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BUG FIX: Fujifilm Camera Remote App and iOS10 Issue to be Fixed Soon – UPDATE



The Fuji Guys just tweeted here:

We are aware of an issue with the Camera Remote app and iOS10, resulting in the 1st connection attempt being rejected. A fix is coming soon.”

The Fujifilm Camera Remote App on iTunes

UPDATE: To the source, who just contacted me anonmyously. You have shared the rumor about the camera remote app update 20 hours ago. It was completely anonymous and I wanted to look at it after I’m done with my day job this evening. Now the Fuji Guys were faster than me, and confirmed it. I’d like to thank you for sharing this information and, if you want to chat more, contact me at fujirumor [at] gmail [dot] com. I appreciate the nick-name, though :)