X-W1 image leaked: is this the new weather sealed X?


 photo asd_zpsfc206496.jpg

Is this the long rumored weather sealed X? It appeared at the facebook page of Art Photographer Dominik Fusina.

True or fake? I have my doubts. Why should this camera have the viewfinder selector (as on the X-PRO1/X100S) if it’s EVF only? And why does the exp.comp dial go only from -2 to +2, when the X-E2 goes from -3 to +3? And what’s on the left? Vade retro, mode dial!… but hey, you are the judge!

But, if it’s fake, it’s really well done (I mean the one with the X-W1 on the park bench).

Analize the image, drop your thoughts in the comments and vote the poll.

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Thanks to the FR-readers who spotted the image.

 photo Patrick_zpse517a3cc.png facebook, google+ and twitter

and here are more images from his website:
 photo w4_zps7dbf600a.png
 photo w3_zpsf372b8a6.png
 photo w1_zps12e2544b.png
 photo w2_zpsdaed46f3.png


  • The image? Definitely a fake! The camera? Maybe…

  • Phil

    I`ve seen some dodgy make ups in my time but this one takes the cake.
    Made me laugh though.

    • Phil

      I was only going on the park bench photo at first,now I`ve seen the rest,interesting.

  • Chase


    • I am sure there will be a black version, too. And probably one with wine-red leather, like the XF1 and X-A1.

      • Chase

        There better be a black version because that top black prism is simply weird on this silver one. It’s also too darn tall and that logo is distracting especially with the red accent. And the letter W? It may stand for weather sealing but Fuji can do much better…

      • Adrian

        Oh, so it’s not a fake, right? Just saying, everytime something you know it’s wrong comes up you like to point that out… now you say that there’s going to be a black version of that, so I take that to mean that the camera is real :)

  • Joel Zak

    Horrid! Look, you can’t tell me that it takes a body like this in order for a camera to be weather sealed! I’ve shot Leica M3’s and 4’s, early Nikons and believe me weather sealing an XE2 can NOT be such an issue!

  • Petros

    It looks like a really bad fake to me…
    And if it is not??? Well, I sure hope it is a fake… If they bring out a camera like this, then this will be the end of the marvellous X-line. At least for me.
    So I hope it is a hideous fake…

  • trustkill24

    This fake’s design looks terrible..

  • Michael McQueen

    I kind of dig it!! What kind of makes me think it’s not a legit camera is that the exposure comp dial is only 2 stops either way, and why would it need a mode dial..? And they lack of fn buttons as we all know fuji were smart enough to add extra fn buttons to the x-e2 and an extra stop either way on the exp comp dial..but in all honesty I dig the vibe this camera is giving me.. I like it a lot.

  • Fugenius

    I am pretty sure its a fake.

    1. The camera is supposed to be weathersealed. All buttons seem to be derived from previous models.
    2. There are atleast two style elements which are borrowed by the Nikon Df – the grip and the viewfinder cover.
    3. The optical/electronic viewfinder leaver is not explained yet.

    However, its very well done!

  • Looks like a render to me… but, I’m not an expert in the pixels and whatnot ;)

    • Looks like it fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.

      US$10 says it’s a fake rendering. Anybody on?

  • David B

    oh no, they did not learn from Nikon Df not to make ugly cameras?

    • tim

      they made the X-Pro1 …

      • hexx

        X-Pro1 is beautiful camera

  • donsantos

    This can’t be. This looks like a toy camera.

  • MrGecko

    Yup. Fake

  • Craig

    Soooooooo fake ;)

  • Paolo

    Sollte das kein fake sein, würde ich die Verantwortlichen für ein Jahr nach Grönland zum Eisberge-Rückwärtsschieben entsenden. Anschließend müssten sie alle ihre Kameras einsammeln, demontieren und Spielzeug für einen guten Zeck daraus basteln. Natürlich nicht nach eigenem geschmacksentstellendem Design.

    Schaurig! Stellen Sie sich vor: mit solch einem “Gerät” taucht Ihr Höchzeitsfotograf zu Ihrer Feier auf:

    Nein, danke.

    • Sakini

      Keine Angst, das ist nur eine witzige aber kluge Omage an die Nikon Df Kampagne. Aber gut gemacht.

  • Milan

    And it won’t come with the 16-55mm f/2.8 weather sealed zoom but with the 35mm f/1.4? Does that mean this is a new version of the latter lens, weather sealed and maybe with some other improvements (AF, IQ,..)?

    The images are strange, as the camera itself. But if it’s a fake, someone took a lot of effort in it.

  • Fred Cartier Bresson

    Just look at that hotshoe! No way Fuji would turn anything out like that.

  • I’m a vfx professional and can tell you without a shadow of doubt that the image on the park bench is a very bad render.

    Looks terrible, I don’t see why they’d go down this route at all anyway.

    • hexx

      I Amália Betty from a bench in a random park and can see that too ;)

    • I am not a VFX professional and can tell it’s a bad fake, so I can only imagine the nightmares you’re going to have after seeing this. When you wake up screaming in the middle of the night, know that you have a friend here you can e-mail for support :-)

  • Ranger 9

    Surely it’s obvious from the unconvincing front-element reflections and the too-smooth metal textures that this is a CGI rendering. The interesting question: Is it a CGI rendering of the real camera?

  • Terribly done. Very fake. A camera that is said to be between an X-E2 & X-Pro1 won’t have a mode dial especially with scene modes.

  • DaveCC

    That is one ugly camera. I sure hope it is a fake.

  • J.O.Rust

    Ouch! Really ugly and 100% fake (CG/3D graphics).
    Fuji would never design something like this.

  • I think the additional photos look pretty neat, where do I give fuji more money to preorder? Most likely a fake anyway.

  • What is the reason for the viewfinder to suddenly not fit in the camera body? The weather sealing??

    Seems like a major drawback for… Well, for a reason that is not obvious, which is bad for first impressions, which in turn is often bad for sales.

    Anyway, we’ll see. Some unique features here could make people still get it, besides the weather sealing that is. I can’t see many opting for a camera like this just to get that.

  • Srg

    Interesting take, may not be too far off Fuji’s own design. A more ergonomic hand grip and optional vertical battery grip would be nice. Also, a centered electronic viewfinder on top would free up space on the back of the camera… I would like to see a black version as well.

  • TJM

    HA HA HAAAAAAAA!!! How can anyone take this seriously!! This is hideous! Fuji would have had to lose their minds to make something this ugly – they make the best looking cameras around – did they suddenly forget! Obvious fake – terrible render by todays high standards – and really naf combination of various Fuji + Nikon design cues.

    Looking forward to the real thing.

  • I can’t believe this was actually posted here.

    It might end up looking like this, who knows… but this isn’t even close to realistic looking, as far as renderings are concerned.

  • Valentino

    Definitly not designed by Johhny Ives of Apple, who did a Leica design recently.

    The hot shoe is an eyesoar and the control wheel on the left looks like it would be in trouble if it rains. In any case, it ain’t pretty

    • Ive is the surname, anyway I can’t see any reason why would he want to have his name associated with Fuji

  • Bob

    Totally fake – it looks like a bunch of bits of images of existing cameras were glued together.

    Also, sooooo ugly. Fuji, please don’t copy that hideous Nikon Df — please!

  • Sakini

    Funny how it resembles the Nikon Df campaign – and the color combination too. Nice idea, and a good joke.

  • Well – even Fusina seems unconvinced. From his web site (translated from French and referring apparently to the CGI renderings): “Received this morning via email. I confess to being both as dubious as curious.” Doesn’t explain the image on the park bench though.

    • Zachery

      The park bench is 100% computer generated, and with a bad vertical morphic skew to boot. These are all 3d renders of a mockup, probably made by some random jerk who thinks this is a nice idea for a camera.

  • Also, the naming convention is inconsistent with all other X cams. You’ll notice that “X” always comes first – X100, X20, XPro1, XE1, etc…”X” is the brand – but this render calls it the “W-X1” – Fuji would NEVER buck the “X” first at this point. So, fake.

  • Fake! :-)

  • I voted fake, but nonetheless, these renderings are fun.

  • Raz

    Clearly a rendering, no lens with any coatings at all would have that many reflections. Don’t see why Fuji would make the drive menu into a physical dial, it would be more useful to have an ISO dial.

  • I voted fake. Because that is HIDEOUS.

  • Juri

    Is a 3D model dudes.

  • Renato S.

    These are simple renders. Just that.

  • Carl

    Looks like my Argus C-4 of 50 years ago!

  • Tom

    Please be fake…

  • mermadon

    Es una imagen tan falsa como un euro de madera. Demasiado grande para que tenga en sus tripas un sensor apsc xtrans,… Si fuera un Full Frame ya entonces me callo.

  • dennis

    Well the image could be that of the new Nikon Rf with a name change

  • I hope it’s fake. It looks terribly ugly.

  • Voted fake also. It’s definitely not a real camera.. it looks totally computer generated rendering.. even a non-working prototype wouldn’t look so fake.. especially the front lens elements.. chrome? i don’t know.. just has an unnatural depth and reflection. And what’s up with the viewfinder?! looks very generic and unrefined… doesn’t make sense to have a hybrid viewfinder switch since there’s no OVF like the rangefinder style X cameras nor should there be an actual mirror inside this mirrorless camera.

    There wouldn’t be so many design cues derived from the recent Nikon Df.. they just wouldn’t make such a lame rip-off of that same design.. and it looks nothing like the Fujica ST which it is suppose to be designed off of.. I’m sure the REAL weather sealed X camera will be much cleaner and none of that leatherette nonsense wrapping the pentaprism. I anticipate a silver and black version and it will soon be one of the best retro styled cameras to date.

    • Didn’t everybody also vote “fake” when Patrick posted the leaked image of the blue X-A1?

      • Fuzzy Duck

        If it’s the genuine article I would have to wonder if the Nikon and Fuji design teams had a bet to see who could bring the ugliest design to market, like a ‘dogfight’ for camera designers :p

        • But isn’t that “ugly” Nikon basically the best camera ever and talked about in every forum? Even in Fuji X forums (!), the threads about the Nikon Df are longer than all combined threads about the XQ1, X-S1 and XF1.

          • patrick

            I’ve read a lot of negative, disappointed, talk about the DF. But I suppose Oscar Wilde was right when he said: “There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.”

          • Indeed. A design like the X-W1 or Df makes headlines. With Fuji’s oh so limited marketing budget, that might be worth something.

          • Fuzzy Duck

            I can’t deny, it got people talking. My favourite review of the Nikon Df is really quite amusing:


            Anyway, ugly won’t stop everyone buying if it’s actually good, and sometimes and ugly looking product can have a charm and character that makes it pleasing.

            Regardless of the design, these renders are really poor.

          • I wonder how many death-threats Kai received after this. Can he even leave his home w/o police protection?

  • If this is true, I feel so sad for Fuji.
    They exactly copy Nikon Df. Plus, this camera will make x-series like a clown.

  • ScottD

    If that was designed by Fuji whoever was in charge should be fired and beaten with the same “ugly stick” he used when designing the camera. That has to be one of the most hideous looking things I’ve ever seen.

    • Just wait until you see the blue version (targeting the girls).

      • Fuzzy Duck

        Not sure if you’re joking about blue (and the wine red mentioned on the other post) but why would Fuji offer colours on the upper tier cameras while none of the XF lenses (except for the 27mm) are available in silver?

        • You mean “not available, yet”?

          • Fuzzy Duck

            It’s a curiously long delay to make silver lenses available, I wasn’t sure if Fuji wanted to do it beyond the basic models. Will we see them on the new roadmap then?

          • Fuji won’t just stop making new lenses, that’s for sure.

  • hexx

    Good luck Fuji and have fun ;)

  • Just a clone of Nikon df. CSC doesn’t use that bulky prism

    • Isn’t the hump designed to provide class-leading EVF magnification?

  • It looks like cg render.
    1- lens refflection…100% unnatural
    2 – shadow under camera…in CG we call in ambient occlusion ..looks very CG
    3 – materials used, just too clean again very CG looking
    4- whole camera vs bench and background ..it is too clean, as without noise or any optical imperfections

    Maybe the real camera will look like this but this image is CG composite

    • Yeah, it’s to bad that real camera companies use rendered images to show-off their real cameras, as well. So it’s hard to call a fake just by proving that the image is rendered.

  • MariusM

    Fake and fugly Fuji!

  • Scott Marsh

    Looks like a mock up but I like it ugly no, I shot for 30 years with OM 1 and 2’s, Canon F 1n’s they look just like it. Why the whining.

  • Belicosos

    Fake… But I love the look!!!

  • Sam

    I hope it is fake. It looks too much like a LEGO set from the 1980s. Looks aren’t everything, but I don’t want it to look janky…

  • Wouldn’t that be the worst place to put a VF? I’ve sometimes placed the wrong eye on my X10’s VF and found that my nose smudges the LCD; there’s no way to avoid that with this placement.

  • That’s as ugly as a monkey’s arse!

    • You definitely need a prettier monkey!

      • Andy

        Haha, nice Rico! I thought you weren’t going to weigh in with an opinion, but we have it. You think it’s uglier than a monkeys arse…

  • Thanks…but I prefer my XE2.

  • Vinman

    Also voted “fake” due to the seemingly obvious render. That doesn’t mean the product isn’t real, but I don’t think the images are of anything other than a graphic representation of something that still may or may not exist.

    I’ll need to hold it and see how it’s size compares with the pro and e1 before making any decisions. Weather sealing would be huge for my needs, but not with a huge size penalty. If it’s sized similar to the a7, I may have to go there…

  • Dean

    This can not be a Fuji MILC. Clearly the body design is that of a SLR as this design places the lens further away from the sensor to make room for the mirror. A simple comparison between the body design of the Nikon Df (which is an SLR) and for instance Sony’s A7r (an MILC) will illustrate the difference.

  • Gawaine

    this is a 3d rendering, not photo from real product.

  • David B

    What makes me think it is fake is the AEL combined with AFL does not make sense to me. They separated these buttons in XE2. So in a more advanced later model, Fuji combines these buttons again? That is illogical to say the least.

    • But isn’t Retro all about stepping BACK?

      • briny

        Are you trolling us, Rico? ;)

        • Just wait for the X-U1, Fuji’s first underwater camera system, totally inspired by Nikonos V.

  • JanIIISobieski

    When first pictures of Sony a7/a7r liked people also didn’t believe but it came true…maybe retro trend is over end now is just “make the ugliest/weirdest” camera trend? I sure hope that this is not even close to real thing, ther are companys like pantax and even sony(a7) fuji can keep producing nice looking cameras and live wierd/ugly department to them ;)

  • kalvin

    This is definitely not possible. Image is a fake. And should this not be the case, the engineers would win the price of the most ugly camera of the year

  • Fuzzy Duck

    An astonishingly bad effort.

    I was going to say something more constructive, but this isn’t even worth further consideration.

  • That hotshoe is just awful…looks like they literally just screwed it on top of the prism….that would snag on everyrything…

    • TJM

      It’s just ripped straight of the Nikon FM – this is a surrealist collage of a camera!

    • No risk, no fun!

      • TJM

        Rico are you on some sort of mischievous devils advocate bender today?

        I know you have a dry sense of humour but . . .

        • This site is called Fujihumors for a reason.

          • TJM

            Well fair enough, quite enjoy the teasing – was just getting a tiny bit worried you were being serious!

            You and Patrick have an interesting dynamic – brings a bit of intrigue and humour to what could be a pretty dry and geeked out subject.

          • Maybe it’s because we don’t tell each other anything. ;) Unlike many investment banks, the firewall between us really works, it’s as airtight as you can imagine. I believe Fuji had a hard time coming around and accepting me picking Fujirumors of all places to host my little X-Pert Corner blog. That said, I have no sense of humor that I am aware of. :)

  • Jan Safranek

    I love the design. If it is real, I will buy it.

  • Just translated it from French to German.
    The comment left below on his website is very funny.

    “It looks like a drunk night between the Nikon DF and the Fuji X100S”

    Definitely a fake.

  • carsten

    Definetely a fake. Why? Because all the other x-cameras are masterships of design, and this thing is one ugly bitch…

  • Bevan

    Regardless that this is a fake I still think this is far better looking than the pumped up on steroids looking Nikon df. The Fuji hopefully will have a similar depth to the film camera it was based on and I’m hoping the prism isn’t as high and if it was an all black version it would probably look like a Nikon fe2/fm3a etc which are good looking cameras in my opinion.

  • Milo

    Hideous. X-Pro 1 is beatiful.

  • Peter

    From Rico’s replies I fear it may be real!

    • As usual, I didn’t say anything.

      • kalli

        you are saying a lot, except all you are trying to do is generate traffic….it might work, but you might lose credibility too. you are suppose to me the expert here…..this is blurring the line between rumor and traffic generating hype.

        • patrick

          generate traffic? You should ask Dominik Fusina why he leaked this images. I think he’s the one who generated all this buzz here. Not Fujirumors and not Rico.

        • I have nothing to do with the rumor part of Fujirumors, so please refer your comments regarding this stuff to Patrick. If you aren’t interested in rumors, you better don’t read them. :)

          Luckily, it’s a free country, so I am allowed to post comments on rumors that I read.

          • Andy

            It’s a free country??? How does one go about becoming a FujiRumors citizen? Can I stay in the DPR of Korea? Can I be a dual passport holder? So many questions… ;)

  • Georg63

    This seems to be a render (pespective seems odd), and it must be one of the least attractive cameras I have ever seen. A “hongkong made toy” nightmare from the early 80ies.

    hard to imagine that Fuji will offer this “jewel” to the public.

    • Tv

      Toy cameras are very cool at the moment

  • DTB

    Get over it – the weather-sealed milc will be designed like an SLR, not a rangefinder. We have known that for the past few months.

    While I don’t like how much the label stands out on the viewfinder, and the image may be fake, I don’t think it will look much different than this. Personally, I don’t think it is uglier than any other SLR; and, it definitely has a better design and look than the hideous A7/A7R.

    One thing that is interesting to me is that it has a lever similar to the EVF/OVF lever. Perhaps it will have a hybrid viewfinder, but I highly doubt it. To those who think the OVF is pointless, it was very useful for me when I was shooting in the bright golden-hour light at Ocean Beach, San Francisco a few days ago. I like the option, even if it has parallax error.

  • compare it to the original Fujica ST701, the sleek, elegant and bare lines of this edel-spotmatic. this render illustrates the overly compicated forms, colours sizes, knobs and buttons of all post Nikkormat Nikons. where is your inspiration, guys?

  • DTB

    Another thing that would make it very interesting would be to omit the X-Trans sensor and use a bayer sensor instead. If so, they could use a higher megapixel sensor, which would set this camera apart from the existing X-Series cameras and satisfy two of the most common requests from critics: use a bayer sensor and increase the megapixel count. If so, I hope they omit the AA filter as well, as I don’t like the unnecessary blurring of the image from AA filter.

    If they use a bayer sensor without an AA filter, I may get this as my second X-Series body, to compliment my X-Pro 1. If not, I will likely wait for the X-Pro 2, which should be fantastic if they are waiting for a breakthrough in technology, such as the organic sensor – perhaps by 2015.

    • Aswang

      I sure hope they dont increase the megapixels. 16 is the magic number for aps-c.

      • DTB

        For high-iso performance, I think you are right. It would be interesting if it has a bayer sensor without an AA filter though. And, if these are not fake images, the lever on the front raises a question about whether it will have a hybrid viewfinder.

        • I don’t see why Fuji would give up X-Trans for APS-C (or 2/3″) anytime soon. So I don’t see a replacement for X-Trans in 2014 or 2015, but I certainly expect a third-generation X-Trans offering somewhere down that road.

          After that, you never know, maybe that organic sensor does become a reality someday. As mentioned earlier, I wouldn’t expect X-Trans for any potential FF offerings.

          • DTB

            Yeah, I am sure they will use an X-Trans sensor for this camera. That said, it would be interesting if they offered it with a bayer sensor, and kept the X-E and X-Pro versions X-Trans sensor cameras. That would give everyone, even the critics, an option. Personally, I love the image quality and colour accuracy I get out of my X-Pro 1, so perhaps the X-Trans sensor is the best choice…who knows.

          • Fuji won’t offer Bayer versions, they must have learned from the M1/A1 debacle.

          • DTB

            By the way, what is the lever on the front of the camera for? Assuming that these are not fake images, what could it be used for? Is it possible that this camera will have a hybrid viewfinder, with an OVF through the lens? I highly doubt it, as that would require a mirror; but, that would be interesting…

          • DTB

            Yes, the M1/A1 debacle was even annoying to read about…I am sure it hurt sales of the X-M1.

          • It will be interesting to see the numbers when the fiscal year ends in March. The imaging division might post the loss of the century (if they are lucky) or the millennium (if they aren’t lucky).

          • DTB

            That is sad. Hopefully they turn the corner before it is too late, as they are the only camera company designing cameras that I am interested in at the moment.

      • DTB

        If it has a hybrid viewfinder, however, it would have to be through the lens as well, which would require a mirror. So, that is doubtful. I wonder what the lever is for…

  • Tv

    It looks fine to me. Similar to the OMD, Sony A7 and Nikon Df. IMHO they look much better in the black and I suspect this next Fuji camera will too. I have no idea if it is a fake or not but the rumored specs are pretty good.

  • DTB

    It is arguably ugly compared to a rangefinder-like design. However, it isn’t that bad for an SLR-like design. Perhaps I would prefer a silver viewfinder, rather than two-tone, but I don’t hate the design. If it has some interesting features, other than weather-sealed and a brighter viewfinder (a higher megapixel bayer sensor w/out an AA filter, faster AF, and/or a hybrid viewfinder), it will likely be very popular. Performance trumps looks. So, despite most people’s preference for a rangefinder-like design, it could be a great addition to the X-series.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they introduce it with a bayer sensor, like they did with the X-A1, as many people have been requesting that they provide a bayer sensor option, like the X100. That would make this camera a very interesting option and would make a lot of sense, as it would be different than the others and would satisfy many critics of the X-Trans sensor.

  • jojo

    looks fake, I really hope it is. I was looking forward to the concept of this camera, but not to this!

  • Tobi

    I think it’s a fake too but actually quiet like it. Replace the mode dial with an ISO selector and make a second version without the rear LCD screen (just a superb EVF) and I would definitely buy one!

  • Please please… I want one… I need one… PLEASE!!!

  • ronin

    The font on the non-pentaprism is way too small. It should be bigger.

  • One More Thought

    I think it is a fake, but I also think it looks nice. I think it looks far better than an XPRO1 for instance.

    My only quibble with the design is the hotshoe…it sticks out too much, it seems like it would be a problem with regards to safety, or with getting stuff accidentally caught with it…plus, it is does mess up the looks some.

    Other than that, this is a retro design, which is what many people like these days…I don’t know what the real problem some people have with this design. Of course, if it would be real then the devil will be in the details…the size, weight, etc.

  • Ian

    You can tell the images are fake, even the one on the park bench. Either that or they put a crap lens on it, just look at the severe reflections on the lens, that’s light not getting to the sensor.

  • DTB

    Actually, after looking at it for some time now, I don’t mind the design. Compared to other SLR-like designs (OM-D, Nikon DF, and Sony A7/A7R), in my opinion, it has the best design and looks. For anyone that would consider an OM-D, this has a much nicer design and look; and for those that were wishing the DF would be designed more like a digital FM, aside from not having an iso dial, this os closer to that look and size. So, I don’t understand what all the complaining is about.

    If the hotshoe was removable, which I don’t think is possible, it would look much nicer.

    The most important thing, however, is performance. If the EVF is much brighter and larger than that in the X-E2, the AF speed and accuracy are improved, the image quality and colour accuracy are excellent (like the X-Pro 1 or better), etc, this camera should be popular.

  • Tom

    Since Rico seems to be indirectly supporting this rumor, (& doing a decent job at damage control :) ) and Rico doesn’t strike me as a fool, I’d say the camera is real even if the image isn’t.

    How long before we find out the purpose of the “VF selector” switch?

    • patrick

      Rico said that it looks like a classic Fujica (now that is not really a news, I’m saying this since months!) and that a rendered image does not mean that it’s necessarily a fake image (nor a real image). From his words I can’t really see anything confirmed. He’s simply discussing the rumor as everybody here does.

      • Tom

        Fair enough. Regarding the front VF switch, again assuming it’s going to be on the actual production model, could it be a magnification lever to toggle through multiple magnification values?

        • An additional Fn button at the front makes sense to me.

        • patrick

          I’ll hopefully soon be able to tell you what that lever is for (if the image is real… which I still doubt).

  • Pelex

    Another vote for a dedicated ISO dial instead of a mode dial.
    Perhaps we can “lean” on the rogue 3D draftsman who came up with this, and tweak the current rendering to our liking? No doubt he’s reading these very replies. (I don’t think this came Fuji)
    I’m not sure why the EVF/OVF switch is included on the front, when the rumoured new body will be
    improved EVF only? I’m also hoping for diopter correction dial, which looks left out. It does look thinner and more film slr-like in proportion than the Nikon DF. That alone will win Fuji sales.

    • Pelex

      Even if it’s another 3D rendering, I would like to see a black version….

  • john

    reminds me of the Konica Autoreflex T3, I like it!

  • Tair

    What’s the use of a weather sealed body if the lenses are not?

    • tim

      Taking photos, car splashes water on your camera and lens, change the lens … adapt and continue … all is good.

      • In really bad weather, I’d probably attach a weather-sealed lens to my weather-sealed camera.

        • tim

          Well, its Fuji, so if it is weather sealed its only because the direct competition for the new camera is weather sealed – and they are. That’s the unfortunate reality for Fuji at the moment – not even trying to look good, just trying to be relevant with the current body lineup. Don’t think this can last too much longer …

          Still, weather sealed body and a weather sealed constant aperture f2.8 zoom would probably take care of Sony threat for a while.

          • Tair

            “Still, weather sealed body and a weather sealed constant aperture f2.8 zoom would probably take care of Sony threat for a while.”

            Well… That’s more like it and i hope they do. I’m still indecisive between the Olympus Em-1 and the Fuji system, and i hope Fuji come up with something like the Em-1 in terms of body constructions and ruggedness.

          • Of course. Weather-sealing isn’t introduced because it was in any way necessary, but because plenty of forum boys keep DEMANDING it. I have no problem with my old X-Pro1 in heavy tropical rain. It’s the same with wifi and other features, like a built-in HDR function.

          • tim

            IMHO I think Fuji’s downfall will be “behaving like an electronics company”, especially wrt pricing … and listening too much to their users.

          • Trying to please forists is a surefire recipe for disaster.

      • Tair

        Obviously, but it’s useless to have a weather sealed body if the lenses are not.

        The existing XC lenses are not and i don’t think Fuji will relaunch them with weather sealed capabilities.

        • Why would Fuji relaunch existing lenses when they can simply launch a few new weather-sealed ones? I am pretty sure they will not re-launch weather-sealed versions of the X-Pro1, X-E1, X-A1, X-M1 and X-E2, either. They would rather launch a new weather-sealed body like the one this rumor is about.

        • tim

          I would find a weather sealed body useful, but I don’t trust Fuji build quality, just this morning I pushed in the eyepiece glass in while cleaning my XPro1 … I think I can unscrew and fix this? But whats the point of spending this kind of money if the equipment falls apart.

          Lets see. Perhaps they do a trade in deal on old XPro1’s ;-)

          • That’s totally normal. The ZEISS diopters I use (Zeiss is an optical company known for their terrible build-quality) push in at light touch. It’s a feature so you can remove the glass from the ring in order to clean it. They are fixated with a tiny spring.

          • tim

            I’m so happy, really. Will need a dab of glue to hold it in place but still cheaper than a new camera.

          • I have dismantled and reassembled my diopter rings many times (usually for cleaning purposes, as it’s much easer to clean the glass up to the edges w/o the metal ring in the way).

  • Tv

    I am really not sure why people’s early reactions above were so negative. It looks pretty good to me. Even if it is a fake ( and I am not convinced it is) it is likely to look something like this. Perhaps by thinking it is a fake their initial reaction was negative. Perhaps the retro thing us starting to run out of steam. Any way I will likely buy one

  • Fuzzy Duck

    In case anyone missed it, and I think there are a few, the creator admitted this is fake.


    • In another words: I think the X-W1 was a prototype of the X-T1!

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