No more X-PRO1S… all R&D placed into the X-PRO2!


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Several months ago I told you that Fuji planed to launch an X-PRO1S first, and then follow with the X-PRO2 in 2015. Now, an anonymous source, told me that:

„no X-Pro1s on the horizon… all R&D [research and development] is being placed into X-Pro2 for 2015.“

Maybe, given the great success of the X-T1, Fuji decided to cut off plans for the X-PRO1S and let the X-T1 remain their top high-end X-series camera until the launch of the X-PRO2.

This rumor comes from an anonymous source, who gave itself a nickname, so that I can recognize it in future (thanks for this). It also shared rumors in the past. Some of the rumors are still unconfirmed and others (X-T1 price) were correct.

For now, take it with a tiny grain of salt.

And feel free to use the rumor box to contact me anonymously (feel free to use a nickname) or drop me an email at fujirumor [at]

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  • PRL

    Well for me the XT1 is a superb camera and I feel worthy of Fuji’s top spot for a while. As for the X PRO 2 it will be interesting to see what form this takes. If the XT1 becomes a mega hit camera, will Fuji stick to the rangefinder style or be tempted to go the compact SLR route for the XPRO 2. My hope is that the XT2 and XPRO 2 are both top of their range, so that photographers who prefer one or the other are fully served.

    • Scott

      Oh I think it will still have a OVF or they would have to change the name. It would still be a 1.5 Im guessing here and 20-24 mp.

      • darngooddesign

        If the new camera doesn’t have an OVF, they might as well call it the X-E3.

        • romi.foto

          the x-e2 really should have just been an x-e1s. there really wasn’t anything major done to it.

          • darngooddesign

            Faster AF with PDAF, new sensor tech, new processor, etc. What should Fuji have added to call it X-E2? I think people are gutting hung up on whether a new camera should have an S added, or a new number in the name.

  • Rob Dose

    Fuji needs to devote as much attention as it can afford to the optical viewfinder. Using the x100s, the optical vf really is amazing, but has nothing still on the Leica viewfinder.

  • so tempted by the xt1, but in the end I still like the OVF RF so I will wait it out until the XP2 arrives.

    I have the XE2 and I hope fuji releases a firmware to make it have a similar lag time as the XT1 (0.005 sec), that’s all the XE2 needs IMO.

  • Konrad Sarnowski

    And it goes along with Fuji statement, that too many models was their mistake.

    • Former Fuji Fanboy

      Mega ditto on that, shame they can’t finish the existing Beta test cameras they released.

  • Former Fuji Fanboy

    X Pro – my ass. If only fuji focussed on fixing and finishing the so-called pro camera rather than release a tonne of superior lower end models.

    X Pro name camera that cant ever do remote triggering LOL

  • Rob

    Perfectly logical. The XPro needs a generational upgrade not a mid life facelift which is what a s version would indicate.
    Timing wise it makes sense. The XPro-2 can be Fujis flagship announcement at Photokina in September which is arguably the most important camera show in the world needs significant announcements for all major players.
    If the Photokina announcement is not the XPro-2 then Fuji must have a new very special camera under wraps.

  • Going to skip the X-T1 and wait for the X-Pro2. Still very happy with my X-Pro1.

  • Dominic Schulz

    question is…do they still need the XPro line up when they have the X-T? what should differentiate these two? rangefinder style body with ovf? the ovf in the x100s is nice, but its just there because..well..the evf is rubbish in bright and dimn light. with a more modern evf, those problems will be gone in 2015. i know a lot of people still swear ovf, but i gues most of them never looked trough an xt-1 or sony a7.

    • tim

      Unless they can sort out the OVF to give a real rangefinder experience, then I would suggest there is no point to the XPro. For the x100s its OK since it can be optimized for the fixed lens, but with so many focal lengths and zooms … EVF is working better.

      I just gave an old rangefinder a test … its magic. The XPro with OVF or EVF does not come close. But to be fair, the EVF will perform better in some cases, but it will never have that same magic.

      But Fuji can do what they want, since they still have XPro1 on stock and can’t even sell them I guess, they know the market is perhaps not so big after all.

      • tim

        Oh, with the phase detection pixels, the digital equivalent of the ranger finder mechanism, Fuji could do something interesting. But I get the impression they have bigger problems right now.

        • hexx

          yep, i was saying this for some time to use their digital split image as an overlay in the OVF -> that would be cool

    • hexx

      Although i haven’t looked through the EVF of X-T1, i have tried A7 – good but nothing to call home about, E-M1’s EVF is better than the one in A7.

      Also X-Pro1 is different camera not just in form factor but also in the ‘feel’ (comparing to X-E2 which I understand has the same build quality as X-T1) -> the quality just seems to be better, buttons are nicer, there’s enough space for your fingers to rest – and looks miles better (this is subjective though ;) )

    • Mr Maker

      I had a play with an X-T1 yesterday. The EVF is impressive compared to what has come before, but its still not good enough in my view. I went in with an open mind had reservations the second I looked through it. Other than that the camera is very nice and extremely responsive.

      If the Xpro2 can double the EVF resolution (not magnify) and its refresh rate. Then I really think it will be an exciting machine.

  • Greg

    I’d be very curious to see what differentiating features they could add to make an X-Pro2 different and better than the X-T1. The only possibilities that occur to me are a major sensor improvement or revolutionary OVF. Otherwise, what’s the point?
    The current X-Pro1’s OVF is a novelty at best. If they can’t make it significantly better and easy to use across many focal lengths than there is no point in an X-Pro2.
    More interesting to me would be if they dropped the idea of the X-Pro having a OVF and instead turned the line into a premium professional EVF only camera sitting above the X-T line.
    Or perhaps the X-T and X-Pro lines will be very similar from here on out. Rather than one being above another they could have relatively the same features but in different form factors–and the X-Pro would continue to feature an OVF.
    Would love it if Fuji gave us some insight where they’re going with this…

    • tim

      exactly, what’s the point? Not too many existing XPro owners will be interested in throwing another 1800$ away without seeing something for the money. Pro has to mean something …

      X-Pro == FF
      X-T == APS-C
      X-E == Affordable APS-C
      X-M == Consumer APS-C

      could work … everyone is happy :-)

      • Kenny clagwork

        i’m just a consumer… ;(

        …or, a photographer with a cheap but good sensor fuji and nice glass :)

      • darngooddesign

        Fuji has spent a lot of time filling out a range of lenses, are they really going to throw away all that glass for a FF camera? One of the benefits of mirrorless is small size and light weight, FF lenses will be larger and heavier then their X-mount equivalents.

        If it is EVF-only I won’t buy it because Fuji already has two of those for people me to choose from should I want an EVF-only camera. The X-T1 is a significant hardware upgrade over the X-Pro, all it is missing is the OVF; at the very least it should be a rangefinder-styled X-T1 with an OVF.

        • romi.foto

          or they could make them small like leica glass (of course factor in af/ois). but i still can’t see that being any bigger or even as big as sony fe lenses.

          have you never seen contax g lenses?

          • darngooddesign

            If Fuji couldn’t or didn’t make the new 23 and 56 small, why do you think their full frame lenses would be small?

        • romi.foto

          and what do you mean throw away all that glass for a FF camera? all that glass will be for their apsc cameras. just they would build new, FF glass for a FF body.

          • darngooddesign

            Fuji has spent a lot of resources building out their APS-C lenses, which would be useless on any full frame cameras they release so what would compel someone, who has spend a lot of money on APSc lenses, to upgrade to a ff camera with comparatively few lenses.

        • tim

          They don’t throw anything away, they just add a high end FF system for those who are willing to pay ;-)

          Take a look at Sony A7 … I’m sure Fuji is!

          • nwcs

            I looked at it. Passed on it. I’m not interested in FF anymore. Had 3 years of it. If I want it now I just shoot film. For most things people actually do with images, FF is a complete waste.

      • Ex-FF Zombie

        Imagine a zombie lurching along saying “fuuuulllll fraaaame”.
        Technology has moved on. The X-T1, while lacking some of the resolution it’s full frame counterparts enjoy, creates a file with detail that rivals, IMO, the 5DMKIII. Especially in low light!
        Now I ask all those zombies…if absolute image quality is what you are looking for, why are you not shooting Medium Format? You owe it to your art…
        However, if you are looking for a camera that has that pick-up-ability to be a walk-around camera, a low profile, is half the weight of a “fuuuullll fraaaame” camera, Fuji is where it is at!
        Perhaps Fuji will go the FF route and I think they would be outstanding cameras…but I am sure they would cost a pretty penny for that kind of quality. Which again, begs the question, if you need that high end quality in your imagery, why are you not shooting medium format?!
        Fuji has got more than enough image quality to create amazing wedding photography, street photography…or any sort of people photography. If you need more… Fuji is not where it is at….for now anyway.

        Check this link. Put in a few of the big boys to compare against the X-T1 at thigh ISO…I was impressed.

    • romi.foto

      now, that would be interesting as far as being similar from here on out. the x-pro would just be the rf form factor while the x-t the slr form factor.

  • hexx

    organic sensor development -> how complete are you?

  • Zooming hybrid viewfinder, pu-leeze!

  • shadowc82 .

    Any news/rumors for X-S2?

  • Geoffrey Baker

    Would love an electronic shutter on the X-Pro 2. Sync speed to 1/4000th, yes please.

  • elren

    It make sense to me and I totaly agree – if the rumors will come true. I own a XPRO-1, invest in FUJI primes, sold all my Canon gear and like thee rangefinder style with EVF/OVF. For me there is no need for another DSLR case but I would buy a XPRO-2 in 2015.

  • Shaun

    Hope that the X-Pro 2 will have an optical viewfinder and not have a rotating back screen. I would then be interested.

    • Frank Larsen

      Why no rotating screen? I would like a articulated one!

      • DouglasGottlieb

        I’d love a tilting screen. I’ve got cameras with both tilting and fully articulated. I used to think I’d prefer the fully articulated screen, until I got a camera with one. Now I much prefer the tilt (for stills shooting), even though it is not useful in portrait. I just prefer the smaller profile afforded by the tilt.

        I’m with you on the OVF hybrid. That’s an amazing feature.

        • Frank Larsen

          I will see next week, then I change from articulated to tilting. I will at least enjoy that the screen will be closer to the cameralens when viewing from above. I’ve always found it strange to look to the side of the camera wit the articulated one.

  • Here’s my XP2 viewfinder idea: They should have an option in the OVF to have the central AF box inside the OVF to be able to project a electronic image of what the camera is focusing on, so you can still have the OVF, but the electronic image is activated when you press the AF button, kind of like a RF with its focusing patch in the middle of the OVF. That would be sweet if they can figure that out.

    • Actually, that could be (sorta) done with FW update. Interesting idea indeed!

    • Henry Tse

      Actually I have the exact same idea as you do, but I guess they can’t do it because the image to be projected might be too dim without closing the black curtain.

    • Antoine B.

      Jeez, good luck to make a hybrid VF with the same EVF as the X-T1. If they achieve that, the Fuji guys are engineering Gods! (not saying they aren’t)

  • KTX

    Man this would be great. This would really help with the parallax problem when you are not sure in the OVF if you have the focus on the right spot or not. This would make it very easy to shift composition to aquire the correct focus.

  • The XPRO1S didn’t make much sense to begin with, even more with what they said of only launching a successor when they had new tech for it, making a just “updated tech” product would had been a waste.

    • darngooddesign

      An XPro1S wouldn’t have been any more of a waste than the X100S is a waste.

      • Sure, because the idea behind both cameras are the same. That’s just a flawed logic by a simplistic analysis, the proposition for both cameras are very different, you can’t analyse it equally.

        The X100 is a series with both fixed lens and focal length, what can you actually do besides update it? There is no other camera comparable in the line up to compare with. And the X100S was the one that brought the new processor, sensor with PDAF and some new feats. That was not a mere update, it wasn’t a waste.

        XPRO is a flagship camera that needs to offer something the others cameras in the line up don’t, what good is a flagship camera that offers something very similar than its lower cameras in the line up?

        More importantly, the XPRO is only launched 2 or 3 years apart, like most flagship cameras, had they launched a XPRO1S in 2014, it would soon be outdated and they would need to update it again sooner. What would you pack it with? The same 16MP sensor with PDAF? The same
        processor that Fuji has been using with their past cameras? Making R&D for flagship cameras means a lot of money and yes, it’s a waste if you would need to update it soon again.

        What kind of image do you pass to consumers when your flagship camera is not unique, when it’s just an update and it doesn’t offer some breakthrough tech?

        • darngooddesign

          The XE2 received the same magnitude of upgrades that the X100S did, newer processor, faster AF, newer sensor with PDAF, etc. Which means the XE2 was no more a waste than the X100S was. The fact that one received a letter name change and the other a numerical name change means nothing more than inconsistency. If Fuji had called it the X101 nothing would change about it being considered a worthwhile upgrade instead of a waste.

          Its impossible to say at what frequency Fuji will upgrade the Pro bodies. The fact that its been 2+ years may be their plan, or it may mean that the X-T1 used up the resources they would have otherwise spent on developing the new X-Pro. Now that Fuji has its lineup of bodies set, its possible they fall back to an alternating two year interval on them so they have at least one high profile camera body update per year.

          What kind of image do you pass on to your consumers when, aside from the OVF, your flagship camera (XPro1) has lower specs than your mid-level camera (XE2)? The X-Pro is no longer Fuji’s flagship camera, the X-T1 occupies that role. Besides the OVF, it even lags behind the X-E2 in specs. X-Pro owners who haven’t upgraded to the X-T1 are waiting for a new camera with and OVF and rangefinder styling. If you put all of the X-T1’s tech into an X-Pro body with an OVF they would upgrade because that would be a big leap in capability compared to what they have.

          Its possible to have two flagship cameras, one with SLR styling and the other with rangefinder styling and an OVF. Even with just those differences, the X-Pro2 would be unique.

          • I just said the differences between the X100 and XPRO line up and you now want to compare with the X-E line up? the X-E line up gets upgraded every year, it’s not a matter of waste, the increments are minimal compared to both X100 and XPRO. X100 had an old 12MP EXR sensor which was upgraded to the newer X-Trans 16MP sensor with PDAF – something previous models didn’t have – that’s quite a difference, so again, it’s not a waste but it was not a breakthrough tech either.

            I think it’s misleading to think that there would be a XPRO1S in the first place, it doesn’t match what Fuji just said few month ago so I don’t think it has a connection with the X-T1. Let’s say that there was no X-T1 and the new XPRO had all the things the X-T1 except the big EVF – that because it has to be in the middle to be such a huge EVF, I hardly think they can pull that out in any other X-Series camera. This new XPRO wouldn’t have the necessary breakthrough to be launched, it would be considerably better than the old XPRO but not so much compared to the X-Series line up and that matters a lot. It doesn’t have a new sensor nor processor and THAT is what you would expect for a XPRO successor, a flagship camera.

            What kind of flagship camera offers nothing more than the other cameras of the line up already do when it’s announced? That makes ZERO sense, no sense at all, who would really want to buy such a flagship expensive camera if it offers nothing more compared to the others? What’s its appeal? Just that it’s better than the previous XPRO? Nobody would buy one.

            The X-T1 can indeed be a high-end together with the XPRO and it totally makes sense but it will be still below the XPRO line up, I can’t see the X-T1 as flagship if it will not get breakthrough tech before the XPRO – but sure, nothing is set on stone, depending on how things evolve, Fuji may do that but so far, it’s still the XPRO.

            And you are getting it backwards, the XPRO not being upgraded doesn’t make XPRO owners think bad about their cameras not having the same tech as the X-E line up, quite the opposite. Sure, they wished it was on pair but by not getting just minimal increments, they know that it means that when a XPRO sucessor comes out, it’s going to be a special camera, not just an update for the sake of being updated. They know that they are going to get the best Fuji can offer and it will not be matched in build quality and that it will take a while for another X-Series camera to have the same tech.

            The X-T1 gives people the choice of having a great and well made camera if you don’t care for some of the things like losing the rangefinder style or having OVF, for someone that want THAT EVF, the X-T1 is there, the new XPRO will not be for everyone, some owners may end up prefering the X-T1 but some like the uniqueness of the XPRO series or at least they are going to wait the announcement before deciding between the two. But still, dressing the new XPRO with the insides of the X-T1 wouldn’t make a successul XPRO2.

  • Shaun

    @FreddyNogo:disqus. Hi Frank, I get the impression that they are kind of flimsy although I have not seen the X-T1 and I have also never needed a rotating screen for anything that I photograph.

  • D

    That makes sense. As an X-Pro 1 user, I would not pay for an X-Pro 1s, as it would just have incremental improvements. The X-Pro 2 needs an improvement in image quality (not the same recycled Sony sensor), a brighter, larger EVF/OVF, and 1/8000th of o second shutter speed.

    And, for the next firmware update, give us in-camera TIFFs. Did they drop that idea? They were talking about it last year, but didn’t follow through with it. In my opinion, that would put an end to the raw conversion issues, as none of the raw converters are perfect.

  • MrGecko

    As I suspected and hoped…. My attention is on the new fast wide prime that is on deck for Q3. Any hints on what that could look like????

    • Ryan

      Very very likely a 16mm F1.4

  • DouglasGottlieb

    Fuji has been one of the fastest iterating companies out there, and it seems to have really paid off (Kaizen rocks!). X100x rapidly updated and addressed concerns with the X100. XE2 did the same for the XE1. The X20 came quickly on the heels of the X10 and banished the orb, brought XTrans and added many other improvements. And the XT1 seems to be the best camera yet. But why has the top of the line languished? Sure, there have been very welcomed firmware upgrades. But it seems strange that they have not brought some of the new focus speed improvements (hardware based) to this model. I can imagine lots of pros and enthusiasts shooting the XPro with manual focus. But surely not all. What gives?

    • PRL

      I think that the X PRO 2 will be a very important camera for Fuji, they need it to be a big hit in what is a very hard market. My guess along with a few others here is that the new sensor tech is not ready and that the XT1 has taken away the need for an XPRO 1S upgrade. Only time will tell.

      • DouglasGottlieb

        Could be. Maybe they’re waiting for the “organic” sensor. That would be cool. And I’d love to see the OVF have some sort of focus assist for manual focusing. Maybe a projected rangefinder split? :)

        • Rick Lewis

          I agree on the “organic” sensor. I read somewhere that Fuji wanted the X-Pro2 to be a killer camera, not just another iteration. I also read they were a ways off yet from their “organic” Fuji sensor. So I’m in your camp Douglas. I’m not a fan of the rangefinder look, as it is too difficult for me to use. I just don’t like it. But, I hope Fuji knocks it out of the park with the X-Pro2!! Kaizen does indeed ROCK!

    • Antoine B.

      And as the rumor above says: R’D resources are limited, so they are probably at their maximum pace.

  • Henry Tse

    Would like to see FF 36M pix to utilise all my ZM/Leica lens at the expanse without auto focus!

    • Antoine B.

      I am no optics engineer, so pardon my potentially dumb question, but is there any way that the current Fujinon lenses can be used on a FF sensor with the right design or with an adapter?
      Otherwise I am not too sure Fuji will go FF that fast (except for the X200, that will most probably be FF)

      • Henry Tse

        Well, true… a wish list only… I had no doubt with Fuji sensor, it does gives the best results beating down my Leica M9. with 16M at 1.5 crop brings out the best of good Zeiss / Leica Lens, I can’t wait to see them in 36M with no crop. The DOF is of course important but what I concern with APS-C sensor is the amount of hand shake will cause more motion blur then FF. Why do you think some brand with less then APS-C have sophisticated mechanism to control motion blur? The second point is the resolution of a lens are limited, no point putting more pix in the APS-C is your lens don’t deliver. Try comparing 24M in APS-C and 24M in FF…. in Nikon for example…

      • Henry Tse

        I don’t think current FUJI lens can support FF….. sadly….. the design of the lens sticks to close to the sensor in the back of the lens meaning the angle of the light is too steep for FF especially in FF circle of image (at lest for wide angle or the new organic sensor solve this issue…). the reason you see which why the new FX lens from Nikon is much longer then before (in the wide angle lens) is because they need additional correction to make the light hitting the sensor at an angle the sensor can accept… If you pay attention to Sony alpha 7 or 7r… their back element of the lens are make further from the sensor for this reason.

  • wilbur

    I have a different take on the Fuji camera line up. To me, there isn’t a hierarchy. The X-Pro 1 and X-T1 are both excellent cameras that satisfy different needs. The X-Pro 1 is there for people who really like the rangefinder format and and OVF. The X-T1 is there for people that like a more SLR-like form factor, and want weather sealing. And so on.

    It’s sort of like the MacBook lineup. The 13” and 15” are both great laptops, but they serve different needs. I have the 15” because I like a bigger screen and I need multiple ports, and my wife has the 13” because she values portability over everything else. In terms of performance, it’s hard to tell which model is really better than the other.

    • Ash Crill

      This is true for the current first generation of X cameras.

      The XPro-2, however, marks the start of the second generation. It also coincides with the stated year (2015) for release of the Panasonic/Fujifilm organic sensor. It is likely we will see a siginifcant jump in improvement quality with this new camera.

      • How long before we get software that can deal with organic sensor files?

      • Calking

        Speculative at best…
        We also have the “2” designation showing up in other models but that doesn’t make them ground breaking redesigns with incredible performance. There will likely be an XT-2 if you believe some on here who can barely cope with REALLY pertinent issues like light leaks in situations they’d never shoot in, or mushy buttons…..

  • Rich Owen

    Any chance the X-Pro2 will have the viewfinder diopter adjuster like the X-E1/2?

    • Mr Cheek

      Would this be the deal clincher? :)

  • BWjnsn

    I just hope they use the same body and layout as the current Xpro. Put in a better EVF and the latest sensor, and a super processor that would provide AF at least as good as the OMD. I hope they don’t add too many “bells and whistles”, Let those who want Art filters, movie button, tilty flippy screens, GPS, ect. use the XT/XE series. Keep the XPro a pure still shooters camera. Clean and simple, yet powerful. Please don’t make it into an oversized ipPhone.

  • BWjnsn

    Also I like the screw in diopters, never can get out of adjustment once it is in place. (use locktite)

  • Philipp

    If the X-Pro2 really will feature an organic sensor – and I guess that will be the case – and if the sensor can live up to the expectations raised last summer, there won’t be any need for a FF X-lineup. Even as an APS-C sensor it would be worlds apart from a present day silicon FF CMOS, regarding dynamic range and low light capabilities. The only ones still whining about it not being FF would be the DOF fetishists (as if the 56/1.2’s DOF wasn’t more than extreme enough already…)

    • Henry Tse

      True, only when are you lens are fuji lens… there are people out there wishes to use their existing good lens…and bring FF is the only way to get the DOF. I still think Fuji lens with auto focus is still too big…

  • GorgonEmpire

    I don’t want to hear anymore rumors on this. I want press releases from FujiFilm CONFIRMING the X-Pro2 specs, launch and availability. Is that really too much to ask?

    • Philipp

      I guess, if the X-Pro2 will feature an organic sensor, the last thing Fuji would want to do, would be stiring up the competition too early (mainly Sony, as it seems)…

    • FotoGuy

      So why are you looking at a rumors site? Why not just watch the FujiFilm site with official news?

  • Henry Tse

    Wish list on X-Pro2 (At least for me):

    1. FF sensor (organic would be great! It can truly deal with light lost at the side of the frame)
    2. 36M FF with option of 1.5 crop at 16M for existing Fuji APS-C lens
    3. OVF with projection of split screen focusing for lens without Auto Focus (i.e. ZM / Leica / Voigtlander )
    4. Reduce shutter lag please…. (in current XP1 even in M mode it seem it goes through some calculation process before exposing…I just want it to instantly expose please)

    If this can be done I am pretty sure many Leica / Zeiss Ikon users will jump ship immediately and try Fuji out and one day they will buy more FUJI lens eventually for auto focus purposes!

  • Xpro10

    I wish Fuji would make a FF camera. PLEASE! Then all the FF whiners will buy one and realize that it did not magically make them into good photographers.

  • technofan

    Suspect if this is true then the body size of the X-Pro 2 would probably be kept the same size… maybe even similar to the X-T1? I’m holding off any potential upgrade for the time being…including lenses. This is giving me the opportunity to save some pennies and wait….. I think this is exciting and having had time to mull things over I suspect there could well be a FF on the horizon in the same compact size factor as the APSC line-up. :-)

  • erocinov

    This is great news. Maybe, Fuji will nail it and produce a worthwhile product that works rather than producing 20 half decent flaky products.

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