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The story of a broken X-T1 (not mine ;-) ) & a satisfied Fuji Bangkok X-shooter!


A couple of days ago I shared on facebook an image showing a broken X-T1. Well, this time it’s not mine (in case you missed it, here is the story of how I broke my X-E2). The only similarty to my X-T1 is the missing sync terminal cover.

This time the broken X-series camera is the one of Chris Conaway (check out his Flickr), an X-shooter from Thailand. Here is how he broke it and his experience with the Fuji Service.

Fuji Bangkok Satisfied Customer by Chris


I’d like to tell a small story of how Fuji repaired my completely smashed X-T1 .

My X-T1 fell of a motorbike travelling at high speed, I wasn’t wearing my wrist strap :-( It has my beloved 35mm lens on too !!

Once I picked up the carnage the camera was dead, no signs of survival. Body was in ok shape but the insides must have gone, only the LCD was shattered, but after removing the lens the rear element dropped out ! and the glass over the sensor was smashed, shutter was hanging down and the EVF was dead, no power to the camera.

I took it to Fuji and they said Labor was free but I had to pay for the parts. I had the camera for almost 1 year (I brought it last March). I was dreading a huge bill and Fuji did say they will tell me how much it would cost and I could decide if I wanted to repair the bod, the lens or both.

They came back to me a few weeks later after the holidays and said the body would cost 500gbp and the lens 300gbp. Well, I can buy the lens for almost a little bit more new so i just said to them to repair the body.

A few days later I had a call saying the repair had been finished! “Wow that’s fast”, I thought. How could they repair and test all is working 100% in that short time, maybe they just gave me a new camera !! :-)

I had to wait for payday until I could go pick up the camera. I got to Fuji repair center and handed me the bubbled wrapped camera, the lens was attached to it and they had given me the old broken parts back too, which I thought was cool, Well, I don’t know for sure but it looks like they gave me a new camera and just replaced my old battery flap with the serial number on, or the whole base. The camera looks like new and I even got the new clicky buttons, latest firmware was installed and everything was default on first turn on, change the date etc !!

Result………….. they even fixed my lens !

check out Chris’ Flickr here

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