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FR-readers zone: top 10 (part 2), photos fuji can’t take, bokeh-licious, wish list for Fuji’s next flagship


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A couple of weeks ago I posted the top 10 selection of Lawrence after a month with the X-E1. If you missed it, then I recommend you to check this FR-readers zone here. Now another month passed and Lawrence wrote:

“Hi Patrick, last month you posted a link to my “first month with the Fuji x-e1” series of photos. Here’s my followup with month #2. Feel free to link / include / post on FR. Here is the link. BTW love your site – believe it or not, it’s the first website I check in the morning as I’m catching up on news. As a quick thank you, I just used your affiliate links to get a 14mm f2.8. Cheers!”


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photos fuji can’t take

I don’t know if you’ve seen this website, but back when I first got my X-Pro 1 last year, I kept reading about how unusable it was due to the focusing issues and lack of a minimum shutter speed in auto ISO. I was surprised because I was able to get results that I was quite happy with. So I started a Tumblr blog with examples of the types of photos that people said you couldn’t take with the Fuji X-Pro 1.

Most of the commentary is entirely sarcastic. I mention this only because a lot of people think I was being serious.

I thought I’d let you know about it since with the new firmware updates, the whole issue of Fuji X series cameras being too slow seems to be falling by the wayside, but I like to think my blog served its purpose.

photos fuji can’t take
The firmware 2.00 update clearly did nothing to help getting sports photos with the 60mm lens, which is still slow as a dog.”

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“Good morning Patrick :-)

Just wanted to send you a brief note telling you that while I’m feverishly checking online every day for an estimated availability date for the 55-200, I also had quite a bit of fun with the XF14mm lens.

At first I wasn’t sure whether I should invest, the price being quite steep after all, considering that I’m 110% satisfied with the 18-55 (once again: this is NOT your average “let’s throw it into the bundle”-kit lens!!!) , but the numerous rave reviews about its optical qualities made my G.A.S. (Gear Addiction Syndrome) kick into overdrive and I finally decided to treat myself to a three months early birthday present ;-)

If you have a spare moment, please feel free to check out this short set here:

I continue to be wowed by the Fuji quality and can’t wait to get my hands on those 55-200, 10-24 and 56mm lenses :-)

Best regards and keep up the great work,”

Check out also Oli’s thoughts about the XF 60mm here (Love at second sight). ” I turn to the Fujis for fun, quality and “soul”… Oh, and can you spell BOKEH-LICIOUS? :-)”


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“Thanks for the fujirumors website. It’s always fresh, and it’s the only camera-lusting site I have time to indulge in. Here’s what I’d like to see adapted to Fujifilm’s newest flagship camera.

A square sensor. It’s my understanding that 35mm SLR cameras produce 2×3 ratio images because the mirror needs to flip up without contacting the rear element of the lens. Because the x-series is mirrorless, the option of shooting square (and in doing so bringing the mega-pixel count to a cool 24) would be a godsend for fashion photographers and art-documentation/product photographers. This IS a professional camera after all, right Fuji? Those who used to shoot 120s with a [shoplink 15463 ebay]roliflex[/shoplink] understand square obsession. Ideally all classic ratios would be Q menu options.

More focus options on analog switch. My [shoplink 15464 ebay]S5pro[/shoplink] ([shoplink 15465 ebay]Nikon D200 body[/shoplink]) and 85mm f1.8lens was the best combination going for candid portraiture. Fuji renders skin tones like no other, and the grain at 3200 was somehow pleasant in its film-likeness. But best of all, there was a switch at the back of the camera to choose AF modes. A closest subject or face-grabbing focus option switch at the back of the X-Pro 2 would appeal hugely to photo journalists and wedding photogs. The X-pro looks like a quick camera, it might as well start acting like one.

I understand that a dual processor is being introduced to greatly decrease EVF lag [admin: no trusted source told me ever about it]. This is essential. For a sensor that excels in low light, the x-trans deserves a viewfinder that can keep up with it. Good tweak Fuji! Let’s hope it delivers.

Manual controls in video. We know that it’s not primarily a video camera, but please just let us choose a frame-rate or lock down the shutter speed and ISO. The video has an RCA handycam-like auto exposure. And also, what’s with the dynamic range loss in video mode? I feel like I’m recording at SLP on my Maxwell VHF tape. I mean, I know it’s a retro styled camera, but really… ;)

The shutter dial is lovely, but I find that real-estate could be better used. I’d love little half clicks between 30, 60, and 125. Quite often the required shutter speed is 1/45sec or 1/90sec. Would those be delightful options to click to.

Also, when processing in-camera RAW, if the jpeg would appear with the same name + R it would slot itself after it’s parent file for easy reference and organization.

The panorama-swipe mode is a gadget. Get rid of it I say. Panoramas are better made with the camera held still and stitched in post. And please bring double-exposure to a Drive menu. That shit’s dope.

On a curiosity note. Ive always loved Sensia slide film, but I’d never heard of Astia. But they seam to render similarly. Is this a weird Canadian thing? but then “S” represents Astia as a quick-menu icon. What gives?

Thanks again for the wonderful website. I check it everyday. Have a look at mine for a Fujifilm fix. All photographs are from X-E1’s and S5pros.

All the best


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