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Fujifilm X30 and Fujifilm XQ2 Officially Discontinued: the Death of Fuji’s 2/3 sensor X-cameras? :: Dpr Compact Camera Roundup



It’s over, for the Fujifilm X30 and Fujifilm XQ2. The are now officially discontinued!

If you think this means the Fujifilm X40 is coming, well, don’t put too much hope into it. Knowing Fuji, nobody can 100% exclude that there will be, eventually, one day, a successor called X40… but currently there is no such thing on the horizon. Read the Trusted Japanese Source rumor here.

What we are assisting now, is probably the definitive death of Fuji’s 2/3 sensor X-series camera line. And looking at the very low sales of these cameras, I guess most X-shooters won’t really miss them. Already a few days after its launch, it was clear that the X30 was a failure (read my X30: Bad Start & Low Sales article). The reason is simple: as dpreview says in today’s Compact Camera roundup herewe don’t like the small sensor compared to competition“.

But what is bad for Fujifilm, is good for deal hunters. Just look for [shoplink 28445 ebay]X30 ebay deals here[/shoplink] and [shoplink 45049 ebay]XQ2 ebay deals here[/shoplink].

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