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travel-X: “One year, one lens, one camera – MANY countries!”


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It seems that more and more photographer appreciate the IQ and the lightness of travelling with the Fuji X-cameras… especially if you travel like Nate: non stop around the world! Here is his story:

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Hello Patrick,

Just wanted to say I check your site *very* regularly. I have an interesting non-rumor for you.

My name is Nate Robert, and I have been travelling around the world for just on a year (so far) –  with a single camera, and a single lens – the Fuji X-PRO1 with the 18mm. I’m a photojournalist from Australia, and I think your readers would get a kick out of my blog –, where every single photo I take, is with the same Fuji combination – and has been with me through three continents – from the panoramic views of New Zealand, to the streets of Tehran in Iran, and many places in between. One year, one lens, one cameraMANY countries!

I do a lot of street shooting, and have put many articles up on the “mean streets” of cities around the world – including Belgrade, Budapest, Melbourne, Tehran, Hong Kong and more.

I gave up both a Nikon DSLR and a Leica kit before leaving one year ago, and could not be happier with the Fuji. To me, it is the best travel camera that mankind has ever created.

My one wish? A 23mm pancake! In the meantime, I will continue debating over whether to switch from the Xpro to the X100S ;)

Hope you can include me in your regular round up of news, and keep up the good work. I’m counting on you to break the 23mm pancake news first!


Nate Robert


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