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TTArtisan 40mm f/2.8 Macro Review


FujiRumors has already shared the TTArtisan lens short-mid term roadmap for Fujifilm X and GFX mount, and it contains a few very nice options, including the first TTArtisan autofocus lens for Fujifilm. You can check it our here.

One lenses on the roadmap and scheduled for September release is the TTArtisan 40mm f/2.8 Macro lens.

Well, fellow X shooter pal2tech has already got his hands on the TTArtisan 40mm f/2.8 macro. Above you can see the full video and below summary:

  • to cost around $100/150
  • strange, flat and thin lens cap
  • lens hood is not included
  • very tight aperture ring
  • 8 elements in 7 groups
  • 11 aperture blades
  • f/2.8 to f/16
  • 372 gram weight
  • not electronically controled lens. All manual lens and no EXIF lens data saved
  • solidly build lens
  • very nice focus ring
  • clear markings
  • filter size 52
  • 70cm minimum focus distance
  • at f/2.8 there is some vignetting and center is quite soft
  • at f/4 it gets much better
  • even better at f/5.6, but it still a bit soft of the corners
  • corners improve at f/8. Best aperture for this lens
  • no chromatic aberration issues
  • pretty good job of subject isolation at f/2.8
  • color rendition slightly on the cooler side
  • not recommended for professional macro work. You’ll need optical quality of the Fujinon XF80mm F2.8
  • but for prosumers it is a viable option

TTArtisan 40mm f/2.8 (coming soon): TTArtisan / BHphoto / AmazonUS / Adorama

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