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X100S at f/2: riflessifotografici feedback


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image courtesy: Max Angeloni (riflessifotografici) – X-Pro1 – 35mm, Color Efex Pro4

[Reminder: At the X100S Cnet review here the reviewer talked about an “almost unusable” lens performance at f/2 for anything closer than 10 feet (3 meters).]

I dropped an email to the riflessifotografici-guys. They are right now deep into the testings of X100S and X20. (on March 11 they posted the X100S first impression here, and the X20 first impressions here). So they are quite busy, but found the time to answer me.

They are checking the X100S “unusable f/2” and compared it also with the old X100 at f/2. According to their first impressions, they suppose that those reviewers who reported problems shooting wide open with subjects closer than 10 feet probably tested a pre-production X100S that may not have been perfectly adjusted.

So far everything seems to be ok. But for the final word we’ll have to wait their full review, where the X100S gets X-rayed by riflessifografici ;). Thanks guys.

have a great weekend

image courtesy: Max Angeloni (riflessifotografici) – X-Pro1 – 35mm a f/1.8, 6400 Iso – PP Lightroom 4.4

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