Disappointed with Fuji X-T1 Firmware 4.0? Here is Why!


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It doesn’t work, no AF-improvement, it doesn’t focus between each shot in CL or CH, no faster AF in low light! This is some of the negative feedback we could read in the comments on FR and at the Fuji-X-Forum here.

So what… is Firmware 4 just crap? Well, sometimes (often?) it’s just a matter to find the right settings. Here is an extended list tips:

1) Enable Mechanical Shutter (MS) only. The camera won’t focus between each shot in CL or CH tracking, if ES only (electronic shutter) or MS+ES is enabled. Shooting fast-moving subjects with the ES doesn’t really make sense (rolling shutter effect).
2) Turn Off Face Detection! If you have Face Detection put to ON, the camera will focus only with CDAF. The faster Phase Detection AF (PDAF) works only if Face Detection is disabled.
3) High Performance Mode ON: many don’t even know that this features exists, like Calipedro here. It’s definitely worth to sacrifice a bit of battery life. Fuji should put this feature ON as standard.
4) Keep you subject in the center: Phase detection pixels are located in the center of the sensor. Keep your subject in the center and PDAF will give you a faster AF.
5) Use all Phase Detection Pixels with Zone AF 5×3: To take advantage of all the phase detection pixels, set you Zone AF box to 5×3 and place it in the center of the frame. Within this 5×3 box tracking will be very smooth… at least that’s my experience with my crazy dog.
6) Increase the size of the AF-box: If you use Single Point AF, increase the size of the AF-box as much as possible.
7) PRE-AF: The camera will continuously adjust focus, even if the shutter is not pressed (of half pressed). This can help to get the first shot in focus quicker. Downside: more battery drain.
8) Different Lens, Different results: According to the lens you use, the AF-improvement will be more or less (or not) visible. For example, I was very happy with the improvement of my 55-200, but I can’t really say if the 18-55 or 14 has become faster.
9) The learning curve: Practice and get used to the new features. See what works best in which situation
10) Let Rico study for you. Rumors has it, that Rico will update his X-T1 book and tell us how to make the best out of our new Fuji X-T1 FW 4. Once it’s out, all we have to do is to read his updated book.

So, do you have more tips? Then share them in the comments.

And don’t stop to share your findings on Fujirumors and at the Hot Firmware threads of the Fuji-X-Forum.

enjoy your day… and FW 4.0 :) ,
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“KAIZEN Rocks Yet Again!” Fujifilm X-T1 FW 4.0 Tests, Special Fuji Site about the New AF System + 3 IMPORTANT TIPS!

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Finally, the X-T1 Firmware 4.0 is out and ready to be downloaded here.

X-shooters are now testing their new X-T1 and share their findings on the Fuji X Forum. Here are some of the threads dedicated to the new Firmware

- X-T1 Firmware 4.0 ! First Reviews of the FXF community… including VIDEO (in Italian) comparing XF 35mm old Firmware Vs. New Firmware 4.0 shared by FXF member Wabisabiphotography – From minute 0:40 to 1:40 AF speed with old Firmware. Starting from minute 4:10 with the New Firmware
FW 4.0 Continuous focus test with horribly backlit subject
New AF zones explained – with link to Fuji’s Special site dedicated to the new AF-system

New Fuji X-T1  FW 4 Features Guide (PDF)

Also Rico continues his FW 4 testings. This time with the XF 90mm (specs&price). 100% hit rate using CDAF only! Impressive… See his test on Flickr.

Fujifilm X-T1 Firmware V4 review at prophotonut / X-T1 Firmware 4.0 (BETA): AF-C + Zone mode = WOW!! at fujiboys / X-T1 Autofocus Test on Puffin Island at macleancomms / A week with the FujiFilm X-T10 and Firmware 4.0 – A Significant Evolution in the X-Series at caveiraphotography /

A few tips to make the best our of the new AF tracking system:

- Enable Mechanical Shutter (MS) only. The camera won’t focus between each shot (CL or CH) if MS+ES (electronic shutter) is enabled.
– Turn Off face detection to enable PDAF
– High Performance Mode ON


DOWNLOAD NOW the Amazing New Fuji X-T1 Firmware 4.0 – Tethered Shooting Adobe Plug-in Update!

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2 months after I’ve spread the first rumors here on FujiRumors (huge thanks to the sources!), the Big New X-T1 Firmware 4.0 is finally available for download at the Fujifilm site here… and it’s, once again, a brand new camera. Thanks Fuji!

NOTE: I was able to update my BETA FW 4 with the Final one :)

Feel free to share your first impressions here on FujiRumors and also at the Fuji X Forum. I’ve tested the BETA Firmware 4 for a few days now (read my feedback in this thread), and here are just a few tips to make the best our of the new AF tracking system:

- Enable Mechanical Shutter (MS) only. The camera won’t focus between each shot (CL or CH) if MS+ES (electronic shutter) is enabled.
– Turn Off face detection to enable PDAF
– High Performance Mode ON

Now get some coffee and have fun testing FW 4 ;)

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Fujifilm posted also 2 software udpate news: the tethered shooting plug-in for Adobe (more here) and the HS-V5  (more here)

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“We Are Impressed! Amazing Results”: Fuji X-T1 4.0 Vs. Fuji X-T1 1.0 – TheCameraStoreTV ** VIDEO **

Firmware 4.0 is coming tomorrow (finally!), so stay tuned on FR and feel free to share your initial thoughts here on FujiRumors and on the Fuji X Forum. You can find fellow X-shooters’ feedback testing the Beta FW in this thread.

For my own humble tracking test (following my dog), check out this article.

Now, Chris from TheCameraStoreTV tested the new X-T1 FW 4.0 and compared it to the old FW 1.0.

The results are pretty amazing, we are impressed. Looking at the original version X-T1 we actually had a very low hit rate to get sharp photos [admin: in tracking mode]. But the modern Firmware 4.0… every shot was bang on, we had very few missed. We noted that it hesitated less, predicted better, follows subjects especially when they are coming right at the camera, very very impressive

After the inital test of the new Firmware, you can listen to a very interesting “Firmware Talk” between Chris and Jordan. See it here.

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VIDEO: Fuji Guys demonstrate New Features of the Fujifilm X-T1 Firmware 4.0 – Update from Beta 4 to Final FW 4 possible

In the latest video here, Fuji Guy Billy demonstrates the Top Features of X-T1 Firmware 4.0. Faster and more accurate Focus, New AF-features, Eye Detection and more.

Good News: it seems you can update the BETA FW 4 to the final FW 4 :)

For a Full BETA 4.0 feedback check out this FXF thread.

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