Fuji X-T2 AF-Tracking at Motocross Race :: 4K Movie Function Explained :: Kenko X-T2 LCD Screen Protector & More (X-T2 Roundup)


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  • Sports Illustrated’s 360° Shoot – with the USA womens 8s at gardnercreative – via X-T2 + Carl Zeiss = Sports Illustrated at the FXF: “I’m delighted to say that Fujifilm have been successful in carrying on this tradition with the Fuji XT-2, combining a truly intuitive user experience with superb performance on all fronts. OK, so Fuji XT-2 is incredibly responsive and easy to use but what about the image quality? I am happy to report that the image quality in terms of resolution is a step forward over the XT-1 in that it delivers more detail. The dynamic range – though I have not had chance to test this back to back – seems to be better too.”
  • X-T2: 4K Movie Function at fujifilm-x: “The AF algorithm has also been optimized for movie recording. The algorithm is well tuned so that the transition will be very smooth, and will keep tracking on the subject quite well.”
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Sony Killer (?) Fuji X-T2 Tracks Dogs at Least as Good as Nikon D750 :: Good News Fuji Fans, Lightroom is All You Need (miXed Zone)


This must be the Upcoming Fujifilm Mini-Format Camera :-)
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Fujifilm X-T2

Jonas Rask – Shooting The Product – Fujifilm Nordic Youtube
Shooting the X-T2 Product Images at jonasraskphotography

X-T2: USA: BHphoto / AmazonUS / Adorama / CANADA: AmazonCA / EUROPE: AmazonDE / Calumentphoto DE / AmazonUK / AmazonITA / AmazonFR / AmazonESP / PCHstore / WexUK / AUSTRALIA: CameraPro

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  • Fuji X-T2 AF-C Test & More Sample Pictures by Kevin Mullins at f16.click: “In comparison, I also tested a similar scenario with my X70, X100T and also my X-T1 and of course, the X-T2 was the clear winner.”
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X-T2: USA: BHphoto / AmazonUS / Adorama / CANADA: AmazonCA / EUROPE: AmazonDE / Calumentphoto DE / AmazonUK / AmazonITA / AmazonFR / AmazonESP / PCHstore / WexUK / AUSTRALIA: CameraPro

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“Honestly, Given its Lens Quality, it’s Surprising that Fujifilm isn’t More Popular! Best MILC System Out There” – PhotoZone 35/2 + 16/1.4 Reviews

35mmAfter months out of Stock, the XF35mmF2 WR is finally available again
XF35mmF2 WR: BHphoto / AdoramaAmazonUSFocusCamera

_ _ _

X-shooters know it: Fujinon lenses are just amazing…. and it gets better year after year.

But at the same we X-shooters know, that we are just a marginally niche in the photography world.

And just like Photozone, I also have a hard time to understand, why such an amazing system is not more successful. Photozone says at the end of their XF16mmF1.4 WR review:

Honestly, given the depth and quality of their lineup, it is quite surprising that Fujifilm isn’t more popular. I, for one, think that it is the best mirrorless system out there (at this stage) and it just got a bit better again.”

You can read the Photozone XF35mmF2 WR Review here. From the conclusions:

“Center quality is great and the borders are also impressive. The corners aren’t quite as good but decent. It is worth mentioning that the quality, primarily the contrast, decreases at very close focus distances. This is probably also the reason why Fujifilm limited the lens to a min. focus distance of 0.35m (1:7.5) which is longer than usual. Lateral CAs are quite low. From a real life perspective, vignetting and distortions are also nothing to worry about. That being said, the Fujinon is slightly underdesigned. It relies on auto-correct to compensate its high original distortions and vignetting. […] the AF is now both very fast and silent.

Finally we have to answer the question how the Fujinon XF 35mm f/2 R WR compares to the Fujinon XF 35mm f/1.4 R. When looking at our ratings the answer is obvious. Yes, the f/2 lens is sharper at all overlapping apertures. The weather sealing as well as the faster AF are also on the plus side. Yet .. nothing beats speed but more speed. If you simply require an ultra-large aperture as well as a superior bokeh, the XF 35mm f/1.4 R is still the better choice – also because it isn’t that much more expensive nor much bigger.”

The XF16mmF1.4 WR Review can be read here. From the conclusions:

“The Fujinon XF 16mm f/1.4 R WR may not knock your socks off like the XF 90mm f/2 R LM WR but it is a capable performer nonetheless. The center quality is just fine at f/1.4 whereas the corners show some softness – emphasized by field curvature. However, how often do you require sharp corners at such a setting anyway? Stopping down to f/2 lifts the quality substantially and it’s impressive from f/4. Lateral CAs are negligible but we spotted a bit of purple fringing in extreme scenes. The amount of vignetting is good unless you disable auto-correction. The (native) amount of distortions is very low for a 24mm lens. The bokeh is surprisingly decent for a lens in this class albeit not without weaknesses.

The AF is speedy and noiseless.

XF 16mmF1.4 WR (save $200): BHphoto / Adorama / AmazonUS

Reminder: Price increase on X-Gear coming in September (EU)


Two Years, Two Trips & X-E2

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guest post by Boris Chan – 500px

Hoi Patrick, hoi everyone.

This is Boris, a newbie in this Fuji wonderland. Unlike many of you guys, I am by no means a professional photographer- not paid, not freelanced, nothing. Currently I’m doing photography as a hobby, but this pastime is getting a little bit pricey, thanks to my obsession with faux-rangefinder cameras (more on the term “faux-rangefinder later). For goodness sake it’s not a genuine German rangefinder camera. Gimme one and I’ll buy all the compatible lenses till I become bankrupt… 

It has been two years since I bought the Zeiss Touit Duo during “the crazy sale” for $900 – a deal that was too good to be true and nothing but irresistible. To be honest, it was a reckless decision because back then I didn’t even have an X-camera to go with those lenses (or more accurately, I didn’t know which X-body to buy since they all have the same 16MP sensor). Luckily there was a XE2 – XF 18mm F2 bundle and I snatched it up (not in a sense that I didn’t pay) immediately without the slightest hesitation. And that was how I hopped on the Fuji X bandwagon.

In this article, I am not going to bore you all with the specifications, scientific test charts and comparisons because you guys either know it better than I do or can read it on any review page, so I will keep this article very subjective and personal.

My first impression with the XE2 wasn’t all roses.

The build quality surprised me – the silver paint on the top plate started to chip after a week of light use, and what’s beneath is not the attractive lustre of brass as you may have expected to see in such a Leica-like camera, instead the black base paint reared its ugly head. No wonder why some confused the magnesium top plate with a plastic one. Based on my past experience with Panasonic GF1, the paint should hold up quite well, unfortunately that wasn’t the case for the Fuji.

Secondly, the autofocus is quirky. It hunts a lot, it is slow, and when it doesn’t hesitate it confidently focuses on the background rather than the subject. Whoever designed the original autofocus algorithm deserves to be spanked if not sacked. Again, that wasn’t something that I have anticipated in a highly acclaimed premium camera system, as a result I have missed focus in 20-30% of the photos I took in the first week.

Another problem is the stated ISO. I cannot get a correctly exposed image with the Sunny 16 rule, images often appear to be underexposed by one stop.

And then the distance scale – it is not as accurate as it looks, especially when coupled with the Zeiss 32mm.

If there were a 14-day return policy in Hong Kong, I would have exchanged it for a Pansonic GX7, but there isn’t any. As you could have guessed right now, I didn’t sell it. After all, Kaizen is all above constant improvements, right?

During these two years, I have taken this camera on two trips, first to the West Coast, and then to Amsterdam and the UK. And during these two years I am getting used to most of the quirks, which can be partially attributed to the new firmware improvements, and partially to the overall shooting experience.

At first, I didn’t quite get why people compared this digital camera to an old school rangefinder film camera a la Leica M – to me it doesn’t feel like a rangefinder at all. This is a faux-rangefinder camera. It doesn’t have a rangefinder. It doesn’t even have an optical viewfinder. With a liveview EVF, I can preview what the final image will look like with my exposure settings and film simulations (yes, I am a lazy JPEG shooter); and since there is no optical viewfinder to show the world beyond my framelines, I can frame as precisely as I can with a SLR camera. By the way, let’s not forget this camera has autofocus, which again isn’t something you can find on an old school rangefinder with a rare exception of the late Contax G1 &2. To keep things short, the more I shoot, the more I like this camera. 

Okay, let’s talk about the image quality. Blimey, that’s where this camera shines. Punchy & contrasty? Checked.  White balance? Quite accurate. Saturation? Slightly too saturated but in a pleasant way.  Grains? Absolutely bonkers, I swear there’s real film behind that lens. Sharpness? Well, that depends on the lens, right?

Despite all that rubbish I hear about the 18mm F2, it is my favourite lens. It may not be as sharp as the Zeiss lenses, but mind you it weighs half as much, it focuses twice as fast, and just these two points alone make this a must-have for any X shooter. And despite the wide angle distortion, it’s also a great environmental portrait lens thanks to the smooth, characterless bokeh. If you’re looking for an art lens, this isn’t it; but if you want a wide reportage lens, this is it, until the 23mm F2 comes out.

Big Wave by Boris Chan on 500px.com

Sharp, contrasty, and having quite a bit of extra headroom to crop, I see no excuse to pair this camera up with a zoom lens.
Golden Gate Bridge by Boris Chan on 500px.com
 With firmware 3.0 came classic chrome film simulation, which has been my favourite and default film for a year or so.

Space Needle & Sun Flowers by Boris Chan on 500px.com


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