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Will Fujifilm Be Seduced By the “Dark” side? :: Save me from my GAS! :: My main issue with FW4 + more Top FXF Threads


shared by chartno3: landscapes with Fuji X


Episode 7: HELP ME choose my first FUJI X : Your fantasy Fuji X features : 23 vs 27 for Street Photography + more top FXF threads!
Episode 6: 5 Things Fuji is doing Horribly Wrong – Firmware 4.0 Feedback (and bugs?) – Share your Workflow and more top FXF threads!
Episode 5: The New Leica Q :: Firmware 4.0 Beta :: Fuji X Wedding Photography Chat :: LR 6.1 & more! Top FXF threads
Episode 4: POLL: No In Body Image Stabilization, do you bother? :: Old Lenses For Dummies + more
Episode 3: Which 3 primes combo is your ideal setup? :: X-PRO2 wishlist :: Be careful with thumb grips :: Sensor dust & more
Episode 2: CLASH of the FUJIS: X-PRO2 Vs. X-T2 :: X-T1 Vs. X-T10 :: 14mm Vs. 10-24 :: 16mm Vs. 23mm :: 90mm Vs. 56 APD & more
Episode 1: Why do (some) People Hate Fuji? * Mock-Up X-T10 Vs. Real X-T10 (with XF 35mmF2 WR) * X Lens wishlist & more *

General Discussion

– started by Aswald: “Will Fujifilm Be Seduced By the “Dark” side?” Discover more here.

– started by Patrick FR: “Fuji X-PRO 2 will come only in to 2016 (trusted source) – waiting for the Sony A7000 sensor?” More here!

– started by abjurina: “Film, Fuji X, and why I don’t care.” Read here.

– started by Toon: “Filter Sets for X-LensesFollow the discussion here.

– started by karinatwork: “Tethered ShootingShare your frustration here.

Fuji X System

X-T1 / X-T10

– started by ychen: “Firmware 4 – My main issue“. Discover more here.

– started by jeremyclarke : “Why is the trash button useless in shooting mode?” Are you annoyed it, too! Say it here.

– started by altero: “X-T2“… to wait or not to wait?


– started by ScruffyNerfherder: “New to Digital Fuji, Battery etc questions“. Help here.

Fuji X Lenses

– started by Patrick FR: “XF 90mm: “Sharper than Japanese Steel […] it will leave the most pedantic pixel peepers speechless” – review at bokeh-monster Read more here.

– started by pmichellon: “Portrait captured with the XF90That thing is SHARP!

– started by IngaLovesFuji: “What lenses should Fuji release next?” Your wish here.

– started by chaosboi: “Have both X100S/T and 23mm 1.4?” Are there benefits from having both? Say it here.

Adapting lenses to Fuji X

 – started by IKO: “nikkor f-mount lenses“. Check it out here.


– started by andrewlee: “Lusting over X100T.. save me from my GAS.. or don’t?” Read more here.


shared by Watcher24: Streetphotography (open thread)

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shared by ericrp: landscapes with fuji x

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shared by MacModus: Fuji Flowers

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shared by thienstravelography: All Around the World

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shared by SauveGV: Fuji Flowers

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shared by Steven: Macro (taken with the Rokinon 100mm macro)

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shared by Fursan: People

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shared by Enzio: Landscapes with Fuji X

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shared by TakePictures: landscapes with fuji x

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shared by Enzio: FX 60mm 2.4 Macro