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*Fujifilm Reads You!
See the original FujiRumors Poll, that Fujfiilm used in an official presentation to the Press

The Fujifilm Niche

Photozone said it here:

Honestly, given the depth and quality of their lineup, it is quite surprising that Fujifilm isn’t more popular. I, for one, think that it is the best mirrorless system out there (at this stage).”

Sure, the number of X-shooters is growing, especially thanks to the X-T line, but we are still a quite contained group of people.

FR-readers Poll Request

What is the reason that kept people from buying into the Fujifilm X-system until now?

This question was made 9 months ago by FR-reader syuu here, and today (a tiny bit later) I’d like satisfy his poll request. So I went through your comments here, and summed up what you guys think could be the reasons why Fujifilm didn’t go mainstream until now.

NOTE: A source told me that in Thailand the X-A2 is the best-selling MILC in 2015, “outselling all the Canon interchangeable lens cameras (DSLR and those EOS-M lines) combined“.

Important Notes
… so you can avoid asking in the comments about it ;)

  • I’ve split “X-Trans sensor” and “Adobe X-Trans Support“, because some of you actually love what the X-Trans sensor delivers out of the box, but are not happy with the RAW demosaicing of Adobe (but very happy using other software, like Iridient). On the contrary, other people simply do not like X-Trans at all, regardless of Adobe support.
  • I’ve included “AF-performance” and “poor Video“, but this areas seem to be vastly improved with X-TransIII cameras, especially the X-T2.
  • The list includes only suggestions that came from the FR-community after this post. Feel free to add further considerations in the comments.
  • You do not agree with some of the Poll options listed below? Then don’t vote those options and elaborate your thoughts in the comments.
  • It might be a combination of different factors. Just choose the two reasons that, according to you, are the most important.

About X-Trans

Since we also talk about X-Trans here, you might be interested to read this (very technical) article at public.asu.edu: “Thoughts on Demosaicing for X-Trans Sensors

Why This Poll?

I know, Fujifilm will perceive this blog post as “talking bad” about them. However, the real goal of this survey is not to shitstorm on Fujifilm, but to let them know what, according to thousands of X-shooters, needs to be strengthened (or changed) in order to sell even more cameras. So it’s ment to be positive and constructive feedback.

What is the reason that kept people from buying into the Fujifilm X-system until now? (max. 2 selections)

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What Happens with Our Polls?

Fujifilm is not allowed to interact directly with us, and they also won’t do anything that gives FR more visibility (no sharing, no retweets, no likes on FR posts, even those that talk extremely good about Fuji), but as the largest (and independent) X-series related community on the web, we are the main source of online feedback for them… they just can’t ignore us ;) That’s why they look very closely at polls like this X-T2 or X-Pro2 one, or this X-E3 one and many others. Some of them are even displayed at official Fujifilm Events!

No Fujifilm Booth and Meeting Rooms at CES 2017…. if You Want to See the Fujifilm GFX, go to PhotoPlus in New York (Starts Today)


2017 will be the third year in a row that Fujifilm has no booth at the CES in Las Vegas.

And for the first time, according to the official exhibitor list here, Fujifilm won’t even have a room for business meetings at CES – thanks to the FR reader for the information

If you want to see the latest and greatest Fuji stuff, you better go to Photoplus in New York (20 to 22 of October). FujifilmUSA published a Press Release with all the details here. You will see the Fujifilm GFX and also be able to hear stage talks from popular photographers like Elia Locardi.

Radio-Controlled Nissin di700A Flash for Fujifilm X available in Germany


The Nissin Di700A has just been released in Germany (sold via third party at Amazon.de). Thanks to the FR-reader, who dropped me this link to 43rumors.

We reported about the (radio controlled) Nissin Di700A flash for Fujifilm X back in March 2016 here. At that time, the flash was scheduled to be available for Fuji X within Summer.

Learn more about the Nissin Di700A at the official Nissin Page here.

BUG FIX: Fujifilm Camera Remote App and iOS10 Issue to be Fixed Soon – UPDATE


The Fuji Guys just tweeted here:

We are aware of an issue with the Camera Remote app and iOS10, resulting in the 1st connection attempt being rejected. A fix is coming soon.”

The Fujifilm Camera Remote App on iTunes

UPDATE: To the source, who just contacted me anonmyously. You have shared the rumor about the camera remote app update 20 hours ago. It was completely anonymous and I wanted to look at it after I’m done with my day job this evening. Now the Fuji Guys were faster than me, and confirmed it. I’d like to thank you for sharing this information and, if you want to chat more, contact me at fujirumor [at] gmail [dot] com. I appreciate the nick-name, though :)

TheCameraStoreTV Talks About Photokina 2016: “The Fujifilm GFX is Game Changing!”

TheCameraStoreTV published a 21:29 minutes Video about their Photokina visit here. They talk about many things… and they start with the most exciting announcement at Photokina: the Fujifilm GFX.

They don’t say much about the GFX, just that they were very excited about it. They noticed that the focussing is pretty quick, even though it’s just pre-production and overall they really liked the handling.

The Video includes also an interview with Sigma CEO (7:20), who predicts that mirrorless has a bright feature. And at the end (17:00) they meet up with Tony and Chelsea Northrup.

A hidden gem: get a taste of Werner Herzog at minute 14:03 :-)

Fujifilm GFX Facebook Group