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X-T1 FW will make Video Button a FN-button + Internal Fuji Lens Roadmap with 8mm, 200mm and… 33mmF1.0!



OK X-folks… after the latest announcements, I’ve updated my rumor ranking and saw that I’ve shared 87,27% correct rumors.

That’s waaaaay too high for a rumor site, and so I decided to take a little risk, and share a rumor I’ve just received from an anonymous source with nick-name (thanks a lot for sharing, btw :-) ).

The good thing is: it won’t take long to see if the information shared is correct or not… we just have to wait and see, if the X-T1 firmware will make the video button a function button.

But here is the whole story:



As you know, Fuji said there will be a new Firmware coming soon. Mostly it’s all about adding XF35mmF2 compatibility to current X-series cameras. However, there might be some extra tidbits, at least for X-T1 shooters.

In fact, the anonymous source says that:

A new firmware update for the X-T1 that will make the video button a function button… as well as some other unspecified updates!


The source also shares information about an Internal Fuji Roadmap.

there is an internal fujifilm lens roadmap that includes a 8mm, a 200mm and the 33mm.

Yep, it’s the 33mmF1.0. However, according to the source, Fuji is still working to fix issues like AF-speed, and at least this source says that it’s not sure that the XF33mmF1.0 will ever see the light of day! But I’m confident (read this rumor).


No plans for a wide instax printer at this stage.

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