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The Making of the XF35mmF2 :: “Designed for X-Pro2! Construction is more luxurious than XF35mmF1.4”



X-Pro2 + XF35mmF2 designed together

XF35mmF2 was announced and released prior to X-Pro2, but the product planning took place concurrently. The fact is, the product planner of X-Pro2 and XF35mmF2 is the same person. Furthermore, the product designer is also the same person.

[…] X-Pro2 and XF35mmF2 were planned and developed to be the best match for each other.

The Lens Design & Construction

First, XF35mmF2 is skinny. It’s not small, but skinny. It only measures 60mm in the largest diameter. If it is smaller than 60mm, then everything would fit within the body mount. It looks nice and clean when the lens is attached to the body and minimizes the vignetting in the OVF. Everyone would like the clear view.

XF35mmF2 is also quiet. […] If the lens is noisy, then it is pointless to have a quiet camera.

[…] If you look at the number of lens alone, XF35mmF2 comprises 9 elements in 6 groups (including two aspherical lenses). This construction is more luxurious than XF35F1.4. The aspherical lens is really effective for the compact optical length.

[…] In order to meet the requirement within the small lens barrel, metal barrel with high rigidity is used. We minimized the size by making each parts with multi-purpose. XF35F2 uses all metal parts for the exterior. […] In order to process the fast AF, actuator and micro computer are installed.

Other criteria had to be met to be in the XF lens lineup. To have 1/3 step aperture ring, new click mechanism was developed. Two balls are positioned, so that there will be an assuring click even though the rotation distance is short.

Do you guys own both, the XF35mmF2 and XF35mmF1.4? Feel free to share your feedback about these lenses in the comments.

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