Fujifilm X-T2, the Ultimate 4K Mirrorless For Narrative Filmmakers… and more (miXed zone)

Image from Alben Osaki guest post: Thoughts on the Fujifilm X-T2 for Video

The Video

Recently, I’ve shared a rather negative miXed zone, with stories of people, who sold their X-series cameras. And one of the main reasons for people to give back their Fuji was “video”.

And indeed, for many years, “video” was the weak spot of the X-series.

The problem? As top Fujifilm Manager (and also FujiRumors Lover) Toshihisa Iida said here, the X-Trans sensor requires a 20-30% increase in processing power compared to conventional Bayer sensors… and older EXR I and II processors simply could not process appropriately all the video data.

** Read also: How to Obtain Better Videos with Fujifilm X Trans I and II Cameras at fujirumors.com **

But things changed with the much faster X-Processor Pro, which dramatically improved the video output of Fujifilm cameras such as the X-T2 and X-Pro2.

Sure, there are still areas, where Fujifilm can improve (such as offering internal F-log), but the X-T2 & Co are finally used with great success by many videographers… and I will share one of them in today’s roundup… including some video-centric articles on Fujirumors you might have missed.

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  • Thoughts on the Fujifilm X-T2 for Video at fujirumors.com
  • Lessons Shooting 4K Video with the X-T2 at fujirumors.com
  • Sony A7sII Vs. Fujifilm X-T2 for Video (where the reviewer prefers the X-T2 for its colors and more) in this mixed zone at fujirumors.com
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  • Fujifilm X-T2 Roundup :: Video, Sports and Stills… the Best Mirrorless Allrounder? at fujirumors.com

& More

Why I Got Rid of My Fujifilm X-T2 :: Why I Returned X-Pro2 :: Why I Kept X-T1 and not X-T2 :: Open Letters to Fujifilm (miXed zone)

Goodbye Fuji X-T2: Why I FINALLY had to let it go at LivingVertical Youtube

The Good, The Bad and The Freedom to Say it All

I love the Fuji system.

And yes, sometimes I just can’t contain my enthusiasm and excitement for the Fuji X and G systems, which brings me to write long emotional articles when a camera gets discontinued or lose myself in a frenzy of happiness for a rumor, when I could have said everything with 1 headline and saved a lot of my spare time.

That’s who I am… can’t change it… deal with it ;)

However, this is FujiRumors… and I know that this blog is a big source for all things Fuji for many of you guys.

That’s why my number 1 priority will always be to deliver honest, good, fair, fast and accurate service to you… even if it means that sometimes we have to talk “bad” about Fujifilm.

So here on FujiRumors we are are free to…

  • write about my main 2 complaints on the Fujifilm X-T1 – read here
  • launch polls investigating why people don’t buy Fujifilm (highlighting the weaknesses of the system) – read here
  • We love Kaizen, but recently called the Wireless Tethering feature a Joke – read here
  • When we think Fujifilm is losing the path (and its “soul”), we report (and comment) about it – read here
  • When reviewers give negative feedback about an important key feature of a new camera (such as the hybrid viewfinder on X100T), we will report about it – read here
  • FujiRumors is regulary the first place that reports about issues and bugs, such as the mushy buttons on the first batch of X-T1’s and more

I’ll just quickly add, that I can do this only because I have absolutely 0% contacts with (and zero favours/money/support from) Fujifilm, which gives me an immense freedom to write whatever I want.

You guys, the FR-readers, are my only boss… and all I want to do is to deliver you the best content and rumors possible.

The Roundup

The Fujifilm X-System is not for everybody. Depending on what your needs are, you may be more or less satisfied with it. Some people love the X-system so much, that they can live with minor issues (maybe waiting for a Kaizen Firmware to fix it), some others just have to return their Fuji camera, just like LivingVertical did with his X-T2 (video above) or alastairarthur did with his X-Pro2 (link below).

But there are also many very happy Fuji users out there, who keep up producing great work with their Fuji gear (such as Kevin Mullins’ recent wedding Photographs)… and I’m happy to share them in this roundup, too.

Cover Stories

Fujifilm X-T2 & More
BHphoto / AmazonUS / Adorama

Thumbs Up EP-2F for Fujifilm X100F :: My X100F Classic Chrome Recipe :: Travel and Documentary with X100F (X100F Zone)

Here is another nice little roundup dedicated to the Fujifilm X100F.

And remember to follow our 12,000 members strong X100F facebook group, or our “allrounder” group, the X100 line facebook group.

K Company Co. released the ThumbsUp EP-2F for Fujifilm X100F. The actual price is around 19,110 yen ($174) including tax. More about it at the Japanese site dc.watch (translation).

Practical Guide on How To Choose Best Travel Tripod :: 5 Things That Make a Tip Top Tripod :: Top New Carbon Tripod for $120

Sirui T-025X, one of the best travel tripods according to the FujiRumors community


I recently made shameless use of FujiRumors (and your time) for a personal carbon fiber travel tripod help request. Your feedback in the comments was terrific, and as the true review-holic I am, I had lots of work to do to compare your suggestions.

But just when I was about to push the checkout button for the highly recommended Sirui T-025x, Benro suddenly announced the brand new Benro TSL08CN00, a carbon fiber tripod designed for mirrorless cameras (and small DSLRs) and even more affordable than the Sirui T-025x. Folded, though, the Benro might be still too big for traveling purposes, so at the end, it will be the Sirui for me.

If you are also wondering which is the best tripod for your needs, here is a dedicated roundup with a few more useful links you should check out and that might help you to make your tripod decision.

Sirui T-025x: BHphoto, AmazonUS, Adorama, your local eBay

Benro TSL08CN00 : BHphoto, AmazonUS, Adorama, your local eBay

Custom Gariz Case for Fujifilm X100F :: Best Lens Hood Alternative for XF23/2 and 35/2 :: Best Minimalist Straps (Accessories Zone)

Accessories Roundup

  • Best Fuji lens hood alternative for XF23/2 and 35/2… The Haoge LH-x35. Classic Leica look at GxAce youtube
  • SmallRig X-T2 Cage for Fujifilm X-T2/X-T1 Camera 1888 at smallrig
  • Fitting Peak Design Straps on a Fuji Body at danielgroves
  • Fujifilm Instax SP-2! An ingeniously fun printing alternative! at gregcromie
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Haoge LH-x35 Lens Hood: AmazonUS, your local eBay

Custom Gariz Case for Fujifilm X100F at Gariz Blog (translation)