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Topaz Video AI v3.1 is here (and $50 discount on the Image AI and Video AI bundle)


Both the Video AI and Image Quality AI app got a $50 discount (Click here). The Video AI tool got a new 3.1 update with the following new features:

Get sharper videos with the new Themis AI model

Reduce motion blur caused by panning, rotation, or zoom with the new Themis AI model:

Topaz Video AI v3.1 – Motion Deblur Example

Because it can use information from multiple frames, the new Themis AI model performs much better than its equivalent in our image apps. It also pairs well with the Stabilization model to reduce camera shake and jerkiness:

TVAI Themis and Stabilization Example

Themis helps you increase the perceived sharpness and detail of your videos by removing blur instead of just increasing edge contrast. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

Faster in-app playback

The in-app video player will now play videos at up to 3x faster, as we’ve improved the efficiency of frame rendering. While playback may still not be real-time for large videos, it has significantly improved over v3.0.x and will improve more in the future.

Other quality of life improvements

The 6 releases over the past month have also improved the general quality of life of the app:

  • Improved JPEG output quality
  • Prevent OS from sleeping when app is processing
  • Fix many issues related with image sequences imports
  • More reliable login method
  • Improve stability and fix various crashes