Fuji X100s shipment started today in Japan.


The shipment of the new Fuji X100s started today in Japan (see Amazon). And some Japanese resellers already ship them worldwide via eBay. The first European and American stocks of cameras are expected to ship in mid March.

Check in Stock info and price at Amazon, Adorama, DigitalRev, J&R, B&H, eBay.

And for US readers there is a $200 savings on the X-E1 via Camerland (official Fuji reseller). The have them in Black (Click here) or Silver (Click here).


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  • MdB

    Admin – We’re all ok with ads on a site like this, helps keep things going, but seriously ‘dating’ ads are just not classy!

    • admin

      Hi MDB! That’s a google banner and it’s not me choosing the kind of advertising. They do it automatically and it changes form visitor to visitor. Don’t know how I can have influence on that bnner :(

      • MdB

        Somewhat aware if this – however I can see no reason why on my work computer these would come up. I have today noticed the same Japanese School Girl Pr0n on SAR (I know you are somewhat affiliated). I was getting the same thing on FR yesterday as well as some ‘middle-aged’ dating (dodgy) sites.

        I believe you have control over what kind of ads you allow as well?

  • DrBukkake

    I am getting a banner of japanese schoolgirl porn sites. I have absolutely no idea why.

    • admin


      Can you send me the screneshot? I will immediatly contact google and remove the banner if that is true!!!

  • Daniel

    Hehe, so I would now start to think why google choosed are dating banner for you 😉

  • Cameron

    Regarding the ads, the user themselves should be able to adjust the preference of them http://www.google.ca/policies/technologies/ads/

    From my browsing experience, I normally get ads based on sites that I frequently visit…

    Anyways, I can’t wait to hear the thoughts on the X100s although I am impatiently waiting for Fuji’s next interchangeable camera since it feels like they have tweeked the X-Pro1 the best they can.

  • Bashar

    Why aren’t you guys using an ad blocker! I am on mac safari, a plug in called Adblock does the job nicely!

  • Ivar

    I could only see the “projected release date of 23rd” rather than shipment started “today” (3 days ago) on the amazon’s japanese site? I suppose unboxing will start to show up no earlier than next week.