xjrumo confirms: X100S successor announcement at photokina, better AF and EVF + 24MP


 photo asd_zpscffec964.jpg

Let’s start with little rumor summary about the X100S successor.

February: Back in February (click here) I’ve spread the first rumors (of a new source) about the X100S successor giving the following specs: 24MP X-Trans sensor, faster AF than X100S, tilt screen, new fixed lens, new EVF, better than X100S, but not as much as X-T1, wider detection area.

May: Then, in May, mirrorlessrumors confirmed that the camera will feature an APS-C X-TRANS sensor and also said that it will be announced at photokina (September).

July: Now, also the usually well informed xjurmo confirms the specs: 24MP ASP-C sensor, better EVF and faster AF.

The Name: If you remember, I told you here that a new source shared a rumor with FR that I couldn’t publish because it said: “Please confirm it with your other sources first as marketing department might change the plans“. I did my homework and had a talk with our top trusted Japanese source. And it confirms: Fuji has plans to call the X100S successor X100T. So I shared the rumor. Now xjurmo’s source said that the name could be X100T or X200. So maybe the final word has not yet been spoken? However, he confirms that both option are/were on Fuji’s table.

The rumored specs list so far is the following:

(TS= trusted source / NeS =New Source / ASwN = Anonymous source with nick-name / AS = Anonymous Source / SRP = source who was right in the past, but not yet trusted / ORS = other rumor sites)

  • X100T (TS + NeS)
  • 24MP (NeS + ORS)
  • X-Trans Sensor (NeS + ORS)
  • faster AF than X100S (NeS + ORS)
  • tilt screen (NeS)
  • new fixed lens (NeS)
  • new and better EVF (NeS + ORS)
  • wider phase detection area (NeS)
  • announcement at photokina (ORS)

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  • robert

    I can’t wait…I’ll be first in line!

  • Dubititatif

    FUJI….PAINT IT BLACK !!!!!!!

    • Greg D

      Seriously. This shouldn’t even be a question.

    • MJr

      They already did though .. doubt they would stop now.

      • Randolph_Knackstedt

        But why didn’t they release the X100S black version at launch? I like the silver version I purchased when the camera was launched. But I would have loved the black version instead. Having Fuji release the black version way after the silver was released, and at the same price really pissed me off.

    • arhmatic

      And use as much metal at the exterior as possible!!! It’s really just a thin veneer.

      Metal adds little to the weight. I opened the 18-55mm ring, metal it’s really thin.

  • Why, oh why 24MP? What’s the point? I just don’t need this resolution. All it makes is me having to buy stronger computer with bigger hard drive…

    • nwcs

      Probably because Sony doesn’t build the smaller sensors in quantity anymore. Like it or not (I don’t like it either) the megapixel march continues. Resolution inherently is a good thing and I’m sure the noise characteristics of the new sensor will be the same as the older 16mp sensor we all know and love.

      • Still, we need to invest more in computers instead of glass for example :( I don’t remember printing anything larger than 70×100 cm (once or twice), and for that 16MP is more than enough.

        • Greg D

          How many more computers will you need to compensate for photos being 6mb larger? Fuji RAF files are already ridiculously large compared to the competition. Often larger than files from my 5D mk3.

          • I’m not sure if you’re being ironic here, but I see it like this – with every camera upgrade it turns out that my last computer is not strong enough anymore. One file’s size increase doesn’t matter, but multiply that by a couple of thousands images that I do every month… and you get the picture. I want to ditch DSLRs and switch to Fuji X system, and was so happy to see Fuji stay at 16 MP for a longer while. It seemed they wanted to stay there. I just hope this roumor will not come true :) But I know that Sony decides here.

          • Bill

            you dont have to buy the new one just keep shooting with the old. its just an offer not a must have…

          • Well I like the new, improved models/iterations. I just wish the MP war stopped. Better AF or EVF are cool. 24MP not so much.

          • Michael

            Maybe they will offer crop modes.

          • Greg D

            I was being somewhat ironic with the computers comment. But honestly huge hard drives are so cheap now–why is this an issue?
            It seems a bit ridiculous to criticize the sensor for a higher resolution before even using it. For all you know there could be an sRAW option.
            For me 24mp is the sweet spot as long as it maintains it’s low light performance and overall image quality. Definitely makes the more camera more versatile especially for product & architecture/interior photography which I do a lot of.
            Side note: I convert my RAFs to DNG. Much smaller file sizes. Typically 20mb or less.

          • HD are cheap that’s true, but I am more concerned with graphic card, processor and RAM – there’s only so much you can do with upgrading your computer. After reaching this point, you just have to buy a new model, that let’s you use more RAM for example. I’m not into changing graphic card in my iMac, thank you very much :) All the while you could be using your computer longer if you weren’t forced to get bigger sensor when upgrading your camera. I think Nikon stopped producing any DSLR with 16 MP (except this D4s tank of a camera and DF, but I’d rather buy Fuji).
            As for RAF to DNG conversion – what software do you use? Can you do that automatically in batches? Or is it one file process?

          • Greg D

            16mp to 24mp will not require a new computer. 2D image processing is pretty light as is. Might add a bit to your export times but nothing life changing. Your video card has no affect on image processing unless you’re referring to hardware acceleration feature in PS.
            With Lightroom or Bridge (Camera RAW) you can select to convert to DNG on import. RAF files are large. I’ve also noticed they are much slower to work with in Lightroom–thus I switched to DNG about a year ago.

          • Justtakethepicture

            Consider yourself lucky. When I think how much I spent on a darkroom in the 80’s. Adjust it for inflation and wow, it makes upgrading your computer look cheap.

            Just having some fun here. :-)

          • :)

          • Denis

            You can just by additional hard drive.

          • MJr

            Fuji files are bigger because everybody else uses lossless compression on the raw files (kinda like zip). That why RAFs are all the same size (plus metadata) rather than the noisy ones being bigger than clean low-iso shots like it should be, and is with most every other brand.

            So 24MP with lossless compression might not even take up much or any more space than 16MP without.

            When i look at the dpreview studio shots from a 5DIII the ISO100 file is 28.4MB, while the ISO102400 is 44.7MB! Which means that uncompressed (with a Fuji) each and every one would be the full 45MB or so no matter the ISO.
            Quite the difference if you have 1000s of images.

        • Bill

          ‘I don’t remember printing anything larger than 70×100 cm (once or twice), and for that 16MP is more than enough.’

          Lol seriously not. Especially when you want to have smooth gradients.

    • Michael

      I guess that is the evolution “forced” by market to not get behind standard. SONY builds the sensors and therefore sets the standard.
      I guess the 24MPsensor got so cheap now that FUJI jumps on that wagon now as well.
      But I would not be surprised if SONY brings a 36MP sensor in one of the NIKON DX cameras (one is the D7100 successor, the other one a D300s successor; all rumors though) to get it in line with their D810 FF beast.

    • mikeswitz

      Unless you have a Commodore II it really doesn’t.

  • Michael

    So FUJI seems to attach to every model a flip screen now? I don’t understand their selling strategy. It would certainly let the “classic retro” of the XPRO and X100s line suffer, as far as I’m concerned. Why not add electric contact at the bottom of the body and offer a screw in flip screen as an option?

    • nwcs

      I’d call fuji retro inspired and not retro. Why eschew modern tools where they are helpful? The classic shutter, aperture, etc were never broken. So going back to those gained something.

      • MJr

        Very true. Though i believe retro already means ‘inspired by’ (the past), while something actually old would be called vintage.

    • Greg D

      You don’t have to use it…Glue it shut. It’s your camera.

  • Colin

    I still wish that WCL-X100 had been a 0.66x converter rather than 0.8x. Then the X100 / X100S / X100T would be perfect for me.

    • Again, I’d rather Fujifilm made the X100 in several focal lengths, each f/2 or 2,8 (on the long/wide end), small, and basically all the same otherwise. Of course, replacing the shit by wire system with a real helicoid would be great.

    • VM

      Seconding that. I’d like a 24mm equivalent in a small package, as the X100S is the only camera I use, and 28mm isn’t wide enough.

  • DouglasGottlieb

    I sure hope that “T” doesn’t mean an XT1 DSLR style centered viewfinder… I love the rangefinder-esque design of these Fujis.

    Weather sealed please! And black and silver options at launch.

    • MJr

      Of course not, then it wouldn’t be a X100.
      Same reason the X-T1 is no X-E3.

    • Denis

      ‘T’ probably mean ‘third’.

  • ccr

    That’s going to be a very interesting Photokina this year – with 7D and X100S successors up for announcement. I better start saving some money.
    Rumored specs were more or less predictable – of course, AF will be faster, EVF better, resolution higher,… than on the predecessor.
    So the only real unkown is the new lens.

    • DouglasGottlieb

      I’d love a super fast lens if it could be recessed enough into the body to stay on the small side. Unlikely tho.

    • Lumen

      No to forget the E-M3 (maybe called E-M5 mark II) !
      Although nothing heard about it lately.

  • Mike

    I hope the new 24MP sensor will be the same as in Sony’s A6000 with the fancy AF.

    The new lens design is a big unknown though… Better flare control, less field curvature would be great, as well as better corner performance wide open. But having just invested into a TCL I hope it will still be compatible with the new design

  • splunge

    Love it. Keep it small, simple, fast and release it in black. Done.

  • hexx

    APS-C only or the sensor from RX1/A7/D610?

  • Dr.S

    X-trans or Beyer ???

  • What I hope (and which never will come) is a lens with a real helicoid. I use the X100s for just simple review product shots and the focus shift exhibited by the lens even when focused through the EVF in manual at very very close focus ranges causes a LOT of pain.

    I shot many photos today and when I clicked the exposure button, I felt the lens move slightly or stop down, and the photo went out of focus. This would NOT happen with a helicoid lens that was tied to mechanical guts that a motor didn’t drive in ALL instances, even manual.

    Otherwise, keep the f/2 lens, if possible, bring other focal lengths, and definitely upgrade the EVF. It is awful.

    • I thought this is the compensation for the focus-shift when stopping down. But that should improve focus, not make it worse. Maybe there is something wrong with your model?

      • Stopping down a lens can apparently hone the plane of focus, but if that focus plane shifts, it can do nothing. I have no problems when manually focusing on objects that are more than 30cm away from me, but within 30cm, huge focus shift occurs. It is probably 2-5mm in length, making macro photography almost impossible.

        Yesterday I shot small amplifiers and earphones for headfonia.com. Last week I shot larger amps and DACs. The large objects required me to be around 30cm away. The smaller ones required me to be much closer. And that is where I discovered this problem.

        Real helicoid lenses wouldn’t shift focus when the shutter button is pressed. They would only shift when you operate their helicoids, or in AF, when a motor would.

        The lens should also have hard stops for infinity and close focus. It should have distance labelled on the lens. It’s not hard.

        This penny-saving focus on fly-by-wire is pitiful in a so-called premium camera. Fujifilm make a great idea, but their follow through hasn’t been great.

        Even their ILC cameras have too many disconnects: marked apertures, labelled distances, no aperture rings, rings that go both ways, barrels that lack hard stops, aperture rings that lack stops and go whatever way you want them to go.

        To be a leader, you have to make decisions. Fujifilm are waffling more than anyone in the market. Do they want to support the mid-hi-end user? Do they want to support the low end user? Do they want to capture the constant switcher for a few months?

        Their modus operandi is invisible, and that is not good.

  • Frankie

    What would be very nice, and I know some people will totally disagree, is fuji to make the x100s replacement with a 50mm (35mm equivalent) f2 or wider. that would be a killer camera for me… and this would mean that I can keep my x100s along with its successorwithout having the same focal length twice. plus 50mm is my favourite FL ;)

    • Brian U

      Frankie pretty much nailed it.

    • Andy Farrell

      Count me as one of the ‘totally disagree’ people – I much prefer 35 over 50 equivalent.

    • nwcs

      I can see that only if they’re going the sigma Merrill route. I doubt it.


      I agree with you. I’m personally looking at the 32mm Touit lens of Zeiss, just because it had such a nice focal length. At least to me. 35mm in terms of full frame is too wide for me.

    • mondaybasil

      Since they just released the 50mm equivalent adapter, I think it’s almost a guarantee that the new X100 will have the same focal length as the old ones.

      • Tv

        I agree that a 35mm equivalent lens is most Likely as it is the best compromise for street work etc. However, a range of cameras with different fixed focal lenses would be nice but the one can buy an xpro2 with a range of Prime lenses.

    • 23mm (35 equiv) f1.4 if you can possibly squeeze it in please

    • Randolph_Knackstedt

      Just get the great tele adapter that turns the X100S into a 50mm (35mm equivalent) f2

      • That is a massive, unwieldy adapter that has a massive, unwieldy filter. It would be far more elegant to give options in the camera.

    • That, or make a 50mm equiv, a 28mm equiv, and a 90mm equiv also available. Market the X100s to a higher paying clientelle, like professional photojournalists, make it more robust, with mechanical bits where they count, and sell the system as perfect with three small cameras vs three large/heavy lenses on larger, heavier cameras.

  • Dan S

    f/1.8 and real mechanical focus please.

    • Mechanical won’t happen. It is more expensive and for some reason, mirrorless companies are on this fly by wire kick. It makes no sense, detracts from utility, and forces electronic errors such as refocus issues. I’m with you wishing for mechanical controls for the lens/aperture, but the chances of that happening are low.

  • Whippit

    Wow…another post with no new info. Can we please go back to incessant posts with links to buy an X-E2? Thanks.

  • W

    Was just about to pick up the X100S so this is perfect timing, i’m pretty excited to hear of a new lens design, if it’s wider than F2 it’ll be a big step up, also hope ISO performance has improved which is likely anyway. Keep it dead silent and make sure it comes out in black from the start, and you’ve got a sale already!

  • Cool news! Have a feeling the one about the X100S “successor” x200 or X100T or whatever it will be called is true.. probably why some places have heavily discounted the X100S with accessories to just under $1k!

    If true, I suppose no hurry to jump on those deals as the X100S across all retailers will sure to receive a major price drop soon to clear room for the new model.. not sure how much better the new X200 (or whatever it will be called) will be compared to current X100S, but the X100S is a very nice camera as is and for a significant slash in price, it may be worth picking up the soon to be older model, X100S, at a very discounted price.

    Personally, I’m more excited to wait for more info on the X-Pro2.. probably won’t be out till early 2015, but with fingers crossed, maybe that might change in time for the holidays at the end of this year?! … will have to wait and see in just a couple months.

    • Alex

      Same here, I own x-e1 and looking forward for x-e2 to be my update but only if it follows the line of x-pro1 in form and ridgidity and of cours better performance.
      I’m just step away from purchasing x100s, wondering now is it worthy to wait x200 or not???!!

  • Jens

    Exciting. Has to have more effective dust sealing than our current set of high end fixed lens bodies, though. X100S, GR, RX100 (all three), CoolPix A, and the X20 are all plagued by dust issues. We need a better sealing mechanism!

  • DiBo

    I makes sense that the X-Pro2 & X200 would be launched/announced both at Fotokina. Two faux-RF cameras using a lot in common likely even the sensor, I picture them already beside each other in a fancy display window ;-). Be aware, Fotokina is only a few weeks away (well…almost) so both camera must be very close to their final state and could be subject of the first leaks – we can be sure some photographers out there must be testing them. It would be one big step forward if the X-Pro2 would become available in same silver quality trim as the X100 instead of the extremely delicate black paint we had to live with on the X-Pro1. I hope everybody’s wrong and these are larger sensor cameras instead of ‘just’ APS/C and without that questionable X-trans CFA – take in mind they both will face competition from the RX1 and A7 range, likely in newer and better versions with better sensitivity & dynamics and super high ISO capabilities technically much more difficult or even impossible on a high pixel density APS/C CMOS.

    • Dr.S

      …”I hope everybody’s wrong and these are larger sensor cameras instead of ‘just’ APS/C “…

      there are 24MB APSC but also 24MB FF sensors on the market. surprise, surprise?

    • Dr.Seltsam

      I believe they will spare the next hundred for a bigger step. So:


  • DouglasGottlieb

    I like the names “XPro2” and “X200” better than “X100t.” “T” seems XT1 related. Just sayin’

    • Luzu

      Yes! Weather seal ’em! Give me mushy buttons again!

      Only the fewest people have dust and water issues with their cameras but everybody is demanding for sealing them…

  • Ratty Mouse

    A tilt screen on an X100 type camera is moronic. Fujifilm once again panders to the lowest class of customer. That’s fine for other X cameras but what Fujifilm once had with the X100, a classic, no frills camera, far truer than most is now being lost. Fujifilm wants to be the next Sony.

    And it is more than a tad hilarious how EVERY new Fujifilm camera boasts of faster autofocus, yet Fujifilm continues to “lead” the industry with having THE slowest focusing cameras that there is, bar none. You can look far and wide and NOT find a camera that focuses slower than those from FUJIFILM.

    • Samuel

      Canon EOS M

      • dave


    • Luzu

      You can make any AF more fast but at the cost of precision.
      I want my Fuji-X AF to be most precise instead of speedy and inaccurate.

  • Randolph_Knackstedt

    I hope the wide angle and tele adapter fit the new rumored lens.

    • Dr.S

      Will do for sure. The 49mm thread will be retained. Official info.

      • DiBo

        Unless of course the new lens has a different optical formula. That’s one of the reasons I try to avoid this kind of adaptors, it’s not a very cheap and even questionable solution after all and they come and go with newer camera models – I have seen a nearly identical story with video cams – after a few year you could buy this stuff for pocket money because it didn’t fit to any other model anymore.

        • Dr.S

          The adapters are x 0,8 or x 1,4. Other formula don’t exist as it is pure optics.
          OK, perhaps wont fit the generation superseding the X200 / X100T but Fuji is different, its taking care of customers….

          BTW Fuji: what about red color focus peak firmware upgrade for old but not obsolete X100 ???

          • DiBo

            “Fuji is different, its taking care of customers…” This is the perfect dream that which some clever Fuji marketeers want you te believe. How? By replacing your buggy, quirky camera with a newer one that is a little bit better every few months? Or by giving it the firmware it should have had at its release, but after about 2 years? Or by serving you – as I experienced – by a non-existing after sales org? In that respect, I’d even trust Nikon or Canon more than Fujifilm. Vapor statements. Fuji released the X100, X-Pro1 and even the X-E1 when they were merely in a prototype stage and not yet ready to do so and all the rest has just been a nicely presented kind of damage control to prevent that the whole X-series story collapsed on forums, in the press and in reviews. With the adapter, I don’t agree, I’ve seen this in video , in theory it could all work, in practice never when a manufacturer started changing models & lenses unless you accept a mediocre result, maybe.

          • Dr.S

            From this point if view you’ll right. The future of Fuji will depend on the strategy how they will split and then market the future APSC and FF lineup.
            Definitely for APSC they should slow down launching new and sometimes useless models and the update of existing models should not be in one year tact. For the upcoming FF am afraid that they will do the same mistake as with the Pro1 launched with only one lens. As enough lenses were on market the Pro1 was already old because of in house competition. The E2 had already some better parameters, so the Pro1 sales figures stays low because of that. But Japanese companies without American or European top management are like that!

          • Justtakethepicture

            What makes you think they will produce a FF line? Every indication is they are happy with APS-C and have no intention of creating another mount for FF.

  • Dr.S

    Please fixed screens for X200 / X100T (actually what for stands the T?) and Pro2!

    • Soli

      T=Tele ;-)

  • jose

    AF should be faster than XT-1 not faster than X100s.

  • alba63

    Lens? Will it still be the same old 23mm f2 lens? I’d say they should optically improve it in order to get a bit more out of the 24MP, specially wide open… If it is just the x100s with 24MP and a bit higher resolving EVF, that would be another lame upgrade. 24MP with better DR and better lens, yes, that might be convincing…

  • Why not F1.4 or let’s dream of F1.2!

    • studio1972

      size and cost?

  • garygraphy

    Just improve the lens performance at f2 and I’ll be happy… That is the main reason I did not get the X100s.

  • d

    Hopefully, they finally announce the X-Pro 2 at Photokina as well. It would be great if they designed the X-Pro 2 like the X100/X100s, as they are the sexiest X-Series cameras. If the X-Pro 2 has better dynamic range and resolution, 1/8000th sec shutter speed, and a brighter, larger EVF and OVF, I will likely get it.

  • Randolph_Knackstedt

    Tilt screen is a feature I’d really like to have. I’d like to be able to compose images of subjects in front of me while looking down at my camera like the old Rolleiflex cameras.

  • snowmen10

    … What happened to the Hybrid VF?

  • John B

    I’m not sure I’m keen on the 24MP sensor. Each size of sensor has its sweet spot as a compromise between resolution and quantum noise. For APSC sensors, I feel this to be around 16 MP. For full frame sensors I think this is around 24MP such as used in the Nikon D600. Resolution is not the only factor in image quality and it is not the most important.

    I think the current X100S has got it right. If I were to get one, it would be the current model. Still, the new 24 MP X100S should cause a price reduction in the 16 MP X100S :)

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