Wake up, it’s real! X-T1 announced… LIVE BLOGGING, press-realease, pre-orders and more!


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Pre-orders (and support FR)

After several months of restless work to make of the X-T1 one of the most leaked cameras ever, today you can support my work here on Fujirumors. If you choose to pre-order it using one of the X-T1 shoplinks (AmazonUS, Bhphoto, Adorama, wexDE, wexUK & Co) in this post, FR will get a small commission on it. It won’t cost you a single penny extra on your camera. Thanks in advance to those who decide to support this blog… you will allow me to spread many exciting rumors also in 2014… I’m already investigating for you ;-).


X-T1 body only ($1,299): NORTH AMERICA: AmazonUS / BHphoto / Adorama / Pictureline / EUROPE: wexDE / wexUK / PCHstore /

X-T1 with 18-55 ($1,699): NORTH AMERICA: AmazonUS / BHphoto / Adorama / Pictureline / EUROPE: wexDE / wexUK / PCHstore /


Fujifilm Global site / dedicated FujifilmUK page /

First looks and samples

Best on the web, Rico’s first look with plenty of samples

X-pert corner first look (samples and first look) / FUJFILM official samples / look through the EVF

Hands on: quesabesde hands on (translation) / amateurphotographer first look / dslmagazin hands on Spanish (translation) / German photoscala / ephotozine hands on / dpreview first look / pocket-lint first look / techradar firs look / jgranseth hands on review / photographyblog / f-sunny / German presentation at systemkamera-forum / X-E2, X-PRO1, X-T1 specs comparison fujivsfuji / fujifilmblog / digitalcamerareview / dc.watch google translated / OMD EM-1 vs X-T1 size/weight comparison at camerasize / digitalcameraworld / test-opinion at cyberphoto in Swedish / trustedreviews / danbaileyphoto / mirrorlessons /

Videos: first look whatdigitalcamera / Fujifilm X-T1 & Fujinon XF 10-24 F4 Javier González / Focus Numérique (French) / Italian presentation / dkameratv preview German / parkcameras X-T1 presentation / digiralcameraworld / German Chip.de /

Fuji Guys:

WR = weather resistant lenses

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Promotional Video

Key features of the Fujifilm X-T1

Evolved electronic viewfinder

  1. 1. High-precision 2.36 million dot OLED viewfinder
  2. 2. Highest viewfinder magnification for digital cameras of 0.77x*
  3. 3. Wide viewing angle (diagonal 38° and horizontal 31°)
  4. 4. Ultra fast Real Time Viewfiner with a lag-time of 0.005sec** (less than 1/10 of existing models)***
  5. 5. Four different display modes: Full, Normal, Dual and Vertical.
    • Full mode: Displays shooting information at the top and bottom of the screen to avoid obstruction of the view.
    • Dual mode: Adds a small second screen for checking focus point with Focus Peak Highlight or Digital Split Image*4.
    • Normal mode: Lets you concentrate on framing the shot in Auto Focus mode while keeping you aware of how the shooting conditions are changing, making it the perfect setting for sports and action photography
    • Portrait mode: When in Full or Normal modes, it rotates the shooting information interface when the camera is turned vertically.

Ultimate high-speed responses, including the world’s fastest AF

  • World’s fastest AF of 0.08 seconds*5 is achieved with Fujifilm’s proprietary imaging area phase-detection. Startup time of 0.5 seconds*6, shutter time lag of 0.05 seconds and shooting interval of 0.5 seconds*7 have been achieved with the image processing engine EXR Processor II — with more than twice as fast a processing speed as the previous processor.
  • Phase detection AF and motion predictive AF for continuous shooting up to 8 frames per second*8.
  • World’s first compatibility with Ultra High Speed UHS-II SD memory cards.

Weather resistant structure

  • Dust and water-resistant body with approximately 80 points of weather sealing. Freeze resistance to -10℃.
  • Vertical battery grip VG-XT1 and three new zoom lenses offer the same weather resistance to secure the entire system.

High resolution, low noise and unique color reproduction

  • 16.3 megapixel APS-C size X-Trans™ CMOS II*4 sensor with original color array to control moiré and false colors without a optical low path filter.
  • Resolution and low noise comparable to that of models with ‘full-frame’ sensors.
  • Proprietary image design technology reproduces true-to-life colors.
  • Redesigned circuit board design enables high ISO 51200 setting*10.
  • Lens Modulation Optimizer technology maximizes each lens’ performance.

Flagship build quality and intuitive operation

  • Die-cast magnesium body provides a sturdy and durable, while compact and lightweight design.
  • Double-deck, precision-milled aluminum dials for shutter speed, ISO setting, exposure compensation, metering and drive mode, with notched settings.
  • Body and grip designed for correct balance when attaching telephoto and large-diameter lenses.
  • Twin command dials and six Function buttons for instant control and customization.
  • Tempered glass 1.04million dot high-precision tilting LCD monitor.

Accessories for refined shooting

  • The Vertical battery grip (VG-XT1) completely integrates with the body in both vertical and normal position, while offering weather resistance. The grip includes shutter release button, twin command dials, AE-L and AF-L buttons, Focus-assist button and Key Lock Lever in the same orientation as the body.
  • An EF-X8 flash (Guide Number 11)*11 is included with the camera and has a compact body designed to match the X-T1 plus Fujifilm’s Super intelligent flash performance.
  • The Assist grip (MHG-XT) supports extended shooting. Your battery and card can be removed with the grip in place when using a tripod. It also works as a quick-release plate on the tripod.

Enhanced wireless functions

  • Free “FUJIFILM Camera Remote” application and “Wireless Communication” function allows users to remotely shoot images from smartphones and tablets.
  • Wireless functions via the “FUJIFILM Camera Remote” include Touch AF, shutter release for stills and movies, shutter speed, aperture, exposure compensation, ISO sensitivity, Film Simulation modes, White Balance, macro, timer and flash.
  • Instant transfer and location tagging of images via your smartphones and tablets*12.
  • Wi-Fi® transfer*13 also enables backup of the data in the camera onto the computer*14 wirelessly.

Interval timer shooting

  • Interval timer shooting for Time Lapse photography is available with intervals of 1 second to 24 hours and up to 999 frames.
  • * Highest VF magnification ratio among digital cameras. Fujifilm research as of January 2014. Approx. 0.77x magnification with a 50mm lens (35mm format equivalent) set to infinity and -1.0DP.
  • ** Fujifilm research as of January 2014.
  • *** Compared to FUJIFILM X-E2
  • *4 “X-Trans” and “Digital Sprit Image” are a trademark or registered trademark of FUJIFILM Corporation.
  • *5 Fastest AF speed among digital cameras equipped with an APS-C or larger sensor. Measurement conducted by Fujifilm research based on CIPA guidelines using the X-T1 equipped with XF14mmF2.8 R lens in High Performance mode as of January 2014.
  • *6 Equipped with XF27mmF2.8 in High Performance mode
  • *7 MF mode
  • *8 AF-C shooting mode
  • *9 RAW shooting mode
  • *10 Extended output sensitivity
  • *11 At ISO 200. At ISO100, guide number of 8 based on CIPA guidelines.
  • *12 Maximum multiple image transfer is 30 photos or 2GB.
  • *13 Wi-Fi® is a registered trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance
  • *14 This function requires installation of the free application software FUJIFILM PC AutoSave in your personal computer.

FUJIFILM X-T1 Accessories list:

  • Dedicated all-leather case BLC-XT1 New
  • Vertical battery grip VG-XT1 New
  • Hand Grip MHG-XT New
  • Compatible with all Fujinon X Mount lenses New
  • M Mount Adapter for additional lens compatibility
  • Four dedicated flash models to choose from depending on requirements (EF-X8 New, EF-X20, EF-20, EF-42)
  • Protector filters (PRF-39, PRF-52, PRF-58, PRF-62 and PRF-72 (For XF10-24mmF4 R OIS) New)
  • Remote release RR-90
  • Stereo Microphone MIC-ST1
  • DC coupler CP-W126 New
  • AC adapter AC-9V  New
  • Ryan

    It here!

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    I am here :-)

  • Todd

    Any knowledge on shipping dates?

  • Miguel

    take my money Fuji, Just do it

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    Fujifilm X-T1 First Impressions Review on Dpreview now!

  • David

    Gah, preorder processing took forever.

  • calxn

    Is there an actual event going on or is it just a PR release?

  • It’s odd that BH’s site listing doesn’t seem to even mention the weather sealing at all.

  • Ordered.

  • jypfoto

    Got my preorder on for the kit. Will be interested to read impressions and first reviews while I decide whether to keep the order or invest in other things. Good night FR!

  • John

    How is the shutter noise? This has been an achilles heel of the ILC Fujis compare to the x100s. If there is any improvement in this area I will be tempted…

    • David

      Not really. X100(s) has a leaf shutter. It’s not reasonable to expect a focal plane shutter to be silent. Personally, I like the sound of my x-pro, as far as shutter sounds go

      • John

        Can we agree that it would be better for a focal plane shutter to be silent? If so, someone should get working on that. I was the backup photographer in a setting where I was the only one able to take shots (x100s) because the shutter noise was inappropriate. How nice it would be to have this option with an ILC…

  • One More Thought

    An amazing camera…I think Fuji got it about as right as possible.

    I would be worried if I were Olympus because this camera is $100 less expensive than their OMD-EM1, and of course this Fuji has a larger and better sensor.

    • Olympus still has a better lens selection, in-body stabilization for every lens, and wireless TTL flash control. For some people this will outweigh the Fuji’s sensor advantage, which is largely theoretical at mainstream ISOs. So Fuji still has some work to do, starting with a longer wide-aperture lens (I hope.)

      • Fuji’s ISO and most important, DR/image quality advantage is hardly theoretical. And you even get 14-bit raw for better gradation, etc.

        Doesn’t mean the E-M1 is bad, but when it comes to IQ, the Fuji is imho better here.

  • You just earned my support!!!!

  • I’m going to go ahead and assert my guess that T in X-T1 stands for Tough.

  • X T1 + 18-55mm f/ 2.8-4 = 750 g ! ! ! it`s seeeeeeeeeeeeeeXyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Philip

    Please can some who tries it find out what is the size of a RAW file at the lowest setting you can take raw?
    Thank you.

  • Rick

    Amazon have their preorders backwards, 1299 for the kit and 1699 body only… I wonder if they’ll honor it if you order? Only one way to find out.

    • Rick

      Never mind, adding the kit puts the “body only” in your cart. Strange!

      • Sam Grable

        I noticed that too. Thought I was getting away with something.

  • The ad is SOoOOoOoooo cheesy… I live it! :)

    • You “live” it? Personally, I “love” it, but if you “live” it, more power to you… I guess.

      • it’s also only 1099GBP in the UK instead of being the mirror of the US at 1299. Gotta love that.. means it should be even cheaper in HKD! :)

  • Oh and, in for one. Body only.

  • Ordered within about 2-3 minutes of announcement. :)

    Will be a great companion to my X-E2 and 56mm for weddings.

  • Soonjae

    when are they release XF18-135mm F3.5-5.6 R OIS WR, the XF16-55mm F2.8 R OIS WR and the XF50-140mm F2.8 R OIS WR?

  • morgan

    Just ordered off your link. Me wants it now.

  • Where’s the grip for sale?

  • sri

    Thanks for all your efforts Patrick !! Placed my pre-order through the links !

  • Wireless remote shooting – nice!

  • chris

    After browsing the dedicated UK site, it confirms that the 16-55, and 50-140 will be weather sealed, and there’s a good indication that the fast wide angle prime will be 16mm.

  • Can anyone tell me that if its AF system is same as X-E2 from the spec.?
    Or better?

  • Ian

    Looks nice. I want one. Are they taking the piss though with the pure photography tagline in the video? Haven’t I seen that somewhere recently on a retro styled camera? Great work on all the rumours Patrick. If I buy, I will use your links.

    • I was just thinking the same thing – maybe because they added the Pure Joy on the end it’s all good? At first look, this camera seems like everything that the Df should have been – any links to order from Canada Patrick?

      • patrick

        no, I’m affiliated with Amazon Canada… but I don’t think they will have it available anytime soon for pre-order

        • patrick

          gimme a link to a small Canadian retailer that has it for pre-order online, and I’ll link for free

          • Jon

            I’ve been searching but the usual suspects don’t have it for preorder yet.

  • Tim

    why no silver/black version :(

    • That color scheme has been, for quite some time, by and large considered to indicate a lower level/cheaper market model. Perhaps a nicer way to say it is “less serious.”

      The X-Pro1 did not have a multicolored model either, remember.

      Anyway, that’s my suspicion. This camera is geared towards more serious photographers. In fact, it could easily be considered a pro model in many ways when compared to “pro” APS-C offerings from conventional camera makers. So it stands to reason that Fuji doesn’t expect that many silver models would sell and that ultimately makes the decision.

      But hey, who knows, maybe they’ll do it down the road? I wouldn’t count on it.

    • solsang

      silver may reflect in windows, eyes, water etc, so a professional camera needs to be black, some pros even cover their white canon lenses with black tape!!

  • Andy

    Fuji is awesome! I switched from Nikon only a few months ago and have never looked back. These are the type of announcements that keep photographers on the edge of their seats. This isn’t just another 100 added to a model…this is a game changer! The lens line up combined with the current lens offerings are off the charts! Exciting stuff!!!

  • chris

    I’ve been looking at jumping to Fuji from Nikon – I just don’t get why their exposure bracketing is so limited! 3 +/- 1?? I do a ton of HDR, and this doesn’t cut it! Come on Fuji, I want to give you my money!

  • Miguel

    Im gonna sell my x100s now. Wait for the 16-55 to come out to then buy it with the xt-1.

  • Thanks Patrick for your dedication to our neuroses. I think you are probably a GAS enabler, but that’s ok. I ordered through your links.

  • Rg

    Looks great. But “Worlds Fastest AF” claim again, ugghh. I hope this time it’s true it sure wasn’t the last time.

  • 4thchicken

    “An EF-X8 flash (Guide Number 11)*11 is included with the camera and has a compact body designed to match the X-T1 plus Fujifilm’s Super intelligent flash performance.”

    If I read that correctly, the list price includes the EF-X8 flash? – would make the price point more palatable for some. For myself, must resist…. already have an X-E1 and X-E2!

    • Yes, the camera includes a shoe mount flash. It’s nothing more powerful than what you get from a popup flash, though. So don’t get too excited. It doesn’t even operate on its own power, it’s powered by the shoe.

      • 4thchicken

        No doubt – however it is better than nothing and would be certainly useful in a pinch. Its a nice compromise for buyers that might necessarily need a more powerful flash/a camera body that removes pop up flash.

        Imo, we will see a wireless flash system introduced within a year – perhaps co-announced with the x-pro2

        • I wouldn’t complain about a radio flash system, but, I would be very surprised to see it any time soon. The competition still has its claws on many current patents surrounding such systems. Most people don’t realize that remote controlled flash is actually relatively new technology (at least in patent-duration terms).

          • 4thchicken

            no idea about the patent landscape but I would have thought that most pre-existing patents were around radio triggers rather than via local wifi triggering? (given that few cameras have wifi)

            Atm there is only I more thing that I want for the x-series cameras – an EF adaptor with electronic contacts for aperture control – either with a speed booster or without -I could then retain my zeiss lenses (25/2, 35/2, 50/2 & 100/2) – well that and FF :)

        • More than wireless Fujifilm should have introduced HSS flash capability with this model.

  • I can see my bag now.. and it’s looking ridiculous.

    RX1 – Zeiss Sonnar 35mm f/2.0
    a7R – Zeiss FE 55mm f/1.8
    X-T1 – Fujinon XF 56mm f/1.2 (~85mm)
    X-E1 – Zeiss Planar 85mm f/1.4 (~130mm)

    No need to ever change lenses again.

  • leocat

    Just ordered mine through Adorama link

  • Glenn

    Great looking camera with some great improvements. I know part of the reason for mirror less cameras is to make them smaller. But from what I can see, this is a bit to small for my big hands. I have no doubt it will sell great but I will wait for the included improvements to be added to even more improvements when the X-Pro 2 comes along in a year or so. Just my meaningless two cents:-)

  • Stupig

    I wonder why the x-sync is only 1/180s with base ISO 200…

    • Sync speed has nothing whatsoever to do with ISO. It has everything to do with the fastest speed where the shutter mechanism can keep the entire sensor exposed long enough to sync a typical flash pop.

      This means that on these cameras, at shutter speeds over 1/180, the front curtain is still covering the frame while the rear curtain is chasing it. It may be fully exposed for a slightly faster shutter speed, but, not reliable enough to deal with the variable delay introduced by sending the signal to the flash to fire.

      But again, has nothing at all to do with sensor sensitivity.

      • Kilika

        I think you misunderstood Stupig’s comment. He meant if base ISO is 100, 1/180 sync speed is less of an issue b/c you can underexpose ambient 1 stop further. So, sync speed & ISO does have a connection in use

        • He may have implied that, in which case I understand his concern. However, one can trivially put a 1 stop ND filter on the lens to compensate.

          However, even if you have 1/250 sync, reality is that you don’t get far with that and end up needing ND filters and stronger lights to “kill the sun” and other such things that get flash photographers off.

    • Same reason the top shutter speed is 1/4000 — curtain speed isn’t fast enough to support faster X sync or top speed. Not a deal-killer IMO.

  • Rap

    All In! :)

    Once Fuji add wireless flash control, something like Nikon’s, this will make a PEFECT camera for me.

    • I suspect you’ll wait a long time for that feature, although I’d like to see it too.

  • MJD

    Just ordered the kit thru your link at BHphoto. Looking forward to using this for travel and not lug around all the heavy gear I’m used to…

  • Fuzzy Duck

    Exciting stuff :)

    also, although they have a good reputation and good deals DigitalRev are a Hong Kong based seller and their stuff isn’t covered by manufacturer warranty in Europe or the UK, and they won’t be eligible for any of the cashback or free lens deals that Fuji are so fond of lately. I think the pre order links should be clear DigitalRev aren’t based in the EU

  • 2daloo

    I’m wondering about the updated lens roadmap; where is the ‘wide angle prime’ going to fall? It’s now placed above the 18mm, whereas before it was above the 14mm but below the 18mm.

    I was expecting something like a 24mm equivalent, but now what? Might it be a 35 f/2 or something?

    • That chart is not published by Fuji, and you’d be reading too much into it anyway. Also 35mm is not wide angle on APS-C.

      Chances are the new fast wide angle prime will be 16mm f/2.

  • George K

    Ordered. Thanks Patrick!

  • Chris

    So March 7th in the US. Any info on release date in Hong Kong?

    • I would like to know this too (along with the XF56mm).

  • xRobot

    So glad the it’s not a touch screen. How awful would that be!

    Ordered from B&H to save on tax… sorry amazon.

    • Ryan

      It sucks for everyone who wanted one because those who don’t can just turn it off.

  • Sqweezy

    What’s with the measly video specs? If the camera is capable of doing 1080p/60 then why can’t they also offer us 24/25 frames also? It should be quite easy to implement, but Fuji continues to deny their customers this simple feature. The X-T1 is looking like a great camera, but I guess I will have to save my money and wait for the X-T2!

  • tom

    I need a German pre-order link :)

  • Well, there go any chances for the dealers to move their remaining X-Pro 1s, except at a truly massive discount. You’d really have to love OVFs to buy an X-Pro instead of spending a couple of hundred extra dollars for this…

    • There are still a number of people inexplicably nuts over not knowing what they’re camera’s actually up to while shooting and want the OVF. I think the real competition to the X-Pro1 is the X100S, honestly. These same people are the ones that only see these cameras as a possible complement to their DSLR kit anyway.

  • B.Allen

    Nice camera. I’ve been looking to change camera systems for a while now and this just may be it. I just need to find a raw converter that seamlessly integrates into my work flow (lightroom/photoshop) on a windows system, Suggestions???

    • Bob

      Lightroom 5.3 works fine with my X-E2

    • Lightroom works great. Don’t get hung up on the various comparisons/critiques of its handling of X-trans images. It does very well. It simply doesn’t default to heavy oversharpening and clarity/microcontrast that some of the others do. Those others end up with sharpening artifacts and general “crunchiness” on many images. Anyway, you can also pump up the sharpening and “clarity” on LR.

      Of course, Photoshop + ACR/bridge will produce identical initial results.

    • DTB

      If you need to use Lightroom/Photoshop, I would use Photo Ninja as a plug in. However, I find Capture One even better. So, you could use Capture One for the conversion, save as a TIFF, and do whatever else in Photoshop – that is what I do, and I am very happy with it.

    • B.Allen

      Thanks for the suggestions. Preordering now.

  • Terrence Bibb

    How much is the B&H authorization?

    • They typically authorize the full amount, but, it will fall off your CC after the usual expiration period, 5-7 days for most then the real billing will be done when the item ships.

  • Z

    TAKE MY MONEY (if it’s released in Australia) :(

  • Ray

    I can’t believe that Fuji have stuffed this camera up so badly. What a Dud!
    According to DPOReview there is no user ability to select focus points.
    I hope that they are wrong.

    • I would say that they are wrong, but, I am far more inclined to believe that you catastrophically misconstrued them. They simply aren’t that daft and what you think you’ve heard from them is certainly not true.

    • I’ve gone and found out what you’re confused about. They say that there is no way to **DIRECTLY** select AF points. What they are talking about is that on Nikon and Canon cameras, you can simply press the directional pad and the AF point selector will move around. On the Fuji cameras, and most other cameras actually, you have to press an AF selection button first then the arrows.

      It’s really not a big deal, but, people have become accustom to the Nikon/canon way.

      • n/a

        > On the Fuji cameras, and most other cameras actually, you have to press an AF selection button first then the arrows.

        not on m43… Fuji suxx again.

      • Pentax also have direct access to AF points (in the newer models you can actually choose whether to enable it or not, in the older models direct access was the only choice).

        And it is a big deal for those of us that do not shoot stationary subjects and therefore need to be able to quickly move AF points (and without removing our eye from the EVF!). Most of the time I have to focus with the center AF area and recompose, which can lead of focus errors at closer distances and wider apertures. I find it HIGHLY annoying that I can’t move the AF area directly with the arrow keys.

        I would hazard a guess that, by number, the vast majority of enthusiast and pro cameras on the market allow direct access to move the AF area.

  • Since I won’t be getting it as an X-E2 owner, the question that interests me is how many features will trickle down to the X-E2 and other models?
    Fn for face recognition?
    EVF modes, portrait mode?
    WiFi shooting through app?
    ISO 51200?

    Will my X-E2 grow another dial? OK, just kidding ;-p

    Any info about a new X-E2 firmware?

  • Aleste

    Not sure if I should take the plunge. The processor and sensor is the same that of the X100s. I will not get improvements in that department. Faster AF? Meh, I like to take my time.

    • This camera is obviously geared towards wildlife/sports photographers. If you’re not interested in high speed tracking AF, weather sealing, high speed responsive EVF (for better panning), and the faster memory card interface, you probably will not benefit from this camera. It’s all about speed and comfort with larger lenses in the system.

      When a company makes a comprehensive camera system, you can’t look at every body as a linear upgrade from every other body. The X-E2 and its successors will continue to be the anchoring point for this system, most likely.

  • I do agree with this point from DPReview:

    The most obvious competitor to the X-T1 is the aforementioned Olympus E-M1. Like the X-T1, the E-M1 is weatherproof, has a large EVF and a ton of customizable controls, a tilting LCD, and Wi-Fi. However, in combination with the increasingly comprehensive-looking lens range, it’s pretty clear that Fujifilm doesn’t see the X-T1 as competing with mirrorless cameras, but with the enthusiast-level DSLRs such as the Canon 70D, Nikon D7100, and Pentax K-3.

    I certainly see this camera as an option against the D7100 which I actually had as my alternative choice when choosing to go with this system. I was looking at the X-E2 but this body is a far better matchup tit for tat. One more year and this system will have (or at least have announced) the necessary lens range to truly compare with the D7100 or Pentax K-3. I think this is a great move by Fuji to expand the range of photographers that can benefit from their system.

    What many people are missing about this camera is that it’s step one for better supporting outdoors oriented enthusiast and even pro photographers. More weather sealed lenses and some truly LONG lenses are needed still, but, are on the roadmap so things are lookin’ good.

    I just hope the 8fps with AF plays as well in reality as it sounds on paper.

    • AdelphosChaz

      This will be replacing my D7100 and all my Nikon gear. Definitely a competitor. I tried to let the E-M1 do that for me but there was one caveat that killed it for me. I LOVED the super fast AF speed and everything about the camera and lenses BUT I shoot a lot in low light and the high ISO noise was just not okay for me personally. Many love it but I could not feel satisfied having to be limited to high ISO and f/1.8 or faster any time lights went dim. Hence my interest in Fuji. So I made a “what I’d like to see out of Fuji” list while looking at the X-E2 and as soon as the X-T1 came out it hit about 90% of that list dead on, so, this is the camera for me. A slower E-M1 with the controls I love in my film cameras and the low light performance that arguably even my D7100 couldn’t match.

    • ronin

      As a very pricey APS format lets-make-it-look-like-a-DSLR, the competition is Sony, and then Canon and Nikon.

      That is where Fuji needs to play. Why duke it out for the miniscule market of the high-priced and money-losing and market-share losing Olympus?

      I’m sure Fuji wants to play against the big boys. That’s what it needs to do to survive. The problem is the pricing of this camera is so much more than that of the DSLRs or SLTs, for a marque that the public is leary of.

      • tim

        This is very true. Its all very expensive, and quite good, but not the best … and as a matter of personal taste, perhaps not very good looking either.

        Fuji is between a Rock (Oly) and a Hard place (Sony) :-) Its an E2 with interface updates to the same level as the competition. I almost wonder if this camera was made under duress? Its not so attractive, a bit rushed.

        Anyway, very welcome, will wait to see what Leica does … on paper this looks real good for use with MF lenses.

  • Bob

    What about Rico?

    • Daniel C.

      He is lying totally exhausted with his forehead on his desk, happily snoring. In front of him the finished report, his index finger just one inch away of the “send” button – just didn’t made it before falling asleep ;)

      Take your time :)


  • Phil

    Love the dual image option in the viewfinder for manual focusing,nice Fuji.
    Looks really good as well,still love my XE-1 though.

  • Mguel

    Haven’t seen any confirmation of rumored colour for focusing peaking… Any official info on that?

    • Pdf Ninja

      According to the Italian youtube video, you can choose blue and red. At least that’s how I interpret it, I don’t speak Italian, so I have to rely on Google translation. But the guy seems to be representing Fuji.

      • Pdf Ninja

        He said: bianco, blu, rosso – white, blue, red.

  • AdelphosChaz

    I’d still like to see 1/8000th max ss, 100 ISO native, and the usual like continual AF improvements. Seeing a tap to shoot touch screen like would be pretty awesome someday for street photog types (like the E-M1) but that is less likely and less of a need than the other little stuff. Overall I’m very happy with this. 1/8000th would just be nice for that f/1.2 on sunny days :D

    I think the only things the E-M1 has on this still is the IBIS and faster AF for the most part.

    • Let me just temper your expectations. The sensors in use on these cameras are mass produced for a number clients by Sony. These sensors are designed to be used with a few layers of light-skewing and blocking glass that Fuji isn’t using. This is the primary reason behind the base 200 ISO and the reason these cameras do so well at 6400 ISO. The sensor’s just operating the same as other cameras at 3200 ISO but receiving more light.

      So, unless there is a new sensor technology with a greater range of usable sensitivities in both directions (really unlikely) you should just think about getting a 1 or 2 stop ND filter for your favorite bright lens. One reason I was super happy that the 23/1.4 and 56/1.2 have the same filter size is this exact matter.

      • AdelphosChaz

        Ah, doesn’t seem to matter to Olympus or Panasonic or many other mirrorless camera makers in that many of them have base ISO at 200. Sure Fuji is doing it’s thing and I love it but this seems to be the norm across the board, yes? I doubt that is the only reason or even primary reason.

        Here’s to hoping about the little things but I’m more than happy with it the way it is.

        • n/a

          > Ah, doesn’t seem to matter to Olympus or Panasonic or many other mirrorless camera makers in that many of them have base ISO at 200.

          Panasonic GH3, for example, has __true__ ISO125 (or DxO’s Ssat ISO94)… get your facts straight

    • But they could totally do 1/8000th shutter. I wouldn’t be surprised to see that on the X-Pro2. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see the X-Pro2 come in the form of a mirrored camera or something crazy like that a la the Olympus PEN-F cameras (sideways flipping mirror, and a very tiny SLR with an image circle larger than APS-C).

  • FujiEnthusiast

    Hey Patrick, great work! Any rumors about new Fuji X deals upcoming?

  • ste747

    what is the battery type?

  • AdelphosChaz
  • Mark
  • Tim

    Same sensor and processor as X-E2 so the focus just can’t be that much quicker I think.

    Why is the timelapse function limited to 999 frames, that’s just silly.

    If a camera like this had IBIS it would beat all competitors and sell way more.

    Most beautiful camera I’ve seen in a long time.

    • AdelphosChaz

      E-M1 is limited to 999 frames as well.

      I don’t think the AF is any different. Just improved continuous rate and faster reading with new cards.

  • Roeder

    This body and the 16-55mm might be all one would need for an extended vacation. Fantastic.

    I sold my D3, my D7000, and all my heavy Nikon glass for an X-Pro1, the 35 and the 18-55. I could not be more happy with my decision to buy into the X system because with every new release the Fuji lineup looks stronger and stronger.

    Especially after the Nikon Df. The X-T1 has everything right where Nikon got everything wrong.

  • TAZ

    Thanks Patrick for the pre-order link!!!

    Wonder why Amazon states ” Estimated delivery: not yet available..” ???

  • Chuckh

    OK…this is it. I am going to sell the rest of my Nikon gear. The X-T1 looks to be a great addition to the X-Pro 1 for a second body.

  • Ryan

    The only thing you were wrong about was the first look @ 1130! Lol!

  • Roeder

    I was actually lamenting quite some time ago how I wanted a digital version of my old Nikon FG. A small shooter’s camera. All the dials where they should be. Fuji brought it.

  • Roeder
  • Roeder

    And holy S!@#$ dual mode EVF is killer.


  • Jonmall

    Is there any mention of the updated WiFi functionality making its way to the X-E2 with a firmware update?

  • Ordered…. cheers Patrick.

    Anyone having problems with SSL connections with Wex UK should try using a mobile phone. I found I was able to obtain a HTTPS connection over a mobile phone network but not a laptop.

    • It seems to be back up and working again now. Now I just have to decide whether to stick a 56mm in with the order?!?!?! ahhhhhh

  • teej

    the only thing that i don’t like is the release date…. i want it now!

  • Thanks Fuji i ll by one
    What about 25p for video instead only 30,60p on 1920 x 1080 ?

  • And 25P for European customers ????!!!!
    Come on Fuji, no 25P on XPRO, X100 or XT !!!
    I’m waiting for a firmware !
    And the possibility to control manual settings in video !!

  • Argh. Weather sealed X-E2. Same sensor and the same evf (only a bit magnified pixels, so it doesn’t really help that much). X-Pro2 is the one to wait for, I’m afraid :/.

  • Jesse

    Any idea where I can pre order it in Australia?..

  • JJ

    When will it be available in Australia? Any news? Thanks

    • Kamil Zajac

      Just oder from bh photo. You get it cheaper than aus and it gets here in 4 days. I order all my gear from them.

      • JJ

        Okay. Thanks for that. What about the warranty? What happens there?..

  • Give me a bigger flash then the poorly EF-42.

  • TwiggyRamirez
  • Andrew

    Put FF sensor and 35 1.8 in it – and i’m in :)

  • Andy

    MOST BEAUTIFULL camera on earth for me! but i can use it just for street photography or slow portrait work, CAN’T use it professionaly for weddings, because of still slow AF, ISO 200 min and etc.

    • Andy you are wrong,I am pro wedding photographer,I have Nikon D3X and fuji XE 2.
      80% of my photos are with XE1 .I can by the XT-1 and i will shoot the wedding with Fuji only.
      Trust me .

    • Coming back and reading this I have to wonder if some just don’t set up the cameras right, Its works and isn’t that hard.

  • Blame!

    I hope the app “FUJIFILM Camera Remote” also supports the Fujifilm X-E2!!! :O

    • Bob

      not now, but after the next firmware update;-)

      • +1 It should be available after FW upgrade, it’s only the predictive AF that can’t due to hardware limitations.

        The tethering app looks to be a very nice addition!

  • Kalle

    Not for me:
    – only EFV
    – LCD easy to damage
    – only 2 poor quality zoom weather sealed

  • ronin

    This looks like a great camera. I think the splashproof lenses will be coming out soon.

    How much will the combo be selling for on Black Friday? I’m putting my pre-order in for the Black Friday sale, bet I can get $200 off plus another $300 in lens rebates.

  • Well Patrick…. thanks for the link to Wex UK…. 2nd call to them today and my order has definetly reached the limit….no more :-) It’s now the X-T1, 56mm and just now, the Vertical grip! With a free half

    And…. due to the link being available nice and early, I’m 7th on the list!!!! Ahhhhh roll on release day!


  • Thank you Patrick!

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