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UPDATE: Fujifilm Canada Price Adjustment Coming May 15, 2017. Fujifilm GFX Not Affected


Just recently we shared here on FujiRumors, that Fujifilm Canada announced with this letter sent on March 15, that they will raise prices on Fuji gear starting from May 1.

Well, I now have an update for you.

According to two sources (including a fellow GFX facebook member who talked to Aden Camera – see here), the price increase for Fuji gear has been postponed to May 15.

Moreover, it should affect “only” Fuji X gear and not the GFX.

I know this will hardly mitigate the pain for the further price increase (IIRC, there was already one last year in Canada – and also in EU), but, if the rumors are correct, you might have at least two more weeks to get the X-gear your want for a cheaper price.

Check out the current price of Fuji X cameras at AmazonCA and Fuji XF lenses at AmazonCA.

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