Feedback: Lightroom 4.4 and ACR 7.4 release candidates



First of all, let me say that the contest for the £50 voucher is closed. I’ll inform the winner as soon as possible.

Before I go back at work, here are the first links with feedback about the LR4.4 and ACR7.4 release candidates… now it’s your turn, Apple!

[Reminder: Rico Pfirstinger updated his RAW converter comparison with LR4.4 samples (click here).  Also dpreview posted first impressions.]

Soundimageplus (click here):

“There is certainly now much more foliage detail, colour rendition is excellent and as you can see with the last 100% blowup ISO 6400 with some noise reduction added in Photoshop is simply spectacular… it does seem that finally we can see the potential of the raw files from this sensor, in an efficient and familiar workflow.”
image courtesy: soundimageplus

Thomasfitzgeraldphotography (click here):

“The raw conversion engine no longer suffers from the dreaded water-colour effect and is as good if not better than Capture One, and pretty much on par with the Fuji Jpegs. Where as previously any amount of sharpening would cause the raw files to fall apart, now you can sharpen away. Adobe have done a great job…”

comparison LR4.3 vs LR4.4 RC at thomasfitzgeraldphotography