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X100 Story, the Most Loved X… and “Thank You” Mr. Kawahara, the Father of the X-series (who just left Fujifilm)


Fuji Manager Mr. Kawahara in an interview of 2013

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Most of us got to know Fuji Manager Mr. Kawahara back in 2013 thanks to this interview. Well, he’s the Father of the X-series, since he is the one, who conveived the original X100 and believed in it, even though many were skeptical. In fact, as explained in this latest episode “X100 -the Most Loved X“, fujifilm-x says:

In the beginning the X100 was criticized as much as it was praised. “Why APS?”, “Why prime lens?”, “Why rangefinder style?”, “????” So many critics questioned about the significance.

However, as it turned out, the product planner was not so concerned about the negative response that the camera was getting back then. Because, much more heated discussions had already taken place repeatedly within FUJIFILM. His name is Hiroshi Kawahara. He is the person who gave birth to the X100 Series.

Just recently, he departed to a different path, away from the product planning of the X Series. His last word was “Love the camera that you are involved with.” The camera he loved, is still loved by many.

If there is anyone of the FujiRumors community, who would like to express a “Thank you” to Mr. Kawahara, then feel free to do it in the comments. His last day at Fujifilm here on facebook.

Back to the story of the X100 line… the 23mmF2 lens, the leaf shutter, the design… there is this and so much to love about the X100 line.

Which model is the most lovable X? This may be a harder question to answer. And perhaps there is no end to the discussion, but we feel that one of the three X100 models perhaps is the most loved X of all.

FUJIFILM often set up a meeting with the X-Photographers to hear feedback on the products. […]

But a strange thing happens with the X100 series. The photographers all demand to “keep the camera the same and not change a thing.” This is not to say that we should not change at all, they are also expecting something new to the camera. To make the successor, we have to be careful on picking parts for improvement and parts to keep unchanged.

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