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Fuji will release a firmware update for the Nissin i40 to enable HSS flash sync with TTL metering! (src – Nissin Rep)


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You might remember that, at the beginning of February, FR-reader Sascha told us in the comments to the “Wild Rumors post“, how to force HSS on your Nissin i40. The tirck spread also on wimarys‘ website.

The trick works, you can enable HSS… but without TTL metering.

Well, wimarys had a conversation with a Nissin rep, who told him that Nissin is “waiting for the HSS firmware update to be released by Fujifilm”. This update will allow you to use HSS with TTL metering!

thanks for the link, vadim.

And what about the long expected (and rumored) Fujifilm Flash?

I was a bit worried when, a few days ago, I shared the news that the mecablitz 26 AF-1 digital release has been pushed back to April. As FR-reader Just a Thought commented: “The delay might well be due to the insolvency that Metz went through.”

You might wonder why this should affect the release of the Fuji flash.

As you can read in this rumor, a source told us that the Fujifilm Flash will be made by Metz. And back in November 2014 a tursted source told us that it was expected to come in spring 2015. Well, I hope the insolvency of Metz won’t affect the release of this (really needed!) flash… or that the anonymous source was not right and the flash is not made by Metz.

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Fujifilm EF-42 

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