X-shooter zone: “I’m offcially selling my Nikon. The size and quality of the X system can’t be beaten!”


Finally some time for an X-shooter zone! This time we have 5 stories to tell:

1) Mike’s switch to the X.
2) Mehrdad talks about his inspiring liberation from the heavy DSLR’s and about street photography using his X-PRO1 and X100S
3) Jan photographed cars that have a top speeds of approximately 167,7 mph (270 km/h) and accelerate from 0-62,14 mph (0-100 km/h) in 3 seconds and also dogs running full speed towards a camera… with an X-PRO1. Fast action shots with an X-PRO1. Impossible… or not?
4) Robert’s thoughts about the XF 27mm (specs&price) he used to shoot the “Linzer Höhenrausch”.
5) It’s well-known that Fuji X cameras produce awesome JPEG’s. This is why Daniel opened a new Flickr group for Fuji jpeg lovers.

Thanks for sharing all your stories and shots with Fujirumors… and keep it up!

enjoy your Sunday,
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Hi Patrick,

I wanted to share a set with you to demonstrate use of graduated ND filters in Lightroom 5. I decided to try it out and it’s fantastic – I was finally able to produce that surreal mojo possessed by so many landscapes. These are all from a camping trip where I was able to bring my X-E1, Rokinon fisheye, XF 35 1.4, XF 55-200, and Touit 12mm in a mirrorless mover bag, and hiked 8 miles with it no problem. I’m officially selling my Nikon DSLR and never looking back, the size and quality of the X system can’t be beat – looking forward to the X70.

All the best, and keep up the great work!



 photo wood_zps74f2f5b6.jpg

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[Patrick: I’m happy to see that sometimes the story doesn’t end in a FR-readers roundup for you. For FR-readers, the X-shooter zone is not only an opportunity to give your websites more visibility, but also to get in contact with other X-photographers. Some of you also sold beautiful books through a post on FR and others are asked to give an interview to an important retailer. So it happens that the store pictureline noticed Mehrdad’s great shots on Fujirumros and asked him for an interview about street photography. You can read it here in English or in German here.]

“I always have my x100s with me, and I really do mean always! I also often have my X-Pro 1 with me. This was impossible for me with the Canon 5D MKII, which I have used previously. The size and weight are big advantages, too. Maybe this was the biggest game changer for my street photography. Now I am able to have my camera wherever I go and take photos that I would otherwise not have taken.

Travelling light weight is so liberating and gives me so much inspiration.

Images taken with long focal lengths, such as a 90mm or longer, also rarely turn out for me. I prefer wide angle lenses. The X100S’s 23mm and the X-Pro 1′s 14mm are my preferred focal lengths. I find that the wide angle lenses help the viewer to dive into the scene — to “smell the street.”


 photo Mehrdad_SA-1-von-4_zps32cef661.jpg

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Jan Oscarsson

Hello Patrick,

I have been following FR for a couple of months, not posting much in the comments. But when I saw the comments on your latest post, the one where Bert Stephanie has shot some soccer with the X-E2, I just had to post something. Bert does a great job sharing his knowledge and his images and people just rants on about the AF and high f-stops. I felt I had to share my own findings about the AF-speed and accuracy of the X-serie cameras, and as Bert says you can clearly shoot soccer as well as other action with the Fuji. I didn’t want to hijack the thread and link to my own blog, but If you want to, you are welcome to post my blog post thru Fuji rumors. Keep up the good work. Here is the link: http://www.oscarsson.dk/blog/?p=1205

Best regards

Jan Oscarsson (X-PRO1 + XF55-200)

 photo DSF0613_zps24c509de.jpg

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Hi Patrick,

just finished my photo essay of the “Linzer Höhenrausch” – an exhibition dedicated to towers on top of the roofs in the city of Linz. I took 95% of the photos with the new fujinon xf27f lens and shared my impressions here:

the photos can be found inside my Gallery: http://www.refro.at/refroto/wp/?page_id=103

Keep up the interesting work! like so many others, there’s no day for me without stopping at fujiumors :-)


 photo robert_zpsaf4cb179.png

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Hi Patrick,

Being a long time Fuji X user (now near enough 3 years) and a Fuji jpeg lover I thought it might be time to start a new flickr group for us jpeg shooters.

Like a lot of Fuji users I also find the jpeg´s ooc so great that I rarely use the raw files.
Some time back I also wrote up a blog entry about why I shoot jpegs and what my favorite settings are.


So here it is. Feel free to post this on Fuji Rumors if you wish


 photo jpeg_zps452a7959.png

  • Bill

    And many more would switch from Canikon if there were only some decent long lenses. There is the not particularly good, not particularly bad 55-200, the poor 50-230 and that’s it. If Fuji is going to ignore long lenses, they could at least partner with someone like Sigma to provide their long lenses in the X mount. I for one would much rather give up my Nikon gear but it looks like a FX body is in my future instead.

    At a minimum, pro-grade: 70-200 f/2.8-4, 100-500 f/4-5.6, long macro in the range of 125 to 150 though a 100-200 macro zoom would be nice.

    • Robert

      I doubt that large and heavy lenses is the way to go for the X-system, at least to begin with. IMHO the 18-55/2.8-4 O.I.S. is pro-grade and I would much like a pro-grade 55-135/4 O.I.S. to go with it. This would give us lenses with an angle of view comparable to a 28-80/2.8-4 and an 80-200/4 in 35 mm format. At the same time it should be possible to design the 55-135/4 physically shorter than the 55-200/3.5-4.8 and maybe even with lower weight.

      • Bill

        Fuji has no pro grade long lenses on its roadmap through the end of 2014. I’m not going to buy a camera that will just sit on a shelf for a couple years hoping that Fuji will expand its selection of lenses. Why Fuji is refusing to even partner with someone like Sigma to make some of their lenses in the X mount is unfathomable.

        I’ve owned almost 10 Fuji cameras over the past decade including 3 of the Pro models in the S series. But by abandoning long lenses, Fuji is abandoning a huge segment of its loyal customer base and it shows in their financials.

        Some of us need faster, longer and closer focusing lenses with tripod mounts for the Fuji X bodies to be useful. So, other than being too short, what is wrong with the 55-200 as a pro grade lens:
        1. no tripod mount
        2. too slow, should be at least f/2.8-4.0
        3. doesn’t focus close enough at 200mm, not high enough magnification (focus breathing gimmicks not allowed)

        Yes there are other problems with the X bodies such as no decent sized battery grip so that they can comfortably be used for hours by people with normal adult human hands… But with a pro grade 55-200 (70-200, you get the idea), I wouldn’t have to carry a Nikon D610 with a monster 80-400 lens to have comparable capability and image quality.

        It is probably too late for Fuji to capture all the lost Nikon customers. We’ve been asking since the X-Pro1 first came out and been ignored. Most have just accepted the larger and more affordable FX bodies or gone with a camera mount that has a much wide range of lenses, micro four thirds.

        • Scott

          55-200 no tripod mount as it isn’t that big so not needed. I think you haven’t shot with one or you would know that.

    • S.P.

      As owner of Fujinon 55-200 lens I must say that it’s brilliant peace of gear, if we are talking about image/optical quality, bokeh, OIS and etc. Only downsize – it’s bulk and weight, but I’m not complaining because of great IQ.

      Although, I don’t mind have something like 100-500/4-5.6 for wildlife (and coupled with fast and reliable AF).

    • Robert

      The reasons I would like an XF 55-135/4 R LM O.I.S. are:
      1. I can use f/4 at all focal lengths (lower DOF, lower ISO).
      2. Less bulk than with the 55-200/3.5-4.8.
      3. Possibly lower weight than with the 55-200/3.5-4.8.

    • Scott

      I shoot an Canon FD 500 mirror by a Novaflex FX – FD adapter on a tripod and long glass works great with my X E1 Is it best for long glass maybe not but works great.

    • You are dead wrong. The 55-200mm is an excellent lens.

      • Bill

        Millions consider the 40x zooms on their point and shoot cameras to be excellent. Most people want millions of pixels and then upload their images to web sites where over 99% of the image quality is compressed and downsized out. Everybody has their own standards of excellence and the 55-200 is significantly below mine.

        • Scott

          I had a Canon f4 L 70-200 one of the sharpest zooms made and the 55-200 is right up with it. I think you are trying to talk your self out of getting one. My guess but I don’t care as you know what you need. I to need a 300 f 4 but can get by without one for now.

    • In fact, I’m sure you don’t own the 55-200mm nor the 50-230mm. Be careful when you make such statements. I own the 55-200mm.

    • Hi Bill, As a professional photographer with 33 years of experience in Theatre, Music and Dance around the country. I can tell you that the 18-55 and the 55-200 are pro grade and have worked really well in very low light situations, hand held.

      I love having a system that 2/3 lighter than my old nikon gear. After 12 hours on my feet shooting is is a delight to have a system that gives me beautiful images and is so much lighter.

  • I am pretty confident that we will see additional zoom lenses (including a few bright ones) next year. It just makes sense, now that the basics are covered and the AF has become fast enough to shoot more action.

  • And John Smith switched to the X a year and a half ago. I enjoy the X-Pro1 and the X-E1 and I don’t think that I will go back to the D-SLR any time soon. When I shot with film cameras I was never impressed with the SLR in 35mm format and when I bought my Leica M3, well that nailed it. I have that same feeling with the X series as I did with the Leica. It is liberating! I feel far more creative with the X cameras. Yes, there are things that an SLR can do that the X cameras cannot, but for me, the ease and excitement of these nifty little camera sare just right for my needs. Thank you Patrick for your article.

    • patrick

      thanks to you, for sharing your experience with the X series with FR!

      • Any time, Patrick. It’s always a pleasure.

  • It was encouraging to see how quickly my Canon L lenses sold (at 75-80% of what I paid for them 10+ years ago). They were purchased by younger, entrepreneurial photographers eager to establish themselves. I kept my older Canon back (which isn’t worth much but has served me well) and will pick up the inexpensive fixed 40mm f/2.8 (eqiv. 64mm) Canon lens as my back-up unit.

    Goodbye 4lb Canon DSLR; hello 1.5lb Fuji X! I purchased a Tenba Discovery Photo/Laptop messenger mini (very nice construction) for the new X-E2 (silver) + 23mm which will be delivered this Thursday/Friday. :)

    • Thank you Dan, I too was very pleased with the selling of my Nikon equipment and pleasantly surprised by how much I was able to get. I had close to 900,000 actuations on my principle camera.
      I have been using the X Pro 1 and XE2 exclusively the past 5 weeks and have the XE2 arriving this week. What a delight to be thrilled shooting again and not bogged down by the physical weight of the equipment.

      • Scott

        My bad knees and back love Fuji and the cameras!

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