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TheCameraStoreTV Talks About Photokina 2016: “The Fujifilm GFX is Game Changing!”


TheCameraStoreTV published a 21:29 minutes Video about their Photokina visit here. They talk about many things… and they start with the most exciting announcement at Photokina: the Fujifilm GFX.

They don’t say much about the GFX, just that they were very excited about it. They noticed that the focussing is pretty quick, even though it’s just pre-production and overall they really liked the handling.

The Video includes also an interview with Sigma CEO (7:20), who predicts that mirrorless has a bright feature. And at the end (17:00) they meet up with Tony and Chelsea Northrup.

A hidden gem: get a taste of Werner Herzog at minute 14:03 :-)

Fujifilm GFX Facebook Group