The Ultimate Fujifilm X-Pro2 Guide :: Special Issue of the Interactive Fujifilm X Magazine (ed.13) – Chance to Win X-Pro2


Edition 13 of the interactive Fujifilm X-Magazine just went online. This time it’s a special issue: The Ultimate Guide to the X-Pro2 – all you need to know about it.

From the interview with T. Ueno: “It’s important to produce 2nd generation lenses of our fast primes. […] We also get many requests for lenses such as a 300mmF2

As usual, there is a competions. This time you have the chance to Win an X-Pro2 :)

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Fujifilm X-Pro2
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BHphoto says X-Pro2 release postponed to March 25


Back on February 5, Fujifilm said that due to “high demand”, the X-Pro2 release has been postponed to early March.

Well, BHphoto seems not so optimistic, since they now say it will be available on March 25. I guess that also AmazonUS will also change release date soon.

Now, you can believe the “high demand” story or not. But according to FR-sources, there is also some firmware fix to be made (post here)… and personally I would not be surprised if Fuji would also have to fix some minor hardware things.

Take your time Fuji, fix it… we have waited 4 years for this camera, so we can also wait a bit more. However, try to ship that good thing within 2017, ok?

MUST READ: X-Pert Corner X-Pro2 First Look

Fujifilm X-Pro2
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Image by Xing

Tibet 2015 shared by Xing


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XF100-400 available in Europe at AmazonDE :: First Fuji X-T1 IR shooter in Europe


Fujinon XF100-400
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The XF100-400 is now available at AmazonDE. You can find it also at Foto Keller.

And in case you are waiting for the Fujifilm X-T1 IR, in USA the camera will be sold to US military and law-enforcement agencies only. However, we have the first European X-T1 IR shooter here.


Fuji Managers: “IBIS? Not compatible with X-mount (Read Why)! We are Observing the Progress of Organic Sensor”


Fujifilm X-Pro2
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_ _ _

Two of the big questions are…. will Fuji give us IBIS on future X-series camera. And what’s going on with the organic sensor?

Fuji Managers Takashi Ueno and Shusuke Kozaki have given the answer to fujilove.


“First of all, our XF mount is not compatible with IBIS. You may be thinking that our mount size is similar to competitors’ and why Fujifilm cannot do it. The answer is simple: for the sake of image quality.

IBIS has both advantages and disadvantages. IBIS moves the sensor in the mount to stabilize the image. To secure the amount of light at any position, the diameter of mount must cover the wider image circle considering the margin of sensor movement. The diameter of our mount was designed for the image circle without IBIS. It means the amount of light at the corners is reduced when the sensor is shifted. We could correct it digitally, but we don’t want to do it: we don’t want to compromise our image quality.

To cover the larger image circle, not only mount size (and body size), but also lens size must be bigger. We are pursuing the best balance of image quality, size and weight of both cameras and lenses, operability and performance. When we were deciding on the design of our mount, we decided to provide the best quality body and lens in comfortable small package as the best balance. And we don’t think this direction will be changed in the future. Our highest priority is always image quality. We hope you agree!”

Organic Sensor

We don’t have any specific plans of incorporating an organic sensor into our products at the moment, but yes we are observing the progress of this technology.

As of today, there would be No benefits to using an organic sensor. Our X-Trans III sensor is superior to the currently available organic sensor.”

And now, since Takashi Ueno asked if we agree with their “No IBIS” philiosophy, I’ll launch a Poll, so that FR-readers can let him know 😉

*Fujifilm Reads You!
Click HERE to see the original FujiRumors Poll, that Fujfiilm used in an official presentation to the Press

Do you agree with the position of Fuji about IBIS?

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