X-T1 price: €1200 ( ≈ $1300).


 photo X_zpsd592314c.png

According to a new source, these are the prices in Euro for the X-T1 and the various kits. Considering that the Euro/Dollar conversion for cameras is almost 1:1 (the X-E2 costs €900 in Germany and $1000 in USA), this means that the X-T1 could actually cost around $1,300 in USA!

The source also said that the price is still unofficial.

– X-T1: around €1,200

– X-T1 + 18-55mm: around €1,600 [UPDATE: FR-source drphotorumor said “Fuji will sell the kit for £1600 in UK”]

– X-T1 + XF18-135mm (weather sealed): around €1,800

I’ve spread the first rumors (from trusted sources) of a weather sealed X coming in January at the end of October. Right in time and reason enough for some of you not to buy the just announced X-E2 and wait until January… and now it’s almost here.

Now, you can support several months of X-T1 rumors and leaks on January 28th, if you purchase the X-T1 using one of the shoplinks (Amazon, Bhphoto and Adorama & Co) on this blog. Fujirumors will get a small commission on it. No extra costs for you, but you’ll allow me to keep this blog running.

So thanks a lot… there are still many rumors to give this year! And I can do it… with your support.

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  • Gaytan

    Hello Patrick,

    what about the new zoom 16-55 mm f2.8? Will it be weather sealed and sold in a kit with the new X-T1?

    • Scott Marsh

      There is hope and I want the 16-55 more then I need a X T1 but will take both as they come out.

    • patrick

      don’t know now. Will tell you as soon as I know more about the other lenses on the roadmap

  • I wish they had an affordable 85mm lens for their X System because I already love this camera <3…

    Either this or Sony A7 though camera wise I prefers the X-T1 even with the smaller sensor.

    Both are missing a 85mm lens…

    • S.P.

      Fujinon 56/1.2 is a 85mm FF-equivalent in terms of field of view…

      • I know but I rather want a 135mm equivalent on APS-C (that’s why I meant 85mm lens not equivalent ;). I am just used to it with my Canon 85mm 1.8 on my 40D :3

        • A 90mm f1.8 and a 70mm f2.4 1:1 macro would be great!

          • Alex

            Leica build a 90mm f/2 wich 55mm filters and 473g weight. If we add f/1.8 and AF it would be about 62mm filters and maybe 550g. Maybe lighter, As the 56/1.2 is only 405g. The aperture of the 56/1.2 is 47 mm and the aperture of a 90/1.8 would be 50 mm. So it is totally reasonable to have a compact 90/1.8. I would like it.

          • MJr

            Voigtlander has a 75/1.8 for M-Mount. Not the same, but it’s interesting, and affordable. I also would rather have a 90/2, or even F2.5 than one of the fast tele zooms that are on the roadmap … because it can be compact.

        • jonnie

          Hi, I know what you mean about an 85mm, I had a 100mm f2 for my 40d, it was my favourite lens and I should never have sold it. Im seriously thinking of picking up a 40d and 100mm as fuji arent any where close to releasing one. Cheers jon

    • Walid

      Luffy, the 56mm Fuji is a 85mm-equivalent Lens…

      • Only if you compare it to full frame.

      • Wayne Summers

        85MM equivalent does not make a lens 85mm. 85mm will be a 85mm 50mm will be a 50mm etc so I don’t understand why people keep saying that as if the 56mm is actually 85mm. If someone says they want a 85mm lens then that means they want a 85mm lens and the look of a 85mm lens. It does not matter what the equivalent view is it will never be a 85mm.

        • Luzid

          I am only interested in the angle, nothing else.

        • ronin

          Um, because they are interested in the angle of view the lens cover?

  • P. Esco

    That would mean old sensor which is a bad news…

    • Scott Marsh

      I know some don’t like it but it is great for me. I don’t need 20 mp or larger files you get. Realy have you printed big to look yet?

      • Geoff

        Agreed but an even better image quality at high ISO would be welcome!
        Anybody do not want a native 200-12800 ISO sensor fully useable, packed in an hybrid camera rather than a Nikon D3s / D4? uhhh?

        • MJr

          Damn high iso, the high iso is fine, i do want / would appreciate better resolution and color accuracy at ISO100 more. But they’re the experts so whatever they need to do is fine.

    • One of Fujifilm’s possible problems is the doubt about a change to “new” sensors that require new algorithms for RAW files conversion (new patent for X-Trans design or “organic sensor project). This is one of the reasons why DxO doesn’t support X-Trans cameras.

      If you talk just about zillions of pixels it may be good that Fuji doesn’t enter the Mpx war for now as it would mean heavier files and not that impact on IQ due to pixel count alone.

      • I know what you’re saying…but really, who cares whether DXO supports X-Trans files or not. 90% of the people who complain about DXO don’t even use the SW, they’re just measurebators who are annoyed that there isn’t a ‘DXO sensor score’ to make them feel warm and fuzzy about their camera purchase.

      • Lefred

        I believe more pixels don’t necessarily mean larger files : these additional pixels can be specialized in phase detection autofocus, or used for pixel binning for example.
        While users can often be satisfied with a low resolution output file, I think the overall camera performance can be improved by a higher resolution sensor. :)

  • catflap

    Patrick – 3 questions

    1) Any guess as to release date?
    2) If faster focus would this be software (so applicable to X-E2 as well)
    3) Do you have any UK amazon links as I am going to buy something soon.

    I am either to buy a used X-E1 and wait for release / reviews or get a new X-E2 now or just wait for X-T1 ASAP. :)

    • Rich

      I can highly recommend buying refurbished directly from Fuji – good prices on kit which is [often] essentially brand new with a 1yr warranty. X-E1 kit for £649.98 at the moment or X-E2 kit for £999: http://shop.fujifilm.co.uk/refurbished-digital-cameras

    • patrick

      1) rumors say mid-February
      2) if it will focus faster (we will soon know), and if it is just software related, then yes, a firmware could improve AF-speed on the X-E2 too.
      3) No, I have no affilitation with Amazon Europe. In UK I’m affiliated with wexphotographic.

      • TJM

        Willing to bet WEX offer better service to Photographers – and they pay their taxes in the UK!

        Good move Patrick

        • DanM

          Indeed, Wex are excellent, great service! Used them many times.

        • I prefer cliftoncameras.co.uk – 2 years standard warranty, I bought there my X-Pro1, lenses and also Sigma DP2M

          • Dan

            They’re very good too, bought a D610 from the, recently excellent value and service.

      • TJM

        Also Patrick – I’d love to here any rumours about video capabilities + controls you can glean from your sources.

        P.s – do you have to fly around the world accepting brown envelopes in gloomy car parks – or do you just use e-mail?

        • patrick

          hehe, email and skype, that’s it.

      • Tommy

        Would it be E-M1 fast?

    • catflap

      Thanks, yes I use WEX!! The others were all amazon so thought that was your only affiliation, will click the link above when I buy.

      • patrick

        thanks a lot for your support catflap! As soon as I see the X-T1 available on wex, I’ll provide the link on FR.

  • Bob

    No surprise here: Americans getting cheap electronics yet again. Well, I guess the average American needs all the financial help they can get, when compared to us more affluent Europeans.

    • Scott Marsh

      LOL well I don’t know who prices them but the wages are still way behind in the US.

      • Jp

        earning $30000 doesn’t equal £30000 or €30000

      • David

        maybe, but so are the taxes

    • Geoff


    • Carlos Lacroze

      It’s all about taxes, voted by citizens… Complaining in Europe? You should come to Argentina!

      • TJM

        Is that an invitation? Will their be sunshine, fine wine and massive steaks?

    • ronin

      True, Americans with their one or two week annual vacations vote for European politicians who then implement taxes on European citizens.

      • According to “bob” you can afford higher taxes.

    • @ bob
      Theres always Leica or hassleblad for you affluent types….then you wouldn’t be so converted about what kind of deals Americans get.

    • Pdf Ninja

      US prices don’t include taxes, European prices have the 25% VAT included (27% in some countries). That doesn’t mean Americans don’t have to pay sales tax, it’s just different in each jurisdiction, therefore it’s not included in the list price. Even if the vendor doesn’t charge the tax, most states require it to be reported on the income tax return by April 15th. So for a fair comparison, you have to divide European prices by 1.25, and then compare it to the US price. If you still see a difference, it’s because of currency fluctuations.

  • This + 24 MP APSC = perfection for studio-landscape works.

    • Scott Marsh

      16 mp Thats set.

  • Scott Marsh

    Yep I be getting one later I just got an X E2 and happy but will sell my X E1 that I am still happy with BTW. Wont need 3 cameras to drag out.

  • Its almost same as the yen conversion… By the way ePostel listed camera as X-T1. so name can be confirmed..

  • pega

    i think what we’re looking right now is the once-called x-pro2.
    in terms of usability this should be far superior to the x-pro1, i love the manual controls. even if they updated the x-pro1 with a new sensor, keeping the old design/layout, it won’t compete with this one here!

    • halo

      I think X-Pro2 is more likely to arrive this september and with more gorundbreaking news. This is something else.

    • Jon Ingram

      The x-pro 2 is a flagship camera, and the title will be reserved for a “major breakthrough” camera. The x-pro 2 will feature a slightly higher MP sensor, improved ISO performance (even with the extra pixels), excellent EVF, and most importantly a large advancement in AF. I wouldn’t expect the x-pro 2 for quite a while, with the xe-3 to follow before the New Year. But then again, what do I know?

  • marco

    It sound realistic.
    X-e1/e2 were 999 at launch, x-p1 was 1599.
    So 1200/1300 at launch and 100/1100 few months later it sound realistic.

  • Mr Flappy

    It has a flappy screen, I’m in.
    Pre-order waiting.

    • But no flippy flash :-(

      • Mr Flappy

        Flappy but no flippy, darn. ;)

  • Greg

    Does that mean that the rumor about 180,000 yen would point to a 18-135mm kit? That would be a great price for the combo at about £1k…

  • DanM

    I wonder if the 18-135mm will be as good IQ as the 18-55mm. I’d probably wait until it’s tested, even though it covers a really nice range.

  • Cheyne D

    I have an X-Pro1 would this be an upgrade?

    • Even the X-E2 is an upgrade from the X-Pro1 (if you put aside the hybrid viewfinder)

  • Pelle

    I would trade the weather sealing and flip screen toy thing for a better sensor in a heartbeat.

    • TJM

      Fuji are going to make the most of their latest sensor tech – putting it in various bodies with distinctly different benefits in terms of form + features makes a lot of sense.

      Looks like X-Pro 2 will be the big jump – also sensible or how is it going to be clearly above the X-T1 in the lineup and set the standard?

      Just business – they’re maximising the potential of their investment – which has produced a very fine sensor worthy of a good deal of praise from many sources.

      • If I was a betting man, I’d say the xpro2 will feature a hybrid viewfinder (ie evf and ovf) with a ff sensor of 24mp. IMO, anything less than this would be a pointless upgrade considering the bases covered by the xt1…

        • TJM

          Please don’t start the FF thing again! The current APSC sensor IS FF – it’s a sensor and lens system designed together to work for optimal quality.

          I seriously doubt going to a 35mm will be Fujis next move – again – back to their investment – in sensor tech and lenses, not to mention their commitment to their customers.

          20+ MPix sounds more realistic – but in APSC form. Agree on the upgraded hybrid viewfinder – would be great. And maybe a beefed up processor and focus system?

          I may be wrong but happy to place a sportsmans bet.

        • Wantsfuji but…

          Yeah there are still features missing in the xt1 which easily justifies a x-pro 2

          all the features of the xt1 including weather sealing hopefully

          20-24 mpx. new sensor aps-c (fuji managers said no ff in the near future)
          new hybrid ovf+evf
          new faster processor
          new better af system
          better wifi implememntation remote control via pc / tethering


          250/320 flash sync
          native 100 iso (or even 50)
          faster shutter speed 1/8000 (like em-1, 3 year old nikon d7000)

          plus introducing of new flash units /system and the new 16-55 2.8 weather sealed lens in september on the photokina in cologne/germany

          I hope my dreams come true…

    • Kapre

      I really dont get it, whats wrong with the current sensor? Have you maximized it already for you to want a “better” one, whatever “better” means

  • Steve

    Hey Patrick thanks for your work, any chance you can provide a link to preo-order from France ?

    Cheers ;)

    • Benji

      I don’t need the features…I need a better sensor. Not a huge fan of the colors and the ISO inflation needs to be corrected.

    • patrick

      I have no affiliation with French stores

  • Maybe Fuji released the unofficial prices on purpose and is now watching for the reaction. If we all go like: “1200€ is too much, but I would buy two for 1100€” they might change their mind. If everybody says “1200 is fair” maybe they will increase it a bit in the end. ;)

    • shadowc

      I agree. 1000€ for the body is the best price!

  • wilbur

    Dear Patrick,

    How do you think this price fits in with previous predictions that the price of the X-T1 would be between the X-E1/2 and the X-Pro 1? The reason I ask is that currently it’s pretty easy to find the X-Pro 1 body on sale for $1100 or less (in the U.S., at least). A price of $1300 for the X-T1 might imply that an update to the X-Pro series may come sooner rather than later.

    • I think the overall picture is, the X-T line is between the the X-E line and X-Pro line, not specifically in between the X-E2 and X-Pro1

    • jypfoto

      I think the intention was for the price to be between the two introductory prices, not the discounted prices. XE line is around $1,000 body only, X-Pro 1 around $1,600. So if the XT-1 is $1,300 it’s exactly in the middle.

    • patrick

      there will be an X-PRO1S or X-PRO2 one day (or both), and this one will cost more than the X-T1

  • Ranger 9

    Yes, Fuji now needs a fast “135-ish” lens. A 90mm or 100mm f/1.8 — something that could compete in view angle and quality with the Olympus 75/1.8 — would be stellar.

    Side note: Am I right in thinking that the X-T1 is the first Fuji body with two command dials?

    • No, X-M1 and X-A1 also have two command dials. But they need them because of P,A,S,M modes an lenses without apperture ring.

      • TJM

        Yeah, not sure what they’re needed for here – maybe there’s a built in Pong game in the viewfinder for wildlife photographers?

        • 18in32


    • Homofuerst

      Totally agree with the 135mm equiv. prime lens

  • Pierre

    The XT1 is more expensive than the XE2. The XT1 might be worth the higher price tag only if its AF speed is faster than the XE2!

    • TAZ

      The weather sealing and better EVF are also reasons for the higher price!

      • miniTO

        Plus this is “probably” a full magnesium body like the X-Pro 1.

        • Surab

          Plus, the dual SD card slots (if really), tilt screen, 3 extra dials and some extra buttons, but minus the flash.

          • I just want to motivate Fuji to make an even better AF ;-)

          • Surab

            Oh… Hey, Fuji! This price is only okay, if the cam has blazing fast AF!!!!! ;)

      • A reasons for the higher price yes ,but a reason for upgrading from ΧE2?

    • Jon Ingram

      I would happily pay north of $2000 for a fuji body which could match current continuous AF on Nikon bodies.

  • Would be really nice, if you could “unplug” the screen easily and leave it at home if you don’t need it… maybe next time. :)

    • Better still, when you detach it it becomes a Bluetooth remote controller and supplements the live view with essential controls

      • Now that would be useful….. But I would probably lose it :-(

  • Fuzzy Duck

    This a bit nearer the mark, I was hoping for lower but expecting something in the range of 25% – 30% above the price of the X-E2. The quotes suggesting around 80% higher were crazy.

  • We all now to see what the kit lens will be. Likely 18-135, even better 18-55 f2.8!

  • ronin

    It looks very nice. Guess I can think of it as a picture taking machine on par with XE-2, with some very minor usability improvements and extra gaskets and by comparison a price higher than those incremental features might justify. Very nice looking.

    Can’t wait until Black Friday 2014 or 2015, I might sweep one up.

  • leo

    1200€ for APS-C? Really?

    • dave

      In terms of IQ APSC or FF is not No. 1 criteria anymore. Build quality and functionality has greater meaning for everyday shooting. This is just my opinion but it looks like the X-T1 is more attractive than eg. the Sony A7(R).

    • Joe

      You do know what site you’re on, right? Fuji only makes APS-C cameras and the X-Pro1 was more expensive when it came out.

    • There’s a reason canon and nikon still own the camera markets for consumer shooters worldwide. It’s called the features for price equation. A nikon d5200 with a kit lens on a VALUE basis wins hands down, and it is damn near the same size….certainly not enough distinction there to warrant the price differential.

      MILC and FF cameras are still “niche” and priced accordingly, which is one reason why the future of systems like this remain questionable, as the manufacturers continue to lose money on them.

      I like my XE-1 and assorted lenses just fine but use my d600 with primes more. Fuji is offering modest, incremental upgrades and turning over buyers like many on here with “feature mapping” only–not really offering anything so significantly different that regurgitating $1300 is warranted, but hey…whatever floats yer boat as they say. Keeps the market for perfectly usable, gently used xe1, xpro-1, and soon-to-be xe-2 at bargain prices alive and well for more practical users.

  • DTB

    Now that is more realistic. If the viewfinder is as good or better than expected, this should be a very popular camera. If it were $1200, it would sell even more. However, $1300 would be reasonable at release. My only concern is that it may be too small for me, as it looks smaller than the X-E series.

    If they had given it 1/8000 sec SS, they would have knocked it out of the park. Still, it should be a great camera. The first SLR-like design that looks good, in my opinion.

    • Mr Green

      Why keep asking for 1/8000, assuming the camera is ISO 200, just ask for ISO 50 (giving you the equivalent of 1/16000).

  • ridwan13

    XT1 with the 56mm 1.4. I’m throwing money at my phone screen and nothing is happening!!!! But I’m afraid Fuji will bring out the XT2 with a new sensor and all the XT1 people will go insane.

    • Neil

      Never buy ANY tech products because before long you’ll have ‘last year’s model’
      Learn to use what you have and be happy with your photos/videos/art rather than ‘keeping up with the Jones”


    • Aaah….and here we have the first, “can’t wait for the xt-2” … Nonsense. Good grief. Yeah….let’s have a debate about the xe-11-22/emt5 v2.0 while we’re at it….I hear it’s supposed to have an improved sensor….

  • Vlad

    That actually sounds like a very good price for this camera.

  • I’m impressed. I expected more people to complain about the price being too low.

  • TopDownDriver

    Any idea if it uses the same battery system or a new battery format???

  • Looks like a great camera but I’m still perfectly happy with my X-Pro1. The thing that excites me is that this is supposed to be the ‘mid level’ X body…so how awesome is the X-Pro2 going to be!

    • victor

      THIS! the XPro2 is going to be awesome by the looks of the XE2 and the XT1. I got an x100s not too long ago, and by the time that gets old the Xpro2 will be out and hopefully a little discounted. It’s probably going to be my next camera.

      That said, since we’re talking about the XT1… am I the only one who feels this is Fuji telling Nikon “This is how you should do it!”. Aperture ring on the lens, ISO and shutter speed on the top plate, with exposure compensation. All featuring an Auto setting, and (from the looks of it) custom Auto-Iso modes. Just LOOKING at the camera you know how to use it.

      That, and the price is right.

      • tim

        The similarity with the Nikon is uncanny, perhaps there is cooperation, perhaps Nikon will buy Fuji?

        • Pelex

          Nope to both.

        • Jon Ingram

          I don’t believe there is currently any cooperation, and I think a buy-out is extremely unlikely. HOWEVER, if Nikon did buy Fuji, I believe it would really only work if Nikon cooperate gave the Fuji team full autonomy. They are very different companies with very different approaches. Nikon is a Co-monopoly, and as such it releases slow and steady updates with proven technology. Fuji is much smaller, and therefore more versatile and able to take greater risks in the market. This, of course, has allowed them to do some awesome things lately. Fuji is is doing a lot of smart things with their camera design, lens choices, tech, etc…

          Also, addressing the “similarity” in camera designs, it’s not really there. Nikon did some strange modern-retro design based on their older cameras. Fuji, on the other hand, is using their old designs to make something that looks like it will be both more functional and more appealing in terms of design.

          • DanM

            This. But also they are two different companies customer service-wise. If they ever joined, it would probably be the end that.

            Although the Df has the similar appearance, according to Nikon, they’ve been working on it for 4 years, and it was slowed down by the Tsunami. I don’t know how long Fuji has been working on the X-T1 but it’s probably less time than this, so it makes me doubt they worked on them together.

            Personally I was going to buy the Df just for the manual controls, but the price and size was prohibitive. I’d rather have a D610 and an X-E2 for the same price, but looking at the X-T1, this is what the Df should have been.

        • Silly idea. Nikon isn’t taking lessons from fuji or anyone else, except possibly canon, both of whom chase each other’s releases, with the exception of the DF, which seems to me to be a camera introduced in an almost mockingly comedic attempt to show that they can lump dials and buttons together with the best of them. The only saving grace in the DF is the ability to purchase a D4 sensor in a smaller package for less money. Otherwise it’s like the Frankenstein of modern DSLR design.

          More seriously, you can see that nikon isn’t chasing fuji by just looking at the absence of a pro-APS-C body (the D400) and the sheer neglect of DX format lenses. Nikon COULD compete in this market segment with fuji, Oly, etc if they wanted to, but they obviously don’t feel the need.

        • Fuji more likely to buy nikon, according to Wikipedia, fujifilm as a total company have 10000 more employees and had far more revenue in 2020. Just because fuji’s camera division is small does not mean they are not powerfully supported by the company as a whole…

        • On your dreams. Fuji not think like us, we wand this and that and sοme times crazy thing.Pro want quality small cameras and not so expensive
          and finally the support of the Fuji as we know so far.

  • Jordan

    Canon shooter here, and very tempted to switch to Fuji for a lot of my needs. Question though (and forgive me if there’s an obvious answer, I’m not totally familiar with the Fuji flow).

    I do a lot if slow shutter work at 2 to 10 second exposures. I’m not seeing those shutter speeds on the dial. Is there a way to access them elsewhere, or do you have to bulb it for any shutter speed that’s slower than 1 second?

    • The “T” on the shutter dial is for “timer”. You can set it to any time between 1/2 and 30 seconds in 1/3 stop increments. On the current models you use the left/right buttons of the 4-way to set it. You can also set other times between the full stops on the dial that way. I guess on the X-T1 you will be able to set it with one of the command dials.

      • Also – if you switch into Bulb mode for longer than 30 seconds the X100S, X-E2 etc has a built in timer that displays on the LCD screen counting out the seconds. A simple feature that I would have appreciated on my D600. Plus, with EVF you don’t have to worry about light leak through the optical view finder – since the D600 didn’t have a built in cover on the OVF (like the D800) I was using a cloth to block out light during long exposures. I’ve actually returned my D600 and am looking at either the X-E2 or the X-T1 … things like the timer are the little details that so impress me with Fuji.

        • The clock of Fuji X100 starts from zero and counts while you keep the shutter button (or external cable) down, not only for times above 30 s.
          I assume it works the same way for X100s and X-E2.

  • jg

    The pics are unofficial, correct? So they could be a pre-production test mule? I ask because getting rid of the threaded shutter button is a bad design decision, especially when the added ISO dial has taken the design in an even more classic direction. I love my red soft release and cable release and one or the other is on the camera 100% of the time. The threaded shutter release was not important when I bought my X, but I really love it now and will not give it up.

    • x1

    • Kapre

      Two words, Weather Sealed

  • Martin

    When is the 1:1 Macro Lens coming? Damn it…

    • Hmmm


      C’mon Fuji — the XT-1 would be a great macro body. We just need a true 1:1 macro (~100mm f2.8) weather sealed lens to go with it. Would also be nice if the upcoming 16-55 f2.8 has a decent closeup ability.


    Fuji is really offering two kit options, both with zoom lenses and none with a prime, whichever that might be?
    — that would be really hard to understand.

    • mgw

      It seems to follow their current approach. The X-E1 and X-E2 have only been offered either body only or as a kit with a zoom. The Pro has only been offered as body only.

      • A little research goes a long way…

      • SPASS

        What I am saying – If fuji does come out with two kit options, 18-55 and 18-135, well, it might make more sense to do a prime and a zoom kit instead, one with 23mm and a second kit option with 18-135mm…

  • leo

    It´s overpriced highly likely.

    Where´s the 800€-difference to an eos 100d with it´s comfortable lens line up for example??

    Okay, evf and the retro-line – but 6 months later you got stucked with another consumer camera.

    Sorry for being that sceptical – I like the design concept of the xt1. But from my point of view the best you can do with 1200€ is to save it for a pro-system.

    • I think you are missing the point of the Fuji philosophy… It would seem the camera is not for you, for a lot of people in fact, not just you. The 100d is a completely different beast for a different market altogether. A camera is more than just a sensor size.

      The X-T1 has all the manual controls a Pro / Serious photographer could want in a very small package with extremely high quality lenses.

      • tim

        No I think he has the point, one element of Fuji philosophy is good cameras for a high price. They say this themselves, its not a secret, perhaps they even make a profit with that ?!?

        • It’s questionable whether they make a profit (or much of one) on their camera’s. They look at the cameras as a way of feeding the beast. The more pictures that are taken the more companies need to invest in other products they provide (in terms of developing imagery etc). The lenses are more profitable for them (by all accounts).

          Camera’s like the 100d are aimed at the lower end of the market, cheaply made and backed by a company that has a massive turnover it camera’s who have a large parts bucket from previous models that are now 2-3 years old. New tech filtering down the chain

          A Skoda Octavia and VW Passat are very similar cars (same parent company even) but there price point is completely different. People who don’t want to pay for the newer tech / features go for a model that is as close as possible but for less. Skoda’s are great cars but you have to wait to see the latest VW/Audi in them.

    • Forgot to say, don’t confuse FF with Pro cameras. A camera does not have to be FF to be used professionally. For my work, I am moving away from FF to gain the usability benefits of a smaller system without losing much in terms of IQ over FF. The X-Pro1 I have is better than the 5dmkii I used to have in low light. This is where your $’s are going.

      • leo

        A discreet system is exactly what I´m looking for.

        Let´s start on the lens side: if you decide to go for classical 35mm and work with the 1500€ summarit 2.5 or the 1000€ 2.0 distagon the way they come – it´s not realizable with a xpro-1 or x-t1. It´s a fact. don´t get me wrong, but where exactly are the usability benefits you are talking about?

        • Leica lenses are superb, but manual. I can work with manual when in the studio but it’s not so easy when dangling from a rope in a white out at 3-4000 metres.

          Mountain conditions tend to be very cold in the winter and a camera must be useable in all conditions. If you can change Speed, Aperture, ISO etc without taking off gloves or mitts through manual controls is a massive bonus (no menu diving)…. weather sealing can keep out rain and spin drift.

          Different types of photography will have different requirements. Large FF lenses are a bugga on top of your normal backpack weight. I used to carry the 17-40 & 100-400L around with the 5dmkii. A pain in the butt on a big day out. I also have to keep moving fast so AF for in this instance is a big plus and one less thing to worry about. For me, FF was a hinderance and stopped me moving freely when out in the mountains.

          • leo

            Oh yes, I understand. According to your needs the choice of gear is absolutely comprehensible and you´re doing well up there and I like your work.

            To me, aside the parameters, the natural look leica glass gives is so important, I can´t tell.

          • Cheers…..I did use the 12mm Voigtlander (m-mount) for a while but was seduced by the 14mm Fuji. I like the micro contrast of the Leica lenses….. I still have the Fuji M Adapter as I know at some point I will be tempted again :-)

        • So Leo … You are currently using Leica glass on your canon 100d and you want a more discreet body that will “readily accept” Leica lenses?


          • leo

            I guess you clearing your throat in anticipation of a “Yes!”…

            The 100d is just an example for price relation.

            Using 5d II with R-lenses – elmarit 35 2.8 and macro elmarit 60 2.8.

    • ronin

      EVF is hardly an excuse to charge more, since arguably it costs the manufacturer less to insert a tiny tv screen than it does true real-life reflex viewing with optics, mirrors, and related mechanical components.

      • I am not so sure… tiny high res displays are hard to manufacture and you have a lot of spoilage. Probably they have to buy it and whoever sells them wants to make a profit as well and pay back the R&D cost. The R&D for Optical SLR-finders was probably payed off 50 years ago and they are still produced in larger numbers than EVFs. Plus you need optics for the EVF as well.

    • victor

      It’s cheaper than the OMD-EM1, which is selling pretty well apparently. Granted, Fuji lacks some of the OMD technology, but wins in terms of IQ and (in my opinion) handling and looks (I understand how these last two are highly personal). The fact the OMD sells though is a good sign for the pricing of the XT1.

      Fuji’s on fire. I used to be an Olympus guy, but i’ 100% converted

  • Phil

    $1,300 is about right. If Fuji is greedy, anything > $1,500 will be a tough sell.

    • tim

      I would be very interested in a trade-in program for my XPro1 to replace it with this T1 …

      … simply because the EVF on the XPro1 is not very useful with manual focus lenses.

  • Ovrkast

    I’m sorry if this is not the right forum, or if it has been answered already. It doesn’t appear that the X-T1 has a built-in like the X-E2. I don’t use the flash often but it is always “nice” to have when needed. With that said, I am looking to probably purchase the X-E2 and getting rid of my Nikon D600.

    Can either the X-E2 or X-T1 trigger a Nikon SB700 speedlight without having to purchase a PocketWizard? Currently, when I am using my Nikon D600 I can trigger my speedlight by popping up the built-in flash to send the signal. I am assuming this is done using a pre-flash or infrared.

    Any clarification on this subject would be greatly appreciated…thanks!

    • Pocket wizards work on Fuji’s … Just not in TT? Mode. Set them as Basic Triggers in the software and they work fine. I use the mini and flex with the xe-1 but radio is radio.

      • Ovrkast

        I was hoping to avoid using PocketWizards and utilize any type of built-in functionality like I do now with the Nikon D600 and SB700 :-(

    • D600 triggers the speed light because the built-in flash can work in commander mode, using iTTL and CLS Nikon’s proprietary flash system functionalities.

    • I have Nikon SB-900, and a PocketWizard set of FlexTT5 and MiniTT1 with the AC 3 on my XE 2 and works ok .The sb 900 has to be on ttl mode then the AC 3 at manual pres the test on MiniTT1 and is ok So you can adjust the power manualy from AC 3

      I hope it helps

  • Hmmm

    $1300 USD is PERFECT.

    At that price I think the XT-1 will sell a LOT of cameras, and Fuji will get many new customers.

  • shatteredsky

    Well, since now they indeed did change all the things that kept me on the fence (weather sealing, tilt-screen and sealed 16-55/2.8 lens), I think I may finally take the plunge. Have been hovering between Olympus (E-M1 / 12-40, A7 / 24-70, and Fuji) lately … hmmm, exiting times.

    Sadly a 16-55 and X-t1 kit will not be immediately available, and I want something for my upcoming Sardinia trip. Maybe I will settle for the 18-135 first. Any words on marco capabilities of the 16-55? Thanks.


  • derek

    I think it might be 1300euro but more than USD1300.
    if it is about 1300US, then I will definitely get it.
    now, mft is dead.

  • Hey, that’s not a bad price considering all that this camera has to offer and if the performance is finally fully up to par (namely it I feel it was lacking in AF consistency and accuracy in previous X cameras), it may make for a tempting trade up to my E-M1.. maybe.. the E-M1 still works overall very well and I’m not sure I would need the larger APS-C sensor.. will see when final specs, pricing and reviews are out. But, so far, nicely done, Fuji!

    This is going to be a VERY nice camera, I believe.

    I feel this may be the new Fuji flagship camera.. at least until a respectable upgrade to the X-Pro 1 rightfully can take that title away. It has all the best specs and features I think Fuji has to offer right now. I love the other more rangefinder-styled X cameras, they have great IQ and styling, but I still feel the AF/MF and overall package isn’t the best it could be.. some refinements here and there.. and to be honest, the OVF/EVF is a bit of a novelty rather than truly functional.. you’ll get the best most accurate results sticking with the EVF mode (as far as hybrid VF’s go), so then what’s the point of the OVF other than for a fun or cool factor, not quite as useful in actual practice. But, I digress… back to the X-T1…

    If the X-T1 has at least as much of the best tech from the most recent X cameras in regards to hardware and firmware, you can bet the IQ and overall performance will be at the very best.

    I like the Nikon Df, and this reminds me a bit of that retro style philosophy (as does the E-M1 & A7/A7R), but at least it’s done in a proper compact form that really makes it look tight and sexy. Advantage mirrorless! The X-trans cmos ape-c sensors can perform nearly as good, if not better in some cases, than full frame… I think the X-Pro 1 (and other X cameras close to that model) stand out for having perhaps the best low light high iso performance for a ape-c sensor… I think can be nearly as good as the Df performance for most people.. I think you’ll get a great sensor and cool retro style with buttons and functionality that make more a bit more sense and has less confusion and redundancy. It should work well and even more intuitively.. not to mention it looks like it may have a fold out rear lcd?!.. you have to admit that’s useful for those shots you just can’t get when you want the high or very low angles.

    THE MAIN THING THAT WILL REALLY SET THIS NEW CAMERA ON TOP (OR NOT) IS IF FUJI finally fixes or improves the AF system. Image quality and color is one of the best I’ve ever seen and used in a camera coming from owning 2 previous X cameras, but the AF (&MF) sucked! so unreliable compared to a lot of competitors. If Fuji finally gets the AF/MF to be accurate AND consistent to a non-frustrating or non-workflow retarding pace, then it will truly be a force to be reckoned with!

    With that said and hopes up, I think anyone who wants retro with awesome performance and great set of lenses should seriously consider the X-T1 over a Df.. it’ll cost considerably less and offer considerably more.

  • I can’t for more leaked specs and details.

  • I’m really looking forward to more leaked specs and details.

  • JL

    It still make ZERO sense to release this camera and not have the 10-24 be weather proof as well. I’d buy this camera, but if it gives me the same protection with the 10-24 as a non weather sealed body (aka a complete lack of weather protection), I’d rather just buy an XE2 for less money. I get the other bells and whistles on this thing….but the weather protection doesn’t mean anything when the wide angle options (what most landscape photographers use) are all not weather proof.

    • TAZ

      Good points! I too wonder why the 10-24 are not weather sealed..

      • PJ Fry

        All these people complaining about non-sealed lenses makes me wonder whether anyone from Fuji actually confirmed that the T1 will be weather-sealed/proof/resistant/whatever… It will be quite funny if it turns out not to…

    • In pouring rain even the best weather sealing is no good. It’s better to have a rain cover (even pro-s with D3/D4/1DX use those things). In the end, weather sealing is another marketing hype (for non-pro’s) to add to the price.

      So, the X-E2 with a good rain cover (Kata, Lambency etc) is a better option in my opinion considering the true landscape lenses (10-24 and 14) have no weather sealing!

      • DTB

        Perhaps. However, the viewfinder should be larger and brighter and the build quality better in the X-T1, irrespective of weather sealing.

      • Andy,
        Actually, the Pentax k3 is entirely waterproof, including many lenses. There are extensive videos online if it being held under running faucets while shooting. But I do agree with your point about weather sealing in general.

      • ronin

        I”ve hiked day after day along Hadrian’s Wall in driving wind and rain with an Olympus EM-5 and its waterproof kit lens. Took it down hiking through rainy cloudforests in Costa Rica. Did it get soaked? You bet. Did it perform flawlessly throughout? And how. I’m glad the weather sealing worked so well in continuous pouring and blowing rain.

  • stavo

    X-T1 + 18-55mm around €1600??? I can buy the Sony A7 with the kitlens for a cheaper price

    • The kit lens of the A7 is very modest in built and optics. The 18-55 of the Fuji is premium. The real zoom for the A7 will be the Zeiss T* 24-70 f4 but its release is again delayed.

      • stavo

        yeah but the Sony 28-70mm is weather sealed and that’s kind of handy if you live in a country with bad weather conditions

  • is the release of the X-T1 likely to make the price of the X-E2 go down?
    I want the X-E2, and am waiting feverishly to buy it.

  • meow

    hope it has decent video capabilities, if not oh well.

    • Kapre

      Please go away

  • MakoyX

    the price is just right! good job fujifilm!

    • tim

      hmmm, +300 on the E2 … for different buttons, perhaps a better EVF and weather sealing but what looks like M1 style build.

    • ronin

      Way too high of a price. Fuji, a Nikon D7100 with better reflex viewing and much better autofocus is available for less, from a household brand name. Fuji, you will sell well into the tiny market of afficianadoes you already have, but to make an inroad into a mass market you will need to have a more realistic price in order to build your brand in the mainstream.

  • Rasmus

    Checking the rumors about max ISO 51200 does seem a little strange. As far as the picture goes the ISO dial clearly goes to 6400 with high 1 and high 2 as options, this would indicate a max ISO of the more normal 25600. Just a thought…

  • When Oly launched the EM5 they offered a free grip to anyone preordering.

    I hope Fuji does the same.

  • MJr

    So after about 24 hours still no other source came along and said the price is wrong … that’s good news i guess, because this price fits the product well imho. Now, the next part is … show me the money ! :P

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