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Which Fujinon GF lens do You Want Next?


All deals end January 8

I Solemnly Promised Myself… (and Failed)

Some readers asked me to launch the GFX equivalent of the huge X mount wishlist survey.

But truth is: to make these articles costs a TON of time.

I mean, the 6 hours teacher safety online course I just finished are peanuts compared to the work I have to put in lens wishlist articles.

That’s why actually I promised myself never to make such articles again.

But you know what?

Screw it, I’ll do it anyway.

But in order to make it work, you HAVE to HELP me.


Read below.

The Rules to ABSOLUTELY Follow
… or I Will IGNORE Your Wish

Help me to get the job done a bit faster by following the rules below when sharing your GF lens wish.

If many do not follow these rules, the comment section will be so chaotic and the time I need so much, that I might drop the project.


  1. Share a maximum of only two lens suggestions
    Please stick to this rule. If more than two wishes are expressed, then ALL your wishes will be ignored
  2. Your lens suggestions must contain focal length and aperture range
    Wishes without those two parameters will be ignored
  3. Be brave and take a decision!
    You have to decide exactly focal length and aperture. Do not say “something around 40 or 50mm f/2.8 or even f/3.5 maybe” You think about it, make up your mind, and share exactly the lens you want
  4. use the GFX format (not FF equivalent)
    Do NOT say something like “I want a 40mmF.2.8 full frame equivalent”. I will not make the conversions in G mount format. If I read “FF equivalent”, your wish will be ignored.
    To calculate how your GF lens would look like on Full Frame use mmCalc here.
  5. Put your max. two lens suggestions ON TOP of your comment
    Do not write long comments and hide your wishes somewhere inside there. Put your two wishes on top of your comment and then you can elaborate with lengthy comments below.
  6. Don’t repeat already expressed wishes, but upvote them
    If you notice that a lens wish has already been expressed, don’t repeat the same wish in a new comment. Just upvote the comment that includes your wish already


Example of how suggestions must be shared.

Lenses on Top (max. 2 lenses in GF format with focal length and aperture) and below you can elaborate on why you picked those lenses.

  • GF 15mmF5.6 Fisheye
  • GF 400mmF5.6
    I want a Fisheye lens because….


So, do we have a deal?

I mean, I might have sound severe, but in our X lens wishlist, where I kindly asked for this, many people ignored my indications and I had to manually go in the various comments and ask people to pick only two wishes, or add the aperture value and what not.

This time I won’t do the work to pick the comments one by one. If rules are not followed, I will simply ignore the comment.

And if it all turns out a mess in the comments, then I won’t proceed with the massive work of making a survey out if it.

I hope you can understand my view on things. Your help and good organisation will massively simplify my work.

With all that said, let’s start our GF lens wishlist journey now and let’s hope it will be of good use for the Fujifilm management in Japan.