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Zeiss Touit (vs Fuji XF) sample images and feedback (PCH store Brussel)


 photo Buddah_zps3bccd6b3.jpg

Michel from PCH store in Brussel shared with me his Zeiss samples. You can check more at his facebook page. You can pre-order these lenses at PCH Brussel here. He’s not a pro gear reviewer nor pro photographer, but he told me that he made a comparison between the 12mm Zeiss and the [shoplink 11339]14mm Fuji[/shoplink], and between the 32mm Zeiss and the [shoplink 11712 ebay]35mm Fuji[/shoplink].

“To be honest I do not see something that strikes me, the files look similar, maybe the Zeiss 12mm is a bit smoother and not as sharp, or maybe it is more creamy than the 14mm Fuji, and maybe the 32 Zeiss is a bit sharper, or has better micro contrast? I can not tell really the differences. What is sure is that the Zeiss Lenses are beautiful to see and play with, I like the focus ring a lot, it’s a better feeling than the one of the 35mm. The aperture ring is a bit too smooth for my taste, and one can easily change the aperture without noticing it. It happened to a lot of shots during the comparison, were I had to be careful and check every time the aperture ring cause it had moved […] After testing the 2 lenses 32&35, I found them equally fast, providing that the xf35 has the latest firmware. It’s difficult to say which is faster. The Zeiss on the other hand seems a bit less noisy and the focus seems smoother, I would say not so mechanical. But these are subtle differences. I did not have two bodys to compare.  The Quality of the Zeiss is beautiful, the feel is georgeous, I like them, but image quality wise, they do not seem to be better than the Fuji’s. Only precise tests will tell from the usual Photozone and the likes what the truth is […] Another thing, I’m testing now the Zeiss 32mm, and in manual focus mode, like the Fuji’s, you can still get AF when pressing the AE-L/AF-L button”

For the PCH comparison shots (Fuji vs Zeiss full resolution samples) you can check this dunkelkammer post here.

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Pre-order the 12mm f/2.8 lens (Adorama / BHphoto / Uniquephoto / PCH Brussel)
XF14mm [shopcountry 11339] XF35mm [shopcountry 11712]

Zeiss 32 f/5.6
zeiss 32 f5.6 photo Zeiss32F56_zps584b6210.jpg

Fuji 35 f/5.6
Fuji 35 f5.6 photo Fuji35F56_zpsf53c6420.jpg

Zeiss 32 f/1.8
zeiss 32 f1.8 photo Zeiss32F18_zpsb1190a67.jpg

Fuji 35 F/1.8
Fuji 35 f1.8 photo Fuji35F18_zps269ba75b.jpg

Zeiss 12 f/5.6
zeiss 12 f5.6 photo Zeiss12F56_zpsb2888f74.jpg

Fuji 14 f/5.6
Fuji 14 f5.6 photo Fuji14F56_zps90446aa8.jpg

Zeiss 12 f/2.8
zeiss 12 f2.8 photo Zeiss12F28_zps799df2b5.jpg

Fuji 14 f/2.8
Fuji 14 f2.8 photo Fuji14F28_zpsb87dea84.jpg


Zeiss 12mm
12 Zeiss photo 12_zps6a529d69.jpg

Fuji 14mm
14 Fuji photo 14_zps5cac958d.jpg

Zeiss 32mm
32 Zeiss photo 32_zpscd260b68.jpg

Fuji 35mm
35 Fuji photo 35_zps02fb3312.jpg