X-T1: Travel, Action, Mud… and the Fujifilm X-T1 (+ Yashica 50mm 1.7)

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image courtesy: f8photography

Fujifilm X-T1
Amazon.de, DigitalRev, eBay

The Fujifilm X-T1 body is in stock at Adorama here and at Pictureline here.

The Travel

- British Pro-Photographer Gary Tyson traveled for three weeks through three different countries (Cambodia, Korea and Hong Kong) with his X-T1. And here is non technical and nice real life review of the X-T1, the Fujinon XF lenses (14, 18, 23, 35, 56) and also some thoughts on Lightroom 5.4. You can read his review here and you’ll understand why he highly recommends the X-system and the X-T1, “easily the best mirrorless camera of 2014 (so far for me)“. Here some excerpts (full review here):

Body: “The finish of the camera is great [...] they’ve worked so hard to get most things very very right, then put on a flimsy SD card door that you open and close every time you shoot to get to the card, not a dealbreaker, just a little annoying

Lenses: “Its already well documented that the lenses from the Fuji X-Series are all pretty damn good, I would go as far as to say most of them that I have used are SPECTACULAR. [...] the 56mm is sublime, probably the best lens I have ever used for portraiture, especially on a ‘non full frame rig’, amazing quality in every sense.”

Image Quality: “For example, I made 15 A3+ prints the other day, 8 from the Fuji X-T1, the other 5 from my Leica M240, I showed 4 different professional photographers the images, they all guessed wrong as to which cameras produced which files, testament to the Fuji, once a file is shot on a good lens and processed, its not so easy to tell them apart from higher end cameras, in fact, I would say extremely difficult…apart from the fact that the Fuji colour is better than any other camera on the market

Colour: “Spectacular, I have shot this camera in Hong Kong in artificial light, same in Korea, then in Cambodia in harsh light and amazing sunsets, and I can honestly say, I can’t remember having even once touched the custom white balance tool in Lightroom to fix white balance [...] That paired with the ability to use the Fuji colour profiles for Velvia, Astia, Pro Neg, etc is really a very, very cool thing in my view, post processing has never been so easy for the colour files.”

AF: “I tried and failed badly shooting a basketball match and a soccer match, useless continuous AF for that….for someone walking or cycling down the street that you want to shoot however, its more than adequate. [...] fast AF in good light allows capture of natural reactions quickly and easily.”

Battery life: “The weakest link of the camera.  I carry 4 batteries around with me, if you use the camera a lot, you will need a minimum of 2 batteries for a days shooting”

Lighroom 5.4: “ Rumour has it that LR 5.4 also has a different way of dealing with the Fuji RAW files in the sense that they are better quality than previously available in Lightroom.  I think this is true, before I found Fuji files to look ‘smudgy’, I don’t see that with these files, they are very very very good”

- Laurent Bourlier: “Hi Patrick, I own a splendid X-T1 since a week and i really enjoy the great improvements  Fuji has done. Still got my X-Pro1, and i will keep it, i am now waiting for the 56mm 1.2 ; my local retailer (in France) tells me “100% sure before the end of April”… You can find here some shots made with the X-T1 + 35 mm 1.4 : http://laurentbourlier.wordpress.com/ Many thanks for the great job you do everyday on Fujirumors !! Cheers

The Yashica 50mm 1.7 (specs&price)

- Josiah Patterson: “Just wanted to share some images from a family hike this past weekend taken with the Fuji X-T1” See the shots at siahphoto: “All I can say is im super stoked on the Fujifilm X-T1. It’s an amazing camera to work with. For me it’s the closest camera to bridge the gap between digital and film cameras, bringing the best of both worlds into a modern package, which is why I bought it. The images above were shot with a Yacshica 50mm 1.7 in raw mode, edited in LightRoom using Replichrome.

X-T1 with Yashica 50mm 1.7 at siahphoto

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The Action

- Dmitry Gudkov:I brought an X-T1 and 56mm 1.2 to a gig shooting a Tough Mudder obstacle course event. I didn’t think I’d use it during the assignment – I mostly brought it along for travel shots, etc. But I ended up shooting quite a few frames with it, and even delivered a few to the client. If I didn’t know where the photos come from, I couldn’t tell the difference between my Fuji shots and my Canon 5D Mark III shots. Really really solid performance.” To see the action shots check out his flickr here.

image courtesy: Dmitry Gudkov

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“Outstanding Sharpness”: XF 10-24mm review at ephotozine + X-T1 body in stock at Adorama

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The X-T1 body is now in stock at Adorama.

_ _ _

ephotozine completed its technical review of the Fujinon XF 10-24. See the charts, the samples and read more at ephotozine here.

“Yet again, Fujifilm has produced an excellent quality lens that should exceed the expectations of even the most discerning photographer. The sharpness delivered by this lens is outstanding, focusing is quick and precise and the robust build helps to assert that this is a quality piece of equipment.

The price of £850 may seem a little high when compared to alternatives available for other camera systems, but in this case, quality is probably worth paying extra for.

       The Fujifilm Fujinon XF 10-24mm f/4 R OIS is an excellent quality lens that should exceed the expectations of even the most discerning photographer.”

_ _ _

just 1 more Fujinon XF 10-24 is in stock at AmazonUS here (via third party at normal price)

XF 10-24mm: Amazon.de, DigitalRev, eBay

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“A Joy to Use”! Fujifilm X-T1 full review at dpreview (Gold Award)

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Gold Award, what else ;-)

Once again the Fujifilm X-T1 gained an important award. This time it’s Dpreview (review here) that assigns the Gold Award to the X-T1, saying:

“The X-T1 is probably Fujifilm’s best camera to date, offering a compelling combination of intuitive handling, excellent image quality, and one of best electronic viewfinders we’ve seen. It also features on of the most impressive autofocus systems on any camera at this price level, both in terms of accuracy with fast lenses and tracking moving subjects. Over all it’s a hugely engaging and capable camera, and one that’s fundamentally a joy to use.”

It has just two weak spots: the video… and it’s hard to find in stock!

In stock check: Amazon.de, DigitalRev, eBay


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Confirmed by trusted source: no more X-PRO1S. Focus on the Fujifilm X-PRO2!

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In the last weeks I’ve shared 2 rumors regarding the X-PRO1 successor:

  • an anonymous source said that no X-Pro1s is on the horizon… all R&D [research and development] is being placed into Fujifilm X-Pro2 for 2015
  • a new source said that the Fujifilm X-PRO2 will feature a FF sensor

The trusted source could NOT confirm that the X-PRO2 will feature an FF sensor, but said that there won’t be an X-PRO1S. Fuji will focus on the X-PRO2.

That’s it for now, and stay tuned!

Full Frame or not? That is the question. The FR-community seems to be divided. Here are some of the most liked comments from the last X-PRO2 rumor.


  • I wait for the organic apsc size sensor, not any FF!!!!!!” (Ali)
  • I suspect the main money maker will be the APSC lines, but the new FF line will increase market awareness and put Fuji well and truly in the Pro field as well. It is a totally logical business move. All the other big players have APSC and FF lines, so why should fuji exclude a certain user segment.” Allweather
  • If this decision is true, it is a bad decision. Fujifilm does not have the money and engineering resources to develop a FF mirrorless system from scratch AND continue to develop it’s APS-C X system.” jg
  • My only problem with this will be the size! the body will be bigger, lenses will be bigger and heavier, and everything will make you think why did you leave your SLR in the first place?!” Nour El Refai
  • Especially with A7/A7r are already in the market and received positive feedback, it’s time for fuji to seriously consider the FF before it’s too late. A fuji x FF with in-body stabilization is a dream camera for me :).” Wilson
  • IMHO this would be great. I believe that for many (myself included) FF is the only thing holding them back from finally ditching the DSLR and going all Fuji. Also, I don’t completely understand the people who think that Fuji would some how forget APS-C if they made a FF camera. All the lenses and many different camera bodies would still be there, so people who want to stick with APS-C can do so. It’s not like the FF would take something away from APS-C (maybe just some resources from development department).” Jukka Saarikko
  • Hopefully this is just a lame rumor. APS-C X-Trans Organic sensor please, weather sealing, updated viewfinder, better AF, MF usability with OVF needed.” Austin
  • Patrick, when exactly did you receive these rumor submissions? On April 1st?” Trenton Talbot :-)

So, which group do you belong to? Full Frame or not? Here is the poll.

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Leaving the DSLR world behind: “Working with the X100S has totally changed my vision of how I see things and shoot them”

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Stockografie (Zeiss Touit 50mm + X-T1)

FR-reader Daniel shared some images taken with his brand new Zeiss Touit 50mm 1:1 macro lens (mounted on a Fuji X-T1) on the Fujirumors facebook wall here. (The lens should be available in late April and is can be pre-ordered at BHphoto and Adorama.)

If you also have some favorite X-shots to share, feel free to use the facebook wall. Or just check it out and push the like button on the images you like most. The most liked pics will be featured in the next X-shooter facebook zone.

_ _ _

Thierry Nguyen

Hello Patrick.

I followed Fuji rumors for awhile and I have to admit that your feed have mostly helped me in my decision to totally switch. And thank you for that!

I was a DSLR shooter I’ve been Canon (7D, 5D) then switched to Nikon (D7000, D700). I switched to Fuji since 6 months with the X100S. I still kept my D700 in case of this little bad boy wouldn’t make it, and guess what :  My D700 stayed in his bag since all these times, and I think I won’t use it anymore. I use my X100S all the time, even for all my commissioned works.

To me the X100S equal the D700 and even, it performs better.

It’s not only about specs or image quality or design etc, but Fuji cameras have « un je ne sais quoi ».  I remember that there was some testimonies saying that the X100 had a soul, and I confirm that. Working with the X100S has totally changed my vision of how I see things and shoot them.

Here’s a sample of my works done with this little bad guy :-  www.nguyn.fr

Thank you again Patrick for keeping us updated about all Fuji news, you do a great job.

Thierry Nguyen

X-T1 – 23mm – 1/4000 secs – f/2.2- ISO200

 photo asd_zpsea2be7f0.jpg

_ _ _

Çağlar Çakan

Hello Pat.

You like to feature Fuji X photographers so I thought I’d share my experiences and show off my street photography work.

I worked my way up on the Fuji X ladder. Our relationship started with the X10, I wanted to have a quality point and shoot for in addition to my DSLR. I figured that the OVF and the low profile was excellent for the kind of work I was beginning to explore, namely working on the streets. The long and slow walks I regularly do to explore the urban atmosphere in order to collect images where much easier due to the practically non-existing weight of this little camera. But I needed more as I figured that the X10 was getting my new tool of choice on the streets.

I got a X100 and that was a revelation. This camera is probably the most important camera I’ve ever had – it changed the way I shoot and ultimately the way I function on the street. No need to point out the excellent IQ – but with all my love for this camera it also has been a very frustrating relationship from time to time. IF the AF locks on, you will get the one-in-a-million chance to shoot this moment. IF the camera turns on in 2 seconds. IF the camera decides to wake up from sleep by a half button press. Although I believe the 23mm lens is the perfect focal length for street photography there have been times where a shot was impossible to get, mostly because the lens is not wide enough for some scenes.

I love the lens of the X100. It is a perfect street photographers tool (I bet the X100s even more so, I never used it). It is wide enough to give the viewer of a good photograph the impression to be right there in the middle of the scene and it is close enough to be able to photograph scenes from a reasonable, still small, distance to the subjects (which is always an issue, not only of courage, in street photography). I used one single focal length for almost a year. Exclusively.

Now that I didn’t touch my DSLR for a decade or so, I decided to replace it completely with a Fuji X-E1. I figured the X-E1 and the Kit zoom are the perfect companions for traveling where you have to adapt to many different situations, may it be street, forest, indoor or public spaces. You get outstanding IQ on the wide end with reasonable aperture of 2.8. For the first time I will leave my X100 at home and bring with me the X-E1 instead. I will have to carry a little bit more weight and size, I will miss the OVF and I won’t enjoy the absolute silence of the X100′s ninja-style shutter noise. But I hope I will bring good photos home. If you are interested in the stuff I do with the Fuji X system – most of which is shot on the streets of Berlin and Istanbul

visit my tumblr at http://ccakan.tumblr.com/

Çağlar Çakan

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_ _ _

Matt Russell

I just wanted to write to say I’ve enjoyed your work on the fujirumors website.  I find myself checking it once a day usually.

I am a long time DSLR user (Canon 5D Mark II) and shot medium format before that.  Fuji was my favorite film at that time.

With the addition of more kids I found it difficult lugging my DSLR kit with lenses around and having the time and free hands to take the shots I wanted.

I started hearing about the X100S earlier this year.  I finally bought one this month and took it on a family vacation and I can say I was extremely impressed with the sharpness, image quality, and size.  I barely noticed it hanging on my neck and images I got were on par with my DSLR.   I’m hooked on this little camera and look forward to taking it on more trips.  I was hesitant to leave my DSLR kit at home, but I feel really comfortable after seeing the shots I got with the X100s.

All of the shots on my website with the exception of the top gallery (Washington DC, December 2013) were taken with a Canon 5D Mark II with L lenses.  I found it hard to see a quality drop off for the majority of the shots I liked.

Check out the Washington DC gallery and the detail I’m getting.  All shots in this gallery (except the last one) were taken with the X100s.


Great camera

Matt Russell
 photo Tomb_of_the_Unknowns_02_zps07395fba.jpg

_ _ _


Hi, just like to share a set of images i took with the x100s when i was in China in May 2013. Places include Shenzhen & Jiangxi Nanchang. (website)



 photo 11_zps84dc00f5.jpg

_ _ _

Daniel Korzeniewski

Hey Patrick,

I am back from Myanmar, took along the Nikon D4 and the Fuji X-E2, I really had a wonderful time and moving forward I am just going to travel with the X system, this is my second Fuji, just upgraded from the X-E1. Although used both cameras during the trip it really doesn’t make sense to carry big gear and lenses anymore, the IQ of the Fuji is superb, ended up using the Kit lens most of the time, and I am very excited with the new lenses coming up.

Here is a link from a post from the Street Market, that I shoot entirely with the X-E2, and also attached 2 photos you can use for X-Shooter Section if you like. http://danielkorzeniewskiphoto.com/street-market-yangon-myanmar/

If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact me, and thank you for running the site, I keep an eye on it every day.

Daniel Korzeniewski

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