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I’ve found this interesting review made by Tony Bridge (read here) about the Oloneo PhotoEngine (click here). Antoine Clappier, the principal developer, said to Tony Bridge that

“Our goal is to set Oloneo as a recognized provider of professional software products for photographers. Looking at our customers today, we see that we have a large proportion of professional photographers. This is rather unusual for HDR and Tone Mapping products! Our competitors’ focus is to deliver images with a heavily processed “HDR look”. This can please the hobbyist but certainly not the pros. Our goal is exactly the reverse: creating natural images with invisible processing. The fact that many pros have added HDR/Tone Mapping to their workflow thanks to PhotoEngine shows that we are heading in the right direction!”

Click here to read the whole, comprehensive review. From the conclusions:

“If you are Fuji film X series owner, then you are going to want to have a hard look at this application. It seems to exhibit none of the bad habits prone to its competitors, yielding smooth tonal transitions, remarkable rendition of micro-detail, and superbly natural sharpness and edge detail. You can create a file which is both true and natural, or take its HDR abilities to the max. Files I made with the X-Pro1 show a level of quality so far unmatched by the Big Two (Adobe and Capture One).”

You can purchase the Oloneo PhotoEngine (website) for $149 / €125 or download the free trial version here. (no Mac version available. :-( d’oh!)

(thanks Paul for telling me of Oloneo via facebook)

  • Christian

    Interesting approach though I don´t really understand the difference to “normal” RAW converters.

    I tried it, but the lack of integrated noise reduction turned out to be a problem for me.

    • Gabriel

      It’s not a dedicated RAW converted, but a HDR software that claims to provide more naturale looking shot than other HDR programs.

      • Antonio G

        According to the specs it seems to have a RAW processing module.
        It would be interesting to try but as autoy says at the following comment no Mac version puts it aside.

  • autoy

    No Mac version, not for me.

    • tthorne

      Same here. No mac, no dice. Too bad. I wanted to try it.

      • Hanseberhardt

        No Mac version, also not for me

  • gunzzel

    It looks great, but how can they talk about ‘pros’ as distinct from ‘hobbyists’ but then not support the professional Mac platform??? No use to me and BTW, I’m just an engaged ‘hobbyist’!
    But more generally, Fuji really need to get on this and design something themselves. Silkypix is ok, but has an unfriendly GUI; LR and Capture One aint cuttin’ it yet. And DXO have dismissed the the XTrans algorithms as just too hard and/or not worthy of writing.

    I’m a huge X100 fan and eagerly await the release of the X100s, but the new sensor will never realise its potential without a dedicated RAW converter- I mean one that is designed from the ground up in parallel with the new sensor and processor architecture.

    The X-Trans and maybe the Foveon chips are the future. It’s only a matter of time before Fuji release a FF XTrans version, if only to see off the ridiculously overpriced Sony RX1. So come on, Fuji! You guys have been rightly acknowledged for your innovation and responsiveness to customer feedback, so lets see some decent, user-friendly software packaged free in the boxes- (Mac versions, too, of course!)

    PS, Christian, I still find the old school Noise Ninja application (now available as a free ‘legacy’ download to be better than any NR options in any software. save as a TIFF, drag it into NN and the result is always awesome, never blobby or painterly.

  • mps

    It uses DCRAW to do the RAW conversion, so will inherit any demosiacing advantages/disadvantages that DCRAW has with X-Trans RAW files.

    That said, I’ve not tried any DCRAW variants. I’m quite happy with Capture One.

  • LinuxForever

    And no Linux support :-(

  • MJr

    I hope the image above isn’t supposed to be a example of such a ‘natural’ HDR. :-|

  • Eric

    Just tried it on Fuji X-E1 RAW files. Incredible recovery of underexposed images. Far better than ACR (which can break TransX RAW files very easily). Didn’t use the presets (on the left) as I didn’t like the effects. Just used the High Dynamic Tone (Local Tone Mapper) and Low Dynamic Tone adjustments.

  • Peter

    The lack of Mac support is a deal-breaker for me.

    A shame, I’d love to see if the hype delivers real results over CaptureOne even if the interface at first glance looks trapped in the 1990’s.

    • Satori

      It is better!!! I am serious.

  • Mark

    I’ve been a Oloneo user since the product was in Beta. It isn’t a bad HDR program but there have been very few bug fixes and enhancements over the last two years. For example, they have been promising better image alignment for over two years but nothing has been delivered. It just doesn’t feel like they are in this for the long haul.

  • No Mac support.
    I dont care if it runs under Parallels or a VM and also there is no Linux version which will also be a deal breaker for some.

  • fred

    Any samples Oloneo image sample with comparison over C1 and ACR?
    It would be great to be able to see the difference.

  • Bernie Ess

    I have downloaded and installed Oloneo and processed a few X-E1 files.
    Observations (only image quality related):
    + excellent auto contrast settings
    + basically very good sharpness & details in the files (but see below)

    – Lots – and I mean really lots – of moiré and false colour artefacts, more than in Silkypix
    – other artefacts as seen in RPP (Mac), like the zipper pattern

    I am longing for an excellent killer app that converts Fuji RAW files to their best, but so far the best remains internal JPEGs and maybe C1

    But the experience shows once again, how problematic Fuji’s decision was to switch to the X-Trans sensor. One company after the other tries and (partly) fails.

    • gunzzel

      Yes, agreed, Bernie. But the problem is only a Fuji problem as long s they continue to not invest in developing their own RAW converter s/ware. At least Adobe, C1 and others have had a crack at it. Fuji needs to step up to the plate with a proprietary number of its own (maybe in conjunction with another mob, like Silkypix who nearly have it right).
      here’s a cornball suggestion for a name of the application:’The Fujifilm X-Translator”

      • Bernie Ess

        Agreed 100% – this has been my request in various forums since I have the camera. Even in camera to 16bit Tiff conversion would be a first step. Then a simple tool (converter) that brings all in camera parameters to the computer. With the same look (film simulations!!) as in camera, just better sharpness as it used to be in their older DSLRs.
        And yeah: “X- Translator” would be a nice name. Or “Hyper Utilities X” (Hyper Utilities was their old converter for the pre- X cameras) – Silkypix for Fuji does an ok job, but it is not a real solution.

  • Kevin Williams

    “…recognized provider of professional software products for photographers…” but no Mac support means they are ignoring a huge part of their potential market.

  • Phil

    You would wonder why there is no Mac version,a little crazy and bad business sense in this day and age.

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