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Sensor Cleaning and IBIS


For most users of X-Series cameras, do-it-yourself sensor cleaning with blowers, sticky sticks or swabs is a matter of course. However, things can get a little bit tricky if your camera has IBIS.

by Rico Pfirstinger

Sooner or later, cameras with interchangeable lenses get dust or dirt on the sensor. When the built-in sensor-cleaning function (SET UP > USER SETTING > SENSOR CLEANING > OK) doesn’t help, you can clean the sensor by yourself.

If you leave your camera’s sensor exposed, it will soon collect dust and spots from dried fluids.

Popular Sensor Cleaning Options

  • Touchless cleaning involves using a blower, like the Giottos Rocket Air Blaster, to rid the sensor of dust particles. A key feature of such devices is a filter in the intake valve that prevents contaminated (dusty) air from being blown against the sensor.
Caution! Don’t use compressed air from aerosol cans that contain propellants. Particles could hit the sensor like tiny projectiles and damage the protective surface!
  • Tough sensor dirt (like water or oil stains) requires wet cleaning with a sensor swab. They consist of wipers that are wetted with special cleaning fluids. Wipe one side of the swab from left to right over the full width of the sensor, and then from right to left with the other side of the swab. Your X-mount camera requires swabs that match APS-C-sized sensors.

My personal sensor cleaning choice for X-mount cameras: affordable VSGO swabs and cleaning fluid.

Since VSGO swabs aren’t available for medium format sensors, I use swabs and solutions from Visible Dust to clean the sensor of GFX cameras.

Note: There’s a small chance that sensor spots are caused by dust particles enclosed behind the protective surface of the sensor. If some spots simply won’t go away, the camera needs to be serviced by Fujifilm.

The IBIS Dilemma

If your X camera features in-body image stabilization (IBIS), sensor cleaning is a little bit trickier. You want the sensor to be fixated (instead of being a moving part) during the cleaning process. This is only possible when the IBIS locks the sensor in place. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to prepare an IBIS camera like the X-H1, X-T4, X-S10, GFX100, or GFX100S for wet sensor cleaning:

  1. Make sure that the IBIS is turned off by selecting SHOOTING MENU > SHOOTING SETTING > IS MODE > OFF. This setting locks the sensor in place while you are cleaning it.
  2. Select SET UP > BUTTON/DIAL SETTING > SHOOT WITHOUT LENS > OFF. This ensures that you don’t accidently release the shutter while you are cleaning the sensor (which could have disastrous consequences).
  3. Select SET UP > POWER MANAGEMENT > AUTO POWER OFF > OFF. This makes sure that the camera doesn’t automatically power down while you are still cleaning the sensor.
  4. Remove the lens or body cap and clean the sensor as usual. Make sure that the camera is switched ON during the cleaning process.
  5. When you are finished cleaning the sensor, don’t forget to revert the Power Management, Shoot Without Lens, and IBIS settings to their previous operational states.
Note: Keeping the camera turned on during sensor cleaning is an exception that we only make for cameras with IBIS. All other cameras should always be powered down during sensor cleaning!

In the comments to this article, a reader kindly suggested an alternative method for IBIS cameras that can serve as a shortcut:

  1. Turn off the camera, then turn it back on while pressing the DISP/BACK button. This sets the camera’s firmware update mode.
  2. Remove the lens or body cap and clean the sensor as usual. Make sure that the camera remains switched ON in firmware update mode during the cleaning process.
  3. When you are finished cleaning the sensor, simply turn the camera off.

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