The 2015 IF DESIGN AWARD goes to… the Fujifilm X100T and X30 + VOTE the best looking X-series camera!

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Once again, the X-series cameras won the IF Design Award… and this time the winners are the Fujifilm X100T and Fujifilm X30 (now super-discounted at cameraland ). Read the press release here.

So what is, according to you, the sexiest X-series camera ever made? Vote the poll!

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(NOTE: I’ve separated X100S from X100T because of some minor design changes. You can add up the results of the X100T and X100/S to see the results of the whole X100 line)


Fujifilm launches PRO Rental & PRO Repair Rental Service in USA: Effective March 16 in USA

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Fujifilm just officially announced a new Pro and enthusiast Rental Service & Repair Rental Service in USA, which will be effective starting from March 16 in USA.

Here is the description of the service, taken from the dedicated Fuji page at

Try an X-Series for yourself, or get one while yours is being repaired

• Award-winning X-Series equipment rentals that can be shipped anywhere in the United States, including a customer’s destination for easier travel

• One Price Shipping in the United States (additional charges for Alaska and Hawaii apply)

• Opportunity to use familiar X-Series camera gear while a camera or lens is being repaired for uninterrupted workflow (discounted rates will apply)

• Easy return shipping with a prepaid return shipping label

• The quality and craftsmanship you expect from the premium line of Fujifilm X-Series product

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AVAILABLE: The final release of Iridient Developer 3.0!

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The final release of Iridient Developer 3.0 is available for download now here.

This major update contains many new features and significant improvements throughout the application. Some of the key new features introduced in version 3 inlude:

- Multiple new RAW processing (demosaic) algorithms for both Bayer and X-Trans sensors from super high detail to smoother, lower artifact rendering styles plus monochrome specific RAW conversions.

- Two great new sharpening methods, Iridient Reveal and High Pass, have been added to the already highly regarded sharpening routines. Iridient Reveal in beta form has already been getting rave reviews and combines some of the best aspects of several of my previous methods including aspects of both traditional edge contrast enhancement techniques and deconvolution.

- New options for adjusting overall tonality including an adaptive “Fill Light” style exposure adjustment and pixel neighborhood adaptive Highlights and Shadows adjustments.

- New Clarity adjustment for enhancing mid-tone contrast and reducing haze. This adjustment includes a number of variants for targeting different styles from a crisp, landscape type effect to softer, more portrait suited styles.

- New noise reduction methods provide much better results when combined with some of the new sharpening methods, especially when using very strong sharpening. At high levels some color smearing has been reduced while providing comparable or even better overall color noise reduction than the previous v2 methods. The new Luminance Grain Smoothness adjustment provides much better retention of overall image sharpness than the previous Luminance Smoothing method while being even more effective at reducing critical noise. Depending on specific adjustments used and image content, the new noise reduction can also be up to twice as fast as the previous v2 methods.

- Several all new monochrome mixer conversion methods which can radically reduce noise and provide even better image detail especially when using strong red biased filter type presets. Several options including direct access to low level RAW linear data as well as more perceptual, color managed mixing styles.

- Two new monochrome toning methods including Split Toning and Mono Tone plus many presets for common toning styles such as Sepia, Cyanotype, Platinum and more.

- New support for saving presets (or settings subsets) to disk which makes applying only specific adjustments, such as only sharpening, to images much easier. Also adds the ability to organize the Settings popup menu by sub-folders for grouping commonly used presets together.

- New dialog for copying/pasting settings subsets which makes choosing multiple adjustment options much easier than before when there was only a limited set of subsets available for selection by menu item.

- Greatly improved preview window approximation of various “Detail” processing stages (clarity, sharpening, noise reduction) when displaying at small scale sizes.

- Significant improvements have been made to many existing processing methods and controls as well including Brightness, Saturation, Contrast and Tone Curves.

- Greatly simplified color management setup and configuration. Still features all the low level color management control of prior versions (and more), but now much easier to configure for the most common use cases.


miXed zone: XF 16-55 review at admiringhlight, Silkypix 4.1.00 vs Lightroom RAF, R. Simko’s favorite X-shots & more!

At the moment, one of the most liked images at the X-shooter facebook zone
Nishanth Adu‎: “Rise” Saint Euastache Church, Paris Fujifilm X-T1, XF56mmF1.2 R, f/1.2, 1/1000 s
check out more here

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XF 50-140
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X100/S/T + TCL/WCL

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Acessories / Flash / Adapter

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“Higher MP is on the way, X-Trans very important, key challenge is how to improve AF.” Fuji Manager T. Iida

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Fuji Manager Toshihisa Iida confirmed at dpreview that Fujifilm will launch a higher MP sensor camera. And it seems he confirms also rumors saying that it will keep the X-Trans CFA in order to maximize resolution:

“We think that our 16MP X-Trans sensor delivers a higher effective resolution than conventional Bayer 16MP sensors so if we do go to higher pixel counts we expect the same thing. […] our lenses are currently waiting for higher resolution sensors and processors.


And of course focusing is a challenge – we need a faster focusing system. And also movie quality. This is one of the criticisms of the X-series and we need to solve this issue. […] High-speed readout is the key [to avoid moiree in video].”

Toshihisa Iida also expects CSC cameras to catch up with the advantages of DSLRs (focus speed/lens lineup/overall responsiveness) within 2 or 3 years. He also says that

“[…] mirrorless cameras are finally taking off in the west. This is great news for the industry. Last year we saw more than 40% growth in this product segment in terms of value and that’s good for the whole industry.”

It’s a very interesting read… make sure to check it out at dpreview.

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