This Simple “Trick” Will Show You When Your Fujifilm Camera Has Been Made

Ok guys, if you ever wanted to know when your Fujifilm camera has been manufactured, here is a simple way to find it out :)

All you have to do is to check out the first two figures of your serial number.

So, as you can see above, my good old (and now discontinued) Fujifilm X-T1 serial number starts with “42“.

This means that my Fujifilm X-T1 has been made in 2014, in quarter 2.

To check if this is correct, I opened a random image of mine (SOOC or RAW) with the Graphic Converter EXIF tool. Here is what it shows me: 2014:06:18… or 18th of June, 2014. So indeed, quartal 2 of 2014.

So if your serial number starts with, let’s say, 71, it means your camera has been manufactured in 2017, quarter 1.

UPDATE: Thanks to the FR-community, we have solved the riddle. As from Fuji’s page in Russian here (google translated)

1st digit = Year:
1 = 2011, 2 = 2012, …

2st digit/letter = Quarter:
I quarter = 1, 5, A, S, E, J, N
II quarter = 2, 6, B, T, F, K, P
III quarter = 3, 7, C, U, G, L, Q
IV quarter = 4, 8, D, W, H, M, R

Examples of determining the year and quarter of production:

Serial number 1Txxxxxx – the first position of the number – the number “1” means 2011, the second position of the number – “T” – means the 2nd quarter, accordingly the product was produced from April to June 2011;

Serial number 03xxxxxx – the first position of the number – the number “0” means 2010, the second position of the number – “3” – means the 3rd quarter, accordingly the product was produced from July to September 2010.

The production date itself is taken as the last day of the production quarter. Ie, if the camera is produced in the third quarter, the warranty period will be counted from September 30.

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P.S.: and since some of you might ask about it in the comments… the wooden grip on my X-T1 is made by JBcamera Designs. Check it out on AmazonUS here and at JBcameradesigns.

Announcing the First Dedicated Fujifilm GFX Owners Workshops!

GFX Owners Workshop in Swedish Lapland

Yes, it’s happening… we are about to reach the 15,000 Fujifilm GFX facebook members, a group full of talented photographers, Fujifilm X-photographers, Fujifilm managers, and even stars like musician and artist Seal Samuel (a long time Leica shooter, who now bought the Fujifilm GFX).

Mat Richardson is one of the talented group members, a professional photographer for over 20 years, and of course a GFX shooter now. He also has a long experience with carrying out workshops in the deep North of Europe.

Well, Mat decided to run a workshop in the Swedish Lapland, dedicated to Fujifilm GFX owners.

And those of you, who are both,

  1. part of the Fujifilm GFX facebook group
  2. owners of a Fujifilm GFX

… will also get a significant €400 discount compared to the normal workshop rate.

Sounds good? Then check out the main details below and for any question contact and check out Mat’s workshop page here.


Swedish Lapland is an amazing location, wild landscapes, incredible rivers and waterfalls, 24hr daylight in the summer and extreme temperatures in the winter, plus lots of snow and ice and even Northern Lights!

We run workshops here because this is where we live and work and we offer the opportunity for workshop participants to experience everything the area has to offer.

We do things a little differently here, as professional commercial photographers, we have a fully equipped studio and print setup on site, this gives us a unique environment for people to learn about post processing and printing after a day’s shoot as well as experience portrait and product photography in a working studio setup with a large strobe lighting kit.

On top of all this, we are Fujifilm GFX users, this means we have a professional view of how these cameras work in a wide variety of situations allowing us to share our knowledge and help you get the most from your camera.

We offer 1 to 1 and small group workshops up to a maximum of 4 people. Accommodation is on site and we take care of everything from picking you up at the main airport 1 hour away, to meals and training. All workshops are flexible and can be tailored to your needs from beginners to experienced professionals.

Workshops are run regularly and we have put aside a number of workshops exclusively for GFX owners, allowing us to concentrate on the camera and it’s incredible abilities with like minded others.

Workshop dates for GFX owners in 2018 are ..

Winter workshop for the brave! Extreme weather and incredible environment for photography, coincides with the famous Jokkmokk winter market with the opportunity to see the indigenous Sami people and their reindeer.

January 30th to February the 3rd 2018

Spring workshop to experience the emerging of the landscape from the deep winter, an incredible time of year as the sun returns

Monday 7th May to Friday 11th May 2018

Autumn workshop as the days start to get shorter, the birch trees turn an amazing golden colour and the days are crisp and cold.

Monday 24th September to Friday 28th September 2018

All three of these weeks are exclusive to GFX owners and are discounted from the normal workshop rate of 2,300 Euros to 1,900 Euros per person.

Prices exclude flights to Lulea, Sweden, personal snacks and drinks as well as alcoholic drinks.

For full details contact Mat Richardson,

More details here

New Picktorial X-Pack Adds Fujifilm Film Simulation Profiles – Download Now

Back on April 4, we reported about the release of Picktorial 3.0, with proprietary Fujifilm X-Trans RAW support. Now, just as rumored, Picktorial released an update which adds Fujifilm’s film simulations profiles.

You can get the latest Picktorial version here, and then get the X-pack here for $15 (Note: Requires Picktorial 3.0.4 or later)

FIRST LOOK: Picktorial X-Pack First Look by thomas fitzgerald

Full Press Release

** CLICK HERE to Read the Rest of the Article **

Custom Gariz Case for Fujifilm X100F :: Best Lens Hood Alternative for XF23/2 and 35/2 :: Best Minimalist Straps (Accessories Zone)

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