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X-W1 image leaked: is this the new weather sealed X?


 photo asd_zpsfc206496.jpg

Is this the long rumored weather sealed X? It appeared at the facebook page of Art Photographer Dominik Fusina.

True or fake? I have my doubts. Why should this camera have the viewfinder selector (as on the X-PRO1/X100S) if it’s EVF only? And why does the exp.comp dial go only from -2 to +2, when the X-E2 goes from -3 to +3? And what’s on the left? Vade retro, mode dial!… but hey, you are the judge!

But, if it’s fake, it’s really well done (I mean the one with the X-W1 on the park bench).

Analize the image, drop your thoughts in the comments and vote the poll.

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Thanks to the FR-readers who spotted the image.

 photo Patrick_zpse517a3cc.png facebook, google+ and twitter

and here are more images from his website:
 photo w4_zps7dbf600a.png
 photo w3_zpsf372b8a6.png
 photo w1_zps12e2544b.png
 photo w2_zpsdaed46f3.png