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X PRO 1 studio samples at Dpreview (and some more news)


Finally Dpreview (Click here) updated their studio samples database by including Fuji X PRO 1 images converted via Adobe Camera Raw! You can finally play around with their tool to see if the Fuji beats the rest of the world or not :)

Cnet UK (Click here) posted their X PRO 1 review: “The X-Pro1 lets you revel in the very essence of photography, and it encourages you to spend more time thinking about your shot before you take it.

New ste of images samples with Skopar lens by John Smith (Click here).

And our reader Fred sent us his X PRO 1 imrpession report (Thanks!):
I would say that 80% of the pictures were taken with auto-focus; I used both the 35mm and the 60mm; Multicoated UV Filter from B+W on both lenses; I took RAW’s and converted later in-camera (yes, Fuji and Adobe could REALLY work that out, it would help a lot, but the JPEGs are really beautiful); I also used the OVF for most shots, although after one month I just realized I’ve been using the EVF more and more (I never had a camera with one before, so it’s an adjustment, no questions about it); A lot of these JPEGs have the VIVID film simulation, so a few are a bit strong color-wise.
Did I miss shots because of AF speed? DEFINITELY. Did I wish I had not lost them? Certainly. Did I curse the X-Pro, Fuji, or wished I had my D-700 back with me? NOT FOR A SINGLE MINUTE! Are there some quirks and things that could be improved? yes, there are, but with a new camera – and a new system and sensor at that – I think it is to be expected. The pros and cons, for me at least, still point solidly towards the X-Pro 1.
Perhaps if you make a living out of photographing skydivers or weddings were you can’t miss THE moment, period, unfortunately this may not be the perfect camera yet. And as some have stated, people don’t even look twice at you with the X-Pro, something I suffered with in the past, doing my work on the streets with the D-700. As a “pro-sumer” and after one month with my X-Pro, now with the 60mm, I’m finding that I’m loving it more each day. Especially as I and her get properly acquainted. I’m looking forward to see were Fuji takes this system.
Here’s the link to the gallery:

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