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Fuji Patents 28mm f/1.4 (equivalent in 35mm format)… but for small 1/3″ sensors (used also in smartphones).


 photo asd_zpsb5273447.png

Egami (click here) spotted  a patent about a 28mm f/1.4 (35mm equivalent).

Well, I do not understand Japanese, so the only way to read this patent for me is to decipher the cryptic version of the google translator. But I think the patent is for 1/3″ sensors (the sensor we find in the iPhone 5S, Nokia Lumia 920 and HTC one). So it won’t be a super-fast Fujinon XF wide angle lens.

Some speculate with a new lens for a 1/3″ sensor compact camera, but honestly I do not think/hope Fuji is still placing R&D into the point&shoot market. It would be a hopeless battle against smartphones. FinePix cameras are dead, and also some X-series cameras like the [shoplink 12885]XF1[/shoplink] and [shoplink 17996]XQ1[/shoplink] do not sell at all well.

It’s better to invest in making good lenses for smartphones rather than new P&S cameras… or make directly an X-Phone!

So here is the google translated version… but if any Japanese FR-reader out there can make a better one, then feel free to drop it in the comments.

“Fujifilm patent application for the conversion of 28mm 4.2 mm F1.4 in, it is, but approximately 1/3 type image pickup device It supports. Of the lens configuration of 7 pieces in 7 groups, everything is double-sided aspherical.

Patent application of large-aperture lens toward cell phones and smartphones is not it? One after another recently. that any manufacturers think What a together. Kondeji is large in the differentiation of the smartphone image pickup device are moving in, but we have already done the performance of the camera also works as a smartphone in the patent application, It is a cat-and-mouse game.”