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Two more new lens pictures and more Fuji links…


(Image courtesy: Alexander Radojski)

Click on the pictures on top to see a full size image of the lenses exposed by Fuji at the Photokina show.

There are some new hands-on and news around the Fuji world:
Fujifilm X-E1 in comparison with Competition (youtube)
Compare the Cameras Fujifilm XE1 & X-100 (youtube)
Fujifilm X-E1 Feature Training Video (youtube)
Compare the Cameras Fujifilm XE1 & X-Pro 1 (youtube)
Match Technical Developing Thumbs Up for Fuji X-E1 at Echenique.
Fuji XF1 hands-on by Engadget.
Fuji X-E1 hands-on at Engadget.