred

    “are you excited by the idea of a cheaper version of the X-T1 ?”
    Yes if it has the viewfinder in the corner !
    Something like an XE2 with the small grip and the additional controls of the XT-1.
    The small viewfinder and the lack of weather sealing is fine for me.

    Something tells me this is not the philosophy of the XT series though. :-P

  • BreeeeVanDeKamp

    I don’t think that anyone will need a X-T10. Fuji should make the X-E3!!! Tilt screen, in body OIS like the A7 II and the EVF of the X-T1.

    • The differences between the two EVFs is minimal. Much more and better detail from the A7, but slightly larger view from the X-T1. Same linear resolution, similar FPS. Take your pick.

      I own the A7r and the X-T1. While the X-T1 is a much funner camera to shoot with, it has a much, much, much worse EVF when operating in 100%. Details are haloed, mushy, and blurred so that 100% focus accuracy is hard to achieve.

      If MF is at all necessary, X is still many years behind.

      • BreeeeVanDeKamp

        Same issue with MF on the X-E2 I own. I know what you mean and yes Fuji should make it much better.

        I know that both (X-E2 & X-T1) EVFs are very similar but I think the split screen on the X-T1 is a nice thing for MF.

        If there will come an A7s II with the same new specs as the A7 II I’ll maybe cast an eye on it.

        • I’ve been looking back through various files of mine and come to the conclusion that EVF cameras are not suited to speedy MF at all. Yes, 100% accuracy via the use of magnification, but otherwise, they are less accurate.

          Even via my D800 and using the same Ai/S lenses, the images I took with just a bit of squinting were by and large much, much sharper.

          The X EVFs are less resolved than the A7, which is pretty good at 7x or 14x, but even it requires extra time.

          We need MUCH more resolution, much less lag, less amp auto-gaining, and more of everything in order to even come close.

          Of course, if a person’s eyes are very very bad, no system is perfect, but an EVF with magnification and/or peaking, will get a person closer, but peaking isn’t nearly as accurate as even a poor OVF.

          The X-T1’s split screen sort of works well, but again, it isn’t as accurate as using a real piece of glass, nor is it as fast.

          • ipecaca

            “an EVF with magnification and/or peaking, will get a person closer, but peaking isn’t nearly as accurate as even a poor OVF”

            Are you saying that manual focusing through OVF is more accurate than peaking?

            I am with you on the more resolution/less lag&gain for the EVF though.

          • I am saying exactly that. Peaking has never gotten me anywhere but in the ball park unless I am shooting stopped down, but then stopped down, the problem is EVF lag, and a wider area of in-focus elements.

            Again: on a tripod, using magnification, LCD or EVF are more accurate, or just as accurate. Certainly they are easier to use than OVF. But when shooting on the fly (I use only Ai/Leica/Pen F lenses), OVF and even rangefinding systems are more accurate than EVF using peaking. And, they suffer no lag or other errors.

            The same lenses simply “pop” into focus on a D800 and to a lesser extent on a D200. There is no “pop” to be had through any EVF I’ve used, ever, peaking or no peaking.

          • ipecaca

            Now I get it. I gave up focusing EVF without magnification so long ago, I forgot it. But I think actually on sony cameras it’s more usable nowadays, judging by the in-store experience anyway.
            I sort of had the inverse problem with dslrs – the focus “pop” never worked for me, unfortunately. It was OK for stopped down shooting, but anything wider f2 on FF – not really acceptable for me.
            With EVF I shoot only with magnification, and on the fly too, doesn’t bother me much. Contrast detect focus also does a good job, when it works and isn’t slower than the subject.

          • Lenses that have pop (and smooth focus rings) will ‘pop’ into focus. The only time I’ve not had them pop into focus is through very tiny OVFs, and even then, despite not popping, they were always accurate to focus.


            Nikon 50/2 Ai (1970s)
            Nikon 85/1,8K (1960s)

            My 28/2,8 is super-sharp but it never popped into focus and no zoom I tried every did. Even my super-sharp 100/2 Zeiss never popped into focus.

            But the two mentioned above amazed me every time. It was very difficult NOT to get an image razor-sharp at the plane of focus with them and even a halfway-decent OVF. When I picked up a Sony – and you are right, the Sony MF experience is much, much better through the EVF, both magnified and not-magnified – or a Fujifilm, or any other brand with the same poppy lenses, I had to magnify and slow image taking down from less than a second to several seconds, or maybe two seconds at the quickest.

            And suffer EVF gain, fps slowdowns in bad light, and maybe even fuddle with stop-down focus/metering. With motor-driven X lenses, of course, the entire MF experience, while super-sharp when finally in-focus, takes far longer and has NO ergonomic link.

            My problems are unique: I don’t purchase lenses for systems that haven’t been around for ten years or more. So AF is out for me. And MF experience has to be good. The only good MF experience I’ve had outside an SLR is a rangefinder. I ended up purchasing a Leica M 240. Enough with the middle ground (which wasn’t working and pushed toward constant upgrading and wastage of monies).

            EDIT: While I find it harder to get an image 100% in-focus via a rangefinder VS an SLR, or via magnified EVF, in most cases it is just as fast as an SLR, and never incurs FPS drop, amp gain, resolution limitations, or lag that an EVF does.

            Which is the main reason I feel that the X-Pro 1 is the only unique interchangeable non-Leica mirrorless camera on the market.

  • Luso

    “are you excited by the idea of a cheaper version of the X-T1 ?”

    not really…where is the XPro2?!

  • DouglasGottlieb

    No thanks.

    I’d be more interested in an UP spec’ed XE-3.

    I hope this doesn’t mean that the XE lineup is fading, though this would seem to indicate that it may be.

  • Bill

    Fuji needs to update their rangefinder cameras. I’m interested in X-E3 with as many features as possible from X-T1, even if it means some increase in price. Many Fuji’s users are enthusiasts, so they probably more interested in better spec cameras than cheap cameras.

  • Max_Elmar

    Yeah, I thought the X-E2 WAS the “downspec” X-T1. I’m not caring all that much whether the EVF is center or left, I do care when I need a little fill flash and the thing is in my bag not on the camera. Getting a new sensor out is important, but it is more important that the sensor be better – and not just in the sense of “moar pixels!” Not an easy task even starting with a Sony 24mp. “Different” sensor tech is Fuji’s “thing” and has been since the Fuji DSLR days. Remember those? “…one-of-a-kind Super CCD SR sensor technology”

  • exPentaxian

    Doesn’t interest me, but if it brings in more fuji photographers i can only be good for us all..

    • I disagree with this. While it is good for lens selection, bringing in new/more X photographers only widens the pool in which Fujfilm are sure to drown themselves. They already have shown that they have no idea where X is going. Is it premium? If it is, what is premium about it? Is it low end? If so, what constitutes low end? And what makes it different?

      At this point, lens selection is about it. Then there’s the ageing X-Pro 1, and the still-in-beta X100: two unfinished cameras and a bunch of lenses that lack a cohesive interface or middle.

      More photographers that can further distract an already chronically distracted Fujifilm is NOT a good thing. Establishing a good, long-term market that understands the company’s modus operandi and is willing to conform their way of shooting to meet that method- that is good.

      • ipecaca

        Show me a sub $1k camera without AA filter and then call 5 cameras for any price that don’t have it, please.
        I was recently asking myself the very question you mentioned. Yes, what attracted me to fuji are the lenses. There is a lot of limitations to x-system on the body part, for me anyway. The price-efficiency is quite low. Not because the product is bad, but because it’s priced so high.
        But then, when I took a look around there’s not much of a competition really. m43 is probably the only, but 2x crop won’t cut it for me. Sony has few lenses that are priced like premium laptops. Samsung is again too pricey for what it offers.
        I’ve got a nikon 1, with two zooms covering 27-270mm equiv. and it’s one hell of a camera that fits in a coat pocket, for $300 I paid for it refurb. The asking price at launch – just ridiculous.
        So it comes back to this – x-trans sensor allowed fuji to drop AA filter more than 3 years ago and the competition is still hardly there.

        • FCameron

          Ricoh GR, Nikon A, Pentax K3, and that’s just off the top of my head.

          • ipecaca

            Ricoh and Nikon are fixed lens, and K3 is a Dslr. This proves my point, not much of a competition.

        • I have no interest at all in AA or non-AA cameras. Nor did I talk about them. But Fujifilm are heading in the wrong direction.

          • ipecaca

            You haven’t, I did. You stated that fuji is only about lens selection, but that’s not true, and I explained that in my reply, that the main advantage of x-trans was moire suppression without AA filter, and that was the time x mount had 3 lenses. Now lenses are plenty and great, but the x-trans advantage is still here as well. And, personally, I think the best ergonomics.

          • But X doesn’t suppress moire any better than bayer sensors, it just suppresses it differently: better or worse given a certain subject. Moire isn’t something fixable by any CFA.

            As for ergonomics, I can agree regarding the X-Pro 1. Great ergonomics. The X-T1 is awful for normal to large hands. The lenses: change interfaces from lens to lens and not a single camera allows you to use a single control for manual exposure unless you stick to full stops.

            Ergonomics are just okay, but not bad.

      • Joel

        Lens selection is where it is at IMO, Fuji have an amazing selection already which is getting better with 16/1.4, 90/2, 120 macro and long zoom, their range shows much better direction than any other mirrorless range, even better than Olympus for me..

        Like it or not the xt1 is their only profitable camera, bringing in more Fuji customers with a cheaper version is good if it keeps Fuji in business.

        To me there is no point in being purists if it means they can’t stay profitable and either sell out like Pentax or give up altogether..

  • Turlututu

    Maybe a Bayer sensor like X-A1 ? It could be interesting for Raw and video !
    But this version sounds like a UPspec ;)

    I think with X-A, X-E and X-pro, Fuji don’t need a downspeced body, they only need something better (AF/video/resolution).

  • Holy Oly

    Waiting for the X-T5 mark II :-) :-)

  • Jlx

    Stop making pointless cameras!! Bring x pro 2! Then an xt2 and xe3 with faster AF, more megapixels. What a waste of time… Bring the next lenses sooner instead of pointless cameras. Don’t be like Nikon that have dozens of cameras all with compromises. Do something everyone wants and everyone will buy!

    • Mar

      Sometimes, I find myself hoping that Fuji would NEVER release a X-Pro2, just to piss you all off. I’m sick of you all asking for 2nd generation of the camera. if it was working right in the first place, you wouldn’t be wishing for a newer camera. It didn’t sell well, so move-on.

  • The question is: what specs would they downgrade???

    • Turlututu

      – not weather-sealed
      – less physical buttons
      – lower resolution EVF
      – no mic-input / no SDXC (UHS-II) support
      – no tilt-screen or/and lower resolution
      Except the form factor, this description is the same than X-E2…

      Other specs are already pretty low in comparaison to others companies, trully speaking.

      • ipecaca

        EVF resolution is the same across all x cameras except xp1

  • Didiergm

    Depending on specs and price of course, but I am in theory very much in the market for a friend for my X-T1. The X-E1 does not really fit that bill (although I’ll try a 27mm to turn it into a pocketable camara). I am 100% for something with the exact same ergonomics and tilt screen.

    That said and although I am not in the market for the X-PRO2 I understand many of you are and I would hope that Fuji does not forget about it- risk being losing many existing clients. So in short X-T10 yep but after the X-PRO2

  • aki

    Guys, I just had an idea: What if the T10 is the successor of the E2, and the E-line will merge with the Pro-line? The smaller 35mm/f2 could be a hint that Fuji wants to build a rangefinder body where the OVF can be closer to the lens, just like in the X100T. This would allow them to make the Pro2 with the size of the E2.

    • George

      Agree. X-M1, X-A1, X-30 do not sell well and can hardly compete with lower Sony/Olympus/Panasonic camera offers. Fuji should focus on prosumer, pro and enthusiast market and put more efforts to make their top cameras perform much better – i.e, everage AF performance with only 0EV focusing, poor flash, so so DR, etc. I feel Fuji is not yet sure which direction to go, maybe they already think they have a good offer for pro, but that’s not a true. I keep fingers crossed for Fuji to compete with Sony and others, but they have concentrate more on top cams I think, because very soon also Canikon will offer small FF mirrorless.

    • George

      If it is has centered EVF like X-T1, not RF styled, it is not successor of the E2.

      • aki

        Well, not in terms of form factor, but in terms of price. The E is the “enthusiast” entry level model now and I think a T10 could take that place in the future. In my experience, people who want a rangefinder-like camera are more serious about photography and willing to pay a higher price. So I guess a downsized (and cheaper) Pro2 could make all rangefinder lovers happy. Besides, I can’t imagine that they will keep the high price tag of the Pro anyway, given just how much better the T is.
        So people who want to upgrade from the E2 could choose to either get the upsell to the Pro2 with the same form factor or switch to the T10 and stay in the same price range.
        This is just a wild speculation, but that’s why we’re here, right?

    • sidtw

      no. please don’t miniaturize the X-Pro2. Small & lightweight are honorable goals, but don’t make it a toy camera. Small body = less surface on camera = crowded and small buttons and dials = less user friendly
      Listen to the girls at least once. Size matters. :)

  • xpro2

    too many bodies already.

  • Makes little sense. Fuji has a pretty solid line-up with good differentiation, and a wonderful lens line-up. The latter is only appreciated by serious photographers. Downspeccing the X-T1 is going to pit Fuji not only against Olympus, but SONY as well, going up against the cheap-as-chips NEX3/5 line, and the NEX-6 line. The $400-600 consumer market, mostly kit-lens buyers.

    I think this is a distraction. Propped up by Instax sales, right now their imaging solutions is hovering around break-even point. Not too shabby after only 3 years – creating a completely new line of bodies and lenses is a huge investment, getting to break-even in 3 years is a good achievement. Note that SONY’s imaging division, albeit at 3-4 times the size of Fuji’s in terms of revenue, just reached break-even recently (and they are propped up by their sensor sales).

    I think Fuji should concentrate on expanding in their own segment, the prosumer, enthusiast and pro market, not going after the consumer market. There are still a lot of things to fix: 1) Flash system (and Metz is NOT a fix, at least Fuji should have tried going with a more innovative brand). 2) Release X-PRO2, refresh XE line (time for a new sensor I think, though I don’t complain about IQ as much as most people), complete the lens line-up. Lots of people want IBIS too. Innovate.

    • Turlututu

      Video ! No especially 4K but better output (less aliasing, moire…) and better AF (like A6000 in fact, and it could be possible if Fuji use the same sensor).
      Mirrorless is a big advantage for video, use it !

      Between great stills / bad videos camera and great stills / very good videos camera, many consumer choose the second alternative.
      Samsung, Panasonic, Sony, those company are doing a great job on video side. Hope Fuji can close the gap…

      I’ve no idea if lens can be a limitation for video, but I’m pretty sure bodies can improve dramatically without spending too much in R&D.

      • Yeah, forgot about that! I’m not into video at the moment, but that might change in the future. It would be nice if Fuji fixed video, so if or when the time comes, I don’t have invest in a new system + lenses.

        • Turlututu

          Exactly the same for me !

        • nzswedespeed

          Speak for yourself – i would love better video output

          • You misunderstood me – I agree with Turlututu, video improvements would be definitely welcome, even though I dont’ do videos at the moment. Thinking about it though, and I hope Fuji fixes video issues so I don’t have to invest in another system if or when I start doing videos.

  • Leet

    I think this is the wrong way. I always loved how Fuji did implement software and hardware features of the more expensive bodys into the cheaper ones (X-Pro1 -> X-E1 -> X-M1, X-T1 -> X-E2…). So the cheaper bodys are smaller versions with some limitations mainly because of it’s size (e.g. without or smaller viewfinder, less dials etc). But what could an X-T1 downgrade be? Since it’s shape shows clearly that it’s designed as a compact DSLR killer the size can’t just be scaled down because the handling will suffer enormously. Besides less buttons (or even mushier buttons?) the limitations will probably be software wise. And this is the way Canikon is doing it: throw cheap crippled versions on the consumer and fetishize the pro bodys. They could have easily kept software features of the bigger versions in the smaller cameras (see what can be activated with firmware hacks like magic lantern), but they don’t do it because they want to keep their prices in the pro-segment high. Fujifilm was different in this respect until now and I hope that does not change with an “X-T10”.

  • indignao

    Sorry but (seeing that fuji lenses are becoming each day bigger and i spect better) i would like to see a real dslr like camera more comfortable to handle and to use with other mount lenses (via adapter) at a reasonable price. With this fujifilm will go right direction in my oppinion. Pd: sorry about my poor english

  • What is this going to be? A X-E3 with a different design? Because it sounds like that. It’s a bit early to decide if this is for the best or not, but I understand that Fuji wants to capitalize on the successful design of the X-T1, as long as they continue to do a fine job and launch lenses, I don’t think I wouldn’t mind.

  • MarcosV

    Olympus M10 goes for around $600 for body or $800 with kit zoom. What could Fujifilm release at these price points? A X-E2 with SLR skin? Or a reskinned X-M1 with EVF?

    • ipecaca

      x-e line costs 1k US big ones at the start, different price point

  • Caerolle

    Maybe an X-A2 with a viewfinder? So, Bayer overlay, and modern control system. Might be interesting to see the uptake of that…

  • Mr_Electability

    Managers in the tech industry often conclude that the best answer to a successful product is a crippled, lower-cost version of the product. For instance, Commodore developed the Amiga 600; Microsoft released Windows ME; Samsung just announced the NX 500; and Fuji, having blundered already with the X-M1 and X-A1, decides to double down with an… X-T10?!?

    • Leet

      It’s a shame…

    • sidtw

      engineers vs business people
      photographers vs customers

  • X20DAve

    honestly, if you down spec something, unless, it’s stuff like a a flippy screen, or something that doesn’t have anything to do with image quality, then, I can see some kinda traction,otherwise, if you’re buying an XT-1 for 1000 bucks, what’s a couple of hundred, it’s not even a lens for gosh sake. why would u go cheaper. I can see and XE-3 keeping the current design, with a flippy screen. I’m not real big on the faux SLR bump. If I wanted a bump I’d use my SLR.

  • yeiter

    No cheaper version of XT-1…Give us the XPro 2 PLEASE!!!!!!

  • Fuji.Joe

    An all-plastic, non-weather-sealing, made in china, but full featured (incl. newest firmware) X-T1? Why not? Maybe it isn’t a great idea, because it could cannibalize the X-E2 sales. But it would be a welcome addition for me. I’m looking forward to the X-T10.

  • Adomas

    Shouldnt that be called X-E3? Its been nearly 2 years since the announcement of X-E2 and theres still no replacement for one. Anyway, I was hoping for a third gen 24 mp x-trans sensor for the next fuji camera, not the old one which is 3+ years old now.

    • I think the problem is the mirrorless cameras that seem the most successful at this time all have a form factor like a miniaturised DSLR instead of the X-E2’s shape. Maybe this is a transitionary thing – people considering their first move away from DSLR are going to stay within a comfort zone of sorts. The X-E1/X-E2 perfectly suited the early adopter (who would go for a complete break from tradition), now we’re into the next wave…

      • FCameron

        How do we know which models are the most successful? Or is that just based on the internet echo chamber?

        • I used to edit a photo community site, I still work in CE (albeit in a different sector), and I still have a little bit of an ‘in’. Besides, look at the form factors of most of the recent higher end MILCs. Oly OM-D, Pana GH4, Sony A7, Samsung NX1, Fuji X-T1. They all look like DSLR, only smaller.

      • FYI, if by successful you mean sales, than the cheap-as-chips Sony NEX3/5 are on the top by a wide margin.

        • Sales volume – yes. But sales at volume levels are price and spec driven. Higher end sales add perceptions of discernment and sophistication in the consumer. At the low end, it’s all about packing in as many features as possible in the cheapest possible box. At the higher end, you either appeal to the demands of the consumer, or your product simply doesn’t sell. And if those demands are currently ‘make my camera look like a DSLR’ then breaking that rule may not help sales at anything beyond the volume market.

  • bashar

    its about time for fuji to stop milking the current sensor and put the R&D into the X-Pro2…

  • Arnold Newman

    If this new less-expensive X-T10 manages to increase revenues, profitability and market share then I’m all for it even though I’m not the target market. I wouldn’t think that developing a dumbed down body like this would be a huge distraction or a big drain on resources that would otherwise be used elsewhere.

    • ken g

      Just look to olympus, em10 and em5 (ll). A mildly downspecked xt1 is no dumb idea, also as a second cam. Olympus have huge success with the smaller ones. I wouldn’t mind of the xt10 is a bit smaller as well.

    • Tony Montana

      Fujifilm has been diluting their brand for years. At first X was a premium brand and now that has been lost. Execs at Fujifilm claimed that they were going to be different, that the X cameras were going to be true value added cameras. We now know that this is not true and that X will bottom feed along with all the others.

      The core value of X cameras has been lost due to Fujifilm’s constant need for market share. Even with this emphasis, Fujifilm is still absolutely dead last in market share. They diluted their brand for nothing.

      A real shame. Such a critical mistake from Fujifilm.

  • James

    Personally, I’d rather see an X-Pro 2 with an improved sensor, or a non X-Trans option X-T1x, or similar, although if it opens up the market to those who aren’t fortunate enough to be able to afford high end cameras I can see the value.

  • MJr

    We keep speaking of R&D like it’s a finite amount. But if they decide to develop 2 or 3 camera’s, then they get the people they need and do so. No worries.

  • R Leung

    I’m still on the fence about Fujifilm. They seem to have nice bodies with old school manual controls which I like. But whenever I see a comparison of an X-Trans image vs a conventional bayer sensor based image, the X-Trans image seems much less detailed. Even the X-A1 seems to have more detailed images than any X-Trans body.

    • Johanson

      That is because you are using the wrong RAW converter.
      Start using Iridient Developer, or Capture One Pro and you’ll find it has much more detail then any other image taken with a bayer pattern sensor.
      LR sucks for x-trans, but for that you need to complain to Adobe not Fuji.

    • That is physically impossible unless you use poor software to transform the raw-files.

    • Andreas Scheucher

      As long you are using lightroom or Photoshop for raw Konversion, you may be right.

      If you use fujis raw conversion tool, silk pix vor capture one, it’s a completly different story.

      It’s really worth a try…

      • ChatNoir

        Not completely true. I’ve been comparing almost every tool on the market, and it has mostly to do with the sharpening algorithms of LR. The best option out there stays for me Iridient due to its very advanced sharpening algorithms (that also don’t provide the best result out of the box either). Silkipix isn’t good either (somehow revealing more CA with the lenses than other convertors, strange), and I find C1’s conversion a bit unsharp too. My experience is that with some tweaking, LR 5.7 & C1 V8 can come extremely close with one issue to be careful about in LR – the sharpening algorithms tend to create a bit of ‘false detail’ or small sub-textures if you go too far. I think it has more to do with those algorithms themselves than the demosaïcing process itself. Other subject – the X-T10 – companies keep on creating way too many models. They’d better lower the price of the X-T1 to get more copies sold & create a true ‘top model’ X-Pro2 (or X-Pro1S) instead of keeping on the presently outdated X-Pro1 in the range.

        • Andreas Scheucher

          I am currently in the process of evaluating different RAW processors and still undecided.

          I am really satisfied with lightroom. It’s image organisation is fine. It’s Lens error correction is really great (except LMO, which is not supported by any RAW converter up to now). I really would like to use Lightroom, but I did not get satisfacting results.

          When I saw the images I had been satisfied up to now in Capture One, I knew, I can’t contiue like before…

          Do you have hints for editing Fujix X-Trans images in Lightroom? Every input is apreciated.

      • I’m not sure what lack of detail R Leung sees. My x100t captures amazing details, even wide open. For reference, I’ve been shooting the d800 for 2 years now. I’m using latest LR.

        This obsession with numbers is measurbation. The d7000 sensor (SONY) was introduced in 2010, and I think that was the beginning of a new generation of APS-C sensors. Basically 1 stop improvements across the board (high ISO, DR, color) – except Canon perhaps. Basically, I get the same resolution out of the x100t.

        The latest and the greatest 24mpx SONY sensors are the SAME generation. Yes, megapixels were upped, but DR improved by what, maybe 1/3 stops? Completely field irrelevant. ISO ditto. And yet people go crazy about numbers and measurements in synthetic tests.

        • Andreas Scheucher

          Look at the example pictures: http://www.fujivsfuji.com/best-xtrans-raw-converter/

          You will see the differences. It’s not about pixel peeping and theoretical number counting. Why should I ignore differences in the most important step in digital imaging, after I have spent loads of money on equipment, to get good images?

          I also saw big differences in my own images. If you don’t keep doing whatever you do and be happy! ;)

          Sometimes it’s better and easier to be a satisfier than an optimizer.

  • Happy User but…

    What features could be dumbed down?

    The X-T1 is a great camera, but isn’t that much of a camera compared to the features you’ll find in the Canon 5D MKIII or Nikon D810. I still miss quite a lot of features that could make the X-T1 an even better camera. I really have no idea what could be dumbed down by looking at what I am currently still missing.

    – Where can I set the maximum number of images the camera can take in CH or CL mode?
    – How can I do an automatic 5-7-9 image bracketing?
    – Where is the hispeed sync for TTL so I can finally take flash images at 1/4000?
    – Where can I set compressed RAW option for smaller file size?
    – Where is the ISO 100 RAW option
    – Why can’t I assign a function to the video record button?
    – Why do I need to shoot RAW+JPG Fine to see the result at 100%
    – Why can’t I assign ‘format’ to the quick menu?
    – Why can’t I assign the interval timer to the quick menu?
    – Where is the option so I can’t take any images if there is no SD card in the SD slot?
    – Why can’t you just access the DCIM folder over WiFi via a Mac or PC. Would make wireless thetered shooting available without the need of a USB cable.

  • winc06

    From the news a few months ago that aside from the Instax the X-T1 is Fuji’s only profitable model this could be an effort to capitalize on that. Whatever works to bring them success as long as they do not lose sight of what has given them customers already.

  • FCameron

    It seems like just yesterday their bigwigs were promising that they were different from other companies, that they would not introduce new models just for the sake of model proliferation, that they would focus on high end premium products and not lower level products.

    • I don’t see a “danger” of the X-T10 ending up in the sub-500$ entry-level market.

      • FCameron

        They’ve remaindered / bargain-basemented out plenty of their low end X cameras, from the XF on up.

  • My guess for reduced specs:
    – no WR
    – no sync port
    – no drive mode and exposure mode lever
    – smaller buffer, slower write speed
    – no vertical handgrip compatibility
    – made in china
    – maybe different (cheaper) optics for the EVF

    That should reduce the assembly cost significantly. Probably there are also cuts to firmware-features, tethering etc. but that does not reduce the cost per unit for Fuji.

    • nzswedespeed

      Yeah think you could be right on those. Hopefully it has the exposure compensation dial though!

  • FCameron

    Fuji has rangefinder cameras??? I guess there was the GS645 about 30 years ago.

  • CRS

    If it is weather sealed and comes with a weather sealed prime between 23-35 mm yes, I will be interested. Otherwise I can stick to my XE1

    • Ash

      Pretty sure that down specced’ means this T10 will not be weathersealed.

  • SF Fuji Street Guy

    Sorry, don’t buy this one. Fuji will no doubt continue to experiment with new tech, cameras, and markets but this one just tastes bad. Over the years I have accepted that Fuji has deep enough pockets and commitment to take time in building a great lineup of cameras etc… You can look at most any business and three years is really just getting your foot in the door for a product line. If I were to speculate we will see thinning out of bodies just a few more lenses then a shift to moving further upstream with product. That said I would like to see Horizontal movement such as 2-3 versions of the X100 focused for segments. For example: X100T for weather sealed photojournalists, X100S returns with a special focus system and features for Street, and X200 with 24mp FF for those who want max resolution.

    • Martin Griffiths

      Think I’m with you on this one, not so much about the xt-10, that remains to be seen whether it will work or not.
      But, x100 for different segments definitely, FF x100 could work quite easily in a fixed lens format, with a new lens at 1.4 or 1.8 would be great, if expensive. Street style x100 with mechanical lens, or at the very least a non fly-by-wire lens for fast and efficient focusing, maybe that could work with the OVF for instant DoF on the move. And then a normal X100T

      • Martin Griffiths

        Come on Fuji you can do it!!

        P.s. Ignore the fly-by -wire bit, that’s for zooms… What I meant was instant DoF whilst looking through the viewfinder during focusing, possibly moving.

  • Ash

    Certainly hope that a less expensive camera can help Fuji increase their market share.
    Personally, I am happy with the T1 and won’t be purchasing thee T10.

  • nzswedespeed

    Although if it has a Bayer sensor I could be very interested to see comparisons and then buy which one suits me better

  • Ash

    The X-M1 and X-A1 were not hot sellers. It seems that Fuji’s target market really do prefer a viewfinder.
    The thing that mystifies me is why they released the X-A2 along with this X-T10. The X-A2 should have been scrapped.

  • Iwantone

    If it has a high quality viewfinder, a tilting screen, and a good AF system, with the IMAGE QUALITY of the first generation of X bodies (no waxy skin at high iso), I’ll buy one,

  • Why 10? How is that supposed to be indicative of its value/performance compared to 1?

    • DouglasGottlieb

      Seems like a weird imitation of Olympus, of all people: OMD-EM1 is top of the line, and they followed it with a down spec’d OMD-EM10. I’d be happy if they could copy Oly’s in body, 5 axis stabilization, however.

      • ipecaca

        I don’t think it has to do anything with olympus. It’s too common naming convention for cameras.

        • DouglasGottlieb

          Maybe not. Maybe just a very obvious thing to do. But:

          * Both EM1 and XT1 new, top of the line models (for now)
          * Both are faux DSLR styles
          * Both are weather sealed
          * Both preceded the lower models
          * Both are named “1”
          * Both down spec’d models are called “10”

          Olympus removed weather sealing and went with 3 axis IBIS instead of 5 axis IBIS as part of the downgrade. They made the camera significantly smaller and made the grip much less prominent.

          I wonder what Fuji will remove from the XT and what it will cost, both in terms of price and usability….

          • ipecaca

            Well, pretty obvious thing to do, to downspec a pro body and give xx digit name (for me coming from canon anyway).
            A nice list of similarities though:)

  • SansLight

    How about an X-E2S with a 10mp apsc sensor that has kick arse SNR ala a cropped version of A7S?

  • lizsalander

    I’m not really seeing the value of a lesser version of the X-T1. It seems to me it will cannabalize the sales of other Fuji cameras, and it certainly isn’t a path for existing Pro-1 or X-T1 users to follow. Perhaps as a source of new lens buyers, since they are continuing to turn out very worthwhile, quality lenses? I would rather see them turn out a top-notch camera with a next-gen sensor. I love my X-T1; but I just don’t see the attraction of a down-specced version of it, and if not made well, could discourage buyers from continuing on with Fuji; I think QC will be really important if they go to Chinese manufacture to reduce price.

    • The success of the EM-10 could serve as an example. And what will EM-10 users go for when they look for an upgrade: an X-T1 or an EM-1? (Or rather the respective future models.)

      • lizsalander

        I hope you’re right; I have a big investment in my Fuji gear, and want the company to continue to do well and invest in future quality gear; I just find a “cheapened” version of the X-T1 not at all appealing, and possible risky if their QC isn’t maintained.

      • Silvestro Crino

        The EM1 or EM5m2 …. Because they will have already bought into the M43 system of lenses….

    • Serge S Frolov

      Olympus Pen and cheaper EM10 did just that from M43 system. People that would never spend money on EM1 have bought in to system with cheap 300eur toys and as they grow out of it, they upgrade to Em5ii…
      Just like the kids who bought Nikon D70 or D3000, have now grown up, earned money and bought D750 or D810 because they have attachment to the brand as well as ton of lenses, accessories and so on…

      And even Xpro1, Xt1 user can enjoy cheaper models, I got my gf Xm1, she loves it, we share lenses, I used Xm1 a few times as back up…Xe1 is too outdated and Xe2 is still too expensive as back up.

      In the end of the day it means more users, that mean higher market share and more profit, and that just mean more money to develop better awesome Xt2 Xpro2/3/4 and lenses. Nikon made its money on mass retail of striped basic consumer cameras and invested that in to Pro D4 and D810, so with out D3000 there would be no D810 today.

  • d

    I don’t know, it may sell well. However, I could careless, as I am just waiting for the X-Pro 2. As long as it doesn’t take resources away from the development of the X-Pro 2, I don’t care.

    I think they are waiting till the end of the year for the organic sensor…so, this shouldn’t prolong the X-Pro 2.

  • G

    Fuji thinks the waxy X-Trans noise reduction looks great, so that’s unlikely to happen.

    • kecajkerugo

      I would love to see a firmware update to switch off the waxy skin noise reduction on my X-T1.
      RAW conversion is always an option but having the great jpeg engine I think we could really enjoy the special Fuji look given it their jpeg every now and again.

  • BWinkle J. Moose

    So this whole thread consists of photography enthusiasts debating the pros and cons of Fuji’s decision to release a new point and shoot camera? That *looks like* its most successful enthusiast model? Er, scratch that, rumor that they’re releasing a new point and shoot camera?

    • Who’s talking about a point and shoot camera?

      • Luzu

        Its all about getting people to buy into the X-system and make them upgrade to the “real bodies” later.

        • BWinkle J. Moose

          oh I get that, and I don’t blame Fuji, it’s a sales tactic. But dumbing down these models means making it more P&S in practice. It’s the eternal handwringing about this that’s so fascinating.

  • Silvestro Crino

    Is it me? Or does fujifilm seem to have lost their way a bit? They have been using the same 16mpix sensor for all their cameras since the Xpro1 …. And instead of concentrating on releasing the XPro2 asap (which will turn the XT1 into the cheaper version of the XT1 after all) …. They spend effort on a camera that No one wants or needs….

    • donhorne

      I’m fine with the 16mp sensor, I just did a beauty shoot yesterday and was still quite pleased with the level of detail from the sensor with the 35 & 56mm lenses on the X-Pro1. I’m sure the X-Pro2 & X-E3 will usher in a new sensor but I’d prefer it be a modest upgrade in pixels and focus more on dynamic range.

    • Luzu

      No one wants or needs? You seem to underestimate the consumer market.
      Not everybody who wants a better camera has the will or the funds to upgrade from their PAS directly all the way up to a XT1 or X-Pro1.

      • Silvestro Crino

        And what exactly are the XE2 and XM1 ….are they not the same mount, sensor and processor in cheaper, more consumer oriented bodies? Heck, the XE2 is almost exactly the same as the XT1 minus a more magnified EVF, weather sealing, location of EVF and some manual controls….

        • Luzu

          XE2, etc. simply have not the same attractiveness as the T-Series which is in the media more often.

          Its the same principle like Olympus with their EM and PEN series. PAS consumers don’t think about the PEN when they think about “that high quality Olympus camera”. They think about that famous E-M5 everyone speaks of.

          Therefore it makes sense for Fuji to produce such a less expensive “that famous camera” to attract such clientele.

    • Raist3d

      Fuji hasn’t lost their way. They said the Xpro 2 is taking longer than expected. Probably because they want to do it right. That’s better than releasing some half baked product, no?

  • Fujimoto

    What’s next, an entry level Instax?

    • donhorne

      Since you brought up Instax, quite the opposite, Fuji needs to put out a fully manual Instax camera akin to the Mamiya 600se.

      • Serge S Frolov

        Oh yes, yes yes…

  • Raist3d

    I like the idea. The question from me would be how much and when? Is it smaller? I would love smaller.

  • CHD

    I’m rapidly losing patience waiting for a replacement for my 3yr old X-Pro1. The A7II is looking better every day.

    • Luzu

      Has it stopped making great pictures on its third birthday?

      • Serge S Frolov

        My Xpro1 has not, if anything it now takes better pictures than 3 years ago because I know every limitation of my XPro-1.
        Nevertheless, after having Xt1, X100t for weeks to play-with, I am really starting to miss the extra functions that new cameras offer, got used to WiFi and much much better EVF, marginal speed increase, so much so if Fuji released Xpro1s or Xpro2 as a clone of X100t with X mount I would buy it now and be very very happy for another 3 years!!! if they add WR I might need be hospitalised with happiness overdose… it is that simple!!!!

    • They really aren’t compatible. I had both (A7r) concurrently. One was a great still life camera that sounded like duck shot (A7r), the other was a beautifully thought-out icon with a few major hardware bottlenecks (X-Pro 1). Both had horrible interfaces.

      But the shooting experience is completely different. One: basically a dSLR (A7r) whereby all shooting is done through an EVF. The camera even has a faux-dSLR grip and must be held like one. I have no problem with dSLRs but the A7r’s EVF (and all EVFs hence wise) is a poor substitute for the sort of shooting typical dSLRs take on. Meanwhile, the X-Pro 1 allows you to get out of that feel and use the lethargic camera in a way that is more fitting.

      If it’s all about the tech, by all means, head to Sony. You get a lot more for your money, and Sony, while largely rudderless, aren’t much worse than are Fujifilm.

      • donhorne

        I concur. For my style of shooting I just love the X-Pro1. It might be sluggish but it’s been my favorite digital camera that I’ve owned, and no, I’ve fought the urge to handle a Leica. The files are beautiful and with the thumb and extended handgrip, it just feels right in my hand. I reach for the X-pro1 more than the X-T1 to the point that I just sold it to pick up another X-Pro1.

        • Well done, Don.

          I’m also eager to see what Fujifilm do with the X-Pro 2, but not to the point of purchasing an advanced version. I waited a year after the X-Pro 1’s debut and got it for about 800$, or about half of the debut price. I don’t trust Fujifilm pricing anymore.

    • TiredOfWhiners

      Why are you “rapidly losing patience”? Is there something your current body cannot do? Is it failing you functionally or technically? Aren’t those the features you loved so much that you bought the camera?

      Stop whining – buy a Sony if you’re so disslusioned with Fuji.

      Or, use that same cash to buy a new lens or, better yet, use that cash to take a trip and make some images with your current gear.


  • donhorne

    If you insist on making a cheaper version then take off video, wi-fi, articulating screen, reduce frame rates to 5fps, support only UHS-1 SD cards, make it subdued flat black and let it be the workhorse camera.

  • Mr_Electability

    OK… I admit that voiced a dismissive comment myself, but when I look at how harsh some are posting, I have to wonder if they realize that this is, after all, just a rumor, and hardly a rumor that excludes the development of other good cameras… like, say, the larger-sensor camera that was rumored exactly one week ago, also from a source right in the past… or the X-Pro 2 that was rumored almost exactly one month ago, also from a source right in the past… or last year’s 24MP X200…

    The year is yet young, folks. Lighten up!

  • nzswedespeed

    Haha that’s a good one. They need to make money in order to produce the new and exciting stuff that we like…

  • Jlx

    Dude, I couldn’t care less about the X-Pro 2… I have a XT1 and a Nikon D800… It is just that a X Pro 2 camera makes sense but a downspeced XT1 is a total nonsense! So, as I said, instead of releasing a crippled XT1 they can bring the XPRO2 earlier. But for me (even better) they could introduce a camera with no compromises, that would put Nikon and Canon’s offerings to shame. For instance I hate this move of D610, D750, D800/800E/810, DF…. WTF? One has the focus of the 810 but the shutter speed of the 610, etc, etc! So frustrating and somehow evil… So if Fuji (that has still integrity and a good philosofy) would release something with no compromises, best autofocus, best EVF, 24mpx, WR, perfect build, awsome sensor (bayer, xtrans, organic whatever), great DRange and ISO noise, then they would win the lottery cause everyone would buy one. And I mean EVERYONE!! The consumer is tired of business games from Canon amd Nikon. They want respect and trust…

    • Mar

      Remember, Fuji is a company in the business to make money and profit. A X-T1 with a $1200 (before tax) price tag isn’t really affordable for most people (let alone the $1600+ X-Pro1). That’s puts it in close competition with the less expensive full frame cameras, including the Sony A7. and for someone just buying into the system, that’s a serious amount of money to spend on a APS-C camera. So I don’t see any problem in Fuji’s attempt to cash-in on the X-T1’s success by releasing a more affordable camera with the same X-T1 feel and quality, but with maybe less features.

      And for me, if a toned-down X-T10 would mean more money for Fuji to keep making awesome products like the X-T1 and XF lenses, then be it.

  • jotka

    Good idea Fuji. If i step into the Fuji system as newbie or coming from any other brand i dont have to invest into the camera only but in all other accessories. Take a good but cheap camera and a high end lens. After a year or so you can do the next step to a better camera model but keep the expensive lenses.
    If you like the XPRO1 or XE style you find a camera at any price point. But if you like more the XT1 style you have to spend a lot of bucks or you get lost. I guess that at the moment a lot of people who like the XT1 style but dont want to spend so much money for the camera body only have a look to the OMD EM-10. Nice body, a lot of features and good lenses. And when you have all lenses you want you step up to the EM1 or EM5II.
    The XT10 will be a camera for the masses and not for the (so called) pros.
    Another effect, more camera user buy more accessories and that should normally drop the price and make the system interesting for 3rd party companies like Tamron, Sigma, etc.

  • Rich

    Much more than I would want a down-speced X-T1, or even a full spec X-T1, I would want an X-E2 with X-T1 AF speed.

    • Tim

      so true. waiting for that. with the new 24kp sensor

  • AceFlibble

    Depends how it’s “downspec’d”. If it loses the improved AF and EVF then it’s just a bulkier X-E2. If it drop the image quality in any way then there’s no point in it at all.
    Ditch the Wi-Fi, maybe ditch the tilting screen, perhaps simplify the knobs further (e.g. moving drive and metering to menu options instead of double-stacking with the ISO and shutter dials) and take out video (come on, who the hell is using a Fuji for video?) and yes, sure. In fact that would then be a better stills camera than the X-T1 is now.

  • earl

    For me, they could take out the weather sealing, put in their Bayer sensor and bundle it with that xf35 f2……or probably wait for x-e3

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