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[UPDATE] XF 14mm: first impressions of dslrmagazine, phoblographer, Olaf and

[Update:] The Spanish dslrmagazine posted right now his XF 14mm review. Read it here (translated version)

image courtesy: dslrmagazine

dslr photo dslr_zps662ed8a6.png

1) The phoblographer published his first impressions of the XF14mm (specs&price). You can read them here. From the conclusions:

“In our tests so far, we’re fairly impressed with the image quality but still don’t think that this lens can touch the 35mm f1.4. However, we love the fact that Fujifilm decided to put a working depth of field scale on this lens. The build quality is also the best of the X series lenses released so far. We’re a bit disappointed with the autofocus performance on the X-Pro1, so far, with the latest firmware updates.”

image courtesy: phoblographer
phoblo photo Chris-Gampat-The-Phoblographer-Fujifilm-14mm-f28-first-impressions-samples-1-of-16ISO-64001-12-sec-at-f-28-680x453_zps33ff3bc1.jpg

2) I’ve received this mail from Fujirumors reader Olaf: “[…] I have just published sample images taken with the XF 14mm F2.8. Please feel free to share them with your readers. Regards, Olaf.”

“Since I sold my SLR gear and started shooting exclusively with X-series cameras I have started enjoying photography once again. I spend less time playing with menus and settings and focus instead on light and composition. The biggest drawback of the system so far has been the lack of wide-angle lenses – my favourite perspective. But my problem has been solved. This weekend I picked up the latest Fuji lens – XF 14mm F2.8. What a lens it is!”

Read the whole article and see Olaf’s shots on his website here!

Please note that these are sample images without any distortion correction applied. Processed in Capture One 7 and Lightroom 4.”

image courtesy: Olaf

olaf photo olaf_zps6e878cbc.jpg

3) Last but not least, the article here (translated version)

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