Weather sealed X (X-T1) coming on January 28th! (trusted source)


 photo 1600994_652645248112759_778149607_n_zpsf3096ea8.jpg

the journey begins on… I tell you, January 28th :-).

image courtesy: Fujifilm middle east

Hi all

Another long rumor story is going to end soon.

I’ve spread the first rumors (from trusted sources) of a weather sealed X coming in January at the end of October here. Right in time and reason enough for some of you not to buy the just announced X-E2 and wait until January.

Since then my radar was always finely tuned on it and one by one the specs list grow rumor after rumor. Now it grew to the list you can read at the bottom.

Sure, take it with a grain of salt, especially those specs coming only from anonymous and new sources… but I’m convinced: this X-T1 will be something really awesome.

Well, just now the trusted Japanese source told me the date: January 28th! That’s the day where the camera will be unveiled! So take note in your calendar and follow Fujirumors on that day!

Remember, January 28th is also the day where you can choose to support my work here on Fujirumors. If the X-T1 is the camera you’ve waited for and you pre-order it using one of the shoplinks (Amazon, Bhphoto and Adorama & Co) on this blog, Fujirumors will get a small commission on it. It won’t cost you a single penny extra on your camera and at the same time you’ll allow me to keep this site running also in 2014. So, if you enjoy to stop by this blog now and then, consider to support it with no extra costs for you.

Here is the specs list:

  • announcement January 28th (trusted source)
  • bigger (extra-large) and better (high performance) EVF / (trusted +  anonymous sources)
  • APS-C X-Trans sensor II (16MP) / (trusted +  anonymous sources)
  • double SD-card slot / (trusted sources)
  • weather sealed body / (trusted sources)
  • price range between X-E and X-PRO line / (new and anonymous sources)
  • FujicaST-like design / (source who was right in the past, but not yet upgraded to the elite-team of trusted sources)
  • faster AF than the X-E2 / (new source)
  • additional battery grip / (anonymous source)
  • name: X-T1 / (anonymous sources)

have great start in this new week,
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P.S.: feel free to spread the word.

  • Sqweezy

    Ok, but when are the weather sealed zooms coming out?… And any word on video specs? Fuji is desperately lacking in this area!

    • Paul

      I’m presuming at least the 18-135 we will announced as the kit lens for the xt1..

      • bok3h

        The 18-135 is not a pro-grade lens.
        The kit lens for X-T1 will probably be the upcoming 16-55 2.8

        • Paul

          Sounds good to me…

          • 18-135 not pro lens!? Depends, is it XC or XF? In 40 years I do not recall a fixed 2.8 as criteria for pro-lens.

          • Valentino

            F/2.8 zooms are the signature for all Nikon Pro zoom lenses. 24-70, 17-55, 70-200…

          • 5 axis in body image stabilisation would be nice!

    • Should improve on video specs over xe-2 a bit l would imagine, at least 1080P 60fps at 38Mbps+. But as l see a dedicated video record button & video assist on the camera l would safely say that fuji has implemented a more feature rich video recording platform, finally! Expect to at least have the above + full manual control over exposure & a few extra perks that the X-E2 & Xpro 1 don’t have. Fuji should be competing with the Sony A7, Om-D & panasonic GH3 series, so they have to step up their video if they want to survive. If this camera delivers good video quality, lm going to be a big fuji fan with this camera as a video camera and my Xpro 1 for stills shooting. : )

  • Paul

    We need to see a picture, I’m sure many people are now salivating….Patrick?

  • JN

    Any rumors about video improvements maybe ?

  • Andrew

    People, it is a rumours site, not a fact site :-) be patient and enjoy the speculation…

    • Paul

      Dis is not possible ;-)

  • Any mention of a new, larger battery? 600+ shots wold be nice….

  • Pierrot

    Thanks Patrick;-)

  • I want 1/8000th!!!!!!

    • Kapre

      1/8000th doesnt want you

    • MJr

      I want lenses with built in leaf-shutter and then i would even be fine with 1/1000 like the x100!!!!!!

  • Realfi

    I’m trying to work out why rumours are that it would cost less than an X-Pro 1? I guess the fact that it’s an EVF rather than a dual/hybrid viewfinder? In every other way won’t it out spec an X Pro -1?

    Anyway. I guess we’ll soon see….

    • Ivan

      Agreed – based on the rumored specs it looks more like a top model, not something between X-Pro1 and X-E2. I guess rumored price is wrong and the real one would match top of the line slot. But again, too frequent use of the lovely word “rumored” may explain all the confusion a bit :)

      • Georg63

        Fast AF, very good EVF, sealed, sounds like an E-M1 by Fuji. A top model however should not have the same old 16MP sensor that is – apart from phase AF – in each and every Fuji X camera since the X-Pro1.
        And I agree, anything above 1300Euro (as opposed to 899 for X-E2) is too much.

      • Price dictates whether its classified as pro model or not and if its priced between X-pro1 and Xe-2 then its more semi pro, than full pro. More like a Canon 7d or 6d in Dslr style cameras. Fuji could put a higher price on this based on specs so far, but they shouldn’t go higher price than full frame Sony A7 ($1,700) and they need to compete with GH3, EM-1, cameras that are around that $1,000usd bracket. Sure they can make more profit this way and this price point.

    • It’s the optical viewfinder that holds the X1Pro’s place, but the relative price of the new camera has to be an unknown because the X1 Pro is so heavily discounted at the moment, especially here in the UK.

      Thanks for all your efforts Patrick. My credit card is finding it difficult to sit still at the moment!

  • Kyle

    Funny, it’s supposed to be priced between the X-E2 and the XPro1 – yet all the features listed but this camera above the XPro1 on all levels.

    For the love of god, just announce that the XPro1 is being closed out. It’s been too long of a wait WHEN all your other cameras in the last year have surpassed your flagship model.

    I understand this notion of not wanting to update the XPro1 until there’s something worthy, but wouldn’t that be the same logic for the other models, such as the X100 to the X100s and the X-E1 to the X-E2? Just put out an X-Pro1s/2 to play catch-up.

    • patrick

      Cheaper than the x-pro line (future x-pro cameras… X-pro1s?)

    • Markus

      Yes listen to patrick.

      XPro1 is quite old now, so no reason to fret.

  • I have to confess that this rumor disturbs me a lot since I just bought X-E2. If I knew that there will be X-T1, I wouldn’t buy X-E2 and wait to see X-T1 first.

    • That’s why I always tell myself to keep waiting. The greatest thing deserves to wait. X-T1 will easily eat X-E2 as breakfast.

      • Fujikko

        Once XT1 is out, up next Fuji X-Pro2 – you gonna wait for that?

        • And…. there is always the X Pro3 ;-)

          If you keep waiting just in case something new comes out, you would never get a camera. The most important thing is, is the camera you’ve bought good enough for you? Does it fit your needs?!? If yes, don’t worry about something new coming out because it always will.

          • MrGecko

            …. X-ProX in 2020 complete with mind control of both focus and settings. 1000 shot battery life and and 10-250 constant 1.8 kit lens. ha ha ha

      • dave

        Whether it will EASILY EAT THE X-E2 certainly remains to be seen, doesn’t it? And whether anyone will automatically make better images with it is up in the air, too, isn’t it?

        Are these enthusiast cameras or tools for pros? I don’t think “serious” shooters are abandoning their “real” cameras just yet. Crop sensor vs full sensor canon 5DmkII ??? please, there is no way …

        yes, they are lovely cameras.

        yes, i am a pro and own too many x cameras. but if i’m on a job and there’s a chance that my work will be used in print as a double page spread, i’m much more likely to use the canon than the Fuji. i want to love the fuji, i do. right now it’s serious, but not the L word. not yet.

  • DanM

    Thanks Patrick! Nearly 2 weeks of misery though! I’m assuming the new weather sealed lens will be the 16-55mm f2.8? If it is, it sounds like it will be an awesome combo!

    Keep up the good work!

  • Ryan

    Jan 28th is the announcement? Any idea on when it will be available to buy?

  • DC

    @Admin (or other @FR readers), from experience typically how long do Fuji make cameras available for purchase from the time they make an announcement – days, weeks or months?

    • Keith

      Usually within 2 months

      • 4 month for lenses like the 10-24 f4…it’s way too much time…

    • Jonavin

      Months. X100S announced in January with late March release. Lenses could take even longer. Of you were to assume this new camera will come with a new zoom as a Kit, the next zoom lens on the roadmap is the 18-135 and it looks like it’s going to be released in June. That gives you a good idea of when the camera will come out.

      • On the other hand, it could be release as a body and paired with a lens much later (like the E-M1). The new 18-135 is an R lens. R is premium in Fuji language right? Maybe is going to be weather sealed and offered as a kit. If it’s as good as the 18-55 and the 55-200 I shall get it :-)

  • Swede

    I for one hope it leaves video out all together. I like Fuji to focus on photographers’ cameras. Hope weather sealing won’t turn the style around too much.

    • Fujikko

      Adding video in no way hampers the stills side, so NOTHING can be gained from such a move, if anything adding video increases sales.

    • Markus

      If they did that, then goodbye X system.

    • Surab

      There are a lot who want to have decent video (ain’t talking about Panasonic or Canon video!) like on the X-E2. Just for personal use, vacation and family stuff. What’s so wron about it?? Does ist make anyone a cooler photographer when the cameras does not take videos?? Especially when that mode is all hidden and basically the less “disturbing” video of all cameras! -.-

      It’s your decision, if it takes videos or not…. If all Fuji X cameras would come without video I would not one.

      • There are plenty of things on my D700s that I don’t use, including everything associated with jpeg output, but I never see that as a disadvantage. A disadvantage would be a lack of something that I need.

        • Surab

          Was that really a reply to me? Because I tried to make the very same point (although when I re-read my post, I wonder whether someone could understand it with all those mistakes….).

          But yeah, I totally agree with you.

    • Al Downie

      I agree. There are hundreds of other cameras which already provide video – I hope Fuji continue to think different.

      • Fujikko

        Think different? All Fuji cameras have video. Lol

        Get a DF if you don’t want film. Or any film camera ever made. Plenty of options.



    I’m Japanese FUJI user.
    I heard the price of X-T1 is $2,000.
    Japanese pro photographer who works at FUJI sample pictures said it’s price is twice rather than X-E2.
    He looked at New camera already and said FUJI RUMOR’s article is half right and half wrong.

    • patrick

      Feel free to drop me an email and talk about the new camera.

    • $2000 won’t work. It’s too difficult to compete against Sony A7 at this price.

      • miniTO

        Agreed that is to much for this body. This seems like a om-d e-m1 Fuji equivalent. So moving past that units price point is crazy.

      • C. C.

        It is actually too difficult to compete against the Oly E-M1 if the price is actually $2,000. I think that would be suicidal. The price will likely be similar to the E-M1 at $1,399. A $2,000 price tag sounds absolutely ludicrous.

    • kalli

      $2000 with or without kit lens?

    • kuishinbou

      I highly doubt it will cost $2000 for the body. That would hurt sales significantly, unless the sensor is larger than APS-C, which us highly unlikely…

    • If it were going to be $2000 then it would be a seriously premium piece of kit, some way beyond what has been rumoured.

      • kuishinbou

        Agree. ..

  • AnggaPJ

    Thank you for the news, Patrick.
    I have marked the date, looking forward to it :D

  • Jay

    Any hints that Fuji might release an updated XF 35mm together with the camera?
    I for one have been hoping for a while that they would release a 35mm lens with the built-quality of the 14mm/23mm and with distance scales.

    • ….and the weather sealing…..

      • XF35/1.4 mk2 would be really nice!

  • Good job Patrick, hopefully, the leaked images will start showing up, soon.

  • I still want 14 Bit raw, and the ability to compress my raw files… But, other than that, I’m well pleased with my X Pro 1 about now… =D

    • First you need a sensor that can give you 14 bits of DR.

      • I will welcome one with open arms… and probably wallet… :)

        • David

          X100s and X-E2 have 14 bit RAW.

  • Keith

    I would prefer a fast aperture 90mm lens (equivalent to 135mm at 135 format) to be announced. Dream lens for portrait.

  • I think I see a hump…

    right behind the left thumb.

    • JPUSER

      It’s reflection?

      • Sure. Fuji will not produce a left handed camera.

    • sidtw

      yep, that looks like the new one to me. And that’s the reason why he put it out of focus, being not allowed to show it prior to the official announcement.

    • Al Downie

      I gotta say.. he doesn’t look *very* happy about the new camera.

  • It’s going to be a big announcement for me. Last november I took the choice that this spring I should drop my D60/D90 combo for a mirrorless system. The Olympus E-M1 was my favorite but although it has tons of features (and good lenses) I really don’t like the low ISO images. I shoot landcape/architecture/street for most part and ISO 100 and 200 are my bread and butter.

    On the other hand the X-Trans II is a great sensor at low ISO (and much better at high ISO than MFT – around 1 stop in low light).

    The only concern for me is the launch date of the new Fuji. If it’s going to be announced in 2 weeks it will hit the shelves in 3-4 months which for me is a problem because I want to use it in Krakow and Prague at the end of april/begining of may…

    • MrGecko

      I’m in the same boat. Summer trips and all I have is an X100

    • Mike
    • buy yourself an x100s, learn it, leave everything else at home. the freedom you feel to shoot will be liberating.

      or get an xe2 and a 14 and 35

      or better yet, a used xe1. for landscape & architecture & street i think you’d be happy.

      walking around with so little weight — awesome

      • I’m thinking about the X-E2 plus the 18-55 f2.8-4 and 55-200 f3.5-4.8 duo for my day to day, street, architecture and traveling . This as a start and to know the X system. Then (in 2015) I will buy the 10-24 f4 for dramatic landscapes, cityscapes etc and the 56 f1.2 for indoor portraits. What I really want is to experiment macro and I hope Fuji will deliver in 2016 a 1:1 macro lens. The other big thing that I expect is a better flash (from the X-E2 specs on Fuji site I’ve read that it controls wireless slaves flashes…)

        I’ve read that Fuji will have a total of 20 lenses (made by Fuji and not Touit) so 3 are not yet on the lensmap. Fingers crossed for a 70mm f2.8 OIS macro :-)

        • both nice lenses (or so I’ve heard, i only own the longer one.) The image stabilization is really excellent on the 55-200.

  • Out’

    If “FUJI RUMOR’s article is half right and half wrong”, could the X-T1 be a 2000$ X1000 (T for Thousand), with a full frame sensor and a fixed 35mm lense like sony’s RX1 ?

    • Ryan

      Wishful thinking is an understatement…

  • Hi Patrick!!! Thanks a lot for your work. I think that if it`s true that the “X-T1” will be a level between the X Pro and the X E-2, then the price body + 18-55mm F/ 2.8-4 = $1700 or some bucks more.

    Now, let`s see the Fuji X-mount roadmap: the 16-55mm F/2.8 could appear in August of this year. So it would be the weather-sealed lens for the X-T1…and… the lens for a new X Pro.

    In that case, the new X-Pro + the 16-55mm F/ 2.8 would cost $2500 or a little more. Beside, the specifications should be even better than the X-T1; maybe 20MP, a more complex AF, more frames/second, more customizable? In this way, Fujifilm would face the excellent EM-1 and the small FF of Sony…

    Happy days


  • MrGecko

    Ok, so regardless of the hump will the size be close to the X-Pro and what about weight? At $2000 including the kit lens I am very interested….. only if it remains as compact and light as other Fuji’s offerings. Otherwise its back to the XE2

  • Elliot

    I wonder how big it will be. If it is same size as xe2 I’m in if much bigger might as use Nikon d800

  • Vlad

    Geez, these Xs. What would come after?

  • P.Diddy

    Guys be like: nah,i’m not getting one of those, xpro2 coming out shortly

    • X-Pro 2 in 2015 :-)

  • I presume the ‘x’ stands for ‘travel’?. I’d bet the UK body only price will be £1100 and that it will come with the 18-135 as its kit lens. This lens is the first one for 2014 according to the roadmap………………with kits lens: £1400. Just my thoughts.

    • Sorry ‘t’ stands for travel…

  • Pelex

    The 600lb gorilla in the room (that no one seems to be discussing) is the 5-axis IBIS that was incorporated in the new Fujifilm S1. Is there no reason why this wouldn’t turn up in the new XT1?
    I realize some Fuji lenses already have OIS built in, not so much the prime lenses.

    • In body image stabilisation would be nice!

    • It’s only 3-axis hardware stabilized. The x-y-stabilization is done in Soft-/Firmware.

  • Pelex

    That graphic is not giving me a warm fuzzy retro feeling.
    More of a sinister “special ops” vibe….yikes!

  • derek

    weather sealing is not very important , but what about the AF and peaking feature any better than that of the XE2?

    I really need a good EVF like the EPSON EVF in the EM1 , I am kind of disappointed with the Sony EVF in the A7R.
    I think the sharp or LG EVF in the XE2 is a bit better than the Sony one in the A7R but not as good as the Epson EVF in the EM1.

    If the EVF of the XT1 is as good as the one in the EM1 , I will get it, but I am not a fan of D-SLR shaped cameras.
    I prefer the body shape of the XE2 over all other cameras from Sony or Oly.

    • “weather sealing is not very important”
      It is to some people, particularly those likely to use it to earn a living.

  • derek

    there is no edit feature here.
    anyway, I talked with some Fuji people last night at local Fuji service center and confirmed that the EVF panel used in the XE2 is not a Sony model, is from either Sharp or LG panel, they said they use only Sharp and LG panels for their cameras.
    so I was right , it is not the same Sony EVF used in the A7R.

    • Georg63

      When you look through the X-E2 and then the A7, you cannot mix them up: Sony’s is MUCH brighter, clearer and larger. No comparison.

  • Ah ideas on the content of the image being used for the teaser?

    • I’d guess they give us a new camera with a 3D-Lens, like Samsung. Fuji already has consumer stereo cameras that sell bad and also put a lot of money in developing 3D-prints. I guess they want some consumers to produce some prints with it!

  • P.Diddy

    Who we are? guys on the internet
    What we want? better sensor in a new body that doesn’t look like poop
    When do we want it? Now

  • Markus Worsdorfer

    Doesn’t XX stand for 20? Wouldn’t that mean the journey begins on the 20th and not the 28th?

    • patrick

      Fujifilm’s birthday is on the 20th… but apparently the gifts will come on the 28th ;-)! At least that’s the information I have.

      • Jonavin

        Didn’t earlier rumour say the 20th? Who’s more reliable?

  • Alex

    I guess this would be a new xpro

  • wayne

    How does fuji number/naming system work ? as i see it x-s1 would be followed by x-t1 or x-s2 , not x-e2. its all getting a bit confusing

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