X-T1 with hardware upgrade coming soon?


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Two trusted sources (including drphotorumors) told me that Fujifilm will release an updated version of the X-T1, with a few minor tweeks. So we can expect a few improvements, though nothing major. For example, rumors I got talk of a higher resolution viewfinder. The name? I’m still checking it, but it could be X-T1b.

The announcement could be already this month.

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  • wewsa

    to solve the light leak issues and sloppy card slot door…….reminds me on the 600–> d610……

    what a bummer should make a real update for phortokina or spring next year…

    double sd card slot
    1/8000 shutter speed
    1/320 flash sync
    100 base/native iso
    gps in


    Fuji is doing what they like to do….not everybody must understand and agree to these moves….

    • nwcs

      Fuji already solved the light leak issues. Months ago. 1/320 sync is not going to happen, 1/250 is very much more common and more likely. 1/8000 shutter speed is nice but it requires a much more demanding shutter process and raises the cost. 100 base ISO is really not as meaningful in digital days. They could simply label whatever sensor they use as ISO 100. People don’t realize that ISO “standards” are not as standard as they think.

      Definitely agree with GPS, would love to see that. Dual memory slots? Meh, for some people it would be nice but for me it’s irrelevant. Would like to see more efforts made in the smartphone connector, too. Lots more can be done there. And maybe market some more accessories such as replacement hoods for the eyepiece (something for glasses wearers), an arca-swiss style bottom place by default on camera, better shutter release buttons, etc.

      • LucioF

        with ISO 100 I can shoot at 1.4 instead of f2.0 at iso200, that’s a huge downside of most mirror less camera, basically xt1 should have the ability to go 2 full stop down, (iso100 1/8000) that means from2.8 to 1.4! I wouldn’t call that a label!

        • ed

          totally agree….

      • AllezLesBleus!

        Even some more features would be nice….
        – make it possible as a feature to switch of completely the NR (noise reduction) !
        – touchscreen like omd em1……

        The named /wanted and still missing features would be a step for Fuji system if they would do that becuase other competitiors offering that already..and it is for some people stil an argument agianst fuji ….its unbelievable and a shame that the xt1 doesnt offering these features as “their fuji dslr
        version”…..hopefully the new xpro 2 will offer these features at least / among others……..omd em1, nikon d7000/7100, sony a7 /7r/7s have
        these features (not every but at least one of the mentioned

        no reason/argument which fuji could use to defend themthelves why not 1/8000 and other features….
        interchangeable fuji x cameras use mechanical (or
        electronical-mirrorless ones) focal plane shutter mechanisms (curtain shutter) like all other dslrs form nikon, canon, mirrorless olympus omd em1/ em5,10, sony a7(r) …..

        Only in the fixed fuji cameras they use leaf shutter mechanisms (e.g. fuji x100 (s) as used also in MF PhaseOne, Hasselblad which justify the fact of having only 1/4000 shutter speed (the limit of leaf shutter mechanisms!)

        you should easily be capable of integrating those features in the upcoming cameras…you are a serious camera manufacture, arent you?

        So Fuji no reason to whitewash/excuses and hurry up, being more competitive than now already, reduce arguments against investing in your system…time is running…

        we will pray and see….

        • AllezLesBleus!

          and dont talk about a competitve flash system/units…hast to be developed immediately as well…even olympus is thousand miles ahead…..nikon cls canon speedlites anyway….

      • Mardock

        “Dual memory slots? Meh, for some people it would be nice but for me it’s irrelevant.”

        You’re obviously not a professional shooter then.

    • Dominic Schulz

      agreed, 1/8000s and iso100 raw would be most welcome, very annoying that we can´t use all the fast glass wide open in many daylight situations, without putting a ND filter in front of it.

    • Having used a spotty D600 for a year, the light leak (fixable, the dealer sent mine to be fixed before delivering it – non-issue) and card slot door (IMO the release port door is the weak point) are pretty minor issues and don’t affect image quality. D-pad isn’t perfect, but again doesn’t affect the quality of the image. D600 was a much bigger product fail, compounded by Nikon’s denial of the problem.

      I do think that this sounds a little early for Fuji to be announcing a refresh but then again, it might just take another 6 months for them to be shipped : )

  • Bernd

    What? That´s a real Kaizen breaker. Strange and nothing to be proud of Fuji…

  • Lelle Kidd

    Fuji refuse to see the problem with the poor d-pad.
    But the new model will probably get an improved key.
    In the spirit of Kai Zen.

  • nwcs

    I can’t see them doing a X-T1b as the name. s seems to be the accepted interim release moniker. 6 months after release is pretty high iteration, though. Good for product development, maybe not so much for sales and marketing.

    But we shouldn’t treat this as fact until it is fact.But with Photokina coming very soon it wouldn’t surprise me to see announcements somewhere around then (probably after the show) of the X-Pro1 and X-E2 successor.

  • Lance Mahuna

    I find this a little annoying . I own an XT-1 from the first batch released here in the US. with the “mushy buttons” ( nothing i can’t deal with ) , “light leaks”, really doesn’t affect me. But to come out with a new and improved model of their “flagship” model only 6 months or so after release makes me feel like they sold me a prototype rather then a finished product.

    • xxx

      You are wrong! Fuji fanboys call this Kaizen!

    • same here…. i got my x-t1 2 weeks ago… i would be really upset!!!!!!!!

      • Lance Mahuna

        i wouldn’t blame you, one reason being that “IF” this rumor is true and they do release a new version of the XT-1, then I’m sure the model you just bought 2 weeks ago will be discounted. Dont get me wrong….if they do this, its not going to make me love my camera any less but i will lose a little faith in Fujifilm as a company

      • Vine

        With the greatest respect, you really are being ridiculous. Upset?! Did you get the camera to have the latest and greatest and bragging rights, or did you get it because it’s a TOOL, for, you know, TAKING PHOTOS?!

        Here’s a quote for all of you commenting on this post (and on any other one – after all, this is a rumours site!) that share a similar view to Daniele:

        “A photographer went to a socialite party in New York. As he entered the front door, the host said ‘I love your pictures – they’re wonderful; you must have a fantastic camera.’ He said nothing until dinner was finished, then:

        ‘That was a wonderful dinner; you must have a terrific Stove.'”

        • if was just for the tool i would still have my 5d II…. or i would still take pics with my x-pro1 and saved £1000 for the x-t1… if for the same price i bought 2 weeks ago a x-t1 i can have “tomorrow” an x-t1s..then i would go for the s!!! But i love ur comment!!!! ;-) true indeed

          • Nobody knows if there will be a new camera, much less its price. ;)

        • Arnold Newman

          That’s great in theory, Vine, but the X-T1 isn’t a small investment for a lot of people. The idea of VALUE for hard earned money becomes important and whether or not the camera still works is not the point. it’s hard to feel you’ve received value if, a month after purchasing your X-T1, an improved model is introduced for the same price. This has nothing to do with crediting creative output to the tool instead of the artist.

          I wonder if you would be so “zen” if you’d purchased the Zeiss 12 & 32 the day before the price dropped by $800. Would you try to get an adjustment or would you tell yourself it doesn’t matter because the lenses still capture the same images as they did when they were full price?

    • HF

      Me, too!

    • Fly Moon

      Totally agree!

    • Mikey

      I have huge doubts about this. Unlike the X-E1 which needed a hardware update, the X-T1’s issues can be fixed by returning it to Fuji under warranty. This completely goes against the whole Kaizen philosophy.

      While Patrick has been great about supplying accurate rumors in the past, lately it seems like these rumor submissions haven’t been vetted.

      • Patrick

        stay tuned ;-)

        • Macintosh Sauce


          Is this “X-T1b” going to coincide with the release of the 18-135mm WR lens?

          • Patrick

            why not… could be ;-)

          • Stefan


            Will the Xt-1 and the WR 18-135 mm lens be announced at first in France and what Fuji France was talking about….see your post….https://www.fujirumors.com/rumor/….???

            And please collect and use your connections to fuji want the fuji users want for a xpro 2 or real xt-2 and waht fuji should genrally focus on…..

            The list…

            1/8000 shutter speed
            1/320 flash sync
            double sd card slot uhs II
            gps in
            fully articulated/swivel display
            touchscreen like omd em1
            switching off the NR (noise reduction function) completely
            real /native Iso 100 or 50 (no extension modes!!)
            3.5 mm headphone/mic jack


            longer real 1:1 capable makro lens (e.g. l90 or 105 macro)
            better more powerful flashes/new flashes (wireless radio flash)

            development of a real competitive flash system like even olympus has e.g. FL 600R (nikon or canon anyway, sony only partially)….

            maybe a fisheye and tilt and shift lens as well (nice for astrophotography and architecture!)

            Would be nice and i think i am speaking for a lot other fuji users (and of fuji rumours;)!)

            Good to have you ;)!

            Thanks in advance!


          • Stefan

            sorry @Fujirumor:disqus missed two things for the list /please add

            – ability to convert the files to 16-bit TIFF in-camera
            – all upcoming/ new lens Weather sealed/resistant from the scratch on only the XC Lens series not….(cheap lens line/kit lens)

          • Patrick

            The 18-135 should come on June 16th, the updated X-T1 could come this month, or July. An anonymous source even said September.

          • Mikey

            This on the other hand makes sense. But all it’d really be is an X-T1 with no light leak issues and proper D-pad buttons. What’s with needing to rename it to X-T1b. Sorry but I think the b stands for BS. Please pardon my French.

  • gr

    hopefully they improve the video and add NR off.

  • Serge S Frolov

    I would much rather see a X-Pro1 update. They have the technology, just stuff all the tech of XT1 into XPro body, don’t worry about weather sealing or larger view finder, I just want the same sensor, AF speed, WiFi and EVF refresh rate. Call is X-Pro1s and I will be the first one to buy it.

  • tiniakos31 .

    Make video as good as sony cameras.
    Fix the d-pad felling.
    Give a professional flash for X Series.

  • Geoff

    Fix the terrible D pad and video buttons.

  • sidtw

    This is ridiculous. The X-Pro1 hasn’t been updated since years, and the X-T1 gets a hardware update much too early. I can’t believe those rumors. Whether these updates make sense from an engineering point of view is one thing, but as a consumer, I am a bit confused. That doesn’t change my way of taking photos, of course, it’s just that it feels that Fuji has lost its way.

  • Greg D

    This just doesn’t seem very likely. If it is true then I think it will be a mistake. This kind of behavior, mixed with the recent ridiculous discounts, is a great way to train your customers to never buy your products at launch.

  • Considering the X-T1 sells like hot cakes, it is probably not a bad idea to introduce a model with some HW upgrades and maybe an even higher price. Those who haven’t “learned” not to buy/preorder at release yet will never learn. Or maybe they don’t want to. ;)

    We will see what happens.

    • Pablo

      Hahaah I just buy it all. Your right I should wait a bit.

  • Doubtful.

  • Robert

    Oly here i am…..if true i switch just for this reason or behaviour/acting…..kaizen is dead…..break thier trusful and trustworthy philosophy…..

    What a shame !!!

    Blame on you fuji if this is really happening…..

  • Ricardo

    reminds me d600 –> d610 move nikon is greeting….

    Uiuiuiiui……if true how sad for the xt1 a model buyer…..just prototypes….;)???

    • Stefan Georgiev

      it seems we (the loyal Fuji fans) bought the X-T1, gave our feedback and they now release an updated version based on that.
      It would be EXTREMELY UNFAIR if we stuck with the old version…

  • Steffen Bjerre Hokland

    How about more phase detection pixels spread wider? That would make me consider the move from DSLR.

  • Ryan Gouthro

    I hope there will be some sort of upgrade program for those of us who bought on release. This is rather unfair to those loyal customer if true.

    • Lance Mahuna

      that would be nice but i doubt it

      • Ryan Gouthro

        I further doubt this rumour is even true at all.

    • Simon Fall-Taylor

      I’m with you on this one

    • rtimko

      HOW IS IT UNFAIR!? you bought a camera that you wanted. Are you not happy with the camera that you bought?

      • Ryan Gouthro

        It’s “UNFAIR” because when I bought the camera I expected it to be the best Fuji could do. By releasing another updated version of this camera only months after release means that the one I bought was unfinished and rushed to market. The xt1 is the greatest camera I’ve ever owned, I do like it. But Fuji replacing it after a few months is a slap in the face. I don’t see how you can oppose that.

  • Robert

    Please switch the play and the recycle bin buttons to the left of the viewfinder so that the play button becomes reachable when looking through the viewfinder. I use the play button very often, the recycle bin button quite seldom.

    While at it please switch the AF-L and AE-L buttons too. I use only AF-L and it does not work well ergonomically as it is now.

  • Zaid Al-Kindi

    If true, that would make me think twice before buying Fuji next time; and I have an X20, X100S and X-T1. Fuji are smarter than that. A few months between updates!

    • mcastein

      are you not happy with those cameras? New things will come out all the time. I use the X pro 1, im not upgrading till the x pro 2 comes out. In the meantime I am very happy and when the x pro 2 comes out I will upgrade when the x pro 3 comes out, so if other cameras get released in the meantime thats fine. I think its better to aim at the camera that does what you need not worry about every version that comes out. Hence I didnt buy the X-T1.

      • d

        And, as long as the X-Pro 2 is a significant improvement over the X-Pro 1 (better resolution and dynamic range; 1/8000th of a second shutter speed, a brighter, larger EVF and OVF, and (hopefully) the ability to convert the files in-camera to 16-bit TIFF), I will be getting it to replace my X-Pro 1 too. For me, there hasn’t been a reason to upgrade yet, despite all of the new cameras.

        I just wish they would give us the ability to convert the files to 16-bit TIFF in-camera…it really is a no-brainer!

        • ReadyorNot?

          this would be amazing 16 bit tiff files….

          but i have strong doubts that this feature will ever come…..sadly…..bummer…

          2 cents

        • ipecaca

          24 mp 16 bit tiff is gonna be ca. 140 MB. Not sure if it’s feasable in-camera :) If it’s implementes they’ll get a new bunch of whines “in-camera 16 bit tiff conversion too slow”))

          • d

            It is feasable, as we don’t have to convert all of the files at once. And, it would definitely resolve the raw conversion issues that still exist. But, you are undoubtedly right: people will continue to complain about silly things.

  • Gambit

    you are wrong there is no update this year ı mean not hardware upgrade. You will see remember this post :)

  • C.

    If Fuji does anything of the sort we are going to be EXTREMELY UPSET AND ANGRY, because we have just bought a XT1 after waiting for it for months.

    • rtimko

      So? Is the XT1 a bad camera? Is it not the camera you wanted?

  • minivini_1275

    This is only a good idea if they have a very special offer for us “first batch” camera owners. I think innovation and improvements for subsequent models are a normal model, but there are clear problems with the X-T1 – awesome though it is! I have a real problem using the D pad, and that problem is exacerbated by using the battery grip. There’s simply not enough tactile feedback when trying to use the buttons “blind”. The light leak has, so far, been a non-issue for my typical use. I’ll be sending it in for the fix probably this fall.

  • Rich

    People get mad over the dumbest stuff. Everybody who bought an X-T1 knew what they were getting and what the price was, then decided it was worth buying. No matter what else comes out, it doesn’t change what you bought.

    • ronin

      Yes, blame the customer.

      • Blame the customer for what?

      • Rich

        I’m not blaming the customer, I’m saying the customer has no reason to be upset.

  • sidtw

    That means in other words, when the X-Pro2 comes out, we have to wait 3 months to see whether it is light-leak proofed, doesn’t fall apart above 2,000m, doesn’t suddenly shut down while taking serial shots.
    And then have to wait another 3 months whether Fuji decides to upgrade it to an X-Pro2s, for better card reading performance, better EVF performance and of course better high ISO performance.

  • ReadyorNot?

    every xt1 first buyer will get an old 35 1.4 for free as a compensation and in order to get the stocks empty before the better veriosn 35 1.4 II is coming out….;)

    Fuji is updating and updating….;) So sad for the xt1 buyers….good that i waited…..due to several issues (1/8000, flash sync etc. like it is mentioned here in several entries..just downscroll..

    only a suggestion…

    Do you like this idea?

    best regards

  • Dan S

    I bet this is just the D-Pad fix

  • Thomas

    I’m puzzled… Do you like taking photos or having the latest camera gear? I’ve been shooting for over a year with an x-Pro1 and an x-e1 as a backup body and sure, some things can be improved and some already have in new cameras, but not to and extent that has made me want to “upgrade” yet. Both my cameras are still in good order and are ok for what I need them, and I need them for work as photography is what I do for a living. Many are talking as if when this new rumoured release comes out their x-T1 will automatically stop working. Ahhhh Fuji, you sold me something that only worked for a few months!!!

    • Wilson Wong

      oh boy…they are doing what Nikon and Canon has been doing…

      D300> D300s? D600>D610? 5DM2>5DM3?

      Really…time to stop all these and make significant improvements first before bumping up a new model number. keywords: significant and relevant.

      Buyer remorse emotions are rising…

      • Clint

        To be fair, in the case of Canon the 5D3 wasn’t released until almost 4 years after the 5D2 was announced…not 6 months. I agree with you though…people should stop bitching and start shooting:)

  • Zunivolo

    Sorry, but you guys are such a ridiculous bunch!
    Everyone has nothing but good words for the X-T1, I haven’t read of any major criticism. And now suddenly those cameras that were wonderful yesterday just aren’t good enough today because there might be a new iteration coming out. Yeah, the used value will drop, but that is both positive and negative. For professionals who will sell the X-T1 and buy the X-T1b that will be a loss. But that’s the price of always needing (more like wanting) the newest. For us mere mortals who will get a cheaper X-T1a that’s great news.
    Just go out and shoot some photos with the great camera you have an be happy that Fuji is making better and better cameras and soon we’ll be able to get awesome cameras for great prices on the used market.

    Everyone keeps whining that Apple “only” updates the iPhone and iPad once a year but now with cameras 6 months is WAY too soon. Obviously!

    • Christopher R Field

      Haters gonna hate.

    • I’d love to update my iPhone every 6 months if they wouldn’t make me spend all that money for the lens again.

    • Wilson Wong

      for those who got the XT1, enjoy the camera…really. you got them because it meets a lot of needs yes (if one of those needs is to feel good getting a new toy…then move on).

      For those who didn’t then yes wait for XT1b (if it happens that is).

      For those who are find excuses to ditch maybe just reflect on the fact your photography is based on the tool and not the vision? Perhaps it is time to grow as a photographer and maximise your tool.

      Just saying…Peace.

      • Mardock

        “…maximise your tool.”

        LOL. There’s pumps you can buy for that. ;)

  • meee

    Fuji, please make ~100mm f2.8 WR Macro 1:1 soon.

    • Stefan Georgiev

      how about 180mm?

  • Traits

    Thumb down Fuji…..not level up its level down…..If it gets confirmed!!

    Shame and blame on you…..!

    the old 35 1.4 or a batterie grip as a compensation measure fo rth efirst buyers of the xt1 with deficiencies is absolutely justified and necessary at least….

    You save already a lot money due to the fact that you use old mechanical shutters (1/4000) , lwo flash sync 1/180 than 1/250 or 320….not like the other companies…nikon, canon, olympus, panasonic…1/8000

    in your interchaengeable x cameras there are no leaf shutters which would jusitfy the limitation of 1/4000…

    fuji fuji….you destroy sth. you have hardly worked for and already achieved over a certain time period and right decisions (lens line up, choosing focal lenghts etc.)

    • nwcs

      Some Nikon and Canon’s DSLRs have 1/4000 max shutter speed. And 1/200 flash sync. So let’s have some perspective here.

      • Traits

        but not the direct contenders/competitors omd em1, d7000, d7100, sony a7, canon 70d, 7d…..

        • LeFred

          I don’t think you can directly compare with a DSLR, which is bigger, or with a m4/3 camera, which has a smaller sensor. The constraints are different.
          If you want to compare what is comparable, look at the Samsung NX300, which has a sync speed of 1/200s and max speed of 1/6000s. This is better.
          But hopefully we will get a faster shutter in the next Fujis.

          • Traits

            i disagree a sony a7 or omd em1 is not larger……and as you mentioned the samsung nx300 as well…

            fuji didn t make it due to cost/economical reasons cheaper or they still not have the technical knowledge but this would be a shame ……oly, sony engineers are better?

            cannot believe…..just an economical issue i think/guess….

            if the xt1b wont have faster shutter speed or higher flash speed it is acceptable an dreasonabe in some ways but if the xpor 2 wont get this features then…..they have a strong problem…….and a huge disadavantage for choosing the fuji x system nobody wants to carry an additional nd filter with you too and still not be able to shoot the 56 1.2 or 1.4 prime wide open ….

            and especially in sunny places like australia brazil etc…..you coulf easily use or need 1/8000 luckily my best friend of mine had his 5 years old d7000 with him which came then into play…..5 years old but already had 1/8000 and 1/320…….an like i said not reasons to justify it leaf shutter only used in fxed fuji cameras x100 (s)…..x interchge. cameras all mechanical curtain shutters….

            size is also no valid argument…….em1 and sony a7 are not larger…..

            we need and there is a strong desire and demand for this fuji……hope you are listening fuji responsible people….

            all what user AllezLesBleus! said at the bottom of this post should be improved, developed and put in the flagship x pro 2 otherwise it would be a huge disappointment for every fuji owner….

    • LeFred

      Sony Nex cameras have the same limits : 1/180s sync speed and 1/4000s max speed. They probably use the same compact shutter designed specifically for APS-C mirrorless cameras by Nidec.
      In my opinion KaiZen applied to hardware is not necessarily a bad thing as long as they don’t use it to release half-baked products.

  • TX

    This is a bad new for all fuji X shooters if they really release XT1b 6 months after XT1

  • Tetra

    Please put in a touchscreen like the omd em1 on big major advantage of the em1/omd system in comparison to the fuji xt1/x system…

    please fuji…..if we all burnt money and threw it out off the window already………..

    the used market or prices for fuji stuff will contiously decrease with such movements from fuji……it is already as low as possible in comparison to nikon, canon, olympus panasonic, sony ……best deal is always to buy used stuff….or only new if x deals and you know you will never sell the bought stuff anymore….;)

  • aresesa

    I thought nikon is the worst or most unfair camera manufacturer d600–> d610….i was proven /thinking wrong until today/now…..;)….

    ITS FUJI!!! Devil and mad…..

    Black day for XT1 users…..they cheat us with their iso settings already and now they are even cheating with their gear……

    • nwcs

      All this angst over a rumor of something that has a very high likelihood of not happening?

    • You only cheat yourself if you think Fuji is cheating you with ISO.

      • Ratty Mouse

        Fujifilm is a confirmed cheater when it comes to ISO ratings. They are very dishonest.

        • Confirmed by whom?

  • LeFred

    b like … Bayer ?

    • nwcs


      • LeFred

        Can’t a simple colour filter array change be considered a minor tweak ? :-D

        • If they made a bayer version it would certainly be inferior to the current X-T1 because it is one of the big marketing features of the current cameras. Making an improved X-T1 with bayer pattern would certainly damage the x-trans reputation.

          • LeFred

            Agreed, they probably won’t eat their hat, even if it can attract new customers and in particular Lightroom users.
            Yet Fuji X cameras have so many selling points, I don’t think alleged X-Trans advantages are necessary to sell them.

          • nwcs

            Personally I’m not a fan of Bayer or X-trans. I’d rather them solve the full color sensor and do it far better than Foveon.

          • D

            Agreed…at base ISO, the Fovean sensor has better pixel-level image quality than any camera below $4000, including the D800E. Unfortunately, it has very poor high-ISO performance. Hopefully, as rumoured, both Sony and Canon are working on developing layered sensors, as Bayer and Bayer-like sensors are not optimal.

          • Ratty Mouse

            Bayer is better than X Trans. X Trans is for those who need a fancy marketing name. You know, gear humpers.

          • How many cameras without AA-filter where on the market before the x-trans?

          • LeFred

            The exact same 16mpix sensor with Bayer instead of XTrans would have the same huge dynamic range, low noise and great colors.
            XTrans was designed to counter moire.
            I am not a fan of Bayer either. But Bayer has the advantage of current and future compatibility. The successor of XTrans is already on the tracks. Will XTrans be still supported in 10 years?
            Now if Fuji offered a successful Foveon-like implementation, I would eagerly take it.

  • heggmona

    I hope the new version will be crippled in some fashion, so that the original version will keep its value….

  • max

    Fuji has to up the ante cos Sony a6000 is the real buzz now, it has better video,AF and much cheaper.

    • All it needs is lenses. ;)

      • Great point :)

      • ipecaca

        With the discounted touits and the 55 1.8 it somewhat approaches the lens range of the x-pro1 at launch))

  • I have an idea. We all stop buying cameras. Then we buy the last model, just when every camera company goes bancrupt.
    This way we can have the latest model forever. And can you imagine the resale value with no more manufacturers around? We will all be filthy rich. :)

    • LeFred

      Or you can buy a film camera. They won’t be replaced anytime soon. ;-)

      • Good Idea. I have several. But didn’t leica just announce a new one? Those cheaters! I guess this will be the end of my future M3.

  • FujiGod

    The name will be X-T1s.

  • I think both the X-PRO and X-T line should be on a 2 year release cycle (alternating between the two) like proper professional cameras. Updating the X-T1 now is ridiculous. X-Pro1 makes sense, X20 makes sense, even X-E2 makes sense (something like a midlife update, perhaps AF, EVF refresh). But the X-T1 – seriously?!

    • tim

      Why not update the hardware the same way the firmware is done? Keep the price more or less constant and just work the changes into the next production batch.

      Loss of value is not going to change. Perhaps Fuji will offer a subscription model, say 600€ per year, with an new body each year. Old camera body get a clean and adjust and then sold with 12mth warranty by Fuji at great price.

      At least then you know what you get with regards to resale.

      X-Pro1 … they can’t sell the ones they have already made …

      • nwcs

        You know, you’re onto something there that would be awesome for the gearheads if camera makers did. Have a subscription model for hardware. Every year you get the latest of whatever “line” of camera you are subscribed to. Maybe it’s a 3 year commitment at 60% of the first camera’s cost per year. That would satisfy the lust to always upgrade, remove some of the fear and uncertainty, and provide a reliable revenue stream to the manufacturer.

    • Clint

      It only matters if you’re one of those gearheads that has to sell their barely used camera in 6 months to have the latest, greatest thing. Just use what ya got….you were happy enough to buy it right! Besides, if you’re worried about resale value the last brand you should be buying is Fuji, it boggles my mind to see how cheap you can pick up used XPro1’s right now…

    • amnong

      In case you haven’t noticed, the X-E2 did get an update of EVF refresh and other features (easier face recognition setting, improved focus peeking, etc.). It’s called firmware 2.0. They can always do more but I am thankful I got more feature upgrades for my X-E1 and now X-E2 than I got during the 4 years I had my Nikon D90.
      I hope they release more updates for the X-E2 which is internally almost essentially an X-T1 with a different box.

  • EJPB

    See my posts in ‘travel lit, travel smart, travel X’… is this really the kind of model/range management we expect from a manufacturer? Micro-adjustments in one model, while other X-buyers have been waiting for a truly functional camera for many months. What Fuji is doing today is niche-hyping around one model and filling up the small holes in the market with subversions or leave old models on the shelf, ‘you never know that somebody still buys them’. Are we really laughing at those competitors that don’t release new premium cameras every few months?

    • Replacement cycles get shorter accross the board. Not just with cameras and phones, also with cars.

      In part that is because the consumer wants only the latest product. And if there is a Fuji from last year and a Sony from yesterday he will probably go for the Sony.

      If you think about the extreme cases: no new camera ever or a new camera every other day, I’d certainly opt for a new camera every day. This way you can just buy a camera and not wait for the next big announcement rumored to be in a couple of months, when possibly a major update will make the camera a whole lot better.

      The main reason why manufacturers have years in between different models is the cost for research and development to design the new camera. Not because they stick to some secret rule of only releasing new models every 2 to 3 years. It is only business decisions. Nothing else.

      The X-Pro1 has not been updated because the development is not done. They would be better of not selling the X-Pro1 and selling the X-Pro2 instead than just not selling the X-Pro1 today. ;)

      • ronin

        It’s because the manufacturers see a large sales peak at initial product launch, with buyers willing to pay top dollar.

        I suspect that peak is falling off sooner and sooner across all manufacturers, forcing serial price slashing by manufacturers sooner and sooner.

        They have become junkies for the new launch dollars, because only those margins pay off for them. The 6 and 12-month post launch margins not so much.

        This is not sustainable. Consumers don’t have that kind of money. Consumers are tired of product churn with no discernible image quality improvement after 3 or more cycles. Consumers are tired of their 12 month old $1400 items now being worth hundreds and hundreds less.

        And it’s not sustainable by manufacturers, for that matter. Distribution, production lines, documentation, support, education, spare parts are expensive.

        And it’s not sustainable by retailers. Why would they want to be stuck with multiple generations of the same product when shelf space is precious?

        Fuji knows this, but feels caught in its own web. Despite its bogus claim that it wants users to keep cameras for years and years, and refuses to participate in product churn. Indeed, Fuji is right up there when it comes to churn.

        What can’t be sustained won’t be sustained.

        • Brossard

          Excellent insight, Ronin. I remember Sony quoted not so long ago saying they now wanted 6-months launches (for their smartphones IIRC).

    • Robert

      I guess that the difference then is that the released camera from the competitor is more well thought through from the beginning when being released, sometimes through iterative improvements over several generations. Therefore it can last longer before needing an upgrade.

      • EJPB

        Again, better R&D, also in a commercial sense. Fuji is just in a stretch to fill up as many holes as they see, not to get killed by mass-competition. Their setpoint is volume and not so much quality or care for repeat buyers but we can predict this is a kind of war they will never win. How do all those X-Pro1 buyers feel after 2 years? X-E1s? X-E2s? Do we still believe the story, see the thin red line in it? Do we want to rebuy back into Fuji X or do we feel a bit abandoned with stuff that didn’t tick all the boxes? Wouldn’t we like to see a stable, technical best Q of the market-kind of range with 3 models max – the X-Pro.. – X-T1.. – X100.. – with a cycle time of 2 years? I respect Leica – they manage to keep their M-models ‘hot’ in the market for more than 3 years and after that these models are still a piece of desire, present on the second hand market with excessive prices. Quality pays, not? A second hand Mercedes is also scoring a lot better than a used Mitsubishi?

        • Robert

          To my understanding we share a similar view on the subject. There is indeed a saying “quality pays itself”. I rather buy fewer high quality (mostly relatively expensive) things seldom, than larger amounts of so so quality things (mostly relatively cheap) often. In the long run this choice IMHO leads to more efficient use of energy (mostly measured by money). That is why I prefer products from companies which strive towards long term thinking and hence usually achieve a certain level of quality in what they do and provide.

        • C.

          I would add that I have Leica and Fuji, and I am very pleased with Fuji quality. I think that the current 2 year cycle on the top level is good, and they should not adopt short cicles as many others have. The reasons I have chosen Fuji is because of the quality of the product, and because it seems to have a good relationships with the users, in true “Leica” style …. if they release a XT1 mark II after 4 months the Mark I is on the market, I will be very upset. It has nothing to do with GAS, or similar pretty silly reasons, it has to do with the fact I want a 3 year cicle on my professional gear. They could have waited 4 months, and released a new product without the idiosyncrasies: the XT1 is an excellent piece of gear, but it has some idiosyncrasies, and w eall know what they are. That said, I hope Fuji will keep up with the good tradition of listening to users, and do not such a thing or offer an upgrade to existing users.

        • I am a happy X-E1 owner of the first hour. I will wait for approximately two years, so this fall. The more models to choose from then, the better for me. When I bought it there was only a very expensive X-Pro1 as an alternative. Next time there will be the X-T1, the X-E2 and whatever high end is announced at photokina. Maybe an X-Pro2. :)

  • Xanderale

    I don’t think this will be a dramatic update. My thoughts are:
    -D-Pad fix
    -potentially larger buttons
    -no ISO lock
    -eliminating the movie record button, putting it on one of the dials and making that place a fn button.
    I think this “update” will be so minor that they won’t even rename the camera.
    They can only do so much. Anything more, such as 1/8000th shutter speed, faster flash sync speed, etc. would diminish the significance of the X-Pro 2. All IMHO.

    • Clint

      ‘No ISO lock’….I hope you’re wrong on that one! For every person bitching about the ISO lock there are two more that will bitch if that feature is removed. I can hear it already….’this would be the perfect camera but the ISO dial keeps moving on me…’.

      • Robert

        I would like an ISO lock working like the shutter speed lock, i.e. only locks in A. IMHO that would be a good compromise.

  • ste787

    what? they just release this camera, it is brand new. I cannot believe it.

  • I got a good laugh at reading all the “it’s the end of the world” posts below. There were actually a few PHOTOGRAPHERS posting to just “go out and shoot” which is the correct mentality of a photographer.

    The point being, if you enjoy taking good photos, you’ll use whatever you have (and purchased). Ultimately, there’s too much GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) in here, pretty much like any other Tech Website.

    There are some other great sites that deal more about photography than about technology. This is not one of them of course :)

  • DaveCC

    I have to admit I would like:
    Faster flash sync Speed, why can’t this be 1/500.
    Two card slots,
    Proper video specs
    I guess if this update is true, those 140 items Fuji has identified that need to be addressed in the X-T1, won’t be coming in the X-T2 in spring 2015

    • nwcs

      How many 1/500 flash sync DSLRs out there?

      • DaveCC

        My brothers 9 year old Nikon D70, to name one.
        Fast flash sync speeds should be one of the hallmarks of going mirror less.

        • nwcs

          And you know that after that the sync speed is 1/250 except for the multi-burst flash sync mode. That has it’s own issues, too.

          • DaveCC

            Hey nwcs….why all the negative vibes. Lighten-up, I agree, there are some technical issues that have to be over come, I get it. But someone had to say “let’s send someone to the moon and give them a buggy to ride around on”. I say go for it, and nwcs would say, “but no one’s ever done it before, why should we”. I say someone has to be first, and I would like Fuji to go for it. Fuji has lots of smart engineers, I think they can, and when they do, it will be very cool.

          • ipecaca

            I think the problem here is the general limitation of the focal plane shutter that nwcs and others are talking about. I don’t think it’s fuji’s place to make a breakthrough in this direction, since it’s more of enthusiast camera so far, and have other more important areas of development. Even Canikon use multipulse flashes to overcome this problem.
            I believe you’re talking about high speed flash, but not the high speed sync. The sync is limited to 1/250 in best focal plane shutters, the high speed flash using multiple pulses can work at speeds up to 1/8000 and probably higher.

          • harvey

            wrong – the early Nikon dslrs had a hybrid shutter that allowed advertised sync to 1/500 sec but unofficially you could sync to much higher speeds based on the flash duration. I have read of some who did 1/2000 and higher.

      • Antonio

        DaveCC’s brother got a camera the same model as my first DSLR that still shoots, but going FF I got a D700 that can shoot HighSpeed flash at 1/8000 s.
        Apart from HighSpeed sync a real flash sys is based on much more than base sync speed, like using several flashes and being able to control exposure like Nikon’s CLS can do or radio control the Canon way.
        I would be a great advantage if Fujifilm could show a mirror less flash sys offering these facilities.

        • nwcs

          The high speed flash sync works but it carries it’s own compromises. Just look it up. Native sync on a D700 is 1/250. I should know since I had only for 2 years.

  • Clint

    I’m not sure what all the bitching is about….there will always be something newer/better on the horizon. What you guys all need to do is to WAIT a full year after any Fuji release and you will be sure then to get something with the wrinkles worked out and WAY cheaper than when it first was announced. Take my XPro1 as an example….I paid $2200 for it with the 35mm lens….look how cheap it is now!

    • It’s a bit discomforting how much value some place on gear and “having the latest coolest” rather than photos, yes. I’d understand the frustration better if there was a glaring problem with the X-T1 (like the Nikon D600 situation and oil buildup) but with the new models having no light leaks and better tactile feel on the D pad, any “issues” would be pretty minor and I personally don’t feel cheated at all.

      I guess it might have slightly better D pad buttons but I also very much suspect Fujifilm will release this as an addon for the X-T1 too.

  • Arnold Newman

    Whether this is something to get upset about really depends on the nature of the minor upgrades. If it turns out that the body will still be called the X-T1 with an internal label that says “Rev. B”, and the only changes will be a clickier D-pad and a toggle lock on the ISO dial how big of a deal is that? It may even be that existing bodies can be upgraded. My point is that it is too soon to feel ripped off. We don’t know enough. Now if the viewfinder thing turns out to be true and the name is changed, let the furor begin…

  • Randolph_Knackstedt

    Already releasing another version of the XT1 is sure to piss off existing XT1 users. The XT1 is doing well and this is way too soon for an update or slight variation IMO. No i’m not an XT1 user BTW. But this seems unnecessary.

    • I own an X-T1 and don’t mind this, although I’ve heard others do. I guess if you buy one for the gear and “staying on top”, but I bought it for photography and I’m still quite excited about it. It took me about a year to get truly comfortable with my X100 and I bought my X-T1 for at least three years of use, fully expecting even X-T2’s to be released in that timeframe.

    • Antonio

      So, if Fujifilm sells higher than expected numbers of a model and needs to get a new batch of components you’d like to see them to stick with one (or more ) “outdated” component(s) instead of incorporating a more performing new one, just to keep prior buyers happy?

      If that was the case, would you become a XT1 user to applaud a product you already use?

      Do you believe R&D departments work at 1 or 2 months notice, or do you accept that manufacturers (all of them) have product portfolios well in advance of releasing dates, even if live cycles are becoming shorter and shorter because consumers want them to stay “ahead” of the competition to ensure they own the best toy in the block for as long as possible?

      • Fly Moon

        @disqus_X0eIIhF19G:disqus I think you’re missing the point! Nobody says fuji shouldn’t update or upgrade.

        • Antonio

          I hope I’m not.
          First, it is yet to be seen if the rumor materializes;
          Second, only because they need to get new components I envisage Fuji can change something in the hardware section, either because they want to incorporate some improvement or because the said components are now the normal production of the supplier and it would be the cheapest option for them, providing it fits the camera’s design and electronics;
          Third, it mau be just minor changes and not a real “upgrade” model or something comparable to Nikon’s D600/D610 to correct problems;
          Last, besides the short period after the model’s release present buyers may think it is not “fair” but some reactions may be exaggerated, namely because at present pace with one year time or so a new model that will make everybody happy will come anyway and first buyers will still have a recent camera, now seen as “obsolete”. Digital camera bodies these days are close to get the statute of fast using consumables.
          However, Fujifilm marketing guys shall study these reactions, call the “new” body X-T1s (for instance) introduce some other change, make it the “flagship”, charging some hundreds more and people will be happy also because “their” camera will not loose value…for some months…

  • Matt

    Damn, I just placed an order for X-T1. Should I cancel?

    • ed

      for sure!

      Just my opinion….i would do that immediately why buy old if you could get an impreoved product for the nearly the same price without or less deficiencies…light leak, d pad, soft sd card door, unresponsive buttons etc…

    • nwcs

      Depends on how trustworthy you think an internet rumor is.

    • Fly Moon

      I would unless you really need a camera now!

    • do you really need a new camera and the X-T1? by the end of summer in September for Photokina.. just like 3 more months… you’ll learn more about the X-Pro2 which is finally soon approaching. I’d wait and see what that has to offer.. if that style of camera is more to your liking and can wait, I say do so instead of having that possibility of wanting the X-Pro2 when that is released and either forking up more $$ for another body or the hassle of trying to sell the X-T1 to afford another camera which you may actually prefer more… who knows? all subjective matters, but whatever is most important and doable for you.

      • Amedei

        Oh geesh, you can always keep waiting for new stuff to come out. There’s always new stuff coming out after you got your stuff. After the next releases you’ll hear about rumors of the next releases which you want then.
        Get a cam you like and have pleasure taking photos. A newer cam won’t let you be a better photographer….(argh…now you got me sounding like Ken Rockwell!)

  • 078Adam

    I suspect these will be minor and needed, the only time photo magazines really talk about a camera is when it is launched, the light leek, the mushy buttons distracted away from a great camera, they fixed these but the dammed was done. a new version, even a small b will ensure a fresh half page in the mags. I don;t think they will change the viewfinder resolution. Fuji did say that they where thinking of a customise service for all customers as, as much of the feed back they get is stiffen the buttons as loosen them.

  • FujiGod

    Sony RX-100, RX-100 II, RX-100 III
    Nikon 1, 1 V2, 1 V3
    Canon EOS 650, EOS 700 (and no improvement!)
    fuji X-T1, X-T1s

    thats live…..

    • Not in less than six months, it isn’t. It’s wholesale customer f*ckery.

      • Luzu

        You’ve put it in a nutshell, sir.

  • ronin

    “hardware upgrade.” Read: new model.

  • reading about the complaints of Flash sync speed here, I don’t think (some) people understand the concept. You don’t need a HIGH flash sync speed (ie, above 1/200, or 1/250, etc), you just need a HIGH SPEED SYNC mode in the Flash unit that fires MULTIPLE pulses to compensate the curtains that move faster than the sync speed.

    Canon and Nikon cameras don’t have 1/4000 sync speeds, but their flashes work on 1/4000 (or 1/8000 or 1/1000000000) shutter speed because they use multiple flash pulses to compensate for the moving curtain, when the flash is set in “High Speed Sync” the system (camera + flash unit) know how to compensate.

    I did a quick google search and here is a simple explanation from Canon http://learn.usa.canon.com/resources/blogs/2013/20131209_stoner_highspeedsync_blog.shtml

    • ronin

      High flash synch speeds become useful when using fill-in flash.

      Also, non-manufacturer proprietary flashed don’t necessarily perform the same sort of pulsations.

      • I know what they are used for, you still don’t need a 1/500 or 1/2000 flash-sync speed to do fill flash.

        non-brand problem would be the same for Canon and Nikon as they are usually 1/200 or 1/250 (in-body)

        • ronin

          OK, because your lecture didn’t mention the value of high synch speeds for fill-in flash, it just said that people didn’t need sync speeds above 1/200. If you are outdoors trying to fill in the shadows in a face on a sunny day and you are striving for narrow depth of field, believe me high synch speed is your friend..

          For decades people have used leaf shutter lenses to attain high sync flash speeds. People used rolleiflexes and hasselblads because they liked the ability to get 1/500 sync, for example.

          Pointing out that non-manufacturer proprietary strobe units don’t necessarily benefit from pulsed flashes has nothing to do with Canon or Nikon, so your point is lost.

          Suggest more than a casual google search…

          • I still don’t understand what you’re arguing against my point. you don’t NEED high-speed x-sync speed, because the FLASH and BODY can DO high speed flash-sync (using multiple pulses) even if the body can only do 1/200 sync, the full system can do a 1/4000 flash-sync in bright light with a 135mm/F2 lens. the camera doesn’t need 1/4000 x-sync speed.

            I mention canon and nikon because you said fuji doesn’t work with non-brand for high-speed sync mode. Well, a non-brand flash would not work on a canon or nikon for high speed sync neither, they will be limited to 1/200 or 1/250.

          • ronin

            Nope, I said nothing ever about fuji working or not working with non-brand flashes. You made that up.

            But let it go. We get your point: High shutter speed flash synchronization is stupid.

          • I understood in context what you said

            “Also, non-manufacturer proprietary flashed don’t necessarily perform the same sort of pulsations.”

            to mean that 3rd-party flashes don’t perform the high speed flash on fuji (as we were talking about fuji).

            again, you are not understanding, as I never said “high shutter speed flash sync is stupid”, I said that people don’t understand fully that there’s no real need for an in-body high flash sync. When a flash can do a “high shutter speed flash sync”

            EDIT: flash-sync in-body, is not the same as high speed sync mode in flash. You can have a slow in-body flash sync and still perform a high speed flash sync through a flash for fill

          • GH

            Fast sync speeds are useful to those using studio strobes, rather than the speelight-type flashes that yore talking about, and that’s why leaf shutter lenses are popular in the studio world.

          • and that’s exactly why we don’t “need” a high flash sync in-body. these fuji cameras are NOT studio cameras. Not even the Nikon D4’s and Canon 1Ds’ do anything higher than 1/250 in-body x-sync

          • Oz

            While you are correct that nikon and canon can do high speed sync using pulses from the speedlight. The overall output from the flash is massively reduced, and thus its practical use is pretty poor.
            This is where having a higher x-sync in the camera (such as on the x100) is a bonus… you do not lose your flash power and so can use it in more creative ways, such as off camera/through a softbox or beauty dish..

          • I’d have to disagree a bit here about using high speed sync. the output is reduced, but actually usable.. and you can bump up the power with flash compensation to if needed.

            I would have been more inclined to agree with you before my recent experience, but recently I went out on a shoot with nothing but my Olympus E-M1 and the Oly 75mm f/1.8 and Oly FL-600R for outdoor portraits.. normally, I wouldn’t use such long focal length which equates to 150mm because I have to do head shots, upper body, sitting, standing, groups & kids, etc.. a variety of poses and background situations for a particular location and mix variety of clients. But, I said screw it!… just use it and make it work … I did have my trusty and versatile 12-40mm f2.8 handy just in case I really couldn’t get the variety of shots I needed, but I never had to use it.

            Back to the 75mm and high speed sync flash.. in all cases, I was able to use the rather long 150mm and flash with high speed sync and it lit up the subjects against a bright background and ambient light from morning till sunset without a problem. Practically all the shots were with subjects in the shadows and sun facing their backs and directly towards my camera. I was pleasantly surprised that not only I could actually use a 150mm (35mm equivalent) lens in so many situations, but my flash actually was strong enough to reach and balance the scene as needed with high speed sync. you have to bump up the output, but it’s all about adapting and doing what you can do to make the shot work for you.

            So, from my recent personal experience, I’d have to say high speed sync works, even with somewhat long distance portrait shooting in bright daytime.

            It is probably not the most efficient use of the flash and I did run through more sets of AA batteries more, but hey, it can work in tough situations when you need it.

            Going back to the Fuji X-T1, if you do not have a high speed flash sync capable camera body, what I did would have been extremely difficult with only 1/180 max flash sync.. I could make do with a quality variable ND filter, but that’s just another piece of glass over the lens and you have to fiddle with the density to match the particular lighting situation so you get it dark enough, but not too dark, if possible… would have been a pain in the ass, but I suppose doable as I’ve tried working with such limitations on my E-M1 as a test to see if I ever did purchase a X-T1, would I be able to use it for my specific work purposes… yes, but not nearly as fast and easy and I’m on the clock and need to work fast and adjust as the day & lighting situation constantly changes.

          • yeah, I shoot plenty outdoor engagement shoots with 70-200/F2.8 and 135/F2 with flashes (and reflectors held by gophers/friends who want to get into photography) and it works fine. And NiMH AA batteries has enough power to last and not lose cycle time. Then again I do have an external battery pack so never worried about losing power.

            EDIT: Canon gear

          • If I missed your point, sorry, but doesn’t the camera need to be high speed flash sync capable in the first place?

            I don’t think it does any good to have a flash (regardless of brand) if it has high speed flash sync capability, but the camera does not. It just won’t work out. Both need it, as I understand it.

            As soon as a flash is detected on a Fuji body, it will automatically limit the shutter speed to 1/180 max with the flash. Not sure how you can get around this? don’t think you can force the Fuji body to fire at 1/2000 or whatever higher flash sync speed above 1/180.. even if you could, which I think people have somehow pushed 1/250, I don’t think it has capability to sync with the high speed flash pulses that a high speed sync flash may be able to do… I’m not a pro, but I believe the camera has to be able to communicate with the flash and tell it what shutter speed it is going for and emit the appropriate pulses of light to match, otherwise, how’s the flash sync going to be synchronized with the shutter speed to deliver the appropriate spread of pulses across the sensor?.. if not matched, I imagine you’ll get light and dark banding of exposure since the pulses are not synced… maybe I’m imagining too much here, but sufficient to say, the Fuji body needs to have high speed sync capability to be able to do high speed flash sync… they don’t need a very high shutter speed, can get away with 1/4000 max (though it would be helpful and better if it can go up to 1/8000), but it does need high speed flash sync.

            If it did, I’d be totally down to get a Fuji to do outdoor portraits with a 3rd party flash, but it can’t.. you’re stuck at 1/180 and overexposure, especially if you want to shoot even somewhat wide open.. Best bet is to get the right ND filter to be able to use the slow 1/180 limit. Still, it makes composing your shot hard cause it’s so dark.

            Bottom line, Fuji DOES NEED to get their flash capabilities up to par with what a professional level camera should be.

            .. I’m saying this as a person who uses an Olympus OM-D E-M1 professionally to do a lot of outdoor portraits where anything less would be considered a handicap, imho.

          • yeah, this is what I mean. The camera doesn’t NEED an in-body high speed of 1/2000 (which is impossible with a plane field shutter anyways), what Fuji needs to do is come up with a firmware update that will do high-speed-flash sync with their Fuji flashes (like Canon/Nikon/etc with multiple pulses). And this is what I’m trying to say that people don’t understand, it’s not that it needs a high in-body flash-sync, it needs to have a system capable of delivering high sync flash, the in-body x-sync speed is not a NEED for the purpose of a non-studio camera.

            I will never be able to use a Fuji camera for a sunny outdoor engagement photo because it still lacks that high-speed sync. Well, I can use reflectors on sunny days but when overcast, etc etc, multiple light sources does wonder.

  • Ratty Mouse

    The rabid drooling Fujifilm gear humpers are fuming made now at Fujifilm.

  • Cool!

    The X-T1 is pretty cool camera, but have to admit it seemed a bit rushed and not quite 100% throughout.

    There are the like leak issues and the direction buttons on the back, both of which Fuji has graciously invited anybody who has these issues to send back for free repair.. a bitch and time lost to take care of those issues, but I guess it’s better than not having Fuji try to improve an otherwise great camera.

    There are a number of things which I anticipate will and should be fixed, and a few things that I’d really like them to also fix, but probably not likely.

    Other things Fuji should fix in this hardware upgrade (besides the 2 most common issues noted above, light leak and poor direction pads:

    1) Overall, improve other buttons on the back.. i think they could use just a bit more protrusion (not so flushed with body) and/or positive feedback when you press them.. they are at present just “alright”, but could be better.

    2) Some people may have complained about the drive dial (under the ISO dial) and metering dial (under the shutter dial) being too easy to bump and/or tricky/fiddly to move without overshooting the intended stopping point/mode you’d like to move it towards

    3) This should actually be #1, but I think they should get rid of the stupid lock on all the settings for the ISO dial.. just make it like the shutter dial and only lock on A position and all other ISO settings let it rotate freely to the other ISO settings.. don’t see a real need to lock on every position ISO position besides just A.

    4) They should make that SD card door on the right better quality.. feels rather flimsy and lame. Does not invoke confidence for true weather seal.

    Things I wish would make it to the hardware upgrade for the X-T1, but I doubt it:

    1) On one of my last points above about the ISO dial, maybe make room to include all the ISO settings.. names H1, H2 & H3! It’s highly unlikely most people will ever use any of the highest ISO settings anyways much, but I think it’s stupid to make you decide which 2 of the highest 3 ISO settings you want to assign to H1 & H2.. They should have H1, H2 & H3 and just set them where they should be and be done with it.. Lame option and wasted time and thought to bother setting those.. it was like they didn’t realize the X-T1 had 3 extended high ISO settings in the design process and forgot to leave room for them and decided to make the user choose how to set them instead of correcting this… there’s way more ISO settings on the Nikon DF and they have all ISO ranges available through the dial without needing user to set any of them.

    2) Not sure if this is necessarily a hardware upgrade, but also talking about ISO, why not make the extended ISO available for RAW shooting, also?

    3) It would be nice to have the tilt LCD screen on the back be a touch screen as well.. maybe?.. or perhaps on the X-T2 or maybe soon to be announced X-Pro2.

    4) Can we get an option to reassign the movie rec button to something more useful? Not likely the X-T1 is going to be used much nor taken seriously for film making, so why not give us another custom function button?

    5) This is probably hardware related, any way we can make the shutter speed go up to 1/8000?.. HS or FP Flash Sync?! Ok, too much to ask for Fuji to do a much needed upgrade to bring there top cameras to the modern age with more modern and pro shutter speed performance.

  • si

    just got XE1 few weeks back and 23mm lens love it (16mm please)
    went from film many yrs back to canon 20D digital during uni and the passion just wasn’t there with digital
    and seeing money spent and the 20D is a good paper weight now
    big difference with new camera’s these days

    i can see myself staying with fuji and good on fuji – they are competing now if that means winning 1000 customers and 100 are grumpy

    like i said in my Xpro2 post if they can draw 25% or more out if this sensor size bammmm they got a great product

    • si

      i still ride XO 9 speed and 26 inch wheels for those that ride mtb – shimano just now going 1 -11
      so to my friend that has his canon 5D it will be a expensive paper weight at least with the discounted XE1 throw it in my backpack with a 18mm lens and off you go travel light

  • sidtw

    Tim and nwcs have talked about something very interesting (buried down somewhere in this chat), call it the suggested “Fuji subscription business model”. I’ve modified it a bit.

    You subscribe to a line, say the Pro-Line or XT-line, for US$1000 a year, and you have access to any newest model in the line. If a newer one comes out, just go to your next Fuji store and exchange it for the new model. Let’s say new models are guaranteed every 18 months. And firmware updates every 6 months. US$1000 still seem to be a bit high? Well…

    …this business model can be combined with lenses.
    A US$1000 yearly subscription could include:
    1. guaranteed early access to any new lens (2 months before normal customers can buy it, yeah, sorry),
    2. guaranteed 50% discount on all lenses from day 1
    3. world wide free repair service for the length of the subscription

    This wouldn’t be a business model for Fuji’s bankruptcy, would it?. :)

    • nwcs

      I think subscription models, if done right, can be a real win-win for consumers and manufacturers. It would also solve the never ending gear angst people have.

    • I think there won’t be enough suckers to bite on such a model. Except people with extreme Gear Acquisition Syndrome who believe that they can’t be competitive unless they have the very latest gear.

      Of course, GAS never goes away completely, you can always invest in something that would improve your work. But the big question you always have to ask is this: is it your camera that is limiting your photography?

      99% of noobs believe so. Most people think that to improve their photography, they just need better gear. And they buy DSLRs and ILCs without bothering to learn the basics of photography. But that’s the first thing we teach in workshops – examine YOUR needs.

      Your model supports FUJIs needs. Oh they would be really happy to sucker in user into paying them cash every year. But to create an outstanding portfolio, there are dozens of things you can invest in with bigger payoff. For me now, that’s team building (finding a good stylist, for example). Other photographers may have different needs, depending on what genre they work in. The point is, your model is perfect for FUJI but encourages bad spending and bad thinking for everyone else.

      And then, lets examine your suggestion one by one.

      1) How would your “normal” customers feel about this policy?
      2) Yeah, Fuji is going to give you a $4000 tele for $3000 (guaranteed!)
      3) That’s called good warranty policy. You’re suggesting paying $1000 for the privilege of having good after-sales support?

      You gotta be kidding.

      • tim

        I purchased an X-Pro1, in 2 years it lost 1300 € in value and became basically redundant by the new X-T1. That is 750 € per year.

        Fuji can only sell significant volumes of equipment by discounting.

        So a subscription model, with lens discount (200 per lens) and defective replacement program (not return and repair, but no questions asked replacement), might actually be reasonable value at that price point of 1000€.

  • Benny

    Thanks! I just canceled my order in time. A camera shop that I’m buying X -T1 also suggested that I wait and see because after the upgraded model will be released soon, and after that, X-T1 will slowly discontinued, similarly to D600/D610.

    • Matts

      Me too. I decided to cancel mine. I will be using my current camera and see what Fuji will release.

      • Luzu

        They’ll probably release a X-T1c with another minor hardware update (lock buttons OM-D style?) 3 months after the X-T1b hits the shops.

  • Tim

    Welcome to the mirrorless version of D600/D610.
    (Of course different root cause)

  • DouglasGottlieb

    Better D pad buttons and fixed light leak seem like a guarantee. I’d love to see dual memory cards to further underscore this camera’s “pro” intentions, faster high end shutter speeds, lower native ISO for raw, and a touch screen. Oh, and an organic sensor in the XT-2 next year. ;) Go Kaizen!

    • sidtw

      Organic sensor next year? hahaha Or did you mean next decade?

      • DouglasGottlieb

        Don’t laugh at the Great Organic Pumpkin or he may never visit our pumpkin patch. You may have just blown it for us this year. Sally’s going to be furious… But I still have faith.

        • sidtw

          :) I am on your side. I’d really wish to see it sooner than later. The organic sensor is just a never ending rumor. Anyway, hope Sally’s gonna be fine!

    • Luzu

      At the moment, “Kaizen” just means “If you’re foolish enough to buy this camera now, it’ll be already outdated in short time because Fuji is dahing out yet another minor hardware upgrade.”
      I’m sure everyone (except the existing customers) will be happy.

      • John H

        Yeah…certainly NO other camera maker does this sort if thing these days.

  • DouglasGottlieb

    It would be pretty funny if the “b” stands for silver (b)ody.

  • nzswedespeed

    I do think it would be a bit rough it it comes out before the end of the year. I hope it comes with the sensor from the A6000 though! I am not phased about base ISO, but a believe 1/8000 of a second is needed with those fast primes. Could a 4K VF be on the way?

  • Kimba

    Please please please please please please put a touch screen on it!

  • George

    Bye bye X-T1….

    A6000 see you soon!

    • Kimba

      Ah so you’ll be using their forums now? Bye!

  • Emil Jacobsen

    I just got mine and guess what model revision it says on the box – F FX-XT1-B-US! I can’t really tell what should be different…

    • baerevovle

      Received mine a couple days ago, model F FX-XT1-B-US also

      • baerevovle

        on the box

      • Tobromot

        That’s also on mine, which is from around April – I think this ‘B’ is the color code for black.

        • romi.foto

          i believe that’s the body-only, and not the kit.

          • kris

            Mine is a kit, on the box it’s
            F X-T1B/1855KIT-US

          • Cyril Vivier

            Is it possible to have a picture Of your box please ?

    • Ryan_K

      I too bought X-T1 few months ago. And my box said “X-T1-B”.
      If this rumor is true. it may be another code name, not X-T1B definitely.

  • Didiergm

    Really hope it’s true: existing X-T1 would still continue to work fine, future X-T1B owner will be pleased, and existing stock not sold will drop in value allowing me to grab an X-T1 for a significantly lower price because no one will buy it. What’s not to like ? That’s how I got my X-E1 a few months back and I am very very pleased with it :)

    • And that is how a once-premium brand goes to the bin. Or, it is how Fujifilm cater to the lowest denominator and stop releasing innovative products in order to keep up with everyone else at all costs.

      • John H

        Shut up and go buy an Olympus or something … Perfect.

        • If you read that I should buy another Japanese camera out of my post, you need glasses. I live in this bloody country that values plastic and ejaculating over the market and customers at every chance. I hate it. I hope still, that Fujifilm are different. But with every new generation of X camera, I’m losing that faith.

          Fujifilm did something different. They were ABOVE the market here in Japan. Now I’m not so sure.

  • Luzu

    Wow. After the silent d-pad update, that’d be just another punch in the face for all existing X-T1 users and early adopters (like me)…

    Y’know, I always smiled at those people telling me “early adopters = beta testers”, but in future I may think about waiting at least half a year after a new Fuji camera relase, before I buy it.

    • Kimba

      Beta testers iron out the bugs. If you think X-T1 is buggy then return it, but this X-T1b might be a feature bump rather than a bug fix.

      • Luzu

        Apparently, not the X-T1 is buggy, but the company’s product release philosophy.

        In a good and well thought out product, there shouldn’t be any reasons to have two minor hardware upgrades in 4 months time.

        • Shawn

          They clearly screwed up on the light leak, and apparently are fixing any dud units (I don’t think that qualifies for a version number change). Yeah they shouldn’t have released any units requiring a fix, but are you telling me they are the only company guilty of having to repair or recall units? It’s not cheap for them to have to do rework so I can’t imagine they would be happy with that result. As for the button “upgrade”, it is entirely opinion. I’m sure I’ve seen comments on liking the buttons as they were. If they are bumping the version number I’d be disappointed if all it changed was button ergonomics and a fault that clearly needs repair

          • The difference here is that a respectable company eats their mistakes. If a product requires a hardware update in less than a year’s time to make it up to spec, that hardware should be replaced/repaired by the manufacturer, not at the customer’s expense.

            No one said Fujifilm were the only manufacturer to do this. And this could just be a rumour. But it portends awful things for the future of a once so-called _premium_ brand of cameras and lenses. The manufacturer doesn’t care about customers, they care about competition: this is the message Fujfilm are sending.

            And it leads down one road: commodity at any expense.

          • Kimba

            They have been replacing cameras with the lightleak. So they are a respectable company.

          • Replacing or fixing a default isn’t respectable, it is necessary. Replacing a camera that’s been out for a couple of months with a new model that either fixes issues with the original, or upgrades its functionality is short-sighted and mean.

          • Shawn

            So what exactly are they upgrading that you are upset about?

          • Luzu

            I totally agree with you!
            Now we’ll wait and see whether this rumor turns out to be true or not.

          • Amedei

            The light leak thingy is exaggerated news, and as can be seen in tests, even the big DSLRs can have the same problem.

  • Manuel

    I am wondering why some people want fuji to solve the d-pad and light-leak problem. As far as I know Fuji already solved this problems.
    New Fujifilm cameras do not have this problems (as far as I know).
    Something out of topic:
    How about “b-issues” of the lenses?
    I am quite angry that Fuji does not offer any weather-sealed prime lenses.

  • ronin

    The X-E2 was touted as having the world’s fastest AF speed. Then the X-T1 came out, touting even faster world’s fastest AF speed. No doubt the new X-T2 “hardware upgrade” will have the bestest fastest ever AF speed.

    • Might be a reason why they have to announce it before the X-Pro2. ;)

  • Milwman

    I like everything about new cameras other then it nocks down the price of the new one you just got. Still not going to get a T till I buy some more lenses. I need glass Fuji! lol

  • ageha

    Always good to see when popular cameras get replaced fast to make them more affordable for a broader audience.

  • Dan S

    Anyone unhappy with their current X-T1 can send it to me. Wow you guys are a bunch a cry babies.

    • Amedei

      If you get more than one, can send one to me also?!

      • Dan S


      • romi.foto

        by this weekend, I’ll be posting both my unused X-T1s on eBay which i had previously planned to anyway. I’ll be sticking to my X-E2 till the next big change.

  • Matthew

    My X-T1 is scheduled to be delivered today. My option is 1) keep x-t1 for 30 days and request price adjustment if price drops 2) return to the seller. There always will be technology upgrades but timing is bad for me. My excitement becomes total confusions as soon as I read this news. keeping lenses without a body and waiting for pro2 , x-t1b , x-t2 ??? damn…..

    • Tv

      I have decided to keep my xe1 and wait for the xpro2, ie skip the xe2 & xt1. The point being upgrading to every model is not necessary and the xt1 is a fantastic camera and will serve you well for a few years.

  • Manuel

    Maybe someone could help me.
    Did Fuji solve the d-pad and the light leak Problem or not?

    • http://www.top-foto.de/item.php?id=FUJXT1BB

      This is from a german online store. At the bottom of the description (in red) it say something like:

      “New products, no light leaks and with modified buttons (better feedback).”

      • Manuel

        Thank you

  • alba63

    Where is the problem?
    Fuji develops their cameras further, people should however stop to consider cameras as an investment. They’re not. But those who bought X-T1 because of how it is, can simply continue using it. Cameras are not meant to buy and resell within 4-6 months. I have the X-E1 since 1,5 years, still like it.
    I may buy a newer camera, but I’d like to get a sensor upgrade, so I wait for the 24MP version of the X-Trans…

  • John Franco

    What a bunch of whiners. Do you know which Fuji camera is the best? The one you actual take outside and take pictures with instead of sitting at home and complaining about this kind of stuff. Get a life.

    • d

      Well said! I bet the X-T1, much like most cameras, far exceeds most of the whiners photographic abilities. Today, people are more focused on what camera they are using, rather than the photographs they are taking.

    • Luzu

      Basically you are right, but we’re talking about trust here, about the consistency in Fujifilm’s quality of manufactoring cameras.

      The mere buyer wants to have a long lasting, reliable camera and while a newer model does not make your old one stop working, it makes you upset why you didn’t wait just this tiny bit more before buying. Two(!) minor hardware upgrades in only four months time (should the rumor turn out to be true)! Some may consider to stop buying Fuji cameras … the trust is lost. And this is cutting Fujis sales, making things worse even for all those, who think more about taking pictures than having the perfect camera.

      It is in your own interest to busy yourself just a wee bit with this case instead of spending your time whining about the whiners.

      • alain

        Don’t worry, be happy !

        • Luzu

          Ok, that comment made me smile… ;-)

  • Kimba

    You don’t invest in a camera. You invest in your own photography.

    Make the most of the awesome X-T1 and remember people were making amazing photographs through pinholes, so no excuses.

  • @Fujirumor:disqus you got to give us a bit more info on this, 6 month refresh seems way to quick for Fuji : ) Hey, maybe it’s an X-T1f … for full frame.

    Anyhow, I’m loving my X-T1, no complaints (dealer sent it back for the light leak fix before delivering it to me), and the 10-24mm is awesome. Shot some grad pics this week with the 35mm f/1.4 and it was stellar as well. Check out my blog at http://IslandNature.ca for some sample images.

    • John Dé

      Don’t think there will be a full frame X-T1 anytime soon, because there are no lens base to support a full frame for now… I love my X-T1 and I would be surprised if Fuji would introduce an upgrade so quick, because the X-T1 is in fact a great piece of equipment…

  • LivingImage

    What are you all whining about? XT1 is a fantastic camera! The d-pad discussion, and the light leak no worse than Canons 5D3….there are easy fixes for both….have we forgotten to get out and take photos…..and enjoy…..I don’t care if they bring out an XT1-z tomorrow i won’t be replacing my XT1s anytime soon. I guess we can all go back to Nikon and Canon, because they’ve never continually issued updates (all be it in the form of new models) and taken us all for granted have they! And of course Canon/Nikon have always issued firmware updates for redundant cameras haven’t they? Yeah, right.

  • mcastein

    Was just thinking about this, if this is true I would expect there to be a fairly significant jump in focus speed. I dont think X-T1 lived up to its hype regarding focus speed and it might be wise to show they can really do this before the X Pro 2 comes? Just a thought.

  • Fred

    XT-1b Black and White Camera!!! That would be brilliant

  • Damien Stenson

    I’m wondering how likely or soon this would manifest if true. I’m going to the states in three weeks and was thinking of picking up the xt1. I’ll be back in the states again this summer but not again after August.

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