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Vote Your Top Fujifilm (Related) Product and Roadmap Lens 2021

click the image to find out what FujiRumors considers Fujifilm's top product for 2021
click the image to find out what FujiRumors considers Fujifilm’s top product for 2021

Top Fujifilm Related Product 2021

There won’t be any more announcements in 2021, so time to look back at the Fujifilm year 2020 and vote which one according to you was the top product of the year launched by Fujifilm.

And why not, let’s include also the third party autofocus lenses for Fujifilm launched (or announced) this year as well as the latest Instax products.

Also, you can vote on what in your eyes is the most exciting lens on the X roadmap and GFX roadmap. In this survey I will include the rumored XF56mm f/1.2 II as well as the lenses on the Viltrox roadmap and TTArtisan roadmap.

So the gear you can vote on down below is this one (the surveys itself is at the bottom of this article):

I hope I didn’t forget anything. The survey is down below.

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Top Fujifilm Product of 2021 (including third party AF lenses)

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The Roadmap Lens I am looking forward most is (includes the rumored and third party lenses):

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