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X-roadmap 2014/2015: Weather sealed lenses and Full Frame X?


1) Xjrumo said that he has been told by trusted sources that the X200 FF (see here) will come 2014. Personally I trust him, as he was right in the past when he shared rumors of his trusted sources.

2) You may already know that Sony produces the APS-C sensors for the Fuji cameras (and other brands). I’ve dropped an email to Andrea from sonyalpharumors and he told me some interesting things. Here is how it goes: once Sony implemented a new sensor in one of their cameras, other companies have to wait at least 6 months before they have the permission to use it in their own cameras. This means that if Fuji wants to use the brand new FF sensor of the the A7r  or A7 they’d have to wait at least until mid April (maybe right in time for my birthday :)). On the other hand they could already use the “older” FF sensor of the [shoplink 14322]RX1[/shoplink] and launch an X200 earlier. But it seems that Fuji decided to wait and launch the FF Fuji by the end of 2014, ealry 2015.

3) There will be new roadmap that includes weather sealed lenses and also f/2.8 constant aperture mid-range zoom lens. The lens roadmap should be updated early 2014. (src-Al Valentino at dpreview)

4) Everything has to be confirmed by trusted sources.

thanks to Sonyalpharumors / Xjrumo / Al Valentino at Dpreview (via PR)

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