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TODAY ONLY: Save Big on SanDisk Storage Devices and BHphoto PhotoPlus Special Deals



SanDisk Deals

Today only, you can save big at AmazonUS on all kind of SanDisk storage media. Check out the full list of products in offer here.

The SD cards slower UHS-I SD cards only, but you can see my stupidity here, when I went out for a shoot, and realized on location that I had no SD-card in my Fuji X-T1.

So, I learned the lesson on the hard way, and not trusting my intelligence any longer, I decided to buy a couple of cheap SD-cards, that I put a bit everywhere (in my car, in my various bags etc). This way, if in my infinite wisdom I will ever forget my SD-card again, I know that somewhere I have on of these el cheapo SD-Cards that will save my shoot.

BHphoto PhotoPlus Specials

Also BHphoto has SanDisk cards in offer, as well as much more. Check out their dedicated PhotoPlus Special Deal Page here.