BIG KAIZEN FIRMWARE UPDATE available for X-T1, X-E2, X-E1 & X-PRO1 … download your new X-T1 / X-E2 :)


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The big Fuji X-series firmware updates are now ready to be downloaded at the Fujifilm Support Page here.

The biggest update is definitely the one for the Fujfilm X-T1… X-T1 owners can bascially download, for free, a complete new camera. X-E2 owners will get Classic Chrome, Interval timer shooting, WiFi remote control and a new (and very useful) AF+MF function. The latter update is available also for X-E1 and X-PRO1.

And now, dear X-shooters, download the new firmware and get acquainted quickly with the new features of your camera… X-mas is near, and you should be ready to take advantage of the new potential of your X-series camera.

And to Fujifilm just this: thank you. It’s an amazing X-mas present :)

- FUJIFILM X-T1 : Version 3.00
FUJIFILM X-E2 : Version 3.00
FUJIFILM X-Pro1 : Version 3.40
FUJIFILM X-E1 : Version 2.40

To learn more about the new features coming with this big firmware update, read Rico’s trilogy, Using AF+MF Using Camera Remote and X-T1 Firmware Version 3.00.

NOTE: If you have problems to see the new firmware versions, then you probably have to clean the cache! The easiest way is described in Rico’s X-pert corner post “Tips for Updating your Firmware”: “just delete your browser cache or force your browser to reload and refresh the page by, for example, holding the Alt or Option key while clicking on Reload.


Lightroom 5.7.1 available

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Lightoom 5.7.1 is now available for download. Nothing Fujifilm specific this time. Donwload it here.


Fuji manager Hisashi Toshi: “The future is High-End!” XF 16-55 will cost around 120,000 yen. FujiUK says: “NO OIS”

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image courtesy: heraldcorp (translation)

Hasta la vista, OIS. The XF 16-55 won’t have it.


NO OIS 1: After the 16-55 with OIS at the Fuji magazine, I’ve contacted FujifilmUK/FRA and the Fuji Guys via twitter and asked for a clarification. Just now I’ve received the answer from FujiUK (thanks). It’s just a typo, the OIS was removed from the magazine. They also said:

The IQ of this lens is going to be amazing. OIS takes physical space which means the lens elements can’t be precisely where they need to be to allow for the absolute best image quality. We feel that it will be a better lens without it.

My advice to Fuji: make an X-PRO2 with IBIS, and you could still sell plenty of these lenses. But for now, I’m afraid no OIS will be a deal breaker for many.


NO OIS 2: FR-reader Antoine was at the Fuji showroom in Tokyo and said that the mockup of the 16-55 f2.8 is not OIS, neither on the tag nor on the lens itself.


NO OIS 3: Korean interview (dated 12.12.2014) at heraldcorp (translation) with Fuji manager Hisashi Toshi. The journalist didn’t ask Mr. Hisashi Toshi about the OIS, but you can see a mock-up of the lens… no OIS marking on it.

THE PRICE: The XF 16-55mmF2.8 will cost around 120,000 yen ($1,010). This would make it the most expensive lens in Japan after the XF 50-140 (164,000 yen = $1,381) and XF56mm APD (160,000 yen = $1,347). src – Amazon Japan

In the first half of next year, the flagship product? ‘ ASPHERICAL LENS FUJINON Nano-GI XF 16-55mm. Fujifilm released as a lens technology-intensive products will launch later this year. The price is based on the 120,000 japanese yen in Japan.”

In Europe the price could be of €1.049 (see artencraft)

THE FUTURE: Mr. Hisashi Toshi also said that the future is High End Mirrorless. Seems like actioncamerarumors was right when they said Fuji will ditch the entry level segment… finally, focus on high-end X-series cameras, everything else is just distraction.

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Have a break, have an X-shot :)… TOP LIKED X-shooter images shared at the FR-facebook photostream!

Trujillo Jr George: Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Walking the Grounds Fuji X-T1 35mm

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Sorry guys, no DxO scores still, but it seems that X-series cameras are neverthess capable of great shots ;). So here are the top liked X-shots shared over at the Fujirumors facebook photostream. Thanks to all who shared their shot and those who took their time to check them out and vote their favorite ones.

Keep it up, share and vote your absolute favorite X-shot… and here is how to do it:

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NOTE: Next selection will start from those images shared starting from December 7.

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Kt Gravatt‎: I came to El Matador over the weekend hoping to get a spectacular sunset. Unfortunately nature had other plans. What was fortunate was a network failure at work, allowing me the free time to try once more in the middle of the week. I guess the third times the charm, since it was a mostly cloudy day and a fairly low tide. Note: Taken with the Fuji X-T1 with a Tokina 11-16 wide angle lens (adapted with a Metabones Nikon G to Fuji X lens adapter)

_ _ _

Bob Fugate: Listening to the Cosmos. Very Large Array on the Plains of San Agustin in central New Mexico, USA. Fuji X-T1, 14mm, f/2.8, ISO 6400, 30 sec. The light on the antennas is from the windows of the control building several hundred yards out of the picture to the left. Light in the foreground is from a flashlight.

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OIS is BACK ? XF 16-55mm f/2.8 WR coming “early 2015″… and with OIS (source Fujifilm Magazine)

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Back on the 24th of July (I remember the date, because I worte that specific article while sitting at the back of a rented car between 2 hyperactive kids during my holidays in Tuscany… believe me, a real challange to write it ;-) ), Fujifilm updated the lens roadmap, and, amongst the others, they told us that the XF 16-55mmF2.8 release had been pushed back to spring 2015… and it will be without “OIS”.

Now we have some more information about this lens, shared at the latest issue of the Fujifilm X-magazine (and spotted by attentive FR-reader Dan R Smedra – thanks for sharing at the FR facebook page)

 photo ois_zps687c7a60.png

First: we now have a slightly more precise indication of the release of the XF16-55… it will come “early 2015″ (so I’d exclude May/June, and guess it will come around March)

Second: As you might or might not know, the latest official stamtent from Fujifilm (made in September at photokina) confirms, that the XF 16-55mmF2.8 will NOT feature an optical image stabilization (OIS), because of weight/IQ reasons. Many X-shooters were astonished by this news, especially since Fujifilm is right now explaining us that the 5 stop OIS in the XF 18-135 WR lens and 50-140 f/2.8 lens works miracles (and apparently it really does)! I’ve launched various polls here on FR and shared posts on facebook… and it’s pretty clear that the majority of X-shooters do want OIS.

Now, I don’t know if it’s just a typo or if Fuji changed plans, but according to the latest edition of Fuji’s official X-magazine, the XF 16-55 will feature OIS (and come early 2015, as said before). I really hope that this is not just a typo.

stay tuned
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