Cooke Speed ​​Panchro 25mm F1.8 SER II mount on a Fuji X-Pro1

The Japanese site posted a original review about the X-Pro1 combined with the Cooke Speed Panchro 25mm F1.8 SER II.  Well, my Japanese knowledge begins and ends with the word “sayonara”, so I had to use the google translator tool. But the automatic translator tool struggled also with the Japanese language, and so the review is a bit cryptic. Nevertheless, there are some sample pictures you can see. The English Company Cooke designs the Panchro lenses for motion photography. If you liked that, and enjoy beeing creative in mounting lenses, here is a used Cooke Speed Panchro on ebay (auction end on October 22).



Cooke Speed Panchro auction was found via slidoo.

Fuji X-E1 available on Amazon Germany


The X-E1 is available in Germany on

For the non-German Fuji followers out there (and for Germans that missed it), here is a short translation of the review of the popular team about the X-E1. The German guy seems to be very enthusiastic about the X-E1.  He talks about the new technology used in this camera, so that the 16 MP sensor promises to reach a picture quality of full frame DSLR cameras. The OLED-finder is sharp and rich in contrast. The camera switches automatically form finder to display, using an eye-sensor. As we know, the X-E1 comes with an integrated flash. The interface of the camera is definitely oriented to expert photographers because of the many manual adjustment possibilities. If you prefer, the camera can, of course, set the adjustments automatically. The video function is somewhere hidden in the options. Videos are shot in Full-HD and stereo quality. There is a Jack-connection for additional microphones. And at last, the reviewer says that the camera is well made, aesthetically gorgeous and feels very good when you hold it. All this for 900€.

See some sample pictures on Fuji’s website.

Fujifilm X Pro 1 vs Sony Nex 6

Phoblographer posted an informal comparison between the Fujifilm X Pro 1 and the Sony Nex 6. He compared both cameras in landscape shooting. The image samples you can watch on phoblographer show some differences. The first thing we recognise is that pictures on the Sony Nex 6 look warmer than on the Fuji X Pro 1. Phoblographer notices also that “at the same exposures the X Pro 1 will retain more detail in the highlights but the NEX 6 will retain more information in the shadows”, and that pictures taken with the X Pro 1 look sharper.

Sony Nex 6                                                                         Fuji X Pro 1

Watch the test and more sample pictures at Phoblographer.