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[UDPATE] WHAT A DEAL! Brand New Black Fujifilm X100T for just $1,049 (save $250) :: Silver Version for $1,099


 photo X100T_zpsuytjo0kf.jpg

[UPDATE: Some readers say in the comments that they had bad experiences with this seller. Tyler, the reader who shared the deal with FR (and previoulsy bought the X100T for $1,049) told me that 42photo tried to sell him also an extended warranty, he declined and received his discounted X100T with one day delay. As I said in the original post, best is to call them directly, and if you are not convinced, do not buy. NOTE: I’m located in Europe, so I normally trust what you guys tell me. In this case, the first to tell me about was Tyler, who complaint about the 1 day delay and their attempt to try to sell him an additional warranty, but he got his X100T for the discounted price]

UDPATE: It’s “an import model” and carries “only a 30-day in-store warranty.”

You’ll think: “To good to be true!” But that’s not fiction, that’s real.

NY store 42photo is offering the black Fujifilm X100T (Condition: Brand New) for just $1,049 ($250 rebate + Free Cleaning Kit). FR-reader Tyler (who passed me this deal, thanks) already purchased one a few weeks ago for this price. Also the silver version is in offer for $1,099 ($200 rebate)

There is a phone number you can call, to speak directly with 42photo and talk about this deal. So I invite you to click on this link, look for the number and call them, ask everything you want to know about this deal, and then eventually  place your order.

UK residents can save £130 in the black or silver X100T at wexphotographic here.