Fuji manager admits that they may go Full Frame!


Amateur Photographer interviewed Mr. Hiroshi Kawahara from Fuji. And he confirmed that “Fujifilm technicians are seriously investigating the possible launch of a full-frame compact system camera (CSC) and are focusing on the sensor and processor that would be required.” Mr Kawahara also confirmed that “the covering circle of Fuji’s current X-series lenses is large enough to accommodate full frame.” The problem is that current wide angle lenses would not cover the full FF area.

That would be a huge move from Fuji! Although it’s a bit pity that current wide angle lenses will never work on a FF X camera. I guess they have to launch a complete new series of FF compatible lenses. Question is…when will they do it?

  • JC

    When will they do it? It will be after everyone else got their market share of full frame camera……too late.

    If you want get ahead of market, scrap everything you are doing and start with a X-200 full frame first.

    The train is about to leave the station, fuji will not be on it without a full frame sensor.

    • Ty

      …and after they have seen the flaws of everyone elses designs. If Fuji does a FF, why in the hell would they do it as a fixed lens camera? That’s absolutely ridiculous. People like the X100 because it’s small. A FF will NOT be small. If it has a hybrid viewfinder like the X-PRO1, it is going to be larger than an X-PRO1. That’s just a fact. If they put a pop up flash in it, even larger. The people spending 2-3k on this body would certainly want to be able to use multiple lenses on the body, especially for the size of the body.

      • Gui

        Full, it seems, can be small, as we just learned. Fuji surely could go the same route:


      • Patrick

        I agree… What you describe would basically be a Sony RX1. But a fixed lens camera for 3000? Maybe OK for few very experienced shooters or pros, but nothing for the wider circle of x100 customers

      • you

        Sony RX1 is smaller than Fuji. Why not X-E3 full frame ?

  • T

    Interestingly Sony has announced the RX1, which is the first mirrorless full-frame camera albeit with fixed lens (this seems to follow the strategy when Fuji released the X100). The logical second step for Sony is to release an RX2 later on that accepts interchangeable lenses.
    Looking at the Fuji cameras, it would make sense that the X-Pro 2 would be a full-frame (we have now the confirmation that the X mount allows full-frame). I’m really looking forward that :)

    • chiwheels

      I must confess I am bemused by this rash assumption that you can plonk a FF sensor into an X mount setting. Doing the standard calculation, in order to avoid vignetting you need a lens barrel diameter of 65 mm. I just can’t see it; look at the X pro 1 or X-E1 with the lens removed.

  • Yama

    I don’t really understand this fixation with ‘full frame’. I moved away from it and the weight of a huge DSLR because my X-Pro 1 gave me a comparable result in the IQ department.
    No, actually, it exceeded that DSLR in so many instances and while I’m not a high ISO shooter; it was great to know what was possible.

    I’m not ignorant to the differences, but Fuji is clearly onto something with this sensor. I cannot fault the performance in any way. The fast 35mm lens gives me the shallow DOF & beautiful bokeh when I want it and the V2 software has only made this camera more appealing.

    In my opinion, there are far more advantages to having a smaller, lighter, less intrusive and less expensive camera. I think Fuji thought out of the box and pulled off the magic, despite the odd quirks. They gave us a great camera that innovates new technology, while embracing the old school, disciplined way of shooting. It has made me a better photographer by encouraging me to think a bit harder.

    More is not always better, so be careful what you wish for. I have have no hangups whatsoever about ‘downsizing’ to APS-C!

  • shinnn

    can’t wait to see fuji releasing a FF interchangeable cam XD
    i just hope they will be the first.

  • Ragnarok

    The X-Pro1 is large enough to go FF, in fact, it’s slightly larger than a M9 (the new M must be very similar to the Fuji), so I don’t see the problem. Then they can keep the current APS-C lenses for a smaller camera, like the X-E1 (it can be made even smaller –while retaining its controls- if you see what Sony did with the NEX-6). Looking at the Sony RX1, they could easily also go FF with the X100 series (but some would prefer it with a slower f/2.8 lens for the size).

    A larger version of the X-Pro1 sensor has to be amazing!

  • hexx
    • Jon R

      That’s not bad, usually I’ve noticed that cameras in the UK and Europe in general tend to be priced higher than in the North American market. Is there an 18-55 kit available in the UK?

  • vm

    If Fuji wants to be truly unique and ahead of the market they must release X-E2 with FF sensor. No need for OVF, high resolution OLED EVF is the way to go.

  • Renato S.

    One thing I learned from Fuji is that they are all commitment.

    They used what they learned from the X100 and X10 to build the X-PRO1 and then with that knowledge they built the X-E1. They constantly listened to their consumers, improving every and each new step.

    If they would create a FF X-camera, I don’t know if they would really need the X-PRO1 since the X-E1 covers that whole pretty well. With a FF camera, the photographers with an interest and preference for a Hybrid VF APS-C camera would be basically nonexistent.

    To be honest, I think that with the improvements that have been done with the EVF, I don’t know if a hybrid solution is really needed, that makes the camera bigger. I just wished that Fuji would allow manual controls in video mode.

  • Brandon


    That only took a week. I think we all knew that Sony would FORCE the industries hand and here is the result.

    Fuji film will now rethink their camera line.

    I think they will have to keep the X line and release a new line next to it which is full frame.

    so you will have the consumer cams, x-cameras, then the new R line of Full Frame cameras of fixed and interchangeable lenses… at a price.

    All I can say is “thank you sony” for making a camera to make companies give us full frame cameras.

    I just wish for two things:

    • Make the focusing speeds super quick

    • 6 axis image stabilisation like the OMD

  • TomR

    Hi Everyone, I am new to fujirumors and new to fuji but very impressed by x-e1 (I liked the idea of x pro but I never wanted hybrid VF and x pro was too expensive for me).

    So which lenses exactly would work on full frame? Any that will work on x-e1 – if I do buy in, it makes sense to be at least ready for the possibility of later buying FF.

    Shots with 35 1.4 on flickr look great to me.

  • al

    Fuji tech is a potential game changer. I love the “mirrorless” design and function, the EVF, the lenses, and the retention of aperture ring and shutter dial. the tech produces great dynamic range and perhaps the lowest aberration and clipping. excellent! but the resolution is starting to lag behind the competition. FF is the logical next step. but this means new lenses. the current lenses are fabulous, so Fuji can make new ones for FF – but not cheaply. if it results in a bit larger body, it’s ok for me. just do not skimp on quality!

    I’m curious: does anybody know who makes the imager/sensor for Fuji?

    but, another way to compete is to set a new standard – go square. scaling the apsc up to a 24mm square imager would create +24mp. voila, Fuji is now in same strata as top dslr. the current lenses could cover this area. square means no rotating the camera for vertical shots, so easier for composing. at +24mp the IQ would be outstanding. add a square live-view lcd and achieve total flexibility. for video, have a button for mode that electronically crops the image to current dimension. keep tweaking the processor and software to handle the extra resolution. etc. all can be done, and would give us xpro users some real useful options.

  • Risto

    It would be great if Fuji would do a full frame camera with controls like in X- series. I hope it would be like X-E1, just with bigger sensor. Those x-series cameras are the only real cameras in affordable price in these digital times. Shutter speed control knob, ring in lens for aperture and focus are all which a real camera needs. If lack of those, that is not a camera at all. Price is not so important if all the controls would be like in real cameras in film era. I still use all the time my film cameras because I don’t like to fuss with all kind of menus etc. Even X-E1 has too many things to search from menus. Still I will buy the X-E1 when it will be available, but I would like to buy also a full frame camera to get all my good old film camera lenses working in their best.

    • dg

      Al, interesting thoughts there mate with square sensor, I like it! Can it be done, I don’t know. But I do like it and its probably something Fuji could pull off, after all we are starting to expect something a little different from the rest when it comes to Fuji.

  • Jon R

    False alarm guys. Fuji may still eventually go full frame but it’s going to require completely new lenses. At this point, I think most of the camera manufacturers are trying to find a way to make a full frame interchangeable mirrorless camera. There were similar interviews discussing full frame mirrorless with the Panasonic and Sony guys.


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