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First Look: Fujifilm TCL-X100 Teleconverter for X100(S) Cameras

Fujifilm TCL-X100 Teleconverter for X100(S) Cameras

by Rico Pfirstinger

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TCL-X100 Sample Images Set – Fuji X Secrets Workshops – Rico’s Flickr sets

Mastering the Fujifilm X-Pro1 Reading Samples (65 free pages)
Mastering the Fujifilm X-E1 and X-Pro1 – The Fujifilm X-E2 – Beyond the Manual (coming soon)

Hello Again!

It’s been a while, as I have been busy wrapping up my new eBook The Fujifilm X-E2 – Beyond the Manual. The German version of the manuscript will enter conversion later this week, and I am currently working on the English version.

When a member of the German Fuji X Forum inquired about workshops covering Fujifilm X-series cameras, one user suggested me to offer one, though I honestly didn’t expect much interest, given how small the Fuji universe still is. Turns out I was wrong: The first three Fuji X Secrets workshops each sold-out within just a few hours.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-04-22 um 02.22.44

We kick-off the series with a Beginners Workshop on 31MAY, followed by two “standard” workshops in Nuremberg on 7JUN and 14JUN, then two more in Heidelberg on 28/29JUN. Here’s a list for those of you who might be interested and are based in Germany or nearby countries (even though we have participants that come from as far as Australia). There’s a fair chance that we’ll tour other cities (such as Berlin) after summer break. As I am going to spend a few weeks in Santa Barbara, CA in late November and December, I’d like to offer one or two workshops there, as well. Stay tuned.

X100(S) Turns Into a Mini System

When Fuji displayed a telephoto conversion lens for their X100 and X100S cameras at CP+, it was a dream come true for many X-Philes who had kept asking for such an option since this camera’s inception. Adding 19mm (wide-angle conversion lens WCL-X100) and 33mm (telephoto conversion lens TCL-X100) options to the fixed 23mm lens of the X100(S) turns the camera into a three lens mini system with silent leaf shutter operation and fast flash synchronization speeds.

X100S with standard 23mmF2 lens

X100S with 19mmF2 WCL-X100

X100S with 33mmF2 TCL-X100

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First Look: Fujinon XF10-24mmF4 R OIS

 photo 10-24_zpsc32d12c2.png


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First Look: Fujinon XF10-24mmF4 R OIS

by Rico Pfirstinger

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XF10-24mmF4 R OIS Sample Images – XF10-24mm Zoom vs. 12/14/18/23mm Prime Lenses

X-T1 Sample Images SetX-T1 Predictive AF Tracking Samples
XF56mmF1.2 R Sample ImagesXF23mmF1.4 R Sample Images
XQ1 Sample Images Set – X-E2 Sample Images Set – X-E2 AF Tracking Samples
X-M1 Sample ImagesX-A1 Sample Images

Mastering the Fujifilm X-Pro1 Reading Samples (65 free pages)
Mastering the Fujifilm X-E1 and X-Pro1 – The Fujifilm X-E2 – Beyond the Manual (pre-order)

Thanks Everybody!

Let me begin by thanking you for the plethora of kind and motivating feedback you sent me in response to my First Looks on the XF56mmF1.2 R and the new Fuji X-T1. I have since returned the wonderful 56mm to Fuji (yep, I am still crying in my sleep). Luckily, I was able to mitigate the pain by being able to look at another hot new entry: the Fujinon 10-24mmF4 R OIS wide-angle zoom lens. Fuji had delayed this lens in order to further improve its optical performance, and I was curious to learn whether the wait paid off.

It’s Not Tiny

The build-quality of my pre-production sample is confidence-inspiring. Like most Fujinon lenses, it looks heavier than it actually is, but with a filter size if 72 mm, it’s certainly not tiny. On the other hand, it potentially replaces the 12mm Zeiss Touit as well as the 14mm, 18 mm and 23mm Fujinon prime lenses, freeing you bag of up to four primes without sacrificing a single focal length. This also puts the price tag of this zoom lens into perspective.

DSCF0215 – Iridient
Click on the images for full-size views!

Unlike its siblings, the wide-angle zoom lens keeps its size and doesn’t elongate when it’s zoomed in or out.

A Prime Replacement?

To make things short (pun intended): At f/9 with hyperfocal focussing from a tripod, my pre-production copy stands its ground against quality primes like the Zeiss Touit 2.8/12mm or the Fujinon 14mmF2.8 and 23mmF1.4 primes, and it handily beats the Fujinon 18mmF2 pancake prime. At least that’s my impression. As usual, I urge you to not blindly believe me. Make up your own mind: Here’s a private set with X-T1 SOOC samples showing the new zoom at various focal lengths and comparing it with the aforementioned lenses. Here’s another set with RAW (Photo Ninja and Iridient) and SOOC JPEG samples. Read more »


First Look: Fujifilm X-T1

 photo X-T1_zpsa3aefd83.jpg

Pre-orders (and support FR)

After several months of restless work to make of the X-T1 one of the most leaked cameras ever, today you can support my work here on Fujirumors. If you choose to pre-order it using one of the X-T1 shoplinks (AmazonUS, Bhphoto, Adorama, wexDE, wexUK & Co) in this post, FR will get a small commission on it. It won’t cost you a single penny extra on your camera. Thanks in advance to those who decide to support this blog… you will allow me to spread many exciting rumors also in 2014… I’m already investigating for you ;-).


X-T1 body only ($1,299): NORTH AMERICA: AmazonUS / BHphoto / Adorama / Pictureline / EUROPE: wexDE / wexUK / PCHstore /

X-T1 with 18-55 ($1,699): NORTH AMERICA: AmazonUS / BHphoto / Adorama / Pictureline / EUROPE: wexDE / wexUK / PCHstore /

X-T1 Vertical Battery Grip ($ 249,99): NORTH AMERICA: AmazonUS / BHphoto / Adorama / EUROPE: wexDE / wexUK /

For the live blogging CLICK HERE

and now enjoy Rico’s X-T1 review!

First Look: Fujifilm X-T1

by Rico Pfirstinger

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Rico’s Flickr sets

X-T1 Sample Images SetX-T1 Predictive AF Tracking Samples (updated!)
XF56mmF1.2 R Sample ImagesXQ1 Sample Images Set
X-E2 Sample Images Set – X-E2 AF Tracking Samples (updated!)

X-T1 Official SpecsX-T1 Official News Release

Mastering the Fujifilm X-Pro1 Reading Samples (65 free pages)
Mastering the Fujifilm X-E1 and X-Pro1 – The Fujifilm X-E2 – Beyond the Manual (pre-order)

The retro-styled X-T1 is Fujifilm’s attempt to inject state-of-the-art DSLR performance into its line of mirrorless X-series cameras. With twin multi-functional command dials, five manual dials (ISO, drive mode, shutter speed, photometry & exposure compensation) and an aperture ring on most native lenses, the X-T1 features a blend of classic and modern controls that should appeal to the X-series’ target audience of experienced photographers—enthusiasts and professionals alike.

The X-T1 looks and feels like a DSLR, and yet it’s still a mirrorless live-view camera with a large WYSIWYG real-time viewfinder in a lightweight, compact and weather resistant body. In an ironic twist of events, the X-T1 is pretty much the “hybrid camera” that Nikon promised—but never delivered—in its popular viral Df campaign.

The X-T1 features the same 16 MP X-Trans II sensor and EXR Processor II as the X-E2 (or X100S). However, overall processing speed has been improved through hardware and software changes. There’s no doubt that the X-T1 is Fujifilm’s fastest X-series camera. However, maximum shutter speed is still limited to 1/4000s, and maximum flash sync speed is limited to 1/180s (though many flash units will perfectly work at 1/250s).

Sample Images

I have prepared two sample sets shot with X-T1: a regular set and a set featuring high-speed series with tracking AF.

Real-time EVF (and LCD)

With a display lag of only 0.005 seconds (X-E2: 0.05s, Olympus OM-D E-M1: 0.029s), the X-T1 is ready to capture fast action, including moving objects. The camera’s predictive autofocus encompasses the central nine autofocus frames (there’s a total of 49) and works with bursts of either 3 or 8 frames per second (fps) of continuous shooting. The large electronic viewfinder (EVF) is housed in the “hump” and delivers an impressive magnification of 0.77x (E-M1: 0.74x, X-E2: 0.64x) and a refresh rate of 54 fps (E-M1: 60 fps, X-E2: 50 fps). The X-T1 offers this high refresh rate even in low light: At 1.6 EV, it still clocks 54 fps, while the E-M1 slows down to 30 fps and the X-E2 to 20 fps.

SOOC JPEG (click image for full-size view)

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First Look: Fujinon XF56mmF1.2 R

 photo asd_zps286aaff9.jpg

XF 56mm f/1.2 ($999): USA AmazonUS / BHphoto / AdoramaDigitalRev / – EUROPE: wexUK / wexDE / PCHstore / DigitalRev

X-T1 coming at 04:30 AM London Time, this Tuesday, January 28th (11:30 PM, January 27th, New York).

First Look: Fujinon XF56mmF1.2 R

by Rico Pfirstinger

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Rico’s Flickr sets
XF56mmF1.2 R SamplesXQ1 Sample Images Set – X-E2 Sample Images Set – X-E2 AF tracking samples

Mastering the Fujifilm X-Pro1 reading samples (65 free pages) – Mastering the Fujifilm X-E1 and X-Pro1 –
The Fujifilm X-E2 – Beyond the Manual (pre-order)

January has been abuzz with product announcements and rumors. As you may expect, I will soon post another First Look X-Pert Corner article about the X-”you know what”, so let’s begin the week with a quick look at the new Fujinon XF56mmF1.2 R prime (click here for specs), a typical 85mm full-frame equivalent ”portrait lens” with shallow depth-of-field for superior subject/background separation.

DSCF1027 – Lightroom 5.3, f/1.2

Please click in the sample images to see larger viewing options, or click here to see the full sample set.

With a bright maximum aperture of f/1.2, the lens is also suitable for available light photography. However, this bonus feature is somewhat offset by the lack of optical image stabilization. For crisp hand-held shots, one would typically use shutter speeds north of 1/80s. However, I managed to achieve pleasing results with speeds as low as 1/40s:

DSCF1106 – SOOC JPEG, f/1.2

The XF56mm isn’t cheap by any means , but it may well be Fuji’s best X-Mount prime so far. Like it’s 14, 23 and 35mm siblings, it is fully optically corrected with a solid build, but still lightweight enough to fit well into the mirrorless tribe. It comes with aperture and focus rings (both “fly by wire”, as usual), and it really is—at least for me—a joy to use. Even wide open, I found the results of my January-built pre-production sample highly convincing. While minor axial chromatic aberration can sometimes be visible wide-open, there’s no visible distortion and no field curvature.

DSCF1060 – SOOC JPEG, f/1.2

Autofocus is on the snappy side and fully compatible with the ever-improving hybrid PDAF/CDAF system of the X-E2 and future Fujifilm X-Mount cameras. And as you will soon find out here on X-Pert Corner, the XF56mm also does a very good job as an action lens. Who’d have thought?

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Exposing Right

 photo 81uuRPddQ7L_SL1500__zps95cf2f3f.jpg

feel free to support FR by purchasing the lens through the link provided on this blog. No extra costs for you.

superkit deals
The deadline is near… the crazy X-deals expire very soon here at AmazonUS, at BHphoto here and at Adorama here (you can save up to $1,400 on ALL XF-lenses bundled also with the brand new X-E2 body!). – Valid through December 24.

XF10-24 pre-orders
USA: AmazonUS / BHphoto / Adorama / Pictureline / DigitalRev / EUROPE: DigitalRev / PCHstore / AmazonDE / AmazonUK / WexUK

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Exposing Right

by Rico Pfirstinger

Talk to Rico (open forum for questions & feedback)Rico’s Flickr sets – Expanded XQ1 Sample Images Set – Expanded X-E2 Sample Images Set – X-E2 AF tracking samples – Mastering the Fujifilm X-Pro1 reading samples (65 free pages) – Get my NEW book (print or DRM-free eBook/PDF): Mastering the Fujifilm X-E1 and X-Pro1 (use code FUJIRUMORS to save 35%!)

DSCF0748 – Lightroom 5.3

Welcome to the X-Pert Corner Holiday Edition!

‘Tis the season of festive lights and crazy contrasts. Your X-series camera can master these challenging situations—but can you master your X-series camera? ;)

No worries! We are going to have a look at how Fuji’s latest firmware update can make your life easier, and we will also look into the DR expansion function of your camera. However, let’s start with the basics: ETTR, or “Expose To The Right”.

ETTR – “Expose To The Right”

ETTR is often misunderstood as “overexposing” an image, then correcting the exposure by “pulling the brightness back down” in an external RAW converter like Adobe Lightroom.

Well, that’s the theory. In reality, ETTR often means to perform quite the opposite: to underexpose an image in order to save important highlights from clipping, then “pushing” the shadows and midtones back up in an external RAW converter. You can read more about the background story of this method in my books, so let’s focus on the practical side of things.

DSCF1422 – Lightroom 5.3RC

Per definition, ETTR is best-suited for RAW-only shooters: They set the camera to DR100% and use the live histogram to settle with an exposure that won’t clip important highlights. All X-series photographers can use this method in P, A and S exposure modes. However, in order to also use it in M (manual exposure) mode, you need either an X-E2 or XQ1, or an X-E1, X-Pro1 or X100S with the latest 18DEC firmware update. Manual mode shooters should make sure that SETUP MENU > SCREEN SET-UP > PREVIEW EXP. IN MANUAL MODE is set to ON. This setting enables the WYSIWYG live view and the live histogram in manual exposure mode.

That said, here’s a quick ETTR example: Read more »