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Episode 1: Why do (some) People Hate Fuji? * Mock-Up X-T10 Vs. Real X-T10 (with XF 35mmF2 WR) * X Lens wishlist & more

Fuji X News & Rumors


shared by Patrick FR Fujifilm will launch the X70, little sister of the X100 series, with a NEW LENS!

General Discussion

shared by 246 Optical viewfinder…are they really necessary?

Fuji X System

X-T1 / X-T10

shared by Aswald X-T1 vs. iPhone

shared by MrPolite Any specific sensor cleaning products to recommend?


shared by milandro Weirdest special offer for a X Pro 1

Fuji X Lenses

shared by Virtuoso Fuji vs Leica Lens

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shared by plasmolbio Metal lens hoods


landscapes with fuji x shared by Pierre

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Fuji XPro1 in India shared by Erez

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Portraiture work, running topic shared by Tom H.

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TOP OF THE SHOTS at the X-Shooter Facebook Zone!

Highlight‎: “XT1 using the 50 – 140 mm, cracking lens, soo sharp !!!!!!!!

Tell me FF moaners, what do you miss?”

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Here are the most liked images of the Fujirumors facebook photostream… and keep it up, share and vote your absolute favorite X-shot… and here is how to do it:

1) SHARE & DESCRIBE: go to the Fujirumors facebook timeline and submit your favorite X-shot (and a short description) in the timeline by selecting “Photo/Video” .
2) VOTE & COMMENT: All the images will be displayed at the Fujirumors facebook photostream. You can vote & comment the images there.

NOTE: The next selection will start from those images shared starting from Novemer 12!

Enjoy the X-shots ;)

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Sadaqat Ali‎: Streets of Vienna, Austria. Shot with Fuji XT-1, 56mm f/1.2.

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Announced: Metz Mecablitz 44 AF-2 for Fujifilm X-series!

 photo sde_zps3asteo9o.jpg

Yesterday a New source told us that the Metz 44 AF-1 will get an updated very soon.

And today the update is official. Metz just released the Mecabltz 44 AF-2, with support for Fujifilm X-series cameras (the previous generation supported just the Nikon/Fuji hybrids, like the S series).

You can go through all the specs at the official product page here. There is also a German presentation of the Flash at the Swiss site (translation), who says that the flash will be available at the beginning of December (this has been confirmed also by a New Source – thanks).

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About Fuji’s High-ISO performance (and the Myth of Fuji Cheating) + the virtues of the build-in RAW converter! – POLL


Let’s talk about ISO, high ISO. And it’s not about quickly sharing an image and say “Look, the X-Trans sensor is amazing at high ISO“. This is something we already know since 4 years now (X-Pro1).

I’d like to deepen this topic, thanks to an interesting & very useful Fuji X Forum thread started by Scottie: Have to Increase ISO X-T1.

We will talk about:

  • the Myth of Fuji cheating with the high ISO values
  • Waxy Skin tones at high ISO
  • Make smart use of the ISOless sensor and the build-in RAW converter to avoid/mitigate the waxy skin tones problem
  • More about the built-in RAW converter – with POLL

So, let’s start:

It all started with FXF member Scottie, who noticed that on his X-T1 “the shutter speed seems much slower than I expect it to be and have to increase the ISO” and that there is a discrepancy compared to his Nikon D3 using approximately same reach of lens and the same aperture.

Ok… I hear you saying: Fuji is Cheating! … Really?

Not really. Flysurfer (aka Rico) explains that:

ISO is a more or less arbitrary concept (especially for brands like Canon or Nikon that are using the REI standard as opposed to the more “objective” SOS standard).”

Different standards… that’s why there is this discrepancy. No cheating. That said, I’d love all manufacturers to adopt the same standard.

[recommended reads: ISO standards at Wikipedia / Why ISO Isn’t ISO at theonlinephotographer]

But the discussion doesn’t end here.

Inevitably, in the same thread, the FXF community talks about the waxy skin tones problem and also about how you can get more pleasing results using one of the probably most underestimated Fuji features ever: the build in RAW converter. Rico says:

“[with the build-in RAW converter] you can also increase the ISO after the fact. Just push the underexposed image up later in the built-in converter.

Interesting note: The camera will still use the noise reduction of the original ISO, so no skin smoothing as long as the original ISO is okay for you.

You can push up to 3 EV (depending on the camera model), so shooting at ISO 800 even when the shot needs ISO 6400 is still perfectly doable in-camera.”

Now you got it why you should also buy Rico’s book Fuji X-T1: 111 X-pert tips 😉 – 40% discount with code XT1240

You see, by combining the virtues of the ISOless sensor with the one of the build-in RAW converter (or an external RAW converter) you can eliminate/mitigate the waxy skin tones problem at high ISO.

FXF member Merde played a while with the build-in RAW converter and ends up saying:

I just love in-camera raw editing… Incredible!

Personally I do use the build-in RAW converter quite a bit. Changing white balance, film simulation, highlights, shadows, sharpening and what not… it all can be done within seconds directly in camera. And not always, but often enough, I can skip the Lightroom/Iridient session in my (rented) apartment, just because I already optimized quickly the image with the build in RAW converter… easy :)

Of course it’s perfectly fine if you don’t use it. As always, there is no right or wrong, it’s just a matter of taste & workflow (Note I’m no Pro and my only clients, whom I deliver my images, are the parents of my students). But maybe, just maybe… you should give it a try.

So, and here is the Poll.

You can folllow the Forum discussion here.

Do you use the build-in RAW converter?

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RELEASED: Adobe Lightroom 6.3 + Camera RAW 9.3… with support for the (unreleased) Fujfilm X-T1 IR!

 photo kdhjaslkdflakshfa_zpsxven6zba.jpg

 X-T1 IR: AmazonUS / BHphoto / Adorama

It’s time to give a final answer to those asking me news via email about the Fujifilm X-T1 IR… and the final answer is: I have actually no clue what’s happening with the X-T1 IR.

The camera was announced on August 3 and supposed to be available for the American market (and only for the American market) in October. That’s at least what FujifilmUS told us at its launch. But since then, we have seen several delays, and now AmazonUS says it will be available on December 30.

So, the camera is still not available, but Adobe just announced, that Lightroom CC 2015.3 / 6.3 + Camera RAW 9.3 now support the X-T1IR.

And since we are talking of how Fuji can marvellously mess up the shipping of its products, if there is anyone out there, who can tell me, why the HS-V5 software is available in Europe since months, but still (!!!) impossible to find in North America, please let me know.

At least, the shipping of the XF35mmF2 ad 1.4x TC seem to proceed smoothly.

Let’s see how Fujifilm will manage the shipping of the X-Pro2.