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Another X PRO 1 versus rest of the mirrorless world comparison.


Soundimagesplus (Click here) made a new Fuji X POR 1 versus Olympus E-M5 and Sony NEX-5n High ISO comaprison: “Firstly, using the same Nikon lens on the Fuji and Sony the Sony has purple fringing and the Fuji doesn’t. Secondly, while the Fuji is clearly the best at ISO 3200, just look at how close the Olympus OM-D gets to this much praised Sony sensor at that setting.

Also the well known Photographyblog (Click here) Highly Recommends the Fuji: “Thankfully the X-Pro1’s innovative image sensor and lack of low-pass filter lives up to all the hype and more, delivering truly excellent image quality. Noise is noticeable only by its almost complete absence throughout the ISO range of 100-25,600, while the Dynamic Range function helps to boost contrast and detail.

P.S.: A new Low Light image sample by Alan Smith (Click here).