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X-Pro2, X100T or X-T1? :: XF100-400 Dilemma :: Absolutely Stunning Selection of Images & Top Threads at the FXF


Image by Don Pino

All around the world shared by Don Pino

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Episode 17: X-T2 rumors :: X-E3 wishlist :: Lens Advice on Primes :: Move from 56mm to 60mm & more
Episode 16: Are Optical Viewfinders Really Necessary? :: Reuters Banned RAW :: Fuji Vs. Leica lens & more
Episode 15: X-Pro2 launch, keep or sell your X-Pro1 :: XF16mm Feedback? :: Is the Fuji X-T1 really water proof & more
Episode 14: For those of you who don’t trust the X-T1 autofocus :: Another thought on the X-Pro 2 :: Weddings with just primes & more
Epsiode 13: Medium Format Fuji Poll :: Fuji Fun Trumps Everything else :: Why is this Lens a Stupid One? & more
Episode 12: Ken Rockwell blasts the X-T10 : My Favorite Photography Quote : X100R Wanted & more
Epsiode 11: Help me thin my lens collection + X camera wishlist + Portable Solar Charging Solutions + the XF 27mm is Fuji’s best lens & more
Episode 10: Convince me not to dump my X stuff : Great X-T1 off camera flash setup : X-T10, Used X-T1 or Keep X-E2 & more
Episode 9: Is the Panasonic GX8 the X-Pro2 I’ve been waiting for? :: Your least used Fuji features :: GAS Problems & more
Episode 8: Will Fujifilm Be Seduced By the “Dark” side? :: Save me from my GAS! :: My main issue with FW4 & more
Episode 7: HELP ME choose my first FUJI X : Your fantasy Fuji X features : 23 vs 27 for Street Photography & more
Episode 6: 5 Things Fuji is doing Horribly Wrong – Firmware 4.0 Feedback (and bugs?) – Share your Workflow & more
Episode 5: The New Leica Q :: Firmware 4.0 Beta :: Fuji X Wedding Photography Chat :: LR 6.1 & more
Episode 4: POLL: No In Body Image Stabilization, do you bother? :: Old Lenses For Dummies & more
Episode 3: Which 3 primes combo is your ideal setup? :: X-PRO2 wishlist :: Be careful with thumb grips :: Sensor dust & more
Episode 2: CLASH of the FUJIS: X-PRO2 Vs. X-T2 :: X-T1 Vs. X-T10 :: 14mm Vs. 10-24 :: 16mm Vs. 23mm :: 90mm Vs. 56 APD & more
Episode 1: Why do (some) People Hate Fuji? * Mock-Up X-T10 Vs. Real X-T10 (with XF 35mmF2 WR) * X Lens wishlist & more

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Fuji X Rumors

shared by FX Admin Live from Tokyo

shared by Patrick FR Fuji X-E2s rumors

shared by Patrick FR XF100-400 rumors

General Discussion

shared by Ian Datz Buying Camera this week. FUJI XPRO 2 vs. X100T vs. XT1 . Please help

shared by mano76 Witch camera and lens I should bring to London?

shared by XtJerry Notebook or Ultra Book for travel

shared by paulhphotography Which lenses should I take to Thailand?

Fuji X System

X-T1 / X-T10

shared by Tom X-T1 Firmware 4.20 SUSPENDED

shared by drsnake tripod screw disappeared ???

shared by Soblessed1967 Long exposure help

shared by cale33 Flash and level

shared by Mb.kinsman XT1 write errors with UHS-II cards

X-PRO1 / X-Pro2

shared by johnortt Limitations of the X-Pro1 compared to the newer cameras (Hardware and Firmware)

X-E1/X-E2 / X-E2S

shared by elmacus Flashing display.

shared by asathor X-E2 needs formatting with 32GB SD cards

Fuji X Lenses

shared by Fred4hp New Fujifilm XF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 R LM OIS WR Dilemma

shared by Fpotter Which lenses are waterproof?

shared by iSilentP 60mm bokeh samples – Very pleased

shared by jabecker85 Sharpness 56mm 1.2

shared by JadePixel Macro choice question.. 

shared by macrograFX  HandeVision IBELUX 40mm f/0.85 Couldn’t Resist at $799

Adapting lenses to Fuji X

shared by Palmnell Does Anyone Use Any Of The Following Lenses……….

X100S/T – X70

shared by Paul Crespel X100T VIEW MODE PROBLEM

shared by porksisig Is Fuji still committed to the x100 line? Still worth it?

shared by Stockografie What should the successor of the X100T be like


shared by Patrick FR New Flash for Fuji Announced: Metz 44 AF-2! Full Specs 


shared by Xing Tibet 2015

shared by Erez Fuji XPro1 in India

shared by Harlem Castles and Gardens (Open Thread)

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landscapes with fuji x shared by papedo

Image by papedo

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Night photography shared by bryanminear

Image by bryanminear

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Night photography shared by FearTheXNoob

Image by FearTheXNoob

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Streetphotography (open thread) shared by CRAusmus

Image by CRAusmus

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landscapes with fuji x shared by iso100

Image by iso100

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Fuji X at the barbershop shared by Warwick

Image by Warwick

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Barcelona Streets shared by Tachenko

Image by Tachenko

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landscapes with fuji x shared by Don Pino

Image by Don Pino

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Streetphotography (open thread) shared by gurkendoktor

Image by gurkendoktor

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landscapes with fuji x shared by Don Pino

Image by Don Pino

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modern architecture shared by Watcher24

Image by Watcher24

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landscapes with fuji x shared by Don Pino

Image by Don Pino

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Favorite X-shot 2015: Share Yours! shared by jurgenonland

Image by jurgenonland

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landscapes with fuji x shared by SeetohLang

Image by SeetohLang

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Bokeh Club shared by Watcher24

Image by Watcher24

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Fuji Flowers shared by liveimpressionphoto

Image by liveimpressionphoto

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Cityscapes with Fujifilm X shared by Burb

Image by Burb

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landscapes with fuji x shared by lluisg

Image by lluisg

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Seascape shared by Watcher24

Image by Watcher24