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Viltrox 56mmF1.4 vs Fujinon XF 56mmF1.2 First Image Quality Comparison


The Viltrox 56mm f/1.4 is available for pre-order now, and one of the big questions is: how does it compare to the good old Fujinon XF56mmf/1.2?

Well, down below you can see the first size and image quality comparison that surfaced on the web and a FR-reader sent me.

Please note: Fujifilm (富士) is on the left and Viltrox (唯卓仕) on the right.

Also, the image slide down below consists of resized .jpeg files, so you can give a quick and easy glance at the comparison.

If you want the bigger files, you can download the .png files at my dropbox.

However, it’s uploading very slowly (not the fastest connection where I live), so for now I was able to upload only 3 comparisons. And since it’s 1:18 AM at my home, I think it’s time also for FR to sleep, considering I have to wake up early tomorrow. But I will finish the upload as soon as I have time again.

So, I am off for sleep… curious to read your comments in a few hours ;).

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Size Comparison

Image Comparison Nr.1 (at f/1.4, f/2 and f/2.8)

Image Comparison Nr.2 at f/1.4

Image Comparison Nr. 3 at f/2

Image  Comparison Nr. 4 (at f/1.4 and f/2)

Image Comparison Nr. 5 (at f/2.8 and f/4)

Image Comparison Nr. 6