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These are Your Top X and GFX Camera Wishes for 2023 – and They are Quite Clear on What You Want!


I’ve looked at the results of your future X camera wish and future GFX camera wish.

Here they are… and what they tell us.

X series

  1. X-Pro4 with 40MP
  2. X100V with 40MP
  3. X-Pro4 with 26MP stacked

GFX gear

  1. GFX100R with 102 MP BSI stacked sensor
  2. GFX100T with 102 MP BSI stacked sensor (the X-T styled GFX concept)
  3. GFX100S with 102 MP BSI stacked sensor

Conclusion for X series

There is a tendency to prefer more megapixel over more speed. And as a Fujifilm X-T5 owner myself, I can understand why: the X-T5 is plenty of fast enough for most of us thanks to the brand new processor. Plus, the 40MP sensor gives us the best dynamic range on any X series camera.

But most importantly, the list is dominated by rangefinder cameras.

So, after a year full of DSLR styled cameras (X-T5, X-H2 and X-H2s), people are hungry to see something happening on the rangefinder front… and I am totally with you guys!

Conclusion for GFX series

Stacked sensor makes the top of the list. Which means that contrary to the X series, for the GFX series people desire more speed rather than more resolution.

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