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You Can’t Get Enough Fujifilm X-Pro2 Reviews? Then here is the next bunch… & more! – miXed zone


Very Interesting Podcast with Damien Lovegrove

Very interesting depthoffield Podcasts! Generous with his knowledge and experience, fellow X-Photographer Damien Lovegrove speaks with Matt Brandon about creating what he calls that “big picture equation” that helps a photographer stay afloat financially. They also spoke about developing a style that is uniquely yours and how critical this is to your work. Matt asks Damien straight out, are X-photographers promoting G.A.S. “Gear Acquisition Syndrome” and so much, much more. Listen it here.

Fujifilm X-Pro2

USA: BHphoto / AmazonUS / Adorama / CANADA: AmazonCA / EUROPE: AmazonDE / AmazonUK / WexUK / PCHstore / AmazonITA / AmazonFR / AmazonESP / AUSTRALIA: CameraPro

AF-speed Test: X-Pro2 + 90mm tracking ice-skaters at the Singapore indoor stadium at ivanjoshualoh / Fujifilm X-Pro2 – All About the Gear at This Week in Photo (TWiP) youtube/ X-Pro2 Review at / Matt Granger X-Pro2 Testing at Matt Granger youtube / Boudoir Photography with Victoria Bond at prophotonut + An X-Pro2 studio session at prophotonut/ Either I have lost the plot or I am in love with the Fuji X Pro2 at eoshd / First Look at fstoppers / POV: The Fuji X-Pro2 And Red at thetravelphotographer / Fuji X-Pro2, Making Me Smile at ricklewisphotography / Trying Out The Fuji X-Pro2 Downtown Manhattan at findingrange / X-Pro2 with 60mm at macfilos / X-Pro2 Does International Rugby at macleancomms / Interview with Fuji Manager: How Fujifilm modernized the ultimate retro camera at techradar / Oxford University Church wedding photography at mcbweddings / Fuji X-Pro2: First impressions of camera, 35mm f/2 and Zeiss Touit Makro Planar at macfilos / A Lifestyle Photographer’s Fujifilm X-Pro2 Review at allanhiga / Home-Hacking the Fujifilm X-Pro2 at botzilla / Fujifilm X-Pro 2 review-in-progress at camerlabs / Night and day photos with the Fuji X-Pro2 at aboutphotography-tomgrill / X-Pro2 on Wheels at fjamesconley / FujiFilm X-Pro2 Film Simulations at botzilla / First Look part 1 at dearsusan / San Francisco with the Fujifilm X-Pro2 at sjl / Asbury Park New Jersey With The Fuji X-Pro2 at findingrange / Review of Fujifilm’s X-pro2 from inside an igloo at John & Jeong youtube / Acros film simulation with the Fuji X-Pro2 at aboutphotography-tomgrill / Thoughts about Street Photography (images taken with X-Pro2) at olafphotoblog /

Other X-series cameras

Streets of Belfast with the X100T at gaborimages / New Fuji X100T – Shooters Dream at daveyoungfotografia / Revival of my X100: 1 day in Bangkok at the-light-x-wanderer /Buy the new X-PRO1 at robvisualfuji / X-E1 Shoots Wedding Video at {Matchless} Photography youtube / Two and half years with the Fujifilm X-Pro1 and X-E1 at steveschwarz / Love how the Fuji X-E2 is for Theater at stanleyleary / X-T1: LAOS – Legacy of War at andybushphotography /X70 Vs. Ricoh GR at mirrorlessons (video) / Fuji X70 at a concert at sftwins / Ursula and Ivan’s Wedding at whitecubestudios /

Jpeg / RAW / Converters

Thinking of upgrading your gear? Don’t Bother – buy Iridient Developer instead at soundimageplus / Affinity Photo soon also for Windows / New Fuji Colour Profile Presets for Lightroom at thomasfitzgeraldphotography /

Tethered Shooting Software

The Tethered Shooting Software HS-V5 Ver.1.2 for Windows and the Tethered Capture Plug-in for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Ver.1.2 are now available for download.

Windows users can purchase the HS-V5 software for tethered shooting in Europe at AmazonDE, AmazonUK, AmazonITA, AmazonFRA and AmazonESP… still not listed as available in major US stores. How To Get the HS-V5 Tethered Software in USA: Here is how a FR reader bought his HS-V5 copy in USA – “Tethered Shooting Software is available in the United States directly from Fuji USA. Call (800) 800-3854 [FujifilmUSA Customer Information Services] – Prompt #4 (Parts). There you can order Fuji’s HS-V5 Tethered Shooting Software for the Fuji X-T1. The software price is $121.63, plus $9.95 shipping, plus tax (if you live in New Jersey). I ordered it over the phone with a credit card. Kelley [Fujifilm employee] told me that the HS-V5 software is available at retail in the U.S. at stores like B&H and Adorama, but they do not show it online.”


X-mount lenses

100-400 Samples at fredauxphotos / A ‚Monster‘ goes Zoo – Review of the new Fujinon XF 100-400mm at lichtklicker /

Travel X / Switch (or not) to the X / Fuji X for Weddings

One More Comment On “The” Decision To Choose Fuji over Olympus at thewanderinglensman / Travel Photography with the X-T10 at gusmank /